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Space в предложении (на )

1. The E found in space.
2. In the space of the.
3. Press on the space bar.
4. It had plenty of space.
5. Time and space are in.
6. Their space in the sky.
7. Sam waved to the space.

8. There is a space here.
9. In this space and time.
10. We don't have any space.
11. This house had NO space.
12. There is a bit of space.
13. Space acts the same way.
14. If space were an empty.
15. Space for a woman, can.
16. And 2001 A Space Odyssey.
17. Where is the space, left.
18. In time and space there.
19. This is my personal space.
20. The heat and small space.
21. The reason is that space.
22. Otherwise it is just space.
23. And I like my own space.
24. In reality time and space.
25. Space is important in the.
26. Immediately he was in space.
27. Separated in space or time.
28. You could see it from space.
29. Watch this space, my friend.
30. In this time, in this space.
31. She liked her lab space here.
32. Still just a waste of space.
33. Time and space were within.
34. The space had been divided.
35. I have my own parking space.
36. He needed more space so he.
37. Have you ever been to Space?
38. His father was lost in space.
39. She lays her eggs in a space.
40. The space craft gave it away.
41. A drum thunders in the space.
42. Who gives these women space?
43. Light filled the space below.
44. Home water and Space Heating.
45. The Haadij entered the space.
46. As Delos said, in free space.
47. You did declare space for C.
48. Morg kept his space as a beach.
49. He had re-decorated his space.
50. Cage space should be adequate.
51. It was a big cold empty space.
52. Our dear angels of the space!.
53. We'l give you plenty of space.
54. The other meditated for a space.
55. The actual structure of space.
56. We’ve never been in space.
57. Heather hit the space bar and.
58. Action # 7: Create White Space.
59. Space is curved not only in a.
60. God within your heart space.
61. When he came to he was in space.
62. A new space that is just for me.
63. All within the space of 30 days.
64. Now it was Cathy’s space and.
65. Thus, creating space where the.
66. Moving office space is not news.
67. Space is no more, under the mud;.
68. Something new for that old space.
69. I would not waste much space in.
70. Is the space through which have.
71. Even space and time are imagined.
72. Nothing happened to space itself.
73. His eyes were staring into space.
74. Nor was it on SoHo or outer space.
75. We know that space itself cannot.
76. It was not the space of a myriad.
77. She backed away to give him space.
78. Attack of the Giant Space Monster.
79. Altered Concepts of Space and Time.
80. Conan mulled over this for a space.
81. She hits the space with their shot.
83. Oh, all the Gods of space and time.
84. Lindy to the promised parking space.
85. Now photos by the space telescope.
86. You are the Space that allows all.
87. This wasn’t her first space walk.
88. Zachary said he needed some space.
89. The Space Force will protect them.
90. What is limited in time, and space.
91. The carved, melded space in the ice.
92. A$ = SPACE$(145) returns 145 space.
93. What we don't see is that space at.
94. But somewhere, beyond Space and Time.
95. Time is created by movement in space.
96. These Mobius loops unite space and.
97. Space is not constructed in this way.
98. The last character is a space since.
99. Sound waves don’t work in space.
100. But the space within the cup is free.
1. Their spacing was all off.
2. The pin-to-pin spacing is again 2.
3. Decrease the spacing of the markers.
4. What are you spacing out for? Katie snapped, dodging the.
5. This spacing out thing is apparently also related to the whole.
6. Who…the hell…are…you? asked another boy, spacing his.
7. Because the spacing changes with temperature, the material changes color.
8. Spacing: the norm is single spacing unless the author requires otherwise and.
9. Partitions hid some of the spacing in the office, which was large, seemed busy.
10. The alternative is to have a ragged right edge with consistent character and word spacing.
11. The Titius-Bode Law is rough rule that predicts the spacing of the planets in the Solar System.
12. Most of this should be familiar and you can take for granted that I have all the spacing correct.
13. The triple-height spacing of the 27 floors makes the building as tall as a typical 60-storey office tower.
14. Even with each count stated with maximum brevity, in single spacing, the indictment stretched over eight feet of paper.
