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    1. appointment with the President

    2. and the President

    3. Fade to: John watching the fire crackle as he waits to interview the President

    4. John starts, looks up into the face of the president, who is smiling down pleasantly

    5. And he works for the president

    6. working for the president

    7. John stares at the President for a couple of beats

    8. John has stopped writing, is staring at the President in obvious shock

    9. the controversy over President Obama’s African-American Indeed; where in the world can Africans feel free to be designation)

    10. About how dear Maria and Manolis were flown to Athens for her to be decorated with the Order of the Honour-Grand Cross by the President of the Hellenic Republic and how we were all their guests of honour there that day

    11. If Johnny said go shoot the president, Jack would at

    12. Heather was the president of the student council, interested in

    13. “God bless the stars, the stars, and now the data flows, I like Phoenix, I don't know what happened to the President,” AI-Arnold said

    14. But this was Heather Hawthorne, the student body president, the captain of the

    15. The president gives his message to Congress and the country – it is a short summary of everything that happened and an idea of what is going to happen the following year

    16. Our school is so rotten and evil that they actually held detention the day President Kennedy was shot; I believe it was November, 1967

    17. President Kennedy was shot in I believe November, 1968

    18. Yes we know President Kennedy was shot today, no, we didn't cancel detention and you think we should have canceled detention because President

    19. Everybody was very sad the day President Kennedy got shot and isn't it sad that I remember that day because Father Savage held detention the day President Kennedy got shot and Mrs

    20. Adding insult to injury, President Bush had just signed the Second Chance Act, which was

    21. helping others in need, as the acting vice president and spokesperson for Advocate 4 Justice

    22. They then called on the local priest, the local councilor, the head of the village Rotary Club and the president of the village Women’s Institute and insisted on a meeting at Judge Hall, Axel’s father’s house

    23. called SALAD and make the Industrial Tour Head its president!

    24. While she imagined she flaunted her “booty” like a Rolls Royce Before the serfs—that if they promoted chicks for beauty She’d be president of the earth (she could flirt with such Precision, she’d shatter the ends of your nerves)… while She chuckled at this… he reminded her that

    25. He was the President of Greece

    26. He’s a member of the basketball team, the president of the science

    27. It’s only the president talking about freezing salaries and

    28. Carl Gardner, the man who tried to assassinate President Hamilton, back in 2029

    29. president was in a press release and

    30. The president of USA may be considered the most powerful person on Earth, but at any point in time, there can only be one soul taking upon this role

    31. It is a remark of the President Heynaut, that we now read with pleasure the account of many little transactions of the Ligue, which, when they happened, were not, perhaps, considered as very important pieces of news

    32. The President of Atlantica was in Pittsburgh last week and he spoke about the Aquifer System, which he announced would be at full capacity in January, 2051

    33. He also reported there was significant pressure from the outside world for Atlantica to allocate the water resources to surrounding countries without, what the President said, was “adequate security or compensation”

    34. Martin was impressed with the President, who was adamant that this was “our” resource and no one else would decide how and who would benefit from it

    35. The President added that Security had picked up increased chatter and knowledge about “outsiders”, as he put it, attempting to obtain data about the Aquifer’s capabilities, which, he added, “were State secrets”

    36. The President announced rewards for citizens who uncovered traitors in Atlantica who would “undermine the security of our nation”

    37. He began as a professor with the University and became Head of the Social Studies Department in the new University System until last year, when he was asked by his old friend, now President de Garcia, to join him in Nuevo York

    38. Martin knew Jorge would help his star pupil locate Maria because he would realize the threat the defection of Kurt Sloan might mean to the Republic and to his friend, the President

    39. “Thank you, Mr President

    40. Only a few minutes ago the President appeared on television apologising for what she called a ‘terrible mistake’

    41. ” replied Manon Durand, the first French Nationality President of the Coalition of Nations, the most powerful public service position on Earth

    42. I'll tell them to have your car ready, Ms President, but I think there is someone here to see you first

    43. Agent Thomas looked back at the President

    44. The President should be aware that allowing the miners to remain out in space will have serious repercussions

    45. ” sighed the Vice President

    46. He did not receive any compensation for his work and even though he was offered a prestigious post as President of a College, he turned it down and continued in his labour of love, trusting that God would provide for him

    47. The ELS was found when searching for the name of the current president of Israel, Shimon Peres

    48. Shimon Peres is the 8th President of Israel

    49. Peres failed 8 times to become President of Israel

    50. Martha married Theodore Roosevelt, Senior, father of President

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