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Regenerate в предложении (на )

  1. Broken off arms should regenerate.
  2. Tools do not regenerate themselves.
  3. In that year the land would regenerate.
  4. I can regenerate and heal really fast.
  5. She suggested they take a swim and regenerate.

  6. If you regenerate, you will be rescued from Hell.
  7. If set free his eyeballs will surely regenerate.
  8. They did not regenerate fast enough to outlive that.
  9. She’s not going to be able to regenerate without it.
  10. Vegetable juices help to regenerate and rebuild the body.
  11. That pod looking thing, is that how you regenerate?
  12. To live forever as a man is the privilege of the regenerate.
  13. Stem cells can make exact self-replicas when they regenerate.
  14. She told me that she thought you would begin to regenerate.
  15. Did the invasions of the Barbarians save and regenerate Rome?

  16. Then I began to regenerate, and when I returned, everyone had left.
  17. A character with Regenerate can Temporarily share this power with others.
  18. Does not this prove that all who are baptized with water are regenerate?
  19. Unlike living organisms, tools cannot regenerate: they can only duplicate.
  20. NOTE: In one on one combat, Regenerate is better than Resistance, but not.
  21. We have nothing that could regenerate lost tissue at such a speed!.
  22. It began to glow once more as Ishan felt the last of Hank's skin regenerate.
  23. Apricot has also been used in traditional medicine to help to regenerate the normal.
  24. He had used it to regenerate his health after paying the price for using blood magic.
  25. These cycles do not recycle, or regenerate: they only accumulate on top of each other.

  26. Once you see that anything which accumulates and cannot regenerate itself is pure shit.
  27. They left half the plantation untouched, in the hope that it would regenerate itself next year.
  28. When he was diminished by Gilgamesh, he fled north looking for a refuge to regenerate himself.
  29. Holden can heal really fast, and we think he has the ability to regenerate limbs and stuff.
  30. They did not regenerate every year as the African ones did, and had done for millions of years.
  31. This melting ice may have a stabilising effect that will allow oceans to regenerate, to some extent.
  32. Every regenerate person has these marks more or less distinctly, and he that has them not is not regenerate.
  33. But how are we to know whether we are regenerate or not? Is it a thing we can possibly find out before we die?
  34. While in Stasis the character can't be attacked but he also can't Rest or be healed, even Regenerate doesn't work.
  35. As the smoke clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it, to regenerate into something more positive.
  36. Basically, skin creams consists of substances that help the skin to regenerate its lost fatty tissues and elasticity.
  37. The pain began to decrease as her body began to regenerate and the constant bleeding of her wounds ground to a halt.
  38. Have all regenerate persons these marks of regeneration in the same degree of depth, strength, clearness, and distinctness?
  39. Essentially the trinial is part of Raya and it causes her body to regenerate continually, much like the first human bodies did.
  40. We were glad to help you hold the ground in the recent fight but must construct a new Midden where we can regenerate for a time.
  41. Although sponges reproduce sexually, combining genes of two parents, they also reproduce by budding and can regenerate missing parts.
  42. Paul describes the position and qualities of the regenerate man, whom he designates as one who is not in the flesh, but in the spirit.
  43. But is it not more kind, and liberal, and charitable, to assume that all baptized persons are regenerate, and to address them as such?
  44. One thing is very certain: no unlearned reader of the Bible ever seems to understand how a person can be "regenerate" and yet not saved.
  45. We spent about three hours there and the Sun God Ra was about to take his daily plunge underground to regenerate himself for the morrow.
  46. However, when greed and fear seep into the minds of human beings, things deplete faster than they can regenerate, causing dire consequences.
  47. HeavenPurelove The law of maximum lifestyle: U can only live a life that can be universalized 4 all & the world still sustainably regenerate.
  48. To say that such persons are "regenerate" on account of their baptism, is to say that which seems flatly contrary to the First Epistle of St.
  49. If that doesn’t happen and the vampire doesn’t lose any body parts, they can regenerate, but it’s a painful process, she continued.
  50. I reckoned I’d be able to incapacitate most of them with gunshot wounds, and then finish them off properly before they had a chance to regenerate.
  51. She prefers to abduct Unseelie Princes because they are immortal and afford an unending supply of guts, as they regenerate each time she kills them.
  52. Why the special emphasis on adult stem cells? Aren’t all cells the same? Not really! Adult stem cells have the ability to regenerate or self-renew.
  53. One thing only is certain,�every regenerate person has more or less the marks of regeneration, and he who has none of them is not born again (Matt.