15. One in front of me is spacing out in my direction, but then he lifts his head and starts down the hallway again, away from me.
16. He looked at the spacing on the page of the notes of Scale 0 and tried to gauge the smaller octave's notes' spacing to conform to it.
17. Computer-format your briefing sheet with adequate spacing so it's easy to fill in, then print out some copies and keep them by the phone.
18. A stranger to sorrow, almost, indeed, to every ruinous emotion, the scenes he witnessed seemed to alter the spacing of the hours so that no two were of a length.
19. When the baby is about eight days old, you can start reducing (and then cutting out) the nightly feedings and start spacing the daytime feedings a bit more widely apart.
20. The cumulative effect is that, had you been forward looking and maintaining the proper spacing, regardless of other cars passing you then cutting in, you would have time to stop.
21. Repeated text implied by spacing or ditto marks in tables have been replaced by the text they represent, to ensure clarity regardless of the screen shape on which the ebook is read.
22. Now he saw why although the spacing of the actual Scale 0 octave was an eighth, a quarter, a third, a half and so on, that was not the way these were laid out to accommodate all the charted inner vibrations.
23. The Marine gunners were still adjusting the barrel spacing of their weapon, a crucial step that could not be jumped over, when about forty Japanese soldiers ran out of the bushes less than sixty meters away and charged towards the knoll’s top while screaming ferociously.
