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Renew в предложении (на )

  1. I want to renew our vows.
  2. You have to renew it annually.
  3. They forget to renew with the.
  4. And you had to renew your dues.
  5. As I renew the minds of My elect!.

  6. We should renew our relationship.
  7. Reduce, renew, re-use and recycle.
  8. It‘s time to renew your mind.
  9. And as she is ever ready to renew.
  10. Master the skill to renew yourself.
  12. Lheureux refused to renew any more bills.
  13. The wall seems ready to renew the combat.
  14. Renew with you I cannot: the affront is.
  15. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

  16. It helped me renew, reflect, and reconnect.
  17. Beloved, I love your heart; let Me renew it.
  18. To renew the Road of Life in the Underworld.
  19. This was to renew the bill Bovary had signed.
  21. Here, the people are allowed to either renew.
  22. And then, with no way to renew our air supply.
  23. Trying to renew a softness in his voice that.
  24. Sharing is the only way to sustainably renew life.
  25. Renew with you I cannot: the affront is too gross.

  26. When he is Khan, he will probably renew the spies.
  27. Not only does this practice constantly renew your.
  28. The idea is to renew each other’s love and passion.
  29. Besides, that fool Golyakov did not renew the dynamite.
  30. We have tourist visas that we renew every six months.
  31. I had no wish to renew my acquaintance with any rebels.
  32. It then has a greater capacity to renew or heal itself.
  33. Those who WAIT ON THE LORD shall renew their strength.
  34. Christmas was the time to celebrate that gift, to renew.
  35. Walker's Health, my old website, sold Renew Life Cleanses.
  36. Be it so; and may we never have fresh cause to renew it!.
  37. It is found necessary to renew the seeds of them every year.
  38. We need to renew our mind concerning the knowledge that God.
  39. In the last case I must wait for daylight to renew my search.
  40. Duncan noted the object, and prepared himself to renew the trial.
  41. This is what happens to us if we fail to affirm, renew and remind.
  42. Gift? I sent him home after I’d decided not to renew our vows.
  43. Rochester again, and heard him renew his words of love and promise.
  44. Then, in August 1947, the studio decided not to renew her contract.
  45. I will not touch my flesh to the earth as to other flesh to renew me.
  46. She tried not to think how badly she wanted to renew that experience.
  47. But also it meant I could chose to not renew contracts to those who.
  48. Please renew on receipt of the colored blank enclosed for this purpose.
  49. When our contract is up we can either renew once or stay on Mars and.
  50. It is therefore … impossible… to renew them again to repentance.
  51. An energy that has infinite potential, even to heal and renew the body.
  52. When living things developed dead centers that did not renew themselves.
  53. I was not, however, at any time re-enticed to renew with him, or resort.
  54. The easier course plainly, was to renew the bill with a friend's signature.
  55. Unfortunately, Rick doesn’t renew the lease on the office when it expires.
  56. Ed can even renew it every day, make sure my brainwashing doesn’t wear off.
  57. He felt lonely in those days and hoped on the way to renew his jaded energies.
  58. This was an important savings for Captain Nemo, who couldn't easily renew them.
  59. What did you enjoy doing ten, twenty or perhaps thirty years ago? Try to renew.
  60. Soon after Christmas, Josie started to renew her efforts to adopt a little girl.
  61. Pray that He will renew your spirit and show you how to give Him perfect praise.
  62. You send forth your spirit (ruach ), they are created: and you renew the face of.
  63. And so it was, effective January 1, 2018 all those wishing to renew their Colorado.
  64. Some of this excess cost goes to replace customers who did not renew their policies.
  65. During this mystery, we renew our total consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  66. You probably notice that I am not in a hurry to renew acquaintance with my old friends.
