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    1. She refused to eat, and her wing would not mend

    2. When he hears that Alastair is in the garden trying to mend a mower, he groans, ‘Jo, you haven’t let him loose on something mechanical, have you? Dear God!’ …

    3. Broke her hip in the process and it didn't mend properly

    4. and Petr’s on the mend

    5. In her thoughts she throws open the patio doors at her father’s house and takes a slow step around his garden, shuffling past flower pots full of cigarette butts, one more casualty on the mend, a dressing-gowned remnant of the whistling generation

    6. He will mend the

    7. But even so, it was clearly on the mend

    8. I only stayed up because I had to mend

    9. whispered to me, “You rascal, mend your ways

    10. saying, with his head swaying, “I told you to mend your ways

    11. In the meantime, we must mend our sails

    12. Geneia to eat the flying fish that came aboard, I’d see Chloe sit with him or mend his clothes or brush his hair, just like they were a promised couple

    13. The alterations which the universities of Europe thus introduced into the ancient course of philosophy were all meant for the education of ecclesiastics, and to render it a more proper introduction to the study of theology But the additional quantity of subtlety and sophistry, the casuistry and ascetic morality which those alterations introduced into it, certainly did not render it more for the education of gentlemen or men of the world, or more likely either to improve the understanding or to mend the heart

    14. Princes, however, have frequently engaged in many other mercantile projects, and have been willing, like private persons, to mend their fortunes, by becoming adventurers in the common branches of trade

    15. “I expect you to make a quick recovery and there should be no lasting damage from the bullet wounds however the shrapnel may be a bit harder to mend but given time to rest I see no reason why you shouldn’t soon be back with your unit

    16. Rosemary might want to mend some of them? He shrugged

    17. “Still when he is on the mend they will probably let you go and visit him and after that he will probably be allowed back home

    18. A few days later Bert and I were picked for a working party to go up and mend a communications trench that had been blown in by an ‘Oil Can’ (large trench mortar shell)

    19. We numbered off and started our journey to the trench we had to mend and when we got there we set to it was hard going but we had now got most of the walls shored back up and the trench cleared so we were not far off finishing

    20. She had her speech prepared; all the things she would say to mend a daddy’s girl’s heart

    21. The receptionist led me to a room filled with pets on the mend

    22. Fortunately, his head wound was on the mend and he was feeling stronger

    23. “Either way, you’re on the mend

    24. “She will mend,” the maid muttered, focused on her careful wrapping of the cloth bandage

    25. What now? Home he supposed, to try to mend some bridges

    26. Also, his Port Authority Police had humiliated the OIJ; perhaps to mend intradepartmental fences, he could offer Captain Flores, as the new OIJ director, the opportunity to arrest Michael when he arrived, keeping him completely out of the picture

    27. In fairness, neither the Presbytery of Glasgow nor the Kirk spokesmen in Edinburgh seemed to be in the mood to mend fences either

    28. It was quite a long stretch taking the words of a disembodied voice seriously, but he felt he should put some trust in something that could mend his body without pain so easily in what seemed to have been mere minutes

    29. Being in a crowded environment was not to mend any tensions that the two

    30. I remember Caleb telling her that it would only take a month to mend, because it was a hairline fracture

    31. will mend all of the bridges you have burned between you and your

    32. Could you mend this for me? ¿ Podría usted (Fam

    33. An Amity nurse gives me a salve—developed by Erudite to speed healing—to put on my shoulder, and then escorts Peter to the hospital ward to mend his arm

    34. “And he’s a bully on the mend

    35. “Because you think this is the only way to mend things

    36. repair the house of the Lord, and also such as brought iron and brass to mend the house of the Lord

    37. "Things are often at the worst with the church, and people of God just before they begin to mend

    38. Maybe he was on the mend after all and it was down to a stress disorder which could be fixed over time

    39. The locket was my saving grace and not only did it help to mend the broken part

    40. But under no circumstances could I offer him my heart, if he dropped it, there would be nothing I could do to mend it

    41. 22 And these are the names of the sons of Nebayoth the first born of Ishmael; Mend, Send, Mayon; and the sons of Kedar were Alyon, Kezem, Chamad and Eli