  54. The chemicals introduced into the body by cigarette smoking limit blood circulation to skin cells, inhibiting the skin's ability to heal and regenerate.
  55. And believe me, if I still value my life it is only because I still hope to meet such a divine creature, who will regenerate, purify, and elevate me.
  56. What we maintain is, that just as the apostolic phraseology concerning a spiritual resurrection-life, as descriptive of the regenerate man’s estate (Rom.
  57. Sleep as much as possible—the cold will wake you before you freeze unless you are completely exhausted and cannot regenerate the heat you lose to the air.
  58. But to what end? What was to become of him when the living were no more? The Elder Gods’ plan to regenerate and repopulate the worlds moved at a stagnant pace.
  59. DAS computers that are attached directly to the double ring function as repeaters; they regenerate the signals as they pass each packet along to the rest of the network.
  60. There was a void of darkness, then I felt excruciating pain, he said as he remembered his body undergoing a metamorphosis when the dust of his remains began to regenerate.
  61. I’d come to the conclusion that if I could shoot them in a critical region, like the head or the heart, then even if they could regenerate those areas, it would take them some time.
  62. Many of the burns had long since healed over—the damage looked to be of ancient origin—but there were still dark spots here and there where the coral had not been able to regenerate.
  63. This error was seemingly based upon a recognition of the mercy of God as the ground of salvation; but made the fatal mistake of imagining that that mercy was available for other than regenerate men.
  64. Either they are thought to be regenerate in baptism, or to be regenerated by the Spirit in the article of death; so that scarcely any reformed church upholds the ancient horror of a limbos infantium.
  65. If there are any, then, who have thus spoken or written in a lofty strain in past time of the high place and destiny of regenerate men, 'despising others,’ on them be the blame, not on the taut of God.
  66. A bypass switch, implemented either as part of the network interface adapter or as a separate device, enables incoming signals to pass through the station and on to the rest of the network, but it does not regenerate them.
  67. There is no known tendency in sin, or in suffering, whether on earth or in hell, to regenerate, or glorify, or immortalize a dying sinner; while there is a known tendency in both to break up the very being of the offender.
  68. Dripping with blood and sweat, Gunt filled the crack in the trunk while bent and battered armored figures laid scattered about his feet, the bodies slow to regenerate and renew their attacks considering they had been reduced to mush.
  69. Still, with over a thousand hardened laborers screaming at his back, Drau'd knew he was in for a grizzly fight the instant he lifted Hell's Bane off of a crushed, wolf helm and saw the creature's flesh regenerate almost instantaneously.
  70. If the oceans are able to regenerate then there is a chance that weather will become less extreme, the oceanic food chain will return to a healthier state, the world’s oxygen / carbon dioxide ratio will remain optimum for us to be comfortable.
  71. Emphasis was on developing an ideal citizen of India and the world who would have culture, highest morals and ethics, live a simple life; and dedicate his/her life to regenerate ideal circumstances for everyone’s progress (Sarvodaya) in India.
  72. They were 'born of the Spirit,’ and the Holy Spirit can regenerate the souls of men by fragments of truth, and perhaps even by a direct action on the 'spirit,’ or pneu~ma, while the intellect is still under the domination of many erroneous ideas.
  73. But does not the Baptismal Service of the Church Prayer Book say of every baptized child, "This child is regenerate," and does it not tell us to thank God that it hath "pleased Him to regenerate the infant"? What can this mean? How can it be explained?
  74. But that spirit may be the eternal life which the Holy Spirit confers along with the germ of the Divine Image; and under this definition there would be less difficulty in holding that the regenerate man alone possesses pneu~ma, or spirit, in the technical sense of the term.
  75. It confounds together all the inhabitants of a parish, good and bad, as equally regenerate persons, leading to a general acknowledgment of worldly virtues as Christian graces, and lowering the supernatural system of spiritual religion to a level which suits the average ungodliness.
  76. All the special influences of Eastern and Western thought were vigorously at work from the very beginning of the gospel to contravene the chief peculiarity of the Christian Revelation,—its declaration that immortality is the gift of God, through the Incarnation, to regenerate men alone.
  77. Come, then, thou regenerate man, thou extravagant prodigal, thou awakened sleeper, thou all-powerful visionary, thou invincible millionaire,—once again review thy past life of starvation and wretchedness, revisit the scenes where fate and misfortune conducted, and where despair received thee.