  67. Both parties voted for it the first time in overwhelming numbers, and again to renew it.
  68. When You send Your breath (ruach), they are created, and You renew the face of the earth.
  69. Shortly after marrying Nic, I tried to renew my passport but the Canadian embassy refused.
  70. But now they had all found their equilibrium again and had ample time to renew friendships.
  71. Well, renew these bills up to the 5th of September; and on the 5th of September at eleven.
  72. This allows them to renew their relationship and re-establish their understanding once again.
  73. There are no known side effects as the treatment works to renew the scalp without harming it.
  74. August rolled by in unceasing efforts on the part of Morrel to renew his credit or revive the old.
  75. Short-term secured creditors did not have any reason to continue to renew their loans to Lehman.
  76. Man should renew both in life and in deeds that lead to Allah's satisfaction and not stand still.
  77. I departed to renew my search; its result was disappointment, and Joseph's quest ended in the same.
  78. She was glad to see that Herndon wasn't very anxious to renew his intimate acquaintance with Venna.
  79. And having once seen this he could not help being aware it, just as we cannot renew an illusion we.
  80. When it rose briefly to the surface to renew our air, the hatches opened and closed as if automated.
  81. I placed an ad for two weeks, and told them I’d be back later if I wanted to change it or renew it.
  82. My newspaper subscriptions have expired and I‘d like to renew them but only if they can be afforded.
  83. He wondered if he should hide himself until the priests had come and gone, and then renew the search.
  84. Nicholas did not go to Moscow, and the countess did not renew the conversation with him about marriage.
  85. When one feels a real longing to probe these mysteries, every moment will renew his thirst for knowledge.
  86. Whether Congress have the power by the constitution to renew the charter of the Bank of the United States?
  87. At the end of each year, the studio could decide not to renew, and if so, she would be on her own once again.
  88. I wasn’t sure I wanted to renew that acquaintance either since I felt responsible for his father’s death.
  89. That I cannot wish to renew that chance intercourse with you of long ago, under these different circumstances.
  90. He is constantly praying for Aidan to be still and to renew his mind about what happened to his former leader.
  91. In sending notice to renew a subscription or change of address, please give the old address as well as the new.
  92. You send forth your spirit (ruach), they are created: and you renew the face of the earth (Psalm 105:29-30).
  93. Theodore had stopped by with Carlotta on their way west, so they were pleased to renew her acquaintance as well.
  94. Is it possible that these innocent people are kept in prison only because they failed to renew their passports?
  95. My computer of course came with that,but I did not know after a certain length of time you have to pay to renew it.
  96. The panorama of Corfu had lasted but a few seconds, but it was enough to renew the deep envy that lived inside him.
  97. She had also experienced a biological effect due to the previous embrace and was eager to both renew and sustain it.
  98. You can often pay hosting for many years in advance to ensure that you do not lose it because you forgot to renew it.
  99. No, I repeat again, that nothing shall induce me to renew attempts evidently at variance with the Almighty's pleasure.
  100. The House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole on the bill to renew the charter of the Bank of the United States.