2. They were spaced out along the.
3. The trees, so orderly spaced on.
4. They were uniform and evenly spaced.
5. His speech was muffled and spaced with chewing.
6. Five workstations are spaced around the first level.
7. Alongside the road edges on both sides, spaced in.
8. Two glints of evenly spaced light hovering in the dark.
9. The earth enclosure is spaced at five separate points.
10. Small groups of six or eight animals spaced widely apart.
11. While Brian and I were spaced out about the food, another.
12. Ensure your resume is spaced out in the most effective way to.
13. There was no bul statue in the middle, but spaced around the.
14. When they had them assembled, they spaced them out in a square.
15. They're spaced every twelve inches, and they go all the way up.
16. Spaced about ten paces apart, they began to traverse the field.
17. Place the bones in an evenly spaced arrangement in the bottom of.
18. Joey gasped in disbelief and stared at Dunit with spaced out eyes.
19. The towns were spaced about ten to fifteen miles from each other.
20. Everywhere else, the fabric had evenly spaced square holes in it.
21. His eyes are tightly spaced and his squint hides all signs of life.
22. The hallway has three doors on either side, spaced about a yard apart.
23. The Candidates had been grouped into pairs in the Big Top, each as spaced.
24. My impression is that the three shots were spaced at measured intervals.
25. The trees had changed, I realized — they were shorter and more spaced out.
26. Jaume rode on between widely spaced boles to increase separation from the foe.
27. Ladder: A bond portfolio with equal amounts invested in evenly spaced maturities.
28. He counted four docking ports spaced equally around the sphere’s circumference.
29. Examples of invalid identifier names are 2things, this is spaced out and my-name.
30. So what was DeeMc like? I always thought she would be a spaced out little cunt.
31. I’m just sleepy and a little spaced out like a hangover without the bad effects.
32. Position yourself standing with lines evenly spaced across the floor in front of you.
33. They went to each of the evenly spaced little stakes marking the next post's location.
34. There were also a number of doors spaced along one side of the corridor and at each end.
35. Note that the report will only display four fields, so we spaced it out across the page.
36. The traces were barely visible, but they were also three in number and uniformly spaced.
37. Cut two notches into the fluke of a buttress spaced to the desired handle length (b to c).
38. The pivots play on this in that they are spaced out to catch these patches of momentum.
39. Ali Ben Ali holds up his right hand his index finger and thumb spaced about an inch apart.
40. Position the patient in standing with lines evenly spaced across the floor in front of them.
41. The shelves in the room looked oddly spaced, bolted in to replace sacred statues or shrines.
42. The chairs were neatly spaced on each side and two feet back of where Kemp had been leaning.
43. I looked at the trade for a second; I quickly noticed that his wings were spaced REALLY wide.
44. Seconds later there were the echoing reports of two sharp rifle shots spaced closely together.
45. His face was round rather than oval with widely spaced eyes, and the back of his head was flat.
46. Their mood sobered, and he continued carrying her home, between the widely spaced gigantic trees.
47. Suzy shouted at an already stressed out supervisor to make sure the tables were spaced correctly.
48. The body should be well structured, divided up logically, with plenty of carefully spaced visuals.
49. Down the middle of the table were earthenware vases with fresh flower arrangements, evenly spaced.
50. Injections are spaced out with a gap of one week or one month depending on what the doctor decides.
51. The burial casks were spaced neatly apart along both sides of the central corridor of the long room.
52. The crown of armor between his widely spaced eyes glistened dully and he bared his front row of teeth.
53. Dark cloaked individuals, though few in number, had advanced to stand widely spaced out before the wall.
54. Looking ahead, he saw that the trees there grew larger yet, and more widely spaced, with more undergrowth.
55. When they, one by one, cautiously peeped through spaced fingers they were not met by engulfing white light.
56. They had hardly started when ten motorcycle policemen rode up and spaced themselves along the line of march.
57. The trees lacked the great height and breadth of those of some other areas, but were far more densely spaced.
58. Spread around the mountain, the groups were spaced apart, getting closer as they all walked toward the center.
59. He spaced them at even intervals, attempting to get as even a heating of the tubular construction as possible.
60. In a centric ring around the outside perimeter of the caldera floor, core charges uniformly spaced apart, blew.
61. The time points do not have to be evenly spaced, nor do you need a record for each time point within the interval.
62. Once they were all in place—ten Keepers spaced evenly apart between Alby and Ben—the air grew still and silent.
63. As the fork lift drivers placed the pallets in the holding area they spaced them out so workers could see and get.
64. They were of a dark umber complexion, like that of dried blood, with bony overhung brows and widely spaced nostrils.
65. As far as he could determine they were purely random but at least spaced sufficiently that he could chance an escape.
66. The overhead fixtures had been removed in the last remodel, leaving the hallway lit only by weak, widely spaced lamps.
67. I slid out of the car onto the paved ground which was covered in widely spaced lines of yellow where other cars rested.
68. The walls, ceiling and floor were made of concrete and a number of thick concrete pillars were spaced at regular intervals.
69. Along the AT, there are shelters spaced at intervals for the comfort of the perennial hikers that walk the Trail every year.
70. A look in the rearview mirror revealed three distinct pairs of headlights moving up the hill, spaced close, one after another.
71. The others stared at him with spaced out eyes, and I assumed they'd been subjected to the same lecture a million times before.
72. For there were men below, not more than a quarter of a mile off, spaced out on the hillside like a fan, and beating the heather.
73. The boy was shredding the edge of another newspaper page between his fingertips, slow, perfectly spaced tears of uniform length.
74. Now they were close enough he could pick out individual men on their decks, see the rows of topmen spaced out along their yards.
75. One unusual detail: his eyes were spaced a little far from each other and could instantly take in nearly a quarter of the horizon.
76. Besides swinging a red lantern, a train could be signaled to stop by attaching three torpedoes to the rail spaced fifty feet apart.
77. Those were trucked to short distances off the airfield and dumped in small, well spaced piles under camouflage nets around the bush.
78. The pushes are usually symmetrical in time (meaning that they are more or less evenly spaced horizontally on the chart) and in price.
79. The largest tree was about six inches in diameter, leaving nothing more than a few widely spaced fountains and a couple of parked cars.
80. One hundred thirty-six evenly spaced square pillars had been erected around the perimeter of what would become the two-story colonnade.
81. The cell door was solid, except for a small-hinged door at head height, which covered the small viewing opening with closely spaced bars.
