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Steady в предложении (на )

  1. He was as steady as.
  2. She tried to steady him.
  3. Change is not a steady.
  4. He tried to steady his.
  5. Devon holds the ID steady.

  6. Some how the steady beat.
  7. To steady it, I realized.
  8. A steady income that is.
  9. He had very steady hands.
  10. Joey kept his hands steady.
  11. I returned her steady gaze.
  12. She tried to steady herself.
  13. He had the same steady eyes.
  14. He worked at a steady pace.
  15. Sue a steady flow of alcohol.

  16. I inhale and steady my hand.
  17. He was so steady, so perfect.
  18. They looked tense but steady.
  19. Slow and steady wins the race.
  20. He kept his costs steady to.
  21. Its flame was steady and blue.
  22. Her hands didn’t feel steady.
  23. He didn’t seem quite steady.
  24. I tried to steady my breathing.
  25. Just hold steady and be brave.

  26. The mind becomes quite steady.
  27. There was a steady stream of.
  28. Jess reached over to steady it.
  29. Steady on the center then you.
  30. Slow and steady wins the day.
  31. This is like the steady, erect.
  32. The pressure held steady at 210.
  33. His voice was weary, but steady.
  34. Blake’s gaze was steady on him.
  35. Most of her friends had steady.
  36. He told her he had a steady girl.
  37. Colin kept his expression steady.
  38. It put its hands out to steady.
  39. The steady tapping impressed Tom.
  40. He spoke in a clear steady voice.
  41. Outside a steady rain had started.
  42. He fixed her with a steady stare.
  43. He fixed Manda with a steady gaze.
  44. She was a steady customer of his.
  45. It will help you steady yourself.
  46. Reese’s eyes were steady on her.
  47. This is the result of steady work.
  48. The heartbeat is sure and steady.
  49. Homer by the arm to steady herself.
  50. I try in vain to steady my fingers.
  51. It was worryingly low, but steady.
  52. Just the slow, steady ion engines.
  53. His aim was steady, empty of fear.
  54. She gave me a hard and steady look.
  55. They traveled at a steady unhur-.
  56. This enables you to have a steady.
  57. He reached for stone to steady him.
  58. Steady, lads, for the next tack!.
  59. My voice held steady as I explained.
  60. Thomas fixed him with a steady gaze.
  61. We need a steady hand in charge now.
  62. And you will need to be very steady.
  63. Her steady eye scans the four of us.
  64. This would help to steady your hand.
  65. He took a second to steady his words.
  66. Steady faith is stronger than destiny.
  67. Aspiration continued with its steady.
  68. Rykus needed to keep calm and steady.
  69. Way 5: Good horses on steady courses.
  70. I’m tired, stoned, but still steady.
  71. A steady low pitch hum indicated the.
  72. Who always worked hard and real steady.
  73. While dining there with Bill a steady.
  74. I had an off-and-on steady girlfriend.
  75. It was something close to the steady.
  76. Back home, though there was a steady.
  77. Their actions are steady because they.
  78. Vinny kept his speed at a steady 65 MPH.
  79. Yes, of course, just hold her steady.
  80. Neumann One raises a single steady hand.
  81. Practice with a slow steady tempo and.
  82. The breathing continued slow and steady.
  83. We have been working steady for hours.
  84. A guard grasped his elbow to steady him.
  85. Is your hand steady enough to write?
  86. Steady customer, and I needed the money.
  87. Four seconds, then another steady chain.
  88. The breathing continued, slow and steady.
  89. He’s not ambitious, but he’s steady.
  90. The eyes were very dark blue and steady.
  91. A warm, steady breeze buffeted his face.
  92. Ravan forced himself to steady his voice.
  93. Ignoring me, Nick held his weapon steady.
  94. Her voice was just barely holding steady.
  95. He had affairs before, but not a steady.
  96. They might want a steady supply of feesh.
  97. It was the only thing keeping him steady.
  98. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!.