  1. Renewing the whole of the body.
  2. From moment to moment you are renewing it.
  3. It was a kind of calm that aided in renewing him.
  4. The sunshine warmed his tired face, renewing him.
  5. Wise equals self-sustaining, renewing, and creating.
  6. In the renewing breath of the Paraclete, protect us!.
  7. Do not try to speak too long without renewing your breath.
  8. The Crown kept renewing the royal charter of the company.
  9. Except decay that smells of earth, and of renewing things.
  10. SOB’s clinic had been renewing for the last couple of months.
  11. The city seemed to be renewing itself after a long, hard winter.
  12. It is of utmost importance for us to have a renewing of the mind.
  13. Spirit often, with fresh infillings and the renewing of the Holy.
  14. And this is an oath that I keep on renewing, every moment of my life.
  15. You mean those agencies that are not renewing because we overpromised and.
  16. Someone had regained control of its wheel and was renewing the attempt to ram.
  17. Without constant repairing and renewing, your house would disintegrate into a.
  18. This is why the Bible says that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds.
  19. These believers who, by the renewing of their minds, He draws from glory to glory.
  20. As a team my group were charged with renewing financial relationships with former.
  21. Renewing then my courage, and gathering my feeble remains of strength, I pushed on.
  22. Raising his rifle with the utmost care, and renewing his aim three several times, he fired.
  23. Then shall the Lord guide you continually, satisfying your soul and renewing your strength.
  24. This is why we are told to, be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2).
  25. This is why the Bible tells us that we have to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.
  26. NOTE: You will have the opportunity to choose how long you want your domain before renewing it.
  27. Above the door opened an air vent that let in a fresh current of oxygen, renewing the thin air in.
  28. The furniture for which he owed would not want renewing; nor even the stock of wine for a long while.
  29. All the organs of his body were working: digesting food, skin renewing, hair growing, tissues forming.
  30. If you watch how nature deals with adversity, continually renewing itself, you can't help but learn.
  31. People who have a poor credit history though, will have a hard time getting or renewing their credit cards.
  32. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
  33. His car badly needs renewing and he decides that he will have a look around the second hand car dealers as well.
  34. I feel like we are on the road to renewing what we once had, and there is nothing that makes me happier than that!.
  35. So, on her renewing her promise to call me if she should want anything, I lay on the sofa, and forgot all about everything.
  36. Now then, we've been buried beneath the waters for thirty–six hours, and the Nautilus's heavy atmosphere already needs renewing.
  37. Morrel took leave of him at the door, renewing his promise to be with him the next morning at seven o'clock, and to bring Emmanuel.
  38. She turned her head gulping for fresh air in a fight against overpowering nausea, with each movement renewing the agony in her middle.
  39. After half a dozen circuits, couples would disappear to be replaced by others walking off their evening meal and renewing friendships.
  40. I have now been renewing my covenant with thee, and engaging myself a-fresh to thee to be thine, now Lord give me grace to perform my vow.
  41. He rubbed the aromatic salves into her skin and she could immediately feel her energy returning, her body renewing itself with his touch.
  42. After renewing its air, the Nautilus stayed at an average depth of fifteen meters, enabling it to return quickly to the surface of the waves.
  43. Then, renewing his cautions and advice, he concluded by saying, with a solemnity and warmth of feeling, with which Duncan was deeply touched:.
  44. Here is the specific verse from Scripture that will tell us that this kind of transformation is actually done by the renewing of our minds in the Lord:.
  45. Now she could tell as it glistened through the dappled shadows, but was he real? Tears began to course down her cheeks as renewing hope overcame unbelief.
  46. After renewing her promise to come back soon, Ann returned inside the shuttlecraft, which then lifted off and flew off, watched by Raymond and his family.
  47. The father acknowledged the son’s independence and integrity, but was always open to the prospect of the son renewing a positive relationship between them.
  48. Much as she had suffered from her first conversation with Lucy on the subject, she soon felt an earnest wish of renewing it; and this for more reasons than one.
  49. Love liberates one from their past, thus renewing their freedom to self-reveal and therefore recreate themselves in the image of what they are willing to become.
  50. If you have an expired passport and a couple months before you have to travel, you can save yourself a few hours in line by renewing your passport through the mail.
  51. She went indoors and wrote then and there to London, renewing the long-ended subscriptions to the _Times_, _Spectator_, _Clarion_, _Hibbert's Journal_, and the rest.
  52. As he/she stands at a receiving end, he/she uses love as a weapon renewing it now and then to maintain buildings that wear miracle center under the blood of Christ.
  53. It is obvious that I’m going to have to give some thought to renewing my wardrobe – Italy will be hot and although jeans are practical, I will need some dresses.
  54. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.
  55. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.
  56. We have been instructed to be transformed by the renewing of our mind, to move into the higher realm of relationship with the Father in the supreme desire to do his will.
  57. The next day Lisa came to confession, and without renewing their interrupted conversation, he absolved her and refused to dispose of her fortune, giving no reasons for doing so.
