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Stiffen в предложении (на )

  1. He tried not to stiffen.
  2. He saw his mother stiffen.
  3. Rosetti felt his neck stiffen.
  4. I feel Betta stiffen beside me.
  5. Then it was her turn to stiffen.

  6. She felt his whole body stiffen.
  7. I felt rather than saw him stiffen.
  8. Joey felt Sally stiffen next to him.
  9. A jolt of energy causes me to stiffen.
  10. I can feel Cherrie stiffen as I answer.
  11. She felt his body stiffen at the question.
  12. I’m sure he could feel her stiffen up too.
  13. My bones suddenly stiffen as he scowls at me.
  14. Footsteps on the stairs caused him to stiffen.
  15. He could feel the bristles stiffen all over Jim.

  16. I slide my eyes shut, and my body begins to stiffen.
  17. She felt herself stiffen and Colin followed her gaze.
  18. I stiffen and curl my toes as the caffeine and heart.
  19. From the corner of my eyes, I see Ameana’s body stiffen.
  20. He did not stiffen but relaxed as my glamour compelled him.
  21. It’s been so long since someone hugged me that I stiffen.
  22. After two years on the job, my left wrist began to stiffen.
  23. He felt her stiffen slightly beneath his arms, Not at all.
  24. Limbs would stiffen later, but that was a small price to pay.
  25. As Elizabeth spoke in a whisper, Kurt could see her body stiffen.

  26. Janet seemed to stiffen initially at the question but then relaxed.
  27. He heard Jim crawling forward, seized his ankle, felt him stiffen.
  28. She took a deep breath and started again, feeling her lungs stiffen.
  29. Was it some bad news? He felt her stiffen against him for a moment.
  30. And if he sat too long where he was, his knees would start to stiffen up.
  31. Anderson’s hands seemed to sniff, to stiffen, and then to lie still again.
  32. Yeltsa smiled in Joey’s direction and saw him stiffen and tighten his lips.
  33. He felt Brother Lahzrys stiffen and wondered what the lay brother was thinking.
  34. The sound of footsteps approaching made her body stiffen and her breath caught.
  35. He he saw her back stiffen with hairless hackles, her clawed hands lifting as.
  36. She was rewarded by feeling his body stiffen, stiffen even more and then jerk.
  37. When she had put her arm around Rosemary, she had felt her stiffen, just a little.
  38. My mother’s hatred of Letitia Bland’s favors seemed to stiffen my neck.
  39. I stiffen, afraid for a moment that she will see me, but she looks only at Marcus.
  40. Her laugh died when she saw his body stiffen, he looked sideways at a gang of youths.
  41. The news out of Geyra and Malyktyn aren’t doing anything to stiffen his spine, either.
  42. Still, the nature of the message now visible on the screen made him both stiffen and frown.
  43. His arms went to her waist; he felt her stiffen and smiled pushing past the hungry vultures.
  44. The bulldog‘s bite caused the snake to stiffen but still not loose its hold on Sam‘s arm.
  45. Even the High Police, still standing unmoving behind the gates, seemed to stiffen in anticipation.
  46. A pair of Dauntless traitors stand by the door to the dining hall, their guns in hand, and I stiffen.
  47. I feel my cock stiffen as it always does when she’s near, but the rage in my chest refuses to die.
  48. When she gets up the knee joint will suddenly stiffen and she will only be able to walk with a limp.
  49. Troops were diverted when the city could so easily have been taken before Russian resistance could stiffen.
  50. He was shaking beneath her touch from the beating, but he did his best to stiffen himself against her touch.
  51. I speak of sequences, but I required no lapse of seconds to stiffen myself for a third encounter with Quint.
  52. Holly leaned against him as his fingers went south, a low moan escaped from her throat and she felt him stiffen.
  53. Out of the corner of my eye I see Tris stiffen, chafing against the reminder that our lives have been on camera.
  54. But whenever any of us are taken away our joints at once stiffen, and we can only stand straight and look pretty.
  55. I sense Stephen stiffen as he sees them, though he is obviously determined not to let his fear of the animals show.
  56. She helped him up and when he put his arm around her waist he felt her stiffen; it was ever so slight, but he felt it.