  99. Interest there must be and steady remem-.
  100. I awoke to a loud and steady beeping sound.
  1. A steadying arm reached out to keep.
  2. Steadying himself expertly as the boat.
  3. She filled her lungs with a long, steadying breath.
  4. Covering the mouthpiece, she took a steadying breath.
  5. My steadying hand, my caring altruistic Father whose.
  6. Whoa, whoa, he said, steadying her with one hand.
  7. Gabrysia put a hand on Fallon’s shoulder steadying him.
  8. She felt a hand on her back, steadying her, and then a.
  9. His foot snagged on a rock, and only Cliff’s steadying.
  10. What are you doing? He hisses in my ear steadying me.
  11. Simon turned round, steadying his father so he didn’t fall.
  12. Steadying his ride as the rocket soared directly at him, Cloud.
  13. There was something about cotton that was reassuring, steadying.
  14. Behind me I felt Sam’s steadying hand on the small of my back.
  15. He waited, feet apart as if steadying himself on a rocking ship.
  16. Sebastian sat next to Alex’s bed again, taking a steadying breath.
  17. Steadying herself, she walked back to a seat near Locke and sat down.
  18. Emily, you don't look well, he said, steadying her with his hand.
  19. Taking a few steadying breaths she turned her attention to the lock and.
  20. Hallsfoot stands, one arm steadying herself against Montfort’s shoulder.
  21. I sat their concentrating on steadying my heart beat and thinking positive.
  22. Ren stands steadying herself on the windshield with your gun in her hands.
  23. He raised the blade to his neck again, steadying his hand as best he could.
  24. I'd held Agnes' hand strongly, transmitting my own trust and steadying her.
  25. The officer grasped her shoulders, steadying her in the threshold of the tent.
  26. He grabbed the side of the cot, steadying himself, forcing himself to breathe.
  27. Merthin was standing on the bottom of the ladder, steadying it with his weight.
  28. His hand went up to the hurt shoulder and pressed it, to make a steadying pain.
  29. Then she was pulling away and sitting up, steadying herself with an arm on the bed.
  30. I took a deep, steadying breath, wondering how much of my heartbeat he could hear.
  31. With a steadying hand on her hip, he guides himself into her as carefully as he can.
  32. Steadying his breath, he is still unable to stop the uncontained beating of his heart.
  33. With Andrew steadying Jacob’s head, he slowly took a mouthful of water and swallowed.
  34. Every so often, I had to lean my forehead against the bookcase and take deep, steadying breaths.
  35. He helped her out of the SUV, steadying her when she wobbled precariously on her uninjured foot.
  36. But the steadying influence and discipline of line work were never more necessary to the student.
  37. Without these steadying influences these compositions of gradated masses would be sickly and weak.
  38. He held out a steadying hand, and Malcolm regained his footing then gave a quick nod of gratitude.
  39. Then he held the door partly open, steadying it with his knees, whilst he fitted a key to the lock.
  40. The crew grabbed the vehicle, steadying it as he hit the button and ejected the first battery pack.
  41. I remember steadying myself with both hands on the counter so that I didn’t fall off the bar stool.
  42. Then, steadying himself by Kipley’s shoulder, he hurried in that lunging, uneven way to the shaft.
  43. Kiera had been steadying herself on her elbow, when she saw the man come behind Chance and attack him.
  44. I remember steadying his head as he lay screaming on the floor, and cleaning the blood he left behind.
  45. Thrusting it in front of him, steadying it with both hands, he screamed: Don’t move you bastard.
  46. He stood up after she did, his hand on her upper back, steadying Kiera as her equilibrium evened out.
  47. His face blank, he puts one arm around the corner, steadying it with the building wall, and fires twice.
  48. After steadying himself, he looked around, and noticed that everyone was still exactly where they'd been.
  49. She straightened her small body away from the steadying arm and said quietly but with a voice that shook:.
  50. The centering of the consciousness and its steadying within the head at a point midway between the eyebrows.
  51. Slowly, my senses steadying, I open my eyes and try to calm my breathing … the familiar room is comforting.
  52. When a smile curved up on his irresistible lips, I took a deep, steadying breath as I tried to clear my head.
  53. But without the steadying power of straight lines and flatnesses, curves get out of hand and lose their power.
  54. Steadying himself, he ran at the creature as if he was still fresh and his fist connected with the demon’s chin.
  55. The sight of the spinning worms made me nauseous and, steadying myself, I accidently crushed two or three of them.
  56. Before she could turn around, he was across the room steadying her grandmother who looked ready to fall to the floor.
  57. I needed nothing more and steadying my breathing I pulled the rifles butt close into my shoulder and sighted on him.
  58. She halted in front of The Witch’s Way, took a deep, steadying breath, forced down her temper, and knocked on the door.
  59. Damien let out a loud laugh and then rest his hands on her hips, steadying her down unto his manhood and entering her fully.
  60. The next moment, something forced her to stop and she would have fallen, except for Johan’s sudden shout and steadying hand.
  61. He's saved from this when the carriage jerks violently, and he instinctively reaches forward to place a steadying hand on her knee.
  62. Placing a supportive and steadying hand, on the back of Kathy’s shoulders, Joel walked beside her, with Falcon on her other side.
  63. My plan, he said, steadying himself, My plan is to climb out of here if I can reach the edge of the lip back where we came in.