  58. The conduct of the son in seeking to avenge his father was so natural that Chateau-Renaud did not seek to dissuade him, and was content with renewing his assurances of devotion.
  59. I would not petition to change that, way to controversial; just leave that be, except the renewing drivers must report to a DMV office to renew, no more on line renewal option.
  60. The idea of renewing my labours did not for one instant occur to me; the threat I had heard weighed on my thoughts, but I did not reflect that a voluntary act of mine could avert it.
  61. Bibb avowed his opposition to the principle and details of the bill, and moved to strike out as much as provided for renewing Whitney's patent right to the machine for ginning cotton.
  62. He is ready to come down with all His precious gifts, renewing, sanctifying, purifying, strengthening, cheering, encouraging, enlightening, teaching, directing, guiding into all truth.
  63. They may take effect, as in the Christian economy, through the renewing action of a fully revealed gospel; or before it came through the dim communications of an elder and imperfect one.
  64. Montcalm followed him as far as the entrance of the marquee, renewing his invitations to the commandant of the fort to give him an immediate meeting in the open ground between the two armies.
  65. He admitted that it would have been hard to imagine anything more dangerous for Russia than Napoleon’s original plan of remaining in Smolensk, covering Poland, and renewing the war in the spring.
  66. Darya Alexandrovna Oblonskaya had invited him, when he was over there, to come; to come with the object of renewing his offer to her sister, who would, so she gave him to understand, accept him now.
  67. The House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole on the bill for renewing the charter of the Bank of the United States—the motion for striking out the first section still under consideration.
  68. The Ministry of Home Affairs, frustrated at the failure to track down Mutsuhiro Watanabe, was renewing its effort, sending out photographs of and reports on the fugitive to every police chief in Japan.
  69. Instead of submission, the President is ready, by renewing the non-intercourse against Great Britain, to oppose to her Orders in Council a measure which is of a character that ought to satisfy any reasonable expectation.
  70. By renewing the charter for short periods of time you create a state of dependency upon the Government, which will at all times make the bank completely subservient to all the legitimate objects for which it was created.
  71. If the goal of money is profit, then the goal of profit is everlasting growth – the misperceived secret of eternally recurring and renewing Life – through our enslavement to the wages of pay and addiction to purchase.
  72. For like elderly men who have no hope of renewing their strength and expect nothing but their last sleep so you weakened by worldly occupations have given yourselves up to sloth and have not cast your cares upon the Lord.
  73. It is, we hold, an invention of the apostatising church, founded partly on sensuous and magical ideas, and partly on mistaking the baptismal miraculous 'gifts’ of the Holy Spirit for His renewing action, and for His 'fruits.
  74. However, by dint of buying and not paying, of borrowing, signing bills, and renewing these bills that grew at each new falling-in, she had ended by preparing a capital for Monsieur Lheureux which he was impatiently awaiting for his speculations.
  75. All who are saved will be saved by divine grace revealed at last to the world in the Son of God, and by the direct renewing action of the Spirit of Christ; but this salvation, and this action, are not dependent on systematic knowledge of theological truth.
  76. Sometimes in the morning when the paper hits the front steps (easier to keep renewing David’s subscription than to explain to Newsday’s phone reps why it is she wishes to discontinue) she rises from the heat of sleep convinced it will turn out to be him.
  77. Vasse, and Chatelain, apothecaries to the marine at Brest, have occasionally kept the water in their mouths for four hours, by constantly renewing it, and have not found either the sharp taste, or other caustic qualities, which have been said to be peculiar to it.
  78. After reading a little more of the book on Egyptian hieroglyphics, and renewing his interest in it, Alexey Alexandrovitch went to bed at eleven o'clock, and recollecting as he lay in bed the incident with his wife, he saw it now in by no means such a gloomy light.
  79. Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch explained that he wanted it to be to-morrow, and that he must begin by renewing his offers of apology, and even with the promise of another letter of apology, but on condition that Gaganov, on his side, should promise to send no more letters.
