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    1. Reach out beyond your normal scope

    2. Glenelle was amazed that she was able to look up that location on a map and to see it thru a small scope as it came around the planet

    3. " She patched a sequence into the view so Glenelle could see what it was like, once the scope already knew exactly where to look

    4. While Ava tried to put thru a voice channel to the ground, Glenelle viewed the recorded data from their biggest scope

    5. The main scope had returned to Sol with the main expedition

    6. It was on the limb of the planet to the main scope here on Narrulla's Tear, but nowhere near the limb of the planet from the geosynchronous

    7. Unfortunately the scope on the geosynchronous was neither as large or as close as the main, the shuttlecraft was only a few pixels long on that

    8. The optical links were still functional and she could get a feed from that scope transmitted here

    9. It would take another couple hours for the region to pass from view of the main scope completely

    10. As well as communications, they had an optical scope that could render a pretty good image of the area

    11. She took the scope and was able to pan it at a slow enough speed to look in the area around the landing site

    12. Because she was looking at the limb of the world with the main scope, she could see a fifty mile wide swath of land at once, and could scan fifty miles in each direction with some fine adjustments to the scope positioning

    13. She was looking back toward Herndon's place no more than twenty five miles from the old landing point when her scope started picking up something else in the area

    14. The atmosphere shouldn't be too bad here, a little integration should render it out, so she locked the scope on it and let it focus

    15. While she was doing that, Glenelle panned the scope further toward Herndon's property

    16. But as the shuttlecraft made that one more orbit, Narrulla swung too far east to observe the Gengee chaparral, and its scope could no longer see what was happening out in the wilds of that basin

    17. The optical scope on the geosynchronous was still useful in the mean time, so she was able to watch the proceedings from above

    18. As they watched these events unfolding on the planet's terminator, a remote probe in low orbit got thru on a laser-beam and brought them closer, close enough that its scope could detect the dots that were people on the ground, even without enhancements

    19. If anyone can see an invisible Squidy, it’s my scope man, Wrigley

    20. He dispatched a probe to sit in a small tree near the spot where that raft had pulled ashore and initiated a program to follow that raft from the geosynchronous scope

    21. If they were, Alan would be too smart to respond, he would know there would be a probe or scope watching and would lie low or continue on his way

    22. Once daylight returned he used the scope and several remotes to comb the whole area Alan could have run to by that time

    23. It was a hopeless scope, but it was all he had

    24. Still he set the scope to scanning it and the programs to running on it

    25. They might see them with the big scope

    26. "I suspect you won't find any reports of a meteor strike," he said, "because this picture was taken the following Garibivlast using the weather scope

    27. The weather scope had nowhere near the magnification that had allowed them to analyze the meteor plume, but the image was consistent with what he was about to say

    28. Nuplayy observed one smaller object had fallen from the remaining piece and he thought it would impact but it had moved out of the range of his scope

    29. Some of the variations of Chakrasana are only within the scope of the most advanced student of Hatha Yoga, but this one is quite easy for beginners

    30. I was out of my usual scope

    31. I woke up in darkness on a mattress in hospital clothes and started crawling around to scope out my new environment

    32. Thom went to his scope and brought up the old settings

    33. Constantinople in its prime might have come close to the scope and hubbub of this city, but never had the levity she saw here

    34. It would take a good scope to see that far

    35. He knew in his mind that the distance and scope of what he saw in the night sky or out the ship’s viewports was greater than this, but here he had the greatest feeling of vastness he had ever encountered

    36. Narrulla would come back to this side of the planet in a couple hours and the main scope would be able to see them

    37. What was it, ten or twelve hours now? Had they swung the main scope this way? Narrulla was up again, it passed overhead from west to east every light and every dark, so if they had, they could see him now

    38. He had to grovel with Elmore to get him to swing the main scope and take a look for him as the moon came back around to their side of the planet

    39. The schedule on the main scope was pressing so they could no longer watch with that either

    40. Only the remote scope could see them at this time, the ship and it’s scope were stuck with the inner moon, far around the planet

    41. They had managed to render a pretty good picture of her with the big scope, and she just didn’t look like a distinguished university professor

    42. Alan wondered if they had the big scope on her, could they see her

    43. "We saw that," Luray said, "it's too bad Alan didn't escape also, but Klarrain has the coach in sight and he has a good scope

    44. He was amazed, as he looked below, at the scope and ingeniousness of the Aquifer, which then took his thoughts to his father

    45. ” replied Felix, “But the last thing he said was that he was going up to the surface scope

    46. ” I watched the Turkish sniper as he now traversed the rest of the trench with his scope probably looking to see if he could find a more senior target

    47. Through the scope which was very good I saw the blood bone and brain exit from the other side of the snipers head and he rolled onto his side

    48. Most of the damage was on the side he had rolled onto I took his rifle which was like mine only had a different make of scope on it that was not as good as mine and going back picking the lads up I told Johnny to rewrap my rifle in the blanket for now and that I would clean it as soon as we got back to the Fusiliers trench

    49. “Would you like to take a look out at No Man’s Land through the periscope?” I stepped up and looked through the eyepieces on the scope I could make out the German wire and trenches in the distance and the shell holes and humps that covered the distance between us

    50. that much, although his scope of attention increased significantly in his new role as first mate

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