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    1. ● Advertise and reach your customers

    2. On your way to the store, you witness an accident, reach for your phone to call 911 but it’s not TOM ANDERSON

    3. it’s just a matter of seconds to reach thousands of people that have asked to hear from you

    4. Be aware that even young people may hurt themselves with home appliances or swallow nonfood items such as cleansers if they are left within reach

    5. · Keep medications out of reach or locked away

    6. It was a local year by air to reach Alan, three to six weeks by air to reach the area the Brazilians had settled

    7. and bless, that He cannot be able to reach without you

    8. Reach out beyond your normal scope

    9. Instinctively, I reach out as though to take it … drawing my hand back swiftly as I realise what I am doing, and clasping it with my other hand as though it had been burned

    10. He couldn’t reach anyone

    11. Ava was right about the fuel, it didn't reach to the tunnel, and they weren't there yet as the light of the next week came to an end

    12. find any food that you leave for them that is out of reach of the ants

    13. This limits their attack on wet and dry woods within reach of the soil

    14. ’ Stephen muttered as we reach the car; he’s got one of those automatic unlocking devices on his car and, by the time the crowd have caught up with us, I am in the front seat buckling on the seat belt and he is starting the engine

    15. He could reach over and take it but he didn't

    16. Limitations: cannot reach all parts of the house, best combined with another type of treatment such as electricity

    17. Limitations: Cannot reach all parts of the house, best combined with either liquid nitrogen or heat or micro wave

    18. Limitations: Cannot reach all parts of the house, best combined with another system such as heat or electricity

    19. Emma witters on, fussing about coming to see me later in the week while I half listen, my thoughts on the letter lying just out of reach

    20. After dark they had moved far enough toward Gengee City that its towers could reach them now

    21. Ah, that’s where I put the other bottle … I reach for the full wine bottle I have just spotted

    22. How much have you had?’ he said, placing the bottle out of my reach before taking the kettle over to the sink and filling it with water

    23. · Keep items you use often in cabinets you can reach easily without using a step stool

    24. The momentum of the movement, swings me hard against him and I reach up with my free hand, stroking the back of his neck

    25. Without that, it will be nearly a year till I can reach you

    26. There is an effort to reach out but the state is generally confusing

    27. An attempt to arrive at that which lies back of the form considered, or to reach the idea that is responsible for the form

    28. Half my mind concentrating on the job in hand, I reach for the phone and pick it up

    29. Hesitating, I reach out unsure whether it is a wise move on my part to answer it or not

    30. On top of that, I spent most of yesterday keeping within reach of the phone and, on the two occasions I had to go out of earshot into the garden to deal with the washing, I had checked to see if anyone had called while I was out there as soon as I got back inside … but Stephen didn’t call

    31. Half hoping it will be Stephen and half dreading that it might just be, I reach for the phone

    32. He swallows water, chokes, tries to reach the surface, but he finally gives up, begins to sink rapidly

    33. There was no vid screen, this was well beyond the farthest signal from Gengee City, and a suntower would have to be tall enough to reach over the hills

    34. Satan cannot reach us

    35. I don’t feel much better by the time I reach The Stables just after eleven thirty

    36. They reach a certain age and then suddenly your little one is gone forever

    37. We can reach perfection

    38. They reach the emergency exit

    39. Father! i thank you for the faith through which i can reach all the

    40. He reached out a hand for the photo but Sammy tucked it back into his palm with his thumb and forefinger, just out of Theo's reach

    41. She made a few mods that Morg did not have, such as a tongue that could reach her cervix

    42. Just after he was done Narrulla's Tear passed into eclipse where they are unable to reach a lighted tower on the native data system and thus unable to continue a connection thru it

    43. When victory seems out of reach, we

    44. When the jam kicked off again VD got ahead of Melinda and stayed there, just out of reach, taking her to her furthest extreme of speed and anger but always outpacing her

    45. forces are marshalled, reach a critical point and then tip towards change

    46. Sighing with happiness, I reach into my handbag for my car keys and then walk up the drive to where my car is parked

    47. "Can we reach it?"