82. But then this is the vision she would take Axiospeengya to see wasn't it? She tried to pretend she was spaced on it and it almost worked.
83. They could see as well a few of the soldiers guarding the base, standing in the watch towers spaced along the inside of the perimeter fence.
84. He smiled, smoke pouring from his nostrils, and held his thumb and index finger closely spaced, an indication that she would soon be tended to.
85. However, what they couldn't fathom was the presence of six small evenly spaced 'moons' joining Elenessa's two larger moons in orbit around her.
86. Edgehill Mountain was an old, remote development with winding roads and small, widely spaced houses that had views of the Pacific and Ocean Beach.
87. Two adults then entered the corral, each swinging a couple rocks spaced at the end of a rope to tangle a rear leg in an action similar to lassoing.
88. Use a brush with well spaced rounded nylon quills in preference to a bristle brush, and use a protective conditioner before blow-drying your hair.
89. The individual evenly spaced thumps from the missile payloads of white powder impacting the ship’s aft section could be felt the length of the ship.
90. Greasy, metal guide tracks were bolted to the back walls by means of angle-iron straps, spaced in three- to four-foot intervals up and down the shaft.
91. For instance, if a market has been making new highs on the trend every 15 bars, the three pushes pattern might occur with highs spaced five bars apart.
92. The logo also represents the three of us living in three key states equally spaced along the East Coast, where my father conducted most of his business.
93. It seemed as if Leland was true to his word – every man and teenaged boy was lined up along the keep wall, spaced apart to present more of a show of force.
94. Stories have it that Honma established a personal communications network that consisted of men on rooftops spaced every four kilometers from Osaka to Sakata.
95. Note the ticks on the right side of the y-axis, which are evenly spaced prices on the linear chart, become compressed near the top of the axis when log scaled.
96. Row after long row of almond trees running north-south, precisely spaced to accommodate the harvesting equipment that would shake the ripe nuts from the branches.
97. In addition to equally spaced outcomes for VIX settlement, the two VIX prices that were in place when the spread was initiated are highlighted on the table in bold.
98. The BABYLON, still escorted by the WALKÜREN, made three more jumps during the next hour, each spaced by a month of time on the ground, collecting data as they 193.
99. These are messages that are hidden from plain view and that can be read if specific letter sequences are extracted out of the text by skipping equal spaced distances.
100. The gaps were spaced five feet from one to the next and angled downward at a near ninety degrees, allowing defending archers a clear shot at the enemy directly below them.