  80. After reading a little more of the book on Egyptian hieroglyphics, and renewing his interest in it, Alexey Alexandrovitch went to bed at eleven o’clock, and recollecting as he lay in bed the incident with his wife, he saw it now in by no means such a gloomy light.
  81. Vast was the crowd of visitors and inquiring friends who left their names at the residence of Madame de Villefort, with the design of renewing their visit at the right moment, of hearing from her lips all the interesting circumstances of this most romantic adventure.
  82. So because we've lived that old way so long, it's like a default setting, and you just go back into it, but God wants you to shift, be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so as I renew my mind with what God says about me, then I'm beginning to discover the new man.
  83. How then, sir, shall we get rid of that dangerous influence of foreign stockholders which the same gentlemen urge as a reason for not renewing the charter of the Bank of the United States? Sir, it is well known that money in Europe is less valuable than in the United States.
  84. Certain death fell on any man who looked on one of the King's wives, and instances are also known in which young lovers have been ruthlessly parted for the maiden to be placed in the royal harem, and afterwards, being discovered secretly renewing their vows, they have both been barbarously tortured and executed.
  85. If you and your partner could only find time together to harmonies and keep renewing your relationship all the time by taking a long walk, listening to music, sharing a bottle of wine, bathing together or reading a romantic novel together; you will find several reasons to be able to have a normal to above normal libido.
  86. Just as you can not step into the same river twice, neither can you be in the same body twice, for it is constantly renewing itself, replacing old atoms with new atoms, old molecules with new molecules, though, in reality, there are no old, or new atoms, for they all come from the same source from the same time from the same energy.
  87. One of them, and frequently the largest, is, in the first place, destined for replacing a capital, or for renewing the provisions, materials, and finished work, which had been withdrawn from a capital ; the other for constituting a revenue either to the owner of this capital, as the profit of his stock, or to some other person, as the rent of his land.
  88. DMV also played its part in Mike’s death by causing him excruciating pain in his replaced right hip by not renewing his expired license when my lady friend drove Mike to the Norwich office or at the very least giving him a temporary work permit to drive from the South New London apartment to his job at a Groton tattoo shop near the sub base on Route 12.
  89. The question at once arises, Is the production of this new nature in men, under the action of the Holy Spirit, absolutely dependent upon the intermediate operation of truth upon the mind and heart, or may we believe that the action of the Regenerating Spirit is sometimes independent of the action of the nous, or mind; taking effect directly on the pneu~ma, or spirit, and renewing it to lifeeternal? Is not the true answer as follows?
  90. He of the green gaban would have offered resistance, but he found himself ill-matched as to arms, and did not think it prudent to come to blows with a madman, for such Don Quixote now showed himself to be in every respect; and the latter, renewing his commands to the keeper and repeating his threats, gave warning to the gentleman to spur his mare, Sancho his Dapple, and the carter his mules, all striving to get away from the cart as far as they could before the lions broke loose.
  91. What singular experience, rule, proscription, singularity could there be for a ubiquitous now, except a universal ethic of love that wills a joyful celebration to all that is, wherever it finds itself in the is that it is becoming? Who would call the blessings of cooperatively and sharefully growing a renewing Eartheart work and not play, call it serfdom and not the fortune of creative being? To pick apples in heaven, who would call themselves migrant labor? This is heaven: celebrating the joy you grow.
  92. In 314 however, war broke out between the two emperors…During the years which followed, Licinius turned against the Christians, finally renewing the persecutions, whereas Constantine, from conviction, policy, or both, interested himself in their controversies and by his intervention attempted to restore peace between the various factions, summoning two councils (at Arles in 314; Milan in 316) in unsuccessful efforts to heal the breach between the Christians of the Roman Church and the Donatists, whose strength lay mainly in North Africa.