    48. you will reach a level of the supernatural, where nothing will be impos-

    49. There was no doubt that the shuttlecraft was on course to reach Narrulla's Tear, and could couple with the old lock on the Lula in as little as two hours

    50. We cannot reach the spiritual world with medications and

    1. position that he reached very rarely

    2. "Leave that," he said, and reached for it, still holding the stairpost with his other hand

    3. However, Micah’s paranoia reached the point where he claimed even the bread and water were contaminated

    4. Jerm threw up his hands and reached for his coat on the top of a clothes pile in the corner

    5. She reached down with each hand and clamped her fingers on Frank’s and Jim’s ears

    6. Their ship was the last of the great daedelus sleepers and traveled so slowly that it reached Narrulla's null point late in the Earth year 2342, a hundred ninety four years from its launch

    7. Sasha's hand reached for the door handle, though she wasn't sure what she'd do with it—the car was going at least 60 or 70 miles an hour on the freeway

    8. Her trembling hand reached out to touch the creature's suffering face

    9. They reached the interconnect by darkmeal and plunged ahead

    10. In the first glow of dawn in week Imnotn they finally reached Zharvai

    11. Her eye reached the top of the bluff and saw a figure against the bright sky of the impending noon

    12. The Operator reached out a trembling, sweat-soaked hand and unplugged the Chip from the plastic box

    13. Big Petey kicked them off and then reached back over his shoulder to lift the guard off his back and launch him through the air

    14. He could have reached the coast of Dromedia, but he hugged the western shore where they cruised thru a thousand miles of lon to the horizon on both sides

    15. He reached over and grabbed a glass of water, drinking it all down in one large gulp and letting half of it spill out and run down his shirt

    16. Ackers reached out his hand and tried to turn the door handle, it didn’t move

    17. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a square box that had its own keypad on the front of it

    18. Some of us reached for the beer bottles, some for the dirty hookers

    19. Nancy walked forward, holding the wrist computer ahead of her as the beeps reached a frantic pitch

    20. Thus, the sun being well and truly over the yardarm, and with myself in a state of cleanliness to match the house, I had taken a tumbler out of the cupboard and reached for the bottle of gin … two generous gins and tonic later, I felt less stressed, the alcohol casting a welcome numbness over my violin-strung emotions

    21. By that time they had reached Herndon's ranch

    22. This is often the period when children have reached their teens and are flying the nest

    23. Estwig was smart and could take direction, but he was still thirteen to twenty years short of three and hadn't reached his full bulk yet

    24. David rose to his feet and, with the world swimming in black spots, he reached out

    25. He bowed slightly as he reached

    26. minutes of pregnant silence he reached for a pen and then spoke as he signed his

    27. reached that point of exhausted satiation, the old man bent down, placed his head on

    28. Tahlmute reached into his pouch, "Here, offer good rates," he said and handed over copper

    29. I reached the age of forty without a real care in the world

    30. He reached out to take her by the wrist but she pulled her hand quickly away

    31. By the time she reached the covered area by the main doors she was

    32. In time for Duskmeal they reached a little settlement along an intermittent water course

    33. There was a tiger, a 6 pointed star, a large Chinese character on one of the guy's temples, a spider web on the other guy that reached around his neck to the front of his throat

    34. "Many did volunteer to ascend in the generation before that virus reached Earth

    35. "It took them ten years until their shuttlecraft reached the ground, but the surviving crew are all living on the planet below and the nose plate of their derelict old torch is serving as our fabricator mount

    36. "So suddenly Sammy couldn't be reached

    37. between the edges of this black speedway, and yet, as he reached terminal velocity,

    38. He reached out a hand for the photo but Sammy tucked it back into his palm with his thumb and forefinger, just out of Theo's reach

    39. Lucy grinned inanely as she reached the main

    40. The creature reached his full height and girth, his hands stuffed into deep

    41. down at midday, mopped his brow with a red, paisley handkerchief, and reached into

    42. The terminator reached his home on the ground, Ava waited until she was sure there was enough light for his station to pick up a station in Gengee City before she tried him again

    43. A tall young security guard ran his hand-held detector over him and then reached asked Joshua to raise his arms when the device began to whine

    44. When they reached the end of the corridor a small man in a

    45. Dante is very afraid, is a child who has not yet reached a

    46. He reached back into the cradle of

    47. In the not too distant, where humanity reached its limit

    48. A few minutes later we reached the beach “Diamond” but we didn't get out of the car at all; we stayed in, facing the magical rosy-red sunset before us

    49. Where the limbs should have been that reached out to her world there were only bundles of colored control conduits extending off into the web around her

    50. "Ih wuv me," were the last words he got out as the teeth reached him

    1. "They were real," Jorma said "across the Pentuush Waste from here on the northwest of the Elvish sea, in the far reaches of the Korst