  57. Melt two gelatin leaves per 4 cups (1 L) of water into the pot, and let it stiffen into a smooth gelé in a cold place.
  58. But then Claggart would stiffen, and Richard would spot a shadow in a doorway down the street, or in a white van, watching.
  59. Jamie could feel Billy stiffen each time the man spoke and Max’s steady growl made her wonder who this intruder really was.
  60. God! It didn't take long for life to stiffen! Only a short time ago this had been warm blood flowing through Rosemary's veins.
  61. She must never forget that she was a New England gentlewoman; she must learn the traditions, stiffen with the pride of her race.
  62. She was staring at them now, surprised by how they made her feel and she could feel Elm stiffen and move away from her slightly.
  63. And when I tried to talk him back into it, when I tried to stiffen his spine with some gotta do what you gotta do, he told me to do it.
  64. They're jealous of you"---he felt her stiffen coldly at the word 'jealous'---"merely because I sometimes bring you a book," he added slowly.
  65. I knew that I had already done enough to equal the other guy from the HHB’s, so I began to close my legs tighter and stiffen up my entire body.
  66. He pulled the redhead in for one sweet embrace, and he smiled when Reno didn't stiffen at the touch but instead leaned back into it with a look of wonder.
  67. He wanted to ask what the matter was, but he saw Mori’s shoulders stiffen at the approach of that future, then ease again when he stopped intending it.
  68. I peered at deceitful shadows right and left, almost willing something there to break the solitude, then I'd stiffen when the slightest rustle of scree surprised me.
  69. If anything, the immigration authorities seemed to stiffen their resolve to keep the likes of me out of their country, much of it probably based on lack of comprehension.
  70. He’d done what he could after that misadventure to stiffen the hulls, but there was a limit to what he could accomplish without the steel and wrought-iron frames available to Sir Dustyn Olyvyr.
  71. Ever seen a kid throwing a tantrum? Don't you love it? There he is, on the ground, screaming and they stiffen and they scream and bellow until they get what they want see; shouting, stamping their feet.
  72. Kaprayon had the time to feel his spacesuit balloon and stiffen as the crew sphere decompressed and to see from the corner of one eye the decapitated and fuming shape of Diana Uniko slump down in her seat.
  73. She had turned her back upon him, and he waited in misery to hear her sob, to see her shoulders shake with her weeping; but, instead, the whole figure seemed to stiffen, and, wheeling round, she faced him with blazing eyes.
  74. The loud detonation made the guards and the prisoners alike stiffen, while the man Ingrid was interrogating shrieked involuntarily with terror and shock as the blast burned and ripped the groin area of his trousers, with the.
  75. In the presence of Tikhon and the doctor the women washed what had been the prince, tied his head up with a handkerchief that the mouth should not stiffen while open, and with another handkerchief tied together the legs that were already spreading apart.
  76. In the presence of Tíkhon and the doctor the women washed what had been the prince, tied his head up with a handkerchief that the mouth should not stiffen while open, and with another handkerchief tied together the legs that were already spreading apart.
  77. It was because of his childhood isolation, Paul said, that he wanted a big family—a fact that should have pleased your mother and me but I saw her back stiffen alongside mine, because the tone in his voice indicated just how he would go about achieving that.
  78. Sweeny watched his technicians to make sure that the entrance door was locked and the windows were covered, then looked back at Ingrid, only to stiffen and suck his breath in: Ingrid was now down to her panty and bra, which had been bought in the future and were quite revealing and sexy.
  79. That last order made Tregaskis stiffen with both surprise and skepticism: women on a bayonet assault against Japanese soldiers? That sounded totally preposterous, but the women present didn’t seem unsettled by that, taking out their bayonets and fixing them without hesitation to their carbines, their expressions resolute.
  80. The minister might stand there, if it so pleased him, until morning should redden in the east, without other risk than that the dank and chill night-air would creep into his frame, and stiffen his joints with rheumatism, and clog his throat with catarrh and cough; thereby defrauding the expectant audience of to-morrow's prayer and sermon.