  78. Garth, for her eldest son, Christy, her peculiar joy and pride, had come home for a short holiday—Christy, who held it the most desirable thing in the world to be a tutor, to study all literatures and be a regenerate Porson, and who was an incorporate criticism on poor Fred, a sort of object-lesson given to him by the educational mother.
  79. They were not based and built upon a history of volcanic eruptions that enriched the African soil so intensely: that the life-energy of literally ALL African species on and in the African plains can and do regenerate themselves annually every year after a drought that is so destructive: any other ecosystems on Earth are not designed to handle it.
  80. In clearing up this question, so important in its bearings on the main controversy, let it be understood that we offer no denial of the self-evident fact that the term life, as used in Scripture to describe the present and future states of regenerate men, does include the associated ideas of holiness and blessedness, arising from a new relation to God, a spiritual resurrection resulting from redemption (Rom.
  81. And this we hold to be entirely consistent with the Article that 'They are to be held accursed that presume to say, that every man shall be saved by the law or sect which he professeth, so that he be diligent to frame his life according to that law, and the light of Nature;’—the saving influence in regenerate souls being connected with the modicum of truth which they retain, and not with the rubbish of error which accompanies it.
  82. It may be asked of us, Do you indeed believe that regenerate man passes into endless being; or that true faith carries with it a destiny so different from that of common men, as you would assign to it? For who that reflects on the community of the human race in all its conditions of temporal existence, on its common origin, on its physical, intellectual, and moral unity, on the historical, ancestral, and social causes which determine so much that we call character, on the many excellences of the bad, and on the manifold imperfections of the good—can fail to stumble at a doctrine which places the seal of indestructibility on the foreheads of some, and relegates the unsaved remnant of mankind, with all their virtues, struggles, and woes, to the realms of the perishable, and the doom of irremediable destruction?
  83. We stayed at Xocanti that day and when night began to fall Wedon took me aside and told me the affect the levies for Teotihuacan were having on the Tolteca in his immediate area, his report echoed what I had heard everywhere that we had travelled, the news was grim, the artisans and trades people were working into the night just to survive, the growers had forced another early harvest against their better judgement for they knew this practice would not allow the soil time to regenerate before the next planting, he could see his people slowly being stripped of the fruits of their labour, by the Teoti, the greedy and degenerate aristocracy of Teotihuacan, the worse part for Wedon was that he could see no way to solve the problem so had rightly brought it to me, I could offer no solution and told him it was the same complaint from all of the people I had met on my journey around the Toltec holdings, even my own village was struggling under the burden.
  1. It is by the regenerating power of the Holy.
  2. Regenerating only to be killed each time he was reborn.
  3. This is an Old Testament verse that describes the regenerating power.
  4. This power is the new birth or the regenerating power of God which is.
  5. The regenerating grace comes first, then faith, then the outward seal.
  6. It is the Holy Spirit, in His regenerating, drawing, and dragging power.
  7. Can ministers of the Church of Christ give regenerating grace to their people?
  8. The bacterium wasted away the person, then regenerated the cells without regenerating brain cells.
  9. In order to have the regenerating cycle of Life continue and not become extinct, Connection must balance Separation.
  10. Great regenerating transactions were being initiated—the fresh loan, a new railway line, a vast colonization scheme.
  11. Negative energy always gives back less than it receives because it is the negative side of the regenerating life-cycle.
  12. The blood stopped pouring from its neck, reverting the direction of its flow and regenerating the white, severed tip of its spinal cord.
  13. The other opinion connects the regenerating action of the Holy Spirit, not with the Sacrament of Baptism, but with the Truth, offered and believed.
  14. This happens, no doubt; but I am speaking of the majority, inspired as it is by that spirit, that generous tendency which is regenerating the medical art.
  15. The regenerating gift of the Holy Spirit in baptism is a conception as foreign to the Scripture as was that of the gift of the Holy Spirit in Circumcision, or in the Passover.
  16. No such notion as the communication of regenerating grace—(apart from which, already received, man cannot repent and believe, since 'he that believeth is born of God,’ 1 John ii.
  17. One is that the Holy Spirit connects the exercise of His regenerating power with the sacrament of Baptism; the other that He connects it with the Truth respecting the Savior of the world.
  18. All integrated organizations have an ecology of orders, when, in equilibrium, creates sustainability and regenerating diversity – this is true for the individual, the state, and the Earth.
  19. Let all men forbid it!—for why should they be made a second time 'regenerate in baptism’ who have already received regenerating grace, as is evident by their faith and piety, and by the testimony borne of God by the gifts of the Holy Ghost.