    42. cannot mend, death will end, but the Guru cannot fail

    43. With so much merit to herald and so little ill to mend!

    44. We, the Administrators, were going to mend the original splintering, the original error

    45. Therefore, I believe that the Operations Team’s vote to fire me without either discussing their view of the matter with me or giving me an opportunity to "mend my ways" demonstrated conclusively that I was the victim of retaliation

    46. and seek the advise of a professional to assist and advise you, on how best to approach credit of any sort while on the mend to financial freedom, reputation, repair and recovery

    47. 22 And these are the names of the sons of Nebayoth the first born of Ishmael; Mend Send Mayon; and the sons of Kedar were Alyon Kezem Chamad and Eli

    48. I can mend the

    49. I told you that we’ve figured out a way to mend the damage

    50. mend the damage we’ve caused’? The truth was, I was already

    1. They ate, talked, played and read aloud, cooked, cleaned, washed and mended, paced, hummed, sang and told stories always with the twins in someone's arms, lap, or perched on a hip

    2. They were probably not unlike that stunted breed which was common all over Scotland thirty or forty years ago, and which is now so much mended through the greater part of the low country, not so much by a change of the breed, though that expedient has been employed in some places, as by a more plentiful method of feeding them

    3. This increase of the quantity of those metals, however, has not, it seems, increased that annual produce, has neither improved the manufactures and agriculture of the country, nor mended the circumstances of its inhabitants

    4. she mended, but never took the opportunity to gaze into her eyes

    5. would have done before, neither the circumstances of the farmer, nor those of the landlord, will be much mended by this change

    6. "And yet, despite your lack of contributions, you nevertheless remain capable of enjoying the benefits that we provide: your streets are illuminated, your roads are mended, your refuse is hauled away and there is even a constable to keep you safe while you and your family lie abed

    7. If he attempts to sell them much dearer, he is likely to have so few customers, that his circumstances will not be much mended

    8. Whatever damage Roleston and his wife had done to it might have been mended, but Doc, in his rage, had kicked any fixing out of it

    9. “How’s Charlie are his wounds mended yet I expected him to be back home by now?” Tears started to fall from Beth’s eyes and to catch in her lashes before shedding down her cheeks a small sob like a sigh escaped her lips as she replied

    10. He had been mended before, when the voice spoke to them

    11. He wears tattered clothes in different colors—a black T-shirt with a torn Abnegation jacket over it, blue jeans mended with red thread, brown boots

    12. The worry for Johan beat like a pulse in her throat, but there was nothing she could do about it until the mind-circle had been mended

    13. And in answer to your question, the mind-circle can be mended so far as to see what is happening, but our ability to send our strength to those we see is limited

    14. The burned out roof had been mended, and the walls were painted a sparkling white

    15. I should have mended the

    16. �I dunno, it weren't me, I mended it for you and all I've done is sleep here and use your toilet, honest mate

    17. The underground pipelines of the city above were broken apart by the destruction of the past wars and harvests, but were mended by the people living here to flow their water from the walls like streams and waterfalls from the ceiling of the cave

    18. José Arcadio restored Meme’s bedroom and had the velvet curtains cleaned and mended along with the damask on the canopy of the viceregal bed, and he put to use once more the abandoned bathroom where the cement pool was blackened by a fibrous and rough coating

    19. though not completely mended, with just a bit of encouragement, for a very short moment, the one that Cloud had fallen so in love with shown in his eyes

    20. The sheer rage had mended what all of the care in the world had been unable, releasing the will and ability that Minerva had sealed off until the time had been right

    21. Smith had had his mended by plastic surgery during the war after he crashed his Spitfire

    22. ” This book had been mended several times and had lots of dirty marks and smudges, especially round the holes to put your finger through

    23. The rear rack, however, which we had been temporarily mended with string after the last crash, was once again no more than a surly collection of uncooperative metal

    24. He waited for the day when his heart would be mended, and the day when he would return and retake the earth, and punish the humans who had raped it

    25. But then he had met Takina, fallen in lust with her, and had mended his ways (and abandoned his duties)

    26. a trace of the fracture that Doctor Crusher had mended

    27. Items that are cracked could in most elementary cases be mended or repaired, scraped or altered as in every mistake incurred by anyone of us

    28. “As a matter of fact, it’s already being mended, as you put it, but I’m not actually going to work on that project, anyway

    29. Baldazar was taken to the animal hospital where doctors patched up his beak and mended his torn feathers

    30. Now he is mended! Look at

    31. mended and healed – and some that, out of necessity and sanity, will be or have been