1. Not all spaces are big.
2. Birds sing in the spaces.
3. The dark spaces were empty.
4. Vast open spaces rushed past.
5. Lily’s car was two spaces in.
6. Is out of any Spaces, any Times.
7. Oh, he likes the open spaces.
8. The dark spaces in between are.
9. Avoid wide open spaces and tall.
10. The music had filled up all spaces.
11. Birds had started to conquer the spaces.
12. Michael had an issue with tight spaces.
13. Fortunately these spaces were all empty.
14. The empty spaces where she once resided.
15. Space$(number) just returns number spaces.
16. The work spaces were very modern with the.
17. Move the space bar along a few spaces again.
18. He has a dread of being in confined spaces.
19. Smoke only bothers me in confined spaces.
20. The other types of spaces used for keeping.
21. Then imagination crept in to fill the spaces.
22. They said that the Blue had wide open spaces.
23. This string consists of exactly three spaces.
24. This water is stored in extra cellular spaces.
25. Silence and astonishment reigned in the spaces.
26. Stuff this mixture into the holes and spaces.
27. Walkers crowded the spaces between the tables.
28. For instance, the rise of co-working spaces in.
29. Here, on small spaces, one can find a wealth of.
30. Now we will go running in the wide open spaces.
31. Each took a seat in the rear spaces in the fliers.
32. He noticed something else: All the wide-open spaces.
33. Perhaps we were already flying through those spaces.
34. The clear spaces in the sky were of clean, cold blue.
35. Optimization Spaces of Different Objective Functions.
36. The shrubs were beginning to thin, the spaces between.
37. The empty spaces are probably what they're looking for.
38. Sometimes it seemed as if the black spaces were clouds.
39. It can be useful to comparing a string with spaces or.
40. But it is these empty spaces that make the room livable.
41. On all the level spaces there was great concourse of men.
42. Between those fleeting spaces of time, much had changed.
43. Between the spaces of my arms, and against the backdrop.
44. No leading spaces because this format is left-justified.
45. There are for sure twenty parking spaces laid with pebbles.
46. She was also smal er, ideal for squeezing into smal spaces.
47. He saw the Audi parked in one of the spaces on the street.
48. We went through his closets, his garage, the crawl spaces.
49. We long for the open spaces and colonnades of our Plane.
50. There are open spaces on the chart where prices can run.
51. But here, it looked out, into the shapeless spaces Between.
52. The woman two spaces down shuddered as she looked at the cat.
53. None of the three optimization spaces presented in Figure 2.
54. A width specification greater than 3 will add leading spaces.
55. Dried mud black with age chinked the spaces between the logs.
56. Specifying a width larger than 6 will only add leading spaces.
57. The army under General Armstrong rode in the wide open spaces.
58. What are the green spaces of our children's spontaneous play?
59. In everything that seemed solid there are huge spaces in them.
60. This is the least negative of al the chosen Social Media spaces.
61. Yes, Professor Gwilliam, and it’s those other void spaces.
62. In both of the last two zones we were confined to small spaces.
63. These built-in one to another spaces are called "parallel worlds".
64. Blocking out the spaces occupied by different masses in charcoal.
65. They are afraid of confined spaces; I could see it in their eyes.
66. There is no such thing as say moving between the spaces of space.
67. However, she was driving through lined spaces of the parking lot.
68. CALL SYMPUTX trims any trailing spaces as opposed to CALL SYMPUT.
69. Nothing was heard but the mighty storm roaring through the spaces.
70. Hasty shelters will usually have many spaces where air can enter.
71. In fact the empty spaces are full of the same molecules as those.
72. Spaces and punctuation and capital letters are not generally sent.
73. They represent spaces, a space, nothing, a single blank and blanks.
74. Both islands and cliffs provided roosting spaces for thousands of.
75. The sand began to fill the spaces between the rocks and the gravel.
76. I have marked spaces on the wall where the paintings will be put up.
77. Tony looked at the screen and recounted the number of spaces he had.
78. They too are uncomfortable in the open spaces of this marsh land.
79. What community service?! I was told there weren't any spaces left.
80. Use this technique in narrow spaces, even if more help is available.
81. At the end of a few moments the Voice again rolled over the spaces:.
82. Calling across the hot spaces of windless air in the early afternoon.
83. There were spaces between the boulders where the weather could enter.
84. In the water were young hulls with enthora filling the spaces between.
85. Have I told you about my fear of open spaces? – I laugh like a fool.
86. She put the batteries inside some spaces with the click of a tight fit.
87. My future is out there somewhere, in the wide spaces and lonely hills.
88. There are a number of spaces around each polyunsaturated fat molecule -.
89. The Colonel had his guns pointed to spaces in front of and behind Murphy.
90. Glorious lights came from the spaces between the white armor on its body.
91. Once Thomas and Jim enrolled in the college they began to look for spaces.
92. Darkness and night and all the spaces between the stars looked out at her.
93. There have to be spaces between the togetherness so you can come together.
94. Spaces in between the candles were large enough to fit something into them.
95. I always loved to live in the wide open spaces and to exercise physically.
96. It is clear that all of this can also be achieved in other spaces and with.
97. A surge of dread fills the empty spaces where my inactive files used to be.
98. Is he staring at the metal, thought Will, or the spaces between the metal?
99. In the meantime, though, it’s the shortest route to the machinery spaces.
100. The spaces between the slats let in a trickle of light that allowed him to.

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