  64. I stand the way I always stand, easy, natural, and lift both my arms, squeezing the gun with one hand and steadying it with the other.
  65. Mai Bell clutched a handful of the big man’s thick hair, steadying his head while her husband held the knife close to the sweating face.
  66. Evelyn confirmed with the paramedic that I was able to leave and Spencer lifted me gently, putting his arm around me, steadying my wobbly legs.
  67. But the fact of movement is itself a steadying hand in the midst of the blackness of her strange anger and grief that fill the air between us.
  68. He felt greatly on edge, dumped into an unknown environment with too few under-trained troops, and missing the steadying influence of Dimarico.
  69. Steadying the beam on the doorknob, he angled his legs down the small concrete stairway that led to the door, resigned to watching the man work.
  70. Eyes closed, wretched head sagging heavily, LanCoste heard Ravan, felt the steadying arm around his shoulders, and was bewildered at the kindness.
  71. They did their best, and two-thirds of them died in the doing, but without Olyvyr’s steadying, trusted voice, their best simply wasn’t good enough.
  72. Jed was at my side and when I reached for his hand, he grabbed mine; the contact was warm and steadying, kept me grounded and pushed back some of the fear.
  73. Gould, with her candid eyes very wide open, her lips composed into a smile, was steadying herself with a little bejewelled hand against the side of the door.
  74. Place the spindle in the depression, hold the steadying piece over its end and bear lightly down on it while the other hand moves the bow backwards and forwards.
  75. By this time the moon was shining brightly, and the engine-driver, steadying himself on the coal, could command a view of the line behind them for a long distance.
  76. Dario touched her gently on the back, steadying her, and she took in a deep, trembling breath to say, ‘I thank Allah for this chance to bring honour to my family.
  77. In both cases note the way the lines lead up to the principal subject, and the steadying power introduced by means of horizontal, vertical, and other straight lines.
  78. When the uncontrolled use of curves approaching the circle and volute are indulged in, unrestrained by the steadying influence of any straight lines, the effect is gross.
  79. The chauffeur, a uniformed Port Authority police officer, was beside the airplane when the door opened, offering a steadying hand as she descended the shaky, flip-down staircase.
  80. Quickly and noiselessly, she ran into the upper hall and down the stairs, steadying herself on the banisters with one hand and holding the pistol close to her thigh in the folds of her skirt.
  81. She burst through the doors with far too much energy, a preternatural gleam in her eye and a fit of the giggles in her throat as she stumbled a little before steadying herself against a pillar.
  82. He is especially useful to the unskilled investor, who is often tempted to stray from the straight and unexciting path of a defensive policy and needs the steadying influence of a prudent mind.
  83. While the Semi-drunk was having his next innings, the Besotted Wretch placed a penny on the counter and called for a half a pint, which he drank in the hope of steadying his nerves for a great effort.
  84. Those of us whom business or curiosity took to Sulaco in these years before the first advent of the railway can remember the steadying effect of the San Tome mine upon the life of that remote province.
  85. Steadying himself with his hand against the wall, the Decembrist looked around with a smile; but Sónya was looking at him with such smiling eyes that she seemed to be waiting for permission to laugh.
  86. As Simon made his way outside, matching his pace to his father’s slower gait and occasionally steadying him when he looked likely to stumble, the memory of how Ralph’s home used to be came flooding in.
  87. In both cases it will be seen that he uses it in combination with the steadying influence of straight lines, which help to keep the balance and repose necessary in the treatment of even the most violent subjects in art.
  88. It certainly does not help the run of the composition, although it may be useful in steadying it, and it is not a particularly beautiful thing in itself, as the position is one better suited to a man's leg than to a woman's.
  89. I counted the steps down into the murk until I reached the lower level, steadying myself against the cool slimy wall in case I slipped and it felt as empty down there and as hollow and devoid of any interest, except to ghosts and spirits, as I had expected.
  90. Steadying myself with it there as I had repeatedly done at those moments of torment that I have described as the moments of my knowing the children to be given to something from which I was barred, I sufficiently obeyed my habit of being prepared for the worst.
  91. With a steadying hand against her hip, he presses his lips to the inside of her thigh, dragging slowly upward, feeling heat race across her silky skin while her breath catches and her nails stab into his shoulder - a pang that runs straight to his crotch, fueling his need for her.
  92. The rich modelling and swinging lines of the "Bacchus and Ariadne" of Titian in the National Gallery, here reproduced, page 154 [Transcribers Note: Plate XXXIV], would be too gross, were it not for the steadying influence of the horizontal lines in the sky and the vertical lines of the tree-trunks.
