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    put on

    1. Whether it was water on the kitchen floor, crayon scribbles on the walls, the dog put on the roof, or dead rats stinking up the pantry, Millie always had the same excuse: mermaids

    2. Using his exceptional brilliance, which unfortunately everyone had to admit he had or they would hear about it for days, Ackers tended to put on an air of entitlement

    3. Since she was still wide awake, she put on three bags of fuel and got the boiler going

    4. Once we stop comparing ourselves with others and define our identity based on our own terms, we remove the constraint we have put on our mind

    5. that of his tigress, but, he thought; I’m only going to put on some clothes

    6. He says to put on our parachutes!

    7. Russ stands, grabs John by the collar, yanks him to his feet, begins to help him put on the remaining parachute

    8. Most of them owe money to the fucker and one or two have even been up to that house of his to have the frighteners put on them

    9. She put on her league strip with the focus and intent of an undertaker

    10. An eldership will be wise to have meetings with the men of the congregation and sometimes the ladies to get some input on certain issues but even then care must be taken to keep the meeting above

    11. He closed the door leaving just enough light so that I could see to strip off my old clothes and put on the new

    12. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ

    13. Enrico thought they had put on space suits and climbed into a small chamber that blasted free of the Al-Harron

    14. "I would have put one pump in each hull of a tiny lake runner with a control cabin in the middle of the deck holding the pontoons together

    15. ” Elded said as he put one of Sons’ arms around his

    16. He would not be so petty as to put on another display of power now that this one didn't work

    17. and put on his hat and coat

    18. On the roof, where it hadn’t rained in 700 years, he had a pool put on

    19. I hardly rcognised him - he has put on a little weight but he knew me at once and we went for a drink in the wayhouse to celebrate

    20. It was getting colder, so she put on some socks and her black boots

    21. “I’m going to put on some music until we’re ready for the pizza

    22. Jack had put on the Christmas tree lights

    23. A woman should feel special, first place, the only one, should she not? Even with what they had told him, he knew enough to know that was just an act they had to put on in this society

    24. He changed and put on a white cardigan sweater

    25. The chill reinforced his belief that he couldn't believe what Desa told him at face value, the women in this society must have been trained to put on an act that went against their instincts

    26. We need some music! She went in the living room and put on some Keiko Matsui, the house was soon filled with soothing music

    27. What they both really wanted to do was put on a show for the folk

    28. As promised, Gilla has put on a fine spread and I am just sitting down to a plate of bacon, eggs and some sort of local sausage when the men appear

    29. Each went to their cave and put on their leather flying clothes, and leather gloves

    30. ‘What did you put on it?’ Drens asked

    31. ‘I’ve only got to put on a tunic

    32. The finishing touches were put on the cave, and after checking everything, Kate pronounced it finished

    33. Most of all it’s boredom, being put on hold,

    34. Nuran's immaturity was giving her a greater appreciation for what a good traveling companion Alan really was and how little extra burden his youth had put on her, no burden at all when you got right down to it

    35. My mother took a plastic tag tie off a luggage bag and put one end around my wrist and the other around hers as handcuffs, so she would feel me get up during the night

    36. "Well, you put on a very good act for them the last month

    37. I mean, if he buys this house from us and gives us a lovely new executive home, we’ll be able to put one over on those bitches at the club, won’t we

    38. He went in and took his own shower, dried himself off and put on a tee shirt and a pair of boxers

    39. She rises, as I put on my coat and pick up my bag

    40. Once Terry's momentary blindness had cleared and he had put on his airline pilot's shades, he was able to identify the source of this brilliant white light

    41. He put on some pants and went into the hallway just as Elizabeth was coming up the stairs

    42. He double checked all the extra security Ava had put on his equipment lately

    43. He knew that she insisted he be very careful to make sure nothing could get from his condensate read-out chambers to any of the buses in her systems without going thru the filters she put on

    44. wolf checked to see that no one was about, put on his bravest, most

    45. Karen put on the left boot, fully expecting havoc to break out, but

    46. "Sir," Elmore told him, "if he put one over on Ava, we don't have anyone that can tell Alan hasn't left them a cherub to watch

    47. who put on a pair of horn-rimmed spectacles so that she could see

    48. She rose, put on her robe and went into her bath chamber

    49. Not knowing what to expect, Alexei put on a second uniform he had with him

    50. It doesn’t help that the blasted thing is bigger than I am … so I’m on a loser for starters! It would seem that the world is divided into those people who can put on duvet covers without any trouble and those who cannot

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