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    1. that revolve you and your money

    2. this forgetting, but the doors revolve,

    3. He slashed thru that with an eraser, shifted the equator and had the eye revolve with the bundle on the axis

    4. Their lives revolve

    5. Us humans are actually still the Kings of the Universe, and everything and everybody else revolve around us and our sanctified planet

    6. We will not revolve or resolve the question of the Source of happiness

    7. The differences in the various schools seem to revolve around three philosophical concepts: whether people are independent or interdependent; whether the universe is friendly or indifferent to the individual and his or her fellow humans; and whether the best of humanity is of the heart or the head

    8. That life ends before it really begins; destined to revolve eternally in circles

    9. And Dorian’s household was set up to revolve around two points, the lesser one very clearly being me

    10. Yes, it’s great, Beth!” His dark form continued to revolve

    1. And so my madness revolved around the clock face

    2. My world normally revolved around the empty hours of chaotic imagination, but now I had other people to think about

    3. He even made a special series of videos to show on his body and as he slowly revolved under the hot studio lights, as he turned from judge to judge, each programme was revealed in all of its glory

    4. Wall trapped emotions all revolved around his birth

    5. Just roll your hands over and over slowly like this,” And the old man slowly revolved his hands around an imaginary point in front of him; the younger man imitated

    6. Cakes and biscuits were served and the conversation again revolved around the adventures met during their last several months apart

    7. that the life’s core was a star and that a bunch of imaginary planets revolved around it in his

    8. His whole life had revolved along this river

    9. Unspoken, the rebuttal revolved around in Chuck’s head

    10. Farther along the bank, The Eye, revolved its slow way around its axis like an old watermill

    1. of the world revolves

    2. “Theory number five! This final supposition states that the whole evolutionary mechanism revolves around competition among a great number of individuals—within a species and among species

    3. “Legionnaire, need I remind you that there is a war happening? Not everything revolves around notifying you of the comings and goings of the army and those part of it

    4. Western thought usually revolves around conditional happiness and sense pleasures

    5. The ending that is linked to 2012 is the demise of the old human consciousness or the previous way of life and a new beginning that revolves around aspects of unity, equality, integrity and empowerment of self

    6. But I also know that you and your buddies think the world revolves around the Emerald Isle

    7. In fact, everything about this administration revolves around a single subject, a single goal: the acquisition of centralized power as absolute as can be achieved

    8. He carried himself in a way that said the world revolves around me, and it probably did

    9. It revolves around the Dallas or Waco area

    10. She always thinks the world revolves around herself

    1. Politicians come and go, passing through the revolving doors of power and celebrity, and sometimes even infamy, like eels sliding from a barrel

    2. You discovered that by revolving your hands

    3. Interpretation: revolving around the point—

    4. Then I remembered that I’m not normally a revolving ball floating above my body

    5. As it approached it could be seen that it was also revolving

    6. God be with you!” he said and he disappeared through the revolving glass doorway

    7. A revolving space station: a ring slowly spinning around a central cylindrical axis, slightly converging in the middle, four tunnels leading to this point

    8. "I'll try," said Ann, revolving in her mind how she could save a few

    9. “Nurse Marvin, I aint starving,” Bob said to him after he had stopped head spinning, “I thought I saw white shoes while I was revolving around upside down,” Bob added

    10. ” Then without haste Kid Mojo dove to the hardwood rink floor and began revolving into hydraulic pennies (where your body lifts completely off the ground, about a good 2 or 3 inches, while you’re nutcracker-wind milling around

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