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Prosperous in a sentence

United, Prosperous and at Peace.
Soon the village was prosperous.
It’s a prosperous kind of month.
March is a prosperous month too.
It looked peaceful and prosperous.
The month ahead seems prosperous.
Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

That, sir, was once a prosperous cit.
May appears to be a prosperous month.
It’s a prosperous month ahead too.
This is still a very prosperous month.
God wants all believers to be prosperous.
This is to say he will be very prosperous.
This is another happy, prosperous month.
I was living a relatively prosperous life.
He needs prosperous towns to pay his taxes.
Outhenby continued prosperous, to judge by.
I asked him if they had made him prosperous.
Finances look good – a prosperous month.
Even though he was a slave, he was prosperous.
You have a happy and prosperous month ahead.
They live a more prosperous kind of lifestyle.
Hopefully it will still be prosperous when I.
You should be happy, prosperous and successful.
Mr Bloom admired the caretaker's prosperous bulk.
The next few years should be prosperous as well.
Yahweh was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous.
You are prosperous to the degree that you are.
The years after World War II were prosperous for.
It looked to have been a prosperous, fruitful year.
The past year has not been especially prosperous.
The town was a prosperous one, located as it was at.
All prosperous nations are prosperous as the reward.
He’s come back now all prosperous and rich as well.
His reign was prosperous and he was recognized as a.
A prosperous county means in turn more revenues for us.
It was important to look prosperous, but not overly so.
There is basically a happy and prosperous month ahead.
Prosperous farming communities have lived in the region.
Vezelay had once been a highly prosperous and important.

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favorable favourable golden lucky prosperous halcyon comfortable easy booming flourishing palmy prospering roaring thriving

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