  20. Economic systems should be designed to work just like eco-systems: as dynamically balanced, regenerating structures; not as wastelands of opportunity to be vacuumed up so all the available wealth can be sucked into the fewest hands and sent elsewhere.
  21. Always through the mediation of the unknown Savior, always through the regenerating action of the unknown Spirit, have such results occurred; but to deny their existence would require us equally to deny the reality of pre-Messianic grace among the Jews.
  22. Wherever there have been men whose souls moved towards the all pervading Light of God, 'feeling after and finding Him,’ under whatever shades of heathenish darkness, there, we must believe, has been the action of the regenerating Spirit, and there has been salvation.
  23. His drawing-room, under the regenerating influence of a young wife and a daughter by his first marriage, scarcely eighteen, was still one of the well-regulated Paris salons where the worship of traditional customs and the observance of rigid etiquette were carefully maintained.
  24. With a contempt they’d not realised they harboured, they condemned the slavery, vile punishments, genetic and mental manipulation, lies about the reality of the real world that kept everyone imprisoned in the city, and above all the empty lives of the repulsive, regenerating Mages.
  25. The important mystery mentioned by the Rhetor, though it aroused his curiosity, did not seem to him essential, and the second aim, that of purifying and regenerating himself, did not much interest him because at that moment he felt with delight that he was already perfectly cured of his former faults and was ready for all that was good.
  26. The question at once arises, Is the production of this new nature in men, under the action of the Holy Spirit, absolutely dependent upon the intermediate operation of truth upon the mind and heart, or may we believe that the action of the Regenerating Spirit is sometimes independent of the action of the nous, or mind; taking effect directly on the pneu~ma, or spirit, and renewing it to lifeeternal? Is not the true answer as follows?
  27. The elder theology regards them as born under the hereditary curse of death, which since they possess immortal souls, must signify, it said, endless separation from God in hell for those souls so departing in infancy; unless that doom be prevented (1) by an eternal election of grace; or (2) by a speedy administration of the regenerating Spirit in baptism; or (3) by a universal degree of redemption in favor of all infants dying before years of responsibility.
  1. She regenerated off of that.
  2. They can be regenerated with.
  3. Could he have just regenerated them? No.
  4. Maybe he hasn’t completely regenerated yet.
  5. It’s causing the telomerase to be regenerated.
  6. He had not been regenerated or renewed by the Holy Ghost.
  7. Twin beds are easily regenerated but deionize water less.
  8. The ceiling lights came on with a whine as the power regenerated.
  9. God’s grace are we, God’s elect, quickened and regenerated out of.
  10. Were the invasions of the barbarians what saved and regenerated Rome?
  11. Even her broken nose had been repaired and her missing teeth regenerated.
  12. Is it the invasions of the barbarians that saved Rome and regenerated her?
  13. All who are reborn as true believers have been miraculsley regenerated by the power.
  14. You could never count the cells that are constantly being replaced and regenerated anew.
  15. As with any network medium, the signal has a tendency to attenuate if it is not regenerated.
  16. As the resins have to be regenerated periodically, such facilities are operated discontinuously.
  17. The bacterium wasted away the person, then regenerated the cells without regenerating brain cells.
  18. Nathalia was certain now that no matter how many pieces she reduced them to, their bodies always regenerated.
  19. He cast a wicked smile at the staff – which, thanks to Anon’s blood, he held in his regenerated right hand.
  20. One spring, this regenerated Gerard, now known as George, gets consent to take a short professional development leave.
  21. If she has it, her infection has to be treated, the edema reduced, obstructions removed, and the tissue repaired or regenerated.
  22. More powerful than the Living Dead, these creatures regenerated at a dreadful rate, even wounds of silver closed almost instantly.
  23. John Hammaker, a research scientist in Massachusetts, postulates that each ice age in the history of the earth regenerated its topsoil.
  24. Not wanting to chance something happening during transport, any soldier fatally injured, would be spared the torment of a regenerated death.
  25. The knowledge I gained from the quiet of night, and the conversations by day, regenerated the seeds planted by Christ, and I continued to grow.
  26. Having reproduced, the Oikumi regenerated itself using some of the energy from the souls, and soon more Oikumies started to appear to collect more souls.
  27. Then the feeling of hunger is recreated, and the yearning for food is regenerated, so that we can enjoy the bliss and boons that God has prepared for us.
  28. This process is similar to what happens as you look at an image on your computer screen — which is actually regenerated by the system every split second.
  29. And this regenerated publican died triumphant in the faith of a salvation he had so surely learned from the teachings of the Master during his recent sojourn on earth.