    32. “I’m pretty sure your heart is made of silly putty and easily mended

    33. Anne looked like she was about to pout, but the need for her hair to be mended combined

    34. She couldn't give him back his vigour and wholeness, but she could and would give him the means of having himself cared for and mended

    35. ” I heard a tiny click and the rustle of paper against metal, then crying as if someone’s heart had been broken, never to be mended

    36. More tears were shed, bridges were spanned, hearts were mended, and the hour was soon over

    37. He was still more puzzled and worried when, on the very day week after the birth, Ilse came to him and said that Frau Pastor was shaking her bed about and that she feared if she did not soon stop the bed, which was enfeebled as Herr Pastor knew by having two mended legs among its four, might break

    38. Then, when they discovered what the numbers against the square, 3--4, meant, the horror was swept away in indignation, for it was the hour in the afternoon in which they usually mended or knitted and gossiped together, and it appeared that the Frau Pastor intended to come and sit with them during this hour and read aloud

    39. As I watched, his shirt mended itself as did the small cuts on his lip and cheek

    40. His clothes had been cleaned and mended, and now he stood by the dais where the High Priest sat, beautiful women in red robes at his feet, while the rest of the warrior clan encircled them, waiting for their queen to arrive

    41. Flesh mended and bruises lightened

    42. This was, of course, a load of old bollocks, but it was the Thai way and, although many men fall for this, nobody ever really gets hurt, a few broken hearts, but these are soon mended in this carefree land

    43. His wounds slowly mended, his breathing became more normal, and his hair was growing longer again

    44. moment later, a voice behind her said: "Lady, do you want your umbrella mended? There stood an

    45. The man mended the umbrella, while she went into the house to pay her call, and when she returned, she

    46. mended the crack created by the departure of Judas, provisionally

    47. I’ve mended it

    48. This inner path is fixed one in its major contours but it is always open to be mended by external conditions in its minor details

    49. Then its seams mended together, simply shedding the stitches, which floated limply upward onto the surface of the water like a child’s discarded shoelaces

    50. Not only alive but mended of my injuries

    1. around the streets backing on to Griffin Park, fixing this and mending that, and as the

    2. The auric field of the spirit is cleansed here and such a rejuvenation process is akin to mending of one’s spiritual skin

    3. “You are making excellent progress and I am quite pleased with the way you are mending you are right on track”, and he then went to examine Archie

    4. Kay moved to sit in front of the fireplace, a mending project for Molly lying neglected in her lap

    5. She worked with half-hearted interest on the mending, watching the minutes tick by

    6. She carefully tucked the mending into a corner of the chair

    7. I just wonder if mending fences with Sylvia is going to include Mike, because I’m not so sure that I want it to

    8. mending since this will waste too much time

    9. After breakfast, Rosie sat at her treadle sewing machine mending the children's clothing for school

    10. The stonework is somehow mending itself, but how can that be possible without the hard work of servants he no longer has, or without the direct power of the mind-cane?

    11. Going on a little further from there He saw two other brothers James the son of Zebedee and John his brother who were also in the boat with Zebedee their father mending their nets

    12. 44 And while he was walking on the shore of the sea of Galilee he saw two brothers Simon who was called Cephas and Andrew his brother casting their nets into the sea; for they were fishers; And Jesus said to them Follow me and I will make you fishers of men; And they immediately left their nets there and followed him; And when he went on from there he saw other two brothers James the son of Zebedee and John his brother in the ship with Zebedee their father mending their nets and Jesus called them; And they immediately forsook the ship and their father Zebedee and followed him

    13. relationships that need mending

    14. forgiveness, and the mending of relationships in the home

    15. cleaning and mending, but that was all

    16. Examination showed the vocal chords were mending, but it would be a few

    17. Where there's no ill, no grief, but sleep has mending,

    18. Swann stood his watch with Brenneman, partly to assure no unwanted Saxon attentions bothered her, partly in the hope of mending fences—a mistake

    19. mending sails, scrubbing the holds and decks, and to

    20. bay quarter horses who were curiously watching Dave do his fence mending

    21. just to the left as he set his fence mending tools on top of a shelf

    22. The firm, uniform, rhythmic flight, from the obtuse hillsides mending the bluish summits, thinly at first, then extending, energetically, the fabulous ailerons allowing him to glide on the tiny greenish heads of the trees and the transparent threads of the rivers, similar to the hair of a woman lifted to the wind