  81. The line originally used in the fishery was of the best hemp, slightly vapoured with tar, not impregnated with it, as in the case of ordinary ropes; for while tar, as ordinarily used, makes the hemp more pliable to the rope-maker, and also renders the rope itself more convenient to the sailor for common ship use; yet, not only would the ordinary quantity too much stiffen the whale-line for the close coiling to which it must be subjected; but as most seamen are beginning to learn, tar in general by no means adds to the rope's durability or strength, however much it may give it compactness and gloss.
  1. I can see Cherrie stiffening.
  2. Mac told me you were stiffening up.
  3. But her muscles are contracting, stiffening.
  4. The doctor stood up, stiffening and pulling back.
  5. She felt his member stiffening against her thigh.
  6. Like those spiders, the stiffening had already begun.
  7. His body alternated between shuddering and stiffening.
  8. She tried stiffening, but couldn’t stop the tremors.
  9. Last night, Wyatt started, his shoulders stiffening.
  10. Then suddenly all three halted, stiffening and listening.
  11. By the time I get back to the flat, my legs are stiffening up.
  12. As Ken and Eileen grew steadily into the trunk stiffening years.
  13. I felt as if my body’s core was stiffening and dying bit by bit.
  14. One, gingerly on her forehead and another directly on her stiffening lips.
  15. Larose was not the only one to be surprised by her answer, with Krulak stiffening in his chair.
  16. Oh… please, I beg, and I pull my head back, my mouth open as I groan, my legs stiffening.
  17. Back at his truck he dragged Jake‘s stiffening body to the lagoon and left it in the shallow water.
  18. She had been too tall, and the Doctor had helped fold the stiffening limbs and placed her on her side.
  19. Until morning light Tommy, pistols in cold hands, lay stiffening among the dead weeds in a vacant lot.
  20. There was a sickening pallor to his features that were frozen in time by the stiffening of the muscles.
  21. As she was speaking, a group of young women walked out of the tent complex, stiffening and saluting as they saw the two admirals.
  22. He took it, though he was starting to feel tight, as if he were getting a cold and the muscles across his chest were stiffening.
  23. Stiffening, I crossed my arms over my breasts, curling my legs under me, even as I felt the tug that his presence always had on me.
  24. Puzzled, she swept the surrounding trees, stiffening as she caught a rustle in the emerald leaves that seemed not to be of the wind.
  25. One of the officers of the law, with ready gun in one hand, flashed his lamp about until it shone upon the youth's stiffening body.
  26. Her impatient sigh was the audio equivalent of tightly pursed lips, stiffening neck tendons and a narrowing of impatient, glittering eyes.
  27. He called Eugenie, whom he did not see, though she was kneeling beside him bathing with tears his stiffening hand, which was already cold.
  28. She had never lacked animal courage and in the face of danger it flooded back hotly into her veins, stiffening her spine, narrowing her eyes.
  29. There was this hot, yellowy stillness the air always got in the minutes before the last bell, as if it were stiffening itself to be shattered.
  30. Tracing it to its source, he discovered it to be caused by a sudden extraordinary rising and stiffening of all the risen and stiff hair on Mr.
  31. After squeezing Thomas’s hand, then Chuck’s shoulder, she leaped off the edge, immediately stiffening her legs, with her arms by her sides.
  32. If Elm had not been on the deck the Captain’s anger might not have flared up! He retorted his body stiffening as his eyes bored into Elm.
  33. I used to get quite a lot particularly from the groin wound and some stiffening in the leg but it’s not too bad now there is hardly a twinge.
  34. At last, stiffening himself against emotion, Homais gave two or three great cuts at random that left white patches amongst that beautiful black hair.
  35. Her upper body stiffening yet further from the tension, she again cursed her own misjudgement in agreeing to Ryan’s suggestion of using the pickup.
  36. The doctor has told me my back is stiffening, and by the age of 40 I would not be able to bend or move or twist at all, but he said I now am completely free.
  37. We were used, by then, to the sudden stiffening of expressions, and an unspoken group courtesy meant that we each looked away until any potential tears subsided.
  38. This being the year when all things South Pacific were in vogue, the perimeter had been marked off with rattan torches that puffed and guttered in a stiffening wind.
  39. The motel was so hard-up that they’d turned off the vacancy sign to save money, and beyond it she could just see Lake Erie, the wind stiffening the waves into peaks.