  93. It will give The Weekly for five years, post paid, and a copy of the great standard Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary (latest and best edition), in leather binding, 1,840 quarto pages, with 3,000 engravings, both for $10—being two dollars less than the cost of the Dictionary alone at any book-store! Thus any subscriber, renewing at the regular rate for five years, gets his favorite paper for the five years for nothing and the great Dictionary for $2 less than its regular price; or he gets his paper at the regular price, and the great Dictionary for nothing—whichever way he pleases to count it.
  94. The vote upon the incorporating the bank proves that if such a proposition had been submitted, it must have been rejected under a conviction that the power to create corporations is incident to such of the general powers as might require an act of incorporation completely to execute them, and fairly vested by the constitution in Congress; because ten of the members of that convention were in Congress, and voted for that bill—because General Washington signed that bill, because the only member of that convention now in Congress voted for the bill and is now in favor of renewing the charter; and because there were but eight members of that convention in Congress who voted against it.
  1. That you may be renewed.
  2. Adams renewed it with Mr.
  3. Then I renewed the search.
  4. For the world to be renewed.
  5. A renewed hope came to mind.
  6. Free, I renewed the idolatry.
  7. Our eyes met with renewed fear.
  8. Christian Way would be renewed.
  9. Wes looks at him in renewed awe.
  10. There once was a renewed heart.
  11. It gave Holly a renewed energy.
  12. The renewed strain was too much.
  13. Then as the renewed cheerfulness.
  14. He renewed them as they wore out.
  15. The cry died, and was not renewed.
  16. You haven't renewed your mind yet.
  17. Fear renewed its grip on her mind.
  18. Then she renewed her importunities.
  19. Therese perked up with renewed hope.
  20. He slugged my arm and renewed the.
  21. The mask of renewed caution slowly.
  22. A renewed sparkle was in their eyes.
  23. Since then, it had enjoyed renewed.
  24. The song was renewed, farther away:.
  25. Thomas renewed his invitation to Tim.
  26. They marched on with renewed strength.
  27. Raven felt a burst of renewed courage.
  28. And how does one gain a renewed mind?
  29. His renewed wanting for Troi was even.
  30. Being renewed and remade in The Beloved.
  31. Our strength renewed by the promise of.
  32. What? gasped Nadir in renewed hope.
  33. Renewed shall be blade that was broken:.
  34. From soul to soul and renewed with poetry.
  35. With renewed spirit she left the cemetery.
  36. Bruce and Thomas renewed their friendship.
  37. Every year the hearing of it renewed the.
  38. Renewed banging on the door makes her jump.
  39. Winslow looked at her with renewed respect.
  40. They attacked again with renewed ferocity.
  41. Upon the hillock they rested and renewed.
  42. The time had come for renewed negotiations.
  43. It’s a ‘Renoid’, a Renewed Android.
  44. It was like instilling renewed life in Judah.
  45. Brent continued to dig with a renewed energy.
  46. Yes, that would have triggered a renewed hunt.
  47. Nancy looked at Jeffrey with renewed interest.
  48. Key renewed his motion to insert Washington.
  49. He felt confirmed and renewed in his vocation.
  50. Israel is renewed in a future time and context.
  51. Eight times I renewed my love affair with Sisi.
  52. With renewed confidence, he headed south, soon.
  53. Ruffin turned to eye Robert with renewed inter-.
  54. The sight of her Mama praying gave her renewed.
  55. Everything was renewed, and could never corrupt.
  56. The sight of marks renewed Edmond fondest hopes.
  57. You are now renewed and feeling totally relaxed.
  58. My faith in God was renewed by the events that.
  59. The animals went to work with renewed enthusiasm.
  60. The shock at his renewed faith almost killed him.
  61. With renewed caution they glided through the trees.
  62. A renewed version without the sickness of the old.
  63. She renewed the bills, and thus it was continually.
  64. The prince jumped up from his seat in renewed terror.
  65. Grant viewed the horizon with renewed interest, not.
  66. Our problem is that our mindset has not been renewed.
  67. That thought renewed the dread that she felt already.
  68. Records will show that the lease was renewed in 1804.
  69. Driver licenses do not need to be renewed for years.
