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    1. The Warriors began to tighten the field and began stabbing out at the huge monsters

    2. I tighten my grip on his shoulder for a moment and then remove my arm

    3. His father handed him a spanner and showed him how to tighten the bolts of the bands until he could tighten no more, as his father then went back to the storeroom for another armful of pre-fitted moldings and boards

    4. Smiles tighten and teeth are bared

    5. Jean felt the tension in the room suddenly tighten

    6. But what does that have to do w-” By now she was growing increasingly perturbed by his avoidance of her direct questions, and her expression began to tighten into an exasperated frown as he continued

    7. His first breath of the stingingly cold air caused his chest to tighten and resist inhaling any further

    8. This was the time now to gird the loins or tighten the old asshole before the brown stuff ran down your legs for all to see

    9. Then my turn came and I tried to tighten up the old sphincter muscles but I don’t think it worked

    10. that had been tightening in his gut tighten all that much further

    1. Though it met its mark, he'd not tightened the drawstring the full amount

    2. the neighborhood watch thing?" He tightened his lips in supportive resignation and nodded again, like a disappointed undertaker

    3. His throat tightened, threatening to cut off the air to his lungs

    4. He tightened his grip

    5. And all of this would be fixed, the strings tightened, if we had just one perception: a coming Kingdom

    6. “It is the way of our women Rayne,” he tightened his hold on her

    7. The jade bear tightened his grip and moved Joseph closer to his wide open mouth

    8. The bear stopped, tightened his grip, and growled again

    9. The whips tightened as they ran, trying to keep up with Roman as he spun around

    10. When his grip tightened, even before he spoke, she did not intend to wait around to find out what he wanted any longer

    1. shoulder blades back to relieve the tension that he felt tightening at the base of his

    2. I gasped, fighting the constriction in my throat, feeling the pain of tightening metal hoops across my chest

    3. As he walked Danton straightened himself up, pulling his shoulder blades back to relieve the tension that he felt tightening at the base of his neck

    4. Paras batted a catch towards Ali, whose hands were busy tightening the cords

    5. Boras noted her tightening grip on the strange looking knife she held in her hand

    6. Again he paused, his jaw tightening

    7. Slowly her pulse subsides and the feeling of panic that has been tightening across her chest releases its grip a little

    8. Master Ki? Some help please," Theodorous said, tightening his grip with both hands and heaving his axe upwards

    9. They started tightening at a slow, agonizing pace

    10. He stared off into the choppy waves, his grip tightening around an object in one hand

    1. He tightens his grip on me, holding me closer than ever and murmuring soothing noises as I soak his shirt with tears

    2. Alastair is clearly moved by this, his grip on my shoulder tightens; I put my hand up to cover his

    3. His hold on me tightens; I draw strength from that

    4. With his mention of Jasari, Alex tightens his grip on the steering wheel again, hammering through bends to keep the Lexus in view

    5. His grip on the knives tightens and his knuckles turn white as he turns to face Al

    6. She hops into the sling face-first and keeps her hands in front of her as Zeke tightens her straps

    7. My throat tightens with fear

    8. This tightens the collar and creates a negative association to your dog

    9. My chest tightens and with a loud scream, I arch forward

    10. He tightens his hold on my hand and brushes it with his thumb

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