  30. But do not the early Fathers hold that all baptized persons are necessarily regenerated in baptism? and have not many great and learned divines in every age maintained the same opinion?
  31. If only it were not for these people, if only it were not for these circumstances, if only he could fly away from this accursed place—he would be altogether regenerated, would enter on a new path.
  32. Either they are thought to be regenerate in baptism, or to be regenerated by the Spirit in the article of death; so that scarcely any reformed church upholds the ancient horror of a limbos infantium.
  33. But do not all infants receive baptism worthily, since they offer no obstacle to the grace of baptism? and are they not consequently all regenerated, as a matter of course, the moment they are baptized?
  34. He asked about his brother, and she told him all the news from home: Davey ’s madder had regenerated, they had dug up the roots, Davey was still involved with Amabel, no one had fallen sick of the plague yet.
  35. But there is not a single passage in the New Testament which describes at length the effect of baptism on an infant, nor a single text which says that all infants are born again, or regenerated, or buried with Christ in baptism.
  36. After nine days' unconsciousness I came to myself, regenerated but not reformed ; my regeneration was a stupid one, however, of course, if the word is taken in the wide sense, and perhaps if it had happened now it would have been different.
  37. Carnegie insisted that the wealthy should be held accountable in making sure their money reaches the future generations in a way that could really improve the living conditions of the less fortunate and that the money could be regenerated in the country.
  38. Ken and Eileen Roach lived on what had once been a decaying council housing estate in a small post-industrial town to the north-west of Birmingham, an estate that was by degrees being regenerated by a mixed bag of home owners, buy-to-let investors and housing trust managers.
  39. He has created us members and systems and made juices and rules to help our organs digest the food and get rid of its excrements, then the feeling with hunger is re-created and the yearning of food is regenerated again so as to we enjoy what God has prepared for us of bliss and boons.
  40. And is not the same thing going on in the present "Revivalism," a regenerated Calvinism, which has given birth to the Salvation Army? Inasmuch as the attitude of all ecclesiastical dogmas toward the doctrine of Christ is very much the same, so are their methods of a similar character.
  41. Many who read the Old Testament literally looked expectantly for a new king in Palestine, for a regenerated Jewish nation delivered from its enemies and presided over by the successor of King David, the Messiah who would quickly be acknowledged as the rightful and righteous ruler of all the world.
  42. The augmentation of the establishment, with its crowds of clerks, an office in town, the old office in the harbour, the division into departments—passenger, cargo, lighterage, and so on—secured a greater leisure for his last years in the regenerated Sulaco, the capital of the Occidental Republic.
  43. And thus to transfer one's goal from time to eternity, from earth to Paradise, from the human to the divine, requires that man shall become regenerated, converted, be born again; that he shall become the re-created child of the divine spirit; that he shall gain entrance into the brotherhood of the kingdom of heaven.
  44. After he had thoroughly verified the fact that this young man was at the bottom of this situation, and that everything proceeded from that quarter, he, Jean Valjean, the regenerated man, the man who had so labored over his soul, the man who had made so many efforts to resolve all life, all misery, and all unhappiness into love, looked into his own breast and there beheld a spectre, Hate.
  45. Although there appears to be static objects around us — the chair, the table and a computer; in reality they are processes since they are composed of elementary particles — like a candle flame in a windless room which appears to us like an independent object until we realise that it is actually changing every second — or the ‘static’ image of an object on your computer screen which is actually being regenerated at minute discrete intervals of time by the underlying system.
  1. The skin regenerates after a chemical peel and often the appearance of the skin is improved.
  2. The high content of iron in beets regenerates and reactivates the red blood cells and supplies fresh oxygen to the body.
  3. With this being the case, there is clearly more to us than a physical body which dies, regenerates and renews itself over the course of our life.
  4. The soul regenerates during reincarnation, it gradually ripens through knowledge and love from our mortal Something as far as Something is connected to the soul.
  5. The process by which all Life was and is formed, the processes by which it regenerates itself: from cloning to mitosis-sex: is all a process of Dynamically Balanced Connectedness.
  6. Such society revives, regenerates: you feel better days come back—higher wishes, purer feelings; you desire to recommence your life, and to spend what remains to you of days in a way more worthy of an immortal being.
  7. A network of Paradise Players, who converge upon a brown site and create a work of art that will perpetuate itself as an evolutionary temple of Eartheart's health, is the theater of re-actors, those whose artistic living regenerates Eartheart and humanity by their creation of a compassionate lifestyle.

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