    2. Then it blinks once and reaches into his mouth to tear out his tongue

    3. One of my hands reaches for the saucer and picks it up

    4. I watch as he reaches for two mugs from the mug tree and spoons coffee into them

    5. Finally he hangs up, tosses his phone on the passenger’s seat, reaches over and turns on the radio

    6. John reaches in his pocket for his wallet

    7. He reaches over and pushes the call button for the nurse, begins to make a notation on a file

    8. Is it still rising or is it falling? The temp should continue to rise until it reaches 160 or higher

    9. Comatose John reaches up and scratches his head

    10. She reaches up and takes his hand

    11. Finally the man reaches John’s side of the car

    12. She reaches up touches his cheek

    13. John reaches over, puts his hand on Dave’s shoulder

    14. Russ reaches over and takes a newspaper John has tucked under his arm, begins to leaf through it

    15. One of them, JAMIL, reaches over and grabs a textbook from KHALID, a fellow student

    16. He reaches over on the nightstand, lights a cigarette, hands it to Ahmed

    17. He stands, spits tobacco juice out the window, reaches for a binder, starts leafing through it, hands it to John

    18. He reaches inside, begins feeling his way down her leg to her foot

    19. Russ reaches back, takes a bottle from one of the boxes, opens it and pours himself a drink

    20. The militant grins, gives his friend a look and calmly reaches up and depresses a button on the weapon

    21. After a couple of seconds the sound of the explosion reaches him

    22. ’ I said as he reaches the door

    23. He reaches out his hands to steady himself and someone takes his arm

    24. practice fasting and prayer, our faith is able to reaches things which

    25. the metaphorical net curtain that hid the outer reaches of the old melodies from His

    26. He reaches across and takes the spoon out of my hand

    27. Stepping into the hall and closing the door behind him, he reaches out and puts his arms around me without saying a word

    28. He reaches across the table and takes my hands in his, holding them firmly

    29. Four bodies dumped in the dirt at an abandoned and decrepit farm somewhere in the nether reaches of this damnable, awful little island

    30. The more man reaches for material things on the outside, the more he points out spiritual bankruptcy on the inside

    31. Loosing me, she reaches past me and grabs the pillow, pulling it up so I can lean on it

    32. reaches the bottom of the hill

    33. ’ He hissed angrily as he reaches us

    34. Concern writ large on his face, Orens reaches out quickly to stop me falling

    35. As we draw nearer to the gate, he reaches into his bag and draws out a paper

    36. Hubbard stated many times that once one reaches that state of Clear a person will cease to have irrational, emotional and physical ills

    37. As the door closes behind them, Alastair reaches across and puts his hand over mine

    38. mother will stuff him with studies the moment he reaches Class X

    39. "I don't think you should be in the middle of anything when the beam reaches the body, and five minutes after that, there is no telling what will happen at that time

    40. "Nothing can happen when the beam reaches the body," Darryl interjected, “but once it does, whatever is going to happen is inevitable

    41. ‘Where would we live?’ … then realise that I have calmly assumed it would be ‘we’ … he’s latched onto that as well, with a delighted grin, he reaches across the table and grabs my hand

    42. He reaches across and takes my hand, holding it gently but firmly

    43. To have achieved the taking of a scout ship means that they are well informed of the goings on in the higher reaches of Scather society

    44. Cut stone was polished, ceramic oil lamps lit the inner reaches, but many rooms were lit with light wells

    45. The fire is not satisfied with itself, so it reaches out further with

    46. ’ I replied, sounding a hell of a lot calmer than I am feeling … where is this confidence coming from? We’ve only been going out for a matter of days and, here I am, more or less offering to have his children … He reaches over and squeezes my hand

    47. As he reaches the door he adds, "I'll be telling Jock about this"

    48. He reaches across the table and takes my hand

    49. She reaches for the high notes but they are kept in a box on top of the wardrobe and she has forgotten to bring her step ladder

    50. Maggie hesitates, steels herself and then reaches up to tap the young man on the shoulder

    1. By reaching out to someone in need, be it your neighbor, an orphan, or people in a homeless shelter, we add a little more peace and hope to the world

    2. They plodded on for hours reaching that rock

    3. ’ He said, reaching across and unscrewing the metal lid with one quick twist

    4. ’ I told her, reaching for a biscuit

    5. Before reaching for that bag of nitrates or other chemical fertilizers, the conscious homeowner or farmer should stop for a moment to consider what needs to be put back in the soil to enhance its life-giving properties

    6. Quickly reaching into my purse, I extract a £5 note and slip it into Emma’s hand … I know how short they are of cash now that she is at home with Barney and not working