  93. Then, again, it would never do in plain sight of the world's riveted eyes, it would never do, I say, for this straddling captain to be seen steadying himself the slightest particle by catching hold of anything with his hands; indeed, as token of his entire, buoyant self-command, he generally carries his hands in his trowsers' pockets; but perhaps being generally very large, heavy hands, he carries them there for ballast.
  94. That mounting by steadying my heart and my mind,.
  1. The hand can be steadied.
  2. May you be steadied as you go.
  3. Reckoning it out, I steadied myself.
  4. Two hands helped me up, steadied me.
  5. The feeling steadied to an even platform.
  6. Rykus steadied her with a hand on her elbow.
  7. It was only a second before Kyle steadied.
  8. Calvin held his breath and steadied himself.
  9. She steadied herself and advanced cautiously.
  10. She steadied herself and took a cautious step.
  11. Taking a deep breath, Terry steadied his nerves.
  12. Tylin sat on the ground and steadied her breath.
  13. I remembered how he had steadied me at the morgue.
  14. I stood still, and by an effort I steadied myself.
  15. He steadied himself with his knuckles on the floor.
  16. I half-lurched against his chest as he steadied me.
  17. She steadied her gaze on him, refusing to back down.
  18. He steadied the boat and headed directly out to sea.
  19. Court steadied himself and held his Scotch glass high.
  20. When it steadied they stood in exactly the same place.
  21. He put one hand down on the ground, steadied himself.
  22. Marcus cupped her hand, steadied her with his other arm.
  23. Calvin's muscles tightened and he steadied his handgun.
  24. Stanley then steadied his arms to place me beside the.
  25. George steadied his pistol and aimed it at Blunt's head.
  26. Gareth reached out and steadied me as I swayed on my feet.
  27. A kettle rose off the table, shivered a bit, then steadied.
  28. She steadied herself and went into the house to get Allen.
  29. You see that part there? The rippling hasn't steadied yet.
  30. Sam got back to his feet and steadied himself with his sword.
  31. Don tied himself in without a harness and steadied the rope.
  32. The cleric grabbed Eva to prevent her fall and steadied her.
  33. Lisa returned, steadied herself, and sneezed on the way down.
  34. She steadied her breathing and waited for the world to stop.
  35. Star steadied it, as they navigated down the concrete stairs.
  36. The ship steadied as Thorn steered it 200 feet above the trees.
  37. Neil wiped his forehead in relief and steadied his grasp on the.
  38. The hand shook violently, but his face set and his hand steadied.
  39. He steadied himself, and I watched his face seize with confusion.
  40. He held onto my shoulders with great easy and steadied me for a.
  41. In this exercise nerves are steadied by quick changing of tension/.
  42. He took a deep breath, steadied himself and waited for it to begin.
  43. He steadied himself as the stricken animal made a predictable turn.
  44. Inacio pressed his face against the branch and steadied his breathing.
  45. His both hands steadied him, leaning fearfully on the sink for support.
  46. Loric steadied her and she could hear him asking if she was all right.
  47. He steadied her, holding her waist for fear she would lose her balance.
  48. A couple of them nearly fainted, and had to be steadied by the others.
  49. McCoy steadied himself by taking hold of one of the monitors near the.
  50. The pistol in his hand rose quietly, steadied by an inexorable madness.
  51. Morg steadied his body, made it tensed and took three quick deep breaths.
  52. When they closed and her head began to sway, I steadied her with my arm.
  53. She staggered under his weight but steadied herself after a few strides.
  54. He slipped on the greasy floor then steadied himself against a barrel of.
  55. Kifter, who had closed his eyes at the moment of impact, steadied himself.
  56. Pellew steadied his rifle and took two quick shots, dropping both aliens.
  57. He steadied himself by leaning against the wall near the Victory painting.
  58. He steadied his footing, body but was startled suddenly to see Mei Yinxue.
  59. A deep breath steadied her and she nodded as a new thought crossed her mind.
  60. Jacob reached out to the waist-high edge of the fountain and steadied himself.
  61. Kipley told all he had learned of the story, tersely, as he steadied him along.
  62. I stumbled down and Jade steadied me, then changed her mind and helped me sit.
  63. She steadied her breathing and just floated, hearing nothing but the sound of.
  64. She was agitated and didn’t glance at my face as she steadied me with her hand.
  65. I'm not living for tomorrow; Steve steadied her dervishly collapsing finale.
  66. When her nerves had steadied she asked if the forestry worker had been identified.
  67. Taking his face between my hands, I steadied his head and tried to search his eyes.
  68. A couple of times he slipped on the slick brush, but holding the fence steadied him.