  40. As every one knows, these same "hogs' bristles," "fins," "whiskers," "blinds," or whatever you please, furnish to the ladies their busks and other stiffening contrivances.
  41. Listening at the door for a moment there were no voices, and he lurched out onto the landing wearing nothing but a big smile, a rapidly stiffening penis and his wine glass.
  42. So he pulled out the dagger" – Conan stooped and wrenched the identical weapon from the stiffening fingers, glanced at it and replaced it in his own girdle—"and shut the door.
  43. It was as if a heavy weight bore down on her shoulders and strong fingers pressed at her temples until a throbbing pulse crept down her body, stiffening joints and tensing muscles.
  44. Moshe could see that Caleb had tried to make light of his lonely ordeal, but his stiffening posture as his recitation continued betrayed the fear that he must have felt as he had led the patrol away.
  45. The sun had hid its warmth behind an impenetrable mass of vapor, and hundreds of human forms, which had blackened beneath the fierce heats of August, were stiffening in their deformity before the blasts of a premature November.
  46. The baby was lying with its head thrown back, stiffening itself in the nurse’s arms, and would not take the plump breast offered it; and it never ceased screaming in spite of the double hushing of the wet-nurse and the other nurse, who was bending over her.
  47. Of course, I am living in constant trepidation, playing for the smallest of stakes, and always looking out for something—calculating, standing whole days by the gaming-tables to watch the play—even seeing that play in my dreams—yet seeming, the while, to be in some way stiffening, to be growing caked, as it were, in mire.
  48. As Ken and Eileen grew steadily into the trunk stiffening years of their mid-thirties, Ken, moved by an unconscious desire to nurture and grow, turned the back garden of their modest home into a vegetable grower’s delight, with rows of broad beans, green beans, carrots and parsnips swelling with each alternate kiss of the sun and caress of summer rain.
  49. A sleepy mozo coming out of the bakery door took hold of the horse's bridle; the practicante endeavoured to conceal his guitar hastily; the girls, unabashed, stepped back smiling; and Charles Gould, on his way to the staircase, glanced into a dark corner of the patio at another group, a mortally wounded Cargador with a woman kneeling by his side; she mumbled prayers rapidly, trying at the same time to force a piece of orange between the stiffening lips of the dying man.