    23. doctor said she was mending nicely except for her mental condition

    24. She could feel her body mending itself, healing

    25. Sam knew it was mending and he had feeling in his wrist and hand

    26. Though my soul has been slowly mending over the past six years, it will

    27. Zebedee their father, mending their nets

    28. notice because they were busy mending their nets before they returned back to the sea

    29. Neither he nor Reno had any idea that it had been the presence of Phoenix that had allowed that temporary mending

    30. Ken returned her kiss but didn’t hold on to her, not wanting to hurt her mending ribs

    31. There is a mending

    32. Her heart desired mending, yet she was content to leave it broken

    33. He’s always made a big fuss of Donald when they’ve met, and when he was in Northern Ireland he spent all of his spare time mending old toys which the Army sent to a children’s home every Christmas

    34. Recreation with the community included spinning yarn and doing mending as they chatted

    35. The facts are these: Her brothers are under enchantment, and she has agreed to undo it––a task involving the mending of spirits over a period of five years

    36. "Are you up for a walk out to the walls? I’ve some mending to do

    37. Conrad also informed her in a tone of voice which brooked no argument, that he wanted to see her again, at the end of the two weeks, so he could re-examine her ankle, assess how it was mending, and then replace the temporary cast he’d just put on her leg, with a permanent walking one

    38. A sign said it was for the upkeep of All Hallows and a picture showed carpenters mending the roof

    39. Yesterday I had an egg for breakfast--it gave me one of Pater's 'exquisite moments'--and a heavenly bowl of coffee with milk in it, and the effect was to send me out singing into the garden and to start me mending the fence

    40. Vicki and I have been mending a boy's sled we found in the lumber room of their house, I suppose the sled used in his happier days by the _Assessor_ now chained to a desk in Berlin, and with this we are going out after coffee this afternoon when the sky turns pale green and stars come out and blink at us, to the top of the road where it joins the forest, dragging the sled up as best we can over the frozen snow, and then, tightly clutching each other, and I expect not altogether in silence, we intend to career down again as far as the thing will career, flashing, we hope, past her mother's gate at a speed that will prevent all interference

    41. Oh, I had such _hope_ that I was better! Shall I ever get quite well again? Won't it at best, after every effort, every perseverance in struggle, be just a more or less skilful mending, a more or less successful putting together of broken bits? I thought I had been growing whole

    42. But the fact of only one of the two handkerchiefs being there nearly put him off the track, so much and so long did he marvel where its fellow could be; also the sight of his extra pair of socks reminded him of the urgent need they were in of mending, and he broke off his search for the note-book to hold each up in turn to me and eloquently lament

    43. And he was so exact and punctual in his ways that he seemed like a clock you wound up at regular intervals and knew would then go on by itself; and his clothes, naturally, were all new and needed little mending; and she still had Ilse, who did not marry till a year later; and she had persuaded herself, for one must needs persuade oneself of something, that after this next baby there would be a pause

    44. His surprise that all the siblings had come was thoughtfully explained by the considerable amount of time his father had spent mending old wounds

    45. There would, then, have to be some mending done for Fritzing, and Annalise would certainly not be the one to do it

    46. The merriment was therapeutic, mending all the brokenness his insides had accumulated

    47. Olin was ever happy to have the matrons about as they instilled good habits into the boys, as well as performing the tasks of mending, washing and drying clothes, cooking, and other beneficial services

    48. the process of mending the long history of poor

    49. The ragged red and purple suture line was mending unevenly, stretching the surrounding skin in tented pockets, and it took on more and more the effect of a freak as time went by

    50. mending him for his fine Communication Skills; but, when

    1. It mends the bond of friendship

    2. Calkers: One who mends the seams on a vessel

    3. He mends matters but little be saying, “sinners are not to be the judges of what a sinner deserves,” because, says he, “we do not argue that way in the affairs of the world, in the courts of justice, and family discipline

    4. We had invited a lot of Mends there and got the surprise party started

    5. Forgive me and have pity on my folly, and remember I know but little, and, if I talk much, it's more from infirmity than malice; but he who sins and mends commends himself to God

    6. She waits on us all, mends and washes, sweeps the floor, puts mamma to bed

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