  69. The bridge quickly steadied out and Andrew gradually stopped swinging back and forth.
  70. He sank to his knees, genuflect before the fish, and steadied himself for another throw.
  71. She paused to pull her thoughts together, steadied when Cam slid an arm around her waist.
  72. Still confused, she got to her feet, steadied herself, and ran to the front of the house.
  73. When he slipped and would have gone down in the mud, Morgan took his arm and steadied him.
  74. Woah, that was a close call, the waiter said as he steadied Chantelle’s water glass.
  75. My heart which had been struggling, skipping and sending burning jolts down my arm steadied.
  76. Taking a deep breath, Dawn steadied her thrumming nerves, reaching out for the starter again.
  77. Accepting gratefully, Faye arose and steadied herself, the world moving slightly around her.
  78. She was about to disclose him, had We not steadied her heart, that she may remain a believer.
  79. And the Fire Balloons, lit by an indulgent grandfather, steadied in his massively tender hands.
  80. She steadied herself for a moment before beginning the three story descent to the ground below.
  81. Resisting the urge to kick it, Trevor floated nearer still and steadied himself against a plinth.
  82. He steadied himself a little, laying his face against the cold stone, feeling his heart pounding.
  83. I steadied myself and apologised, but as they brushed past I was sure one of them gave me a nudge.
  84. Catching hold of the straw either side of him, he steadied himself, taking deep, shuddering breaths.
  85. She steadied herself against Raul and unleashed a kick that caught the skinny one right in the nuts.
  86. Alex set her down in the middle of the plane and then steadied her with his strong, comforting hands.
  87. He briefly steadied himself, breathing in deeply and slowly, then fired a single round at his target.
  88. He steadied himself by letting the cool breeze blow through his hair and down the collar of his shirt.
  89. Searching, it surely felt like Marv’s just devoid of life and time – a steadied clock if you will.
  90. The wind did its best to blow him over but he steadied himself with a gloved hand to the white surface.
  91. When I had steadied the door with my one hand and collected my things in the other, I got out of the car.
  92. Ruhab Gupta started to enter, his suppressed pistol held ahead of him in one hand, steadied by the other.
  93. One of the newly-arrived officers took one step forward, steadied himself, and shot him twice to the head.
  94. You will find that the exercises you have practiced in retardation have steadied your nerves, and thereby.
  95. I stumbled as I stood, misjudging my height and the distance of the floor, and Jade caught and steadied me.
  96. Yet Ravan patted him gently on the shoulder and steadied him, whispering words of encouragement and kindness.
  97. And George raised the gun and steadied it, and he brought the muzzle of it close to the back of Lennie's head.
  98. Veronique took the opportunity to light up another cheroot and steadied herself as she surveyed the situation.
  99. His legs trembling as the walkway vibrated below his feet, Drua’d steadied himself and lumbered towards him.
  100. He steadied himself Im not goin to stop ye going up there, but a word o warning, Son, ye watch yer back.
  1. The kite spins, dips, steadies.
  2. She cries quietly as she steadies herself.
  3. He steadies his hand as it begins to emit a.
  4. Cherrie steadies me as I walk out of the hospital.
  5. Raiden steadies his breathing and stance to avoid.
  6. His grasp steadies the tray, and her excited state.
  7. She steadies her rifle back onto the soldier’s head.
  8. As he steadies me, I push up on the toes of my skates.
  9. The trembling of the gun’s muzzle stops and steadies.
  10. At the sound of his name, the boy’s breathing steadies.
  11. I fall instantly, and he steadies me as I land in his lap.
  12. The first sip of the scarlet liquid steadies her even more.
  13. Blanding raises the pistol and steadies his shaking hand as much as he is able.
  14. She steadies herself, breathing deeply, holding each breathe for five seconds.
  15. My fingers flex as they aim their healing magic, and Pearl’s breath steadies.
  16. He steadies himself with the arm of the chair and shakes his head a couple of times.
  17. Orens leads me over to a mounting block and steadies Sefir while I swing my leg over her back.
  18. It is Krishn who steadies and strengthens the faith of such worshippers in whatever it is inclined.
  19. This shift in supply conditions steadies the price above fair value and eventually causes it to drop.
  20. Tripping on the folded carpet he grabs hold of the door frame and steadies himself before he heads out the door.
  21. Kaite out of the sunroof in the forward car, a magnetic mount straddles the hole, she steadies a heavy machine gun to the rig.
  22. STARKÓVSKY [carrying three cushions, which he steadies with his chin, and dropping things on the way] Don't trouble, Lyúbov Nikoláyevna, I'll pick them up.

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