    7. Over 400,000 tons of pesticides are applied each year by American farmers with less than one-tenth of one percent actually reaching targeted pests! A main source of contamination of our soil, water, air and food, as well as being highly inefficient, this method of pest control places at risk the health of the farmer and consumer alike

    8. That as much as confirmed for him that he had not gone far reaching his compound

    9. By then most thought the odds of such a ship reaching its goal were only one in three at best

    10. Theo held up his two small, delicate hands to show he was unarmed before reaching into his inside pocket with fingertips to take out his ID

    11. The accountant stood up, the crown of his head reaching only the breasts of

    12. ledger to hand”, said the other, reaching for another cigarette

    13. ’ I said, reaching for one of the sandwiches

    14. ’ Stephen told her reaching for the glass of cool water Molly has just brought over for him

    15. ’ Stephen said, reaching out with one foot to push the door closed behind him

    16. Reaching the “void space”, we observe the image of the flame which is shaped in the darkness of our shut eyes

    17. more involved in reaching out to the lost

    18. Sometimes we are given lessons by Harry, the brightest example of obedience in Janus, who trumpets forth that: “Disciples who are entirely subjected to their master, have a good chance of reaching illumination – no matter who the master is, no matter if the master is a complete idiot! It doesn't matter who you obey; the important thing is to obey!”

    19. The troposphere is broken by numerous landmasses reaching above life-sustaining air

    20. ’ She said reaching for the biscuit tin and totally missing my frozen look, thank goodness

    21. ’ I said blindly reaching for a digestive, and desperately trying to appear normal

    22. He stays until nearly eleven, then rises, reaching for his coat

    23. In a daze, I walk round the aisles pushing the trolley and putting items in it … reaching the pharmacy section, I stand before the display of condoms and pregnancy testing kits feeling very ignorant

    24. Reaching the end of the path beyond the fabulous city, I entered the huge conch-shaped rock, crossed the dark passage quickly and found myself at the vast rosy seaside again

    25. Vyinga took a running leap and flew thru the air, actually reaching the stern rail with one foot

    26. Her tuft is the same color and a luxurious thick diamond of reaching nearly to her navel

    27. ’ Angie said, reaching the same conclusion

    28. “Not as long as there’s an unclaimed soul, a red ink pen and an accounting ledger to hand”, said the other, reaching for another cigarette

    29. could not kill Son, the soldier turned and ran in hopes of reaching the pool of

    30. In front of them, a vast expanse of sand stretched towards the distant waters and just round to the left was the aforementioned pier … a long narrow construction reaching far out across the sands towards the sea

    31. Reaching out and upward to hold the glittering prize upon the steps,

    32. ‘How are the others?’ Kara asked, reaching for a pastry and transferring it to her plate

    33. ‘How was Issa when you got there?’ Kara asked, reaching for the pot of coffee Friede had placed within reach and pouring some into her cup

    34. ‘Hello, my beauty!’ she said, reaching up to stroke the mare’s soft nose

    35. ’ The woman said, envy tinging her voice, as she drew near to the table, reaching out a finger to touch the blue stones

    36. ’ Kara said, laying the necklace back in its box again and reaching for the next box

    37. ’ The young woman said, smiling at Kara and reaching out a hand to the external door

    38. ’ He said, reaching for his tankard of ale

    39. ’ She said, reaching for her wine, not quite having the nerve to meet his eyes

    40. ’ Kara said, reaching for her wine again

    41. ’ Kara said, reaching for the relevant papers and passing them to Liesse

    42. Reaching behind his head, his hair curling-damp,

    43. As she came out onto the back porch, Daniel reached for the rifle as naturally as if he was reaching for the windbreaker

    44. We could uncover some simple task that in itself could be a major stumbling block to reaching success, something such as a special license, insurance or legislation

    45. ‘Drink?’ he suggested, reaching into the pocket of his hosen

    46. Desa was sawing at the tentacle again, reaching down underwater to get at it, leaving only her hips and legs on land

    47. "They could have rebuilt their vessel after reaching their destination," Althart said

    48. It may not be an illness but it has a well-deserved place in this book on Yoga and health because it can, ultimately, undermine the health of the entire organism by restricting breathing, and cause an unhealthy complexion due to too little oxygen reaching the blood cells

    49. Reaching for my belt, I extract the Element of Water from the pouch and look at it by the golden glow of the lightstones

    50. ’ Berndt replied, reaching for me

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