  50. Feeling an immediate stiffening of her body as he held her carefully close to him, he continued,.
  1. I stiffened and then sighed.
  2. I stiffened and then relaxed.
  3. She stiffened where she stood.
  4. The woman stiffened with rage.
  5. In her mind, Molly stiffened.
  6. Mal stiffened up from the bomb.
  7. His body stiffened in response.
  8. She stiffened, unable to react.
  9. She stiffened and stared at me.
  10. That sound stiffened her spine.
  11. Rosemary stiffened at the touch.
  12. It stiffened at once in her hand.
  13. Ishan stiffened when he heard this.
  14. Jonathan stiffened and pulled away.
  15. I stiffened and raised my eyebrows.
  16. Aya stiffened, "And what happened?".
  17. He stiffened and tried to pull away.
  18. The girl stiffened as if from a blow.
  19. The man stiffened but didn’t answer.
  20. His body suddenly stiffened and his.
  21. Janelle stiffened to keep her footing.
  22. No, Auntie Bea! Sophia stiffened.
  23. The man writhed briefly and stiffened.
  24. She stiffened and screamed her release.
  25. He stiffened and I knew what was coming.
  26. Rose nodded and then suddenly stiffened.
  27. Her spine stiffened and she pulled back.
  28. Abel Sante’s back and neck stiffened.
  29. She stiffened, fearing an interrogation.
  30. At this, O'Connor stiffened in his chair.
  31. He stiffened and she cleared her throat.
  32. Quick stiffened and glared at me, then.
  33. Manda took her hand and Darette stiffened.
  34. Attlee stiffened as the Queen rebuked him.
  35. She was still standing but had stiffened.
  36. Preacher Cooper’s body visibly stiffened.
  37. The men stiffened and lifted their bottles.
  38. She stiffened, and Alfred caught his breath.
  39. He stiffened in resistance to the suggestion.
  40. But he saw something else, and he stiffened.
  41. She stiffened and held her breath, listening.
  42. One of his men shouted and Enrique stiffened.
  43. Hadaen stiffened and ran a hand over his face.
  44. He stopped breathing and stiffened beneath her.
  45. She stiffened as she felt his arms around her.
  46. His legs, stiffened by terror, failed him as.
  47. Olmec stiffened; fear grew in his flaming eyes.
  48. I stiffened and quickly forced myself to relax.
  49. Ingrid stiffened a little at this pronouncement.
  50. Before she could respond, he suddenly stiffened.
  51. She winced noticeably, and stiffened in his arms.
  52. Virginia stiffened and pushed back from the laird.
  53. Geffen stiffened and stared at Nem with wide eyes.
  54. My limbs stiffened in the grip of intense cramps.
  55. Eris abruptly stiffened and gave me a sharp look.
  56. Jim, on the lawn, stiffened as if hearing his name.
  57. Gabriel stiffened and clenched his hands together.
  58. Every one of us stiffened and stood up straighter.
  59. When she bit down, it felt like stiffened leather.
  60. Emily stiffened as Sam agreed to what she had said.
  61. Something in his underpants stiffened against her.
  62. The muscles in Captain Rian’s face had stiffened.
  63. His shoulder hurt but it hadn’t stiffened up yet.
  64. You can’t, she said calmly and he stiffened.
  65. Richard stiffened under the director’s firm grip.
  66. The young woman stiffened to hear him call her name.
  67. The thought of the binding ritual stiffened my spine.
  68. She stiffened when movement of the lead ship ceased.
  69. Nancy stiffened in her chair, stung by the criticism.
  70. Rex stiffened up, clicked his heels and said, An.
  71. Pierre stiffened in his easy chair at once, indignant.
  72. She threw a furious look at the valet, who stiffened.
  73. Natica’s pose stiffened, but she did not look around.
  74. Yet they pushed out the hand and stiffened their necks.
  75. They all stiffened to attention as Armstrong approached.
  76. A sound on the floor of the Time Machine stiffened them.
  77. A shudder raced down Janelle’s spine as she stiffened.
  78. She stiffened as she felt the sharp thrust of something.
  79. But some remnant of pride, of common sense stiffened her.
  80. I stiffened as she looked at me with her sharp cold gaze.
  81. Williamson stiffened, while his smile disappeared at once.
  82. I stiffened and blood rushed through my veins in a torrent.
  83. She stiffened inwardly and stopped talking in mid sentence.
  84. Roy sat up, stiffened, and smiled a weak smile at the doc.
  85. By the time Archie cut the motor the breeze had stiffened.
  86. Sophie stiffened at first and then relaxed into his chest.
  87. After a while she grew still, and stiffened, and he could.
  88. Then Dot’s neck stiffened and her eyes returned to normal.
  89. The ‘Taks’ stiffened and raised their heads towards her.
  90. Castillo darted a glance at Dominic, who instantly stiffened.
  91. The dogs stiffened, their hackles rising as the ferry drew.
  92. Hadaen stiffened subtly as five pairs of eyes narrowed on him.
  93. Shortly the king picked himself up though stiffened by aches.
  94. She caught up her blouse and bit it, and her limbs stiffened.
  95. Albruna stiffened at the order and asked, ‘And what becomes.
  96. The French boy's frame stiffened upon hearing Olin's statement.
  97. Penelope stiffened in the saddle, sitting DRAFTChapter 7 113.
  98. His back was arched and his head nodded on his stiffened neck.
  99. He stood and stretched his joints, stiffened from the dampness.
  100. She stiffened though, and wondered if she would find him alone.
  1. Her face stiffens.
  2. A wet sounds as the man stiffens.
  3. My mother stiffens, her back arching.
  4. Wisty stiffens and her cheeks flush red.
  5. Christian stiffens slightly but doesn’t move.
  6. My body stiffens as it hits me like a thunderbolt.
  7. He stiffens at first, then eases against her touch.
  8. He stiffens and holds her tighter, shutting his eyes against the pain in her voice.
  9. Will! Cate! A half-block ahead, near a cataract of brakelight, Regan stiffens.
  10. The queen similarly grabs Rapunzel's elbow as the girl stiffens and swallows thickly.
  11. Tobias straightens and stiffens, like someone is training a gun at his chest instead of jeering at him.

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