  70. Stan looked at his First Mistress with renewed respect.
  71. I thank God that my husband died, for it has renewed.
  72. My hostility isn’t still fresh; it has been renewed.
  73. Ingrid felt renewed grief as she contemplated the sign.
  74. There was renewed interest in German medieval history.
  75. Is that clear? The baby started up with renewed vigor.
  76. The air couldn't be renewed in the Nautilus's interior.
  77. Rikke’s eyes narrowed with renewed focus and intrigue.
  78. Warren greeted the news with a renewed sense of caution.
  79. He renewed his vow to himself to earn her love in return.
  80. That glance renewed my anger, and I directed it at Seth.
  81. If this stock reduces too fast, then it must be renewed.
  82. He rejoined Conan, and they renewed the climb in silence.
  83. Cindy, the reporter said with renewed determination.
  84. Vera was thankful that Nick had taken a renewed interest.
  85. He had not been regenerated or renewed by the Holy Ghost.
  86. The renewed tension in his neck doesn't help her massage.
  87. I’ve got a plan he stated with renewed confidence.
  88. Her pulse skipped a beat, even as her anger renewed itself.
  89. At the beginning of a century ideas and ideals are renewed.
  90. But, on an occasion such as this, its majesty was renewed.
  91. She looked at the dark haired woman with renewed interest.
  92. By the end of 1941 the renewed 'Blitz' was well under way.
  93. My circuits hum with renewed energy, drowning out the fear.
  94. It had all gone to ruin, but Alexey had everything renewed.
  95. It trotted off sniffing the ground with a renewed interest.
  96. On arriving in Kure we soon renewed our friendships at the.
  97. Christians have put on the new man that is being renewed.
  98. Under this renewed onslaught, the pack lost their momentum.
  99. We could bomb them, he added with renewed enthusiasm.
  100. Then, when they are renewed, do they return to those things.
  1. The Garden of Eden renews with the birth of every child.
  2. And the cycle renews itself like this throughout the day.
  3. The Lord renews His covenant with the Jews, this time it is made.
  4. She renews her life and her youth by the sacrifice of beautiful young women.
  5. I never get tired of watching this, she says, studying my skin as it renews to heal the scars.
  6. A brute culture eats itself to death; a smart culture manages its resources; a wise culture renews life.
  7. Aura is a very beautiful world, but as with all worlds she has her seasons; and winter on Aura is the time when she renews herself.
  8. With this being the case, there is clearly more to us than a physical body which dies, regenerates and renews itself over the course of our life.
  9. Onto the screen of the mind destiny forever projects its pictures and memories of former projections and thus illusion constantly renews itself.
  10. Hope renews your mind, thus enabling you to view your life here on this Earth as a precious commodity in which you have a chance to become more like the Infinite.
  11. In behalf of the old party, therefore, The Tribune renews the old appeal to the National conscience, the National honor, and the enlightened self-interest of the Tax Payers.
  12. He used to stay up all night, not praying but looking for solutions for the issues and matters that concern Muslims according to his era, because the Islamic jurisprudence renews with time.
  13. Russell renews the overture, in what was intended as a more agreeable form to the British Government, Lord Castlereagh is not content with a simple rejection, but clothes it in the language of insult.
  14. It is the Holy Spirit, ever the same, that enriches, renews and enlivens the experiences of the saints throughout the ages, and informs the faithful that they are indeed in Christ and Christ is in them.
  15. Do they receive a commission both at the time they make a sale and when the customer renews? Or do they receive a commission only when they make a sale? For example, insurance agents typically are given a commission each time a customer renews an insurance policy with the existing insurance underwriter.
  16. Well, beyond what we have for lunch, it is interesting to notice that God is presented in the Bible as a loving, merciful father who gives up His designs or renews them depending on the struggles with His children, with this Humanity, with His obstinate chosen people, as we read throughout the Old Testament more than once.

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