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    1. largely reconstructed) medieval town of Rothenburg

    2. ‘He reconstructed it by himself

    3. Now all the B’tari had gone, along with their mother ship, there was no place of refuge other than here at his old reconstructed moon base

    4. This single process would’ve been an imperceptibly short occurrence – less than a thousandth of a second before the field had been released and the biomass reconstructed back into its original forms

    5. Then, our original British Airways flight was reconstructed, but we were told that it would be better for us to remain in the flight with Iberia because the suitcases may have already been transferred there… Naturally, we were not the only ones affected, since there were other flights also cancelled

    6. Using all his engineering skills, he reconstructed his perch and cautiously lowered himself onto it

    7. You have been thoroughly, digitally and quantically, deconstructed in order to be reconstructed at the place of your destination, which is the centron

    8. Blaine had reconstructed that first novel, which he had marketed to virtually every publisher in Canada

    9. Mashu, looking a little embarrassed at such an open display of affection, busied himself with hanging his new hunter’s bow over the reconstructed lintel

    10. ‘All this is reconstructed from our memories

    1. What now? he wondered, no longer certain reconstructing Lock Core was his greatest concern

    2. This seems to be happening because during the process, the mind engages the brain in a silent huge update, reconstructing a large amount of data, which are my behaviors

    3. I was feeling the weight of the revelations crushing me and reconstructing me at the same time

    4. reconstructing your own sense of reality), when all I could do to

    5. Not surprisingly, Aparicio spent several hours in surgery reconstructing his jaw

    6. A convergence zone does not store permanent memories of words and concepts but helps reconstructing them

    7. their component parts) and reconstructing (reassembling the components in some more

    8. And it moved, too, reconstructing itself until it could breathe again

    9. together in the recording, individually and collectively reconstructing a scene of total chaos

    10. The result was the ground breaking apart like a mass of clay, then reconstructing into a huge wave of spikes that ran like a train into the two mechs

    1. Still, the wall was torn apart more quickly than the people of Saparen could reconstruct it, and again the forces fell back

    2. They generally used only traditional weapons against each other so the scenes would be bloody but easy to reconstruct

    3. Roosevelt did order a special act of the New Deal to reconstruct Puerto Rico

    4. reconstruct it by presenting the mind with a different set of

    5. You have been in Vegas several times, so you can faithfully reconstruct each step of the journey

    6. He seemed to be very open to suggestion and I urged him to consult the Kofitachiki elders and try to reconstruct as much of their original culture as could be salvaged

    7. There is no doubt that it will lead the international effort to reconstruct a nation that the Taliban had already physically and morally destroyed

    8. None that he is aware of, however, has even explored the issue of homosexuals’ obligation of responsibility, nor exposed the havoc that homosexuality causes on countless of desolate families who are left helpless in their struggling efforts to reconstruct their shattered lives

    9. before I commit to that picture, I have decided to reconstruct and resolidify the prison

    10. Using their psychic powers, they were able to reconstruct almost everything within a few hours

    1. Imagination reconstructs the scene—the black-haired chief, in his tiger-skins and necklace of human teeth, squatting on the dirt floor of the wattle hut, listening intently to the eloquence of the priest, who probably sat on a carven, skin-covered block of mahogany provided in his honor—clad in the silken robes of a Nemedian priest, gesturing with his slender white hands as he expounded the eternal rights and justices which were the truths of Mitra

    2. Another breaks down the matters, and another reconstructs the matter according to the shape you suggested

    3. To make way for “new data,” the mind reconstructs the stored

    4. It reconstructs the purple from the rag, and the woman from the scrap of her dress

    5. From the cess-pool, it re-constitutes the city; from mud, it reconstructs manners; from the potsherd it infers the amphora or the jug

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    reconstitute recollect review reproduce make over reassemble overhaul remake restore rework remodel

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    reconstruct redo remodel construct retrace rebuild restore reconstitute recollect review reproduce make over reassemble overhaul remake rework