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Revitalize в предложении (на )

  1. Let’s hope that this action can help revitalize your career.
  2. It’s a brilliant way to revitalize this town, if you can pull it off.
  3. If you have a list of previous dead lists you can revitalize the list by giving them.
  4. He also remembered the Administration was attempting to revitalize a dormant wind farm sector up in the higher ridges.
  5. This light comes from the laser apparatus delivered at a precise frequency to repair hair and revitalize the follicles.

  6. Thirty years later this novella is my final effort to focus and revitalize what began as a radio dream for Norman Corwin.
  7. Eighteen WILDCAT fighters, twelve SBD dive bombers and six TBF torpedo bombers did a lot to revitalize General Geiger’s anemic male squadrons.
  8. Knowing that the people wanted change as he did, he realized, if informed, the masses would rally to their common cause and revitalize the nation.
  9. But apparently, someone in authority, Klingon, Federation, both, I don’t know who is more culpable, decided to revitalize a weapon from the past.
  10. She needed to cast a stone in water so marred by filth, to unearth all mess then revitalize and refill with pure water out of a heart of humility and renewal.
  11. Even though he felt that capitalism had its faults, he realized that trade could set free those bound to old ways and give them the strength to revitalize themselves.
  12. We need to move into our cities and revitalize them for shorter commutes and get away from suburbia thinking to lower the average commute and create and/or maintain farmland.
  1. The humor has lost its revitalizing effect.
  2. Learn a new revitalizing, life changing way of thinking.
  3. The remainder of the task went smoothly; the second cup of coffee revitalizing his.
  4. If people built a structure on a land that has revitalizing energy, then they would prosper.
  5. Life was awakened around me and the revitalizing breath of nature was sowing in my spirit the seed and the peace of resignation.
  6. We left the house after our revitalizing daily ablutions and a hurried breakfast and stepped onto the noisy street, cool but bright with sunshine.
  7. Now of course, we are sentient whenever we are awake, but we still revel in the revitalizing rays of the source at sunrise, and it is still the most special time of day for us.
  8. If we focus on revitalizing downtown, really supporting local retail and creating a climate that will appeal to entrepreneurs looking for good locations to invest in small business, it’s a benefit to the entire community.
  9. It was an ―accident‖ waiting to happen! Now President Bush is allowing himself to be (further) manipulated by his political opponents into revitalizing the area through spending initiatives and designs modeled on the wasteful, economically improvident urban programs of the sixties instead of providing relief and (financial) assistance on a needs basis.
  1. Uar was revitalized and grounded after the.
  2. We need to have a revitalized worship in our churches.
  3. This way cycle of life gets completed and revitalized.
  4. A new awareness, revitalized, a bond strengthened and never to be broken.
  5. Passing a department store, this revitalized man saw a smal card in one of the.
  6. They had to be revitalized regularly with follow-ups, and that wasn’t practical, usually.
  7. Revitalized, Eilidh grabbed her sword off the ground and struck out at the cocky archer who now stood within her reach.
  8. By solarup, the storm clouds and shrieking wind had abated, and last nights soup had been revitalized with fresh stormwater.
  9. When the house was thoroughly revitalized, they walked to the bungalows and returned to the landscaping for the newest additions.
  10. Slowly but surely, the area was being revitalized, like the rest of the waterfront along the river, but for now it was a work in progress.
  11. A circle of revitalized, glittering water twirled about wherever she touched, growing larger, until she could see to the Riverbed like a.
  12. The scene revitalized vivid memories of past tragedies with which he had been intimately familiar and of the mixed emotions that had surrounded those events.
  13. Remember: you know you are inspired when you recapture the days of your youth, lifted up, rejuvenated, revitalized, recharged spiritually and miraculously healthy.
  14. He said that it was the largest city he had ever seen in the ‘new’ land and that if one stands on the apex of the larger pyramid, one is strangely revitalized.
  15. To wake up a few hours later, refreshed, restored, revitalized, to shower, dress and walk the streets of Cairo hand in hand in the midnight chill towards the Hilton, a place that never slept.
  16. She would merely enjoy another glass of cold lemonade, the kind that she had not sampled in many years; the zesty, fresh-squeezed tang revitalized her taste buds and seemed to deliver a jolt of energy to her lethargic body.
  17. Even though he was fully aware of the solid construction of the structure, Feltus had been relieved to find that very little damage had been done to the hotel, with only a few windows having been shattered and a few palms uprooted, and to the beach that looked fresh, revitalized just as nature had intended of all her realm.
  1. Their positive energy revitalizes those who are in their presence.

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