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    1. ’ I said quickly, gratified by her passion but concerned that she should not waste her energy on the man

    2. ’ I said, gratified by the startled indrawing of breath at the other end of the phone which this statement causes

    3. A while later, somewhat breathless from manoeuvring the heavy box down the ladder but gratified that I have managed it on my own, I sit on the bed and start going through my history

    4. gratified to see Old Ged, the dragon hunter that he had encountered

    5. He’d been afraid she was going to leave over the synapsase, he was gratified that she didn’t

    6. gratified that he was rapidly able to intercept the older Guardian, who

    7. “Darling, I have endeavored to introduce to you the many aspects of managing a large household, and I am gratified to say that your abilities are unsurpassed in thoroughness and creativity

    8. The future travelers were both satisfied with, and gratified for, all the efforts made on their behalf that would allow them this once in a lifetime adventure

    9. When he became aroused, he demanded to be gratified, which, of course, was the very thing she intended doing

    10. In his „How the Mind Works," Stephen Pinker would have us believe that he can retroactively read the mind of early man trudging the African savannah, and that this ancestor of us all would have been gratified by a clear sky due to the fact that he would be better able to spot predators than would be the case on a cloudy day

    1. " "What kinds of luxury sir" I asked "are hurtful?" "Every act of a man which he performs with pleasure" he replied "is an act of luxury; for the sharp-tempered man when gratifying his tendency indulges in luxury; and the adulterer and the drunkard and the back-biter and the liar and the covetous man and the thief and he who does things like these gratifies his peculiar propensity and in so doing indulges in luxury

    2. existentialist hero, a natural (or absurd) man: He says, "This life gratifies his every wish, and nothing is worse than losing it

    3. Question: I think that the fan-celebrity relationship gratifies both sides

    4. Its unspoken religious message is that only comfortable normality, only normality that gratifies you the most is good-right-winning, etc

    5. The unspoken religious assumption of consumer choice is that they are only supposed to choose what ‘pleases’ them; they are only supposed to choose something ‘if it pleases them’… ‘if it gratifies them’ meaning whatever makes their egos swell up and feel big and important

    6. They buy whatever gratifies them at the moment

    1. The poor, in order to obtain food, exert themselves to gratify those fancies of the rich ; and to obtain it more certainly, they vie with one another in the cheapness and perfection of their work

    2. The law which put an end to all prosecutions against witchcraft, which put it out of any man's power to gratify his own malice by accusing his neighbour of that imaginary crime, seems effectually to have put an end to those fears and suspicions, by taking away the great cause which encouraged and supported them

    3. More or less can be got for it, according as the competitors happen to be richer or poorer, or can afford to gratify their fancy for a particular spot of ground at a greater or smaller expense

    4. A copy of the “Army and Navy Register” of July 23rd was produced, and in English, which three-fourths of the officers there understood, a captain read: “The Cubans insurgents felt, when Santiago capitulated, that they should be privileged to sack the city and gratify their lust for robbery, greed, and generally riotous living

    5. not to gratify animal passion

    6. 35 And the king took many gifts and bestowed of it on those whom he would gratify

    7. She didn't attend to Dory's carping, to her belittling six-hundred bucks as slave wages, but she responded to the other women as they attempted to gratify their curiosity

    8. no longer exist; but the desire of a glutton to gratify the sensation of taste,

    9. Herzberg found that job characteristics related to what a person does — that is, to the nature of the work they perform — apparently have the capacity to gratify such needs as achievement, competency, status, personal worth, and self-realization

    10. The small waterfall remains usually alone occasionally receiving a guest in the form of a newly wed couple who are always in search of a lonely place to gratify their desires arousing intensely after marriage as the cool environment of Solan arouses the desire to have each other more

    1. Though it is gratifying that she and Adrian care that much – Adrian had even come on the phone at one point trying to convince me that they had space – silly man!

    2. these creatures eat, something sordidly gratifying about the way that little dribbles of

    3. So far, nothing worth coming in here for had drifted past, but it was gratifying to see his script working

    4. There was something fascinating about watching these creatures eat, something sordidly gratifying about the way that little dribbles of sauce might run down their chins

    5. Gratifying, but needlessly gratuitous

    6. It was gratifying to see that his colleagues had nothing more to offer than copying the articles that Reuters put on the wire

    7. In the process, all my mistakes would be corrected and replaced with more gratifying stuff

    8. Extremely gratifying to learn that

    9. That’s ugly stuff, but it’s best not to ignore those screw ups as if they didn’t exist (although I wish they didn’t), painting myself a gratifying but distorted rosy picture of my own glorious history

    10. Both boys had always been very virile for their ages, very potent and gratifying

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