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Risky в предложении (на )

  1. It is risky as well.
  2. It would be too risky.
  3. It seems far too risky.
  4. A tedious and risky job.
  5. That would be too risky.
  6. Too risky for the source.
  7. Oh! It is still too risky.
  8. Investing in shares is risky.
  9. That could be a risky trip.
  10. The latter was the most risky.
  11. His food quest was a risky one.
  12. Ansh: Oh, but this can be risky.
  13. I told you it was a risky plan.
  14. It is expensive and risky to hold.
  15. It was risky, but I had to try it.
  16. Going for help could be too risky.
  17. It was risky and it was dehghtful.
  18. It was risky but in the end, what.
  19. That would be too risky, he decided.
  20. Leaving you here alone is too risky.
  21. This is a risky bet indeed, General.
  22. Mahotin's the only one that's risky.
  23. It’ll be risky, Beck replied.
  24. The sword had been a risky creation.
  25. High-beta stocks and funds are risky.
  26. Maybe it had been risky to come here.
  27. That’s a risky proposition in the.
  28. S U V s with explosives? It was risky.
  29. The deliberately slow start was risky.
  30. Her risky action had ended to triumph.
  31. This is risky but it’s our only hope.
  32. It was a creative, but risky, maneuver.
  33. Awkward, and risky, but it should work.
  34. Every footfall was a risky proposition.
  35. Shorting a good company is always risky.
  36. This was a risky plan, this man proposed.
  37. Trusting Bino’s word was the risky part.
  38. Trading in the stock market is too risky.
  39. Some are risky, some safe, some inactive.
  40. Coming from the front might be too risky.
  41. He hesitated, for it was dreadfully risky.
  42. He did not think changes were always risky.
  43. This was a dangerous and risky journey to.
  44. Avoid risky, stressful kinds of activities.
  45. One-, two-, and three-week bases are risky.
  46. Figuring that forwards was less risky, he.
  47. We can't stay in a hotel, it's too risky.
  48. They should avoid risky kinds of activities.
  49. We finally concluded that it would be risky.
  50. Too risky to let them wander around alone.
  51. That is a risky proposition, by any standard.
  52. And what about most of the risky movies'.
  53. Selling a naked option is risky in this regard.
  54. That’d weaken the protection — too risky.
  55. This theoretically could be a risky conclusion.
  56. You know with Forrest here, it will be risky.
  57. Trading with 1,000 shares at one time was risky.
  58. But it was still hellish risky, said Marsden.
  59. That would be risky, if they caught you….
  60. It was too risky to bring you straight to Citrine.
  61. Besides, scoring during this stop would be risky.
  62. Stressful, risky activities should be re-scheduled.
  63. Commodities have a reputation for being a risky asset.
  64. They are extremely risky and subject to manipulation.
  65. Whatever he was doing would be a bold and risky move.
  66. It was risky, but it was better than the switchblade.
  67. After that date Channel conditions would be too risky.
  68. She wanted to stop for a few hours but that was risky.
  69. That is a very risky thing to do, said the mayor.
  70. He or she should avoid risky activities on those days.
  71. It will be too risky for us to stay there, he said.
  72. That’s too risky, and you know it, she replied.
  73. Sounded risky, but I would have gone to hell with him.
  74. It would be risky, but well worth the risk, I believe.
  75. Family members too need to avoid risky activities then.
  76. Christ, Bill, that was risky, interrupted Marsden.
  77. If you’re afraid that it’s too risky, that’s fine.
  78. They should avoid risky kinds of activities this period.
  79. To pursue an artificial connection was simply too risky.
  80. It’s too risky while the bugs are still operational.
  81. It was risky and many Badgers were lost or badly injured.
  82. Some traders will dismiss option writing as too risky.
  83. That would have been risky enough in a well-buoyed river.
  84. This is a very risky situation for me, thought Max.
  85. If it’s more than 5%, the share could be far too risky.
  86. If you didn't know risky putting anything into your mouth.
  87. May be, you can find it at the NCRBAS, but that’s risky.
  88. Not as risky as you trying to shoot it with your popgun.
  89. You should also avoid risky activities on the 5th and 6th.
  90. This would make Ron’s escapades into her room too risky.
  91. The street would be a predictable route and risky to trek.
  92. Take it easy those days, and again avoid risky activities.
  93. With Brent out there somewhere it was too risky to attempt.
  94. Risky as fuck, Ryodan says, staring down at the heads.
  95. He never would disclose the name–said it was too risky.
  96. Most would agree that this is a risky project at any level.
  97. This is risky and could lead to you losing hard earned money.
  98. The less risky iron butterfly, which is priced off XYZ at 50.
  99. Small wonder as to why they would make such a risky move now.
  100. They don’t need to be involved in risky kinds of activities.

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