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    1. "You know that asteroid at Cynd that fell out of its orbit?"

    2. While they were on the way back to the boat she picked up a news magazine because of the headline 'Killer Asteroid on the Way?' and found that "One of Cynd's larger asteroids was knocked out of orbit by an unobserved collision forty years ago and dropped into the gravitational well of the brown dwarf

    3. "Herndon; I've had a geosynchronous out there since 2267, its still operational," Ava in heaven said, "I have all the probes that can pick up its signature in close orbit, no point on the surface will be out of sight for much more than an hour at a time

    4. Glenelle wondered at the folly of a nation consisting of one pill-shaped space colony three miles in diameter and forty miles long that passes in close orbit less than five hundred miles above, declaring war on a glowing industrial belt holding half a billion mortals that was longer than the distance to that orbit

    5. It was built in low orbit and could be seen from the ground for it was nearly the size of a hundred story office building

    6. She could see how the ship was eroded from the sand that happened by in this orbit as she went into the airlock

    7. "It's been under observation two thirds of a decade already," Ava said, "since it was knocked out of its original orbit

    8. He could have come thru the probes anywhere this orbit crossed the far side

    9. "It sounds like you are now much more concerned about that fact that my sister has come to her senses about you than you are about the fact that the shuttlecraft is in orbit

    10. What orbit is it in?"

    1. From what he read, it seemed that it had orbited the planet twice and then disappeared

    2. They had increasingly become the followers of men, not the Word as the Apostle Paul had warned against many times, and their strivings divided the very strength of the movement into warring factions that weakened the core around which they orbited

    3. So looking up I could see the blue-green ball that was the planet we orbited

    4. orbited close to Mars and the single hard object was heading on its way on a direct collision course with Earth

    5. The orbital forces of it were obviously carefully planned, since it was done in a manner that caused almost no disturbance in the other worlds and moons that orbited that star

    6. They orbited lower than normal, at 5,000 feet, to see the final flicker of flames and the eerie tongues of fire from the flame gun as Rover consolidated their position for the night

    7. A radio was tuned to the Spooky gunship channel as he orbited War Zone C shooting as required for Troop A while listening for a possible call from the missing China Boy

    8. He orbited the plane at 1000 feet to better see from where the VC were mounting their attack

    9. The planet Saturn once orbited Danas, the sister to your own Sol, which captured it in the distant past

    10. astronauts having ‘hallucinations’ as they orbited the earth at that altitude

    1. He knew what Cynd was and knew it had thousands of asteroids orbiting it

    2. "Darryl is plotting the motions of every snowball we pass, they are all in two families, those orbiting in the galactic plane and those of the halo

    3. We aren't encountering any that appear to be orbiting Sol

    4. They were coming straight up the Orion Arm on the way home, everything, snowflakes and stars included, was orbiting the galaxy in this direction, Sol was eleven light years ahead of 61 Cygni in the galactic orbit

    5. The large space laboratory orbiting Aura, (in a cloaked state), was in a constant state of activity

    6. The communications center, Com Central, orbiting above Aura received a cryptic message from deep space and word was immediately sent word to the Queen’s Hold

    7. But the worst thing of all was the black satellite orbiting the Earth

    8. Filling her attentions however was what lay beyond the orbiting stations

    9. capable of building orbiting space stations, defining the

    10. Although there are numerous theories, none of them properly fits or explains the fact that we have a rather large celestial body orbiting us and are unable to explain through scientific observations how it came to be there and has remained there over millennia

    1. A one percent error in our mass estimates could also account for the perturbations we see in the dark bodies' orbits

    2. then was it strong enough to distort the orbits of

    3. The flame was being kept alive by this ring which pulsed with an electron like ball which did perfect orbits around it

    4. The not insubstantial figure of Mr Rudolph Snickerty was as familiar a landmark as the spire of St Jasper's to those various persons within the orbits of the little house at the corner of Bimini Square

    5. “Rex, what Crystal City orbits our Earth?”

    6. Jim was the current elected head of the Jupiter Trade Bureau, a loose union of the various private trade organisations working in a wide range of orbits around the gas giant Jupiter

    7. With its discovery, Marsh and Butler, at Berkeley, California went back over their decade-long collection of search data, and when they expanded their ideas about orbits, size, and composition, they found several planets they overlooked hidden in their trove

    8. Observe you everything that takes place in the heavens, how they do not change their orbits and the luminaries which are in the Heaven, how they all rise and set in order each in its season, and transgress not against their appointed order

    9. And many chiefs of the stars shall transgress the order prescribed; And these shall alter their orbits and tasks,

    10. electron orbits behave as if they were solid objects

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