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Cake в предложении (на )

  1. She sent you a cake.
  2. A cherry on the cake.
  3. So lets bake this cake.
  4. Turn out on cake rake.
  5. He took a bite of cake.

  6. A previous cake of soap.
  7. I stare at the cake pile.
  8. The cake fell in the oven.
  9. Then I remembered the cake.
  10. I could make you a cake.
  11. Will it jump out of a cake.
  12. Cake tester will come out.
  13. I had to have my cake and.
  14. The kitchen smells of cake.
  15. I left y'all some cake!.

  16. Frost the entire cake with.
  17. It was a real piece of cake.
  18. Adriela ate her cake easily.
  19. Stir in cake crumbs and rum.
  20. Two slices of that cake.
  21. Over the Hill Graveyard Cake.
  22. Then, the icing on the cake.
  23. Silent, the cake was obdurate.
  24. She ate her cake mechanically.
  25. Dauntless cake is much better.

  26. It isn’t a piece of cake.
  27. This would be a piece of cake.
  28. Don’t throw up on the cake.
  29. Next to the cake, there was a.
  30. It is hard to miss the last cake.
  31. Anna made the cake as she wished.
  32. Just remember that the cake is.
  33. Cool thoroughly on a wire cake.
  34. Cut the cake into 2-inch squares.
  35. There was a piece of cake as well.
  36. She was awakened to cut the cake.
  37. Piece of cake, as the saying goes.
  38. There was a cake cutting spatula.
  39. He gave me a piece of cake, Bleak.
  40. The brandy and the cake arrived.
  41. She will say they should eat cake.
  42. They ordered two coffees and cake.
  43. What’s that, cake? he asked.
  44. He took out the cake he was making.
  45. Trim your cake so it will sit flat.
  46. A cake and the eyes of seven women.
  47. Thank you for carrying the cake.
  48. Spread the mousse on top of the cake.
  49. She intended to have the whole cake.
  50. The hot chocolate cake and coffee.
  51. I returned with the cake to our camp.
  52. Above the cake a few feet, Pim and.
  53. I just put a pound cake in the oven.
  54. The cake melted in Douglas’s mouth.
  55. Pour over cake while it's still hot.
  56. Put cake in cake tin lined with foil.
  57. Then this will be a piece of cake.
  58. Keep cake covered and store the tin.
  59. I finished the last bite of crab cake.
  60. Salmon and salad with chocolate cake.
  61. Have another cake, they don’t last.
  62. The saying is, 'It's a piece of cake.
  63. A birthday cake wafted by, candles lit.
  64. Morel made a big and magnificent cake.
  65. And because every cake should have a.
  66. Eating the cake will give him enough.
  67. He was baking a cake in the wash basin.
  68. Thus the phrase that takes the cake.
  69. He told us that it was a piece of cake.
  70. It would just be the cherry on the cake.
  71. Sprinkle top of cake with powdered sugar.
  72. I think its time for the cake cutting.
  73. Bake a cake in a metal, oven safe, bowl.
  74. Bev said with a grin, How was the cake.
  75. Here is another cake even more wonderful.
  76. Certainly, but it’s not a piece of cake.
  77. A long bear can have his cake and eat it.
  78. Spread the marshmallows on the warm cake.
  79. Introductions all around, coffee and cake.
  80. Evan was happy to find plates for the cake.
  81. Katie rolled out a heavenly chocolate cake.
  82. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.
  83. It looked like frosting atop a cake to him.
  84. Where shall I put the cake? said Suzy.
  85. And here was Vamenos, a fresh-frosted cake.
  86. I lit the candles on the cake and you said.
  87. Now he placed them on the tray by the cake.
  88. You can’t eat your cake and then not poo.
  89. I shoved the piece of chocolate cake to her.
  90. Pour half the pudding over the sliced cake.
  91. And we all had cake and wine on gold plates.
  92. But don’t think it was all a piece of cake.
  93. But we couldn’t eat a cake, at least not.
  94. And my physical beauty is icing on the cake.
  95. The taste of the cake is still in his mouth.
  96. The chocolate cake was by far, the best part.
  97. Jilin gave a low whistle and threw it a cake.
  98. Spread evenly over the top of the carrot cake.
  99. There were only eighteen candles on the cake.
  100. Seeing that we were not a piece of cake the.
  1. They changed their caking shirts and pants.
  2. Their changed their caking shirts and pants.
  3. The years built up in that cage, the bars caking with my filth.
  4. Conan of Aquilonia, blood from unbandaged wounds caking his huge limbs, faced his captors.
  5. Reduced to the status of petty criminal, with shabby clothes clinging to his back, the stink of body oils perfuming his hair and dirt caking his blistered skin.
  1. My sweat pants are caked in.
  2. His shirt was caked in blood but.
  3. Her boots were caked with manure.
  4. Grime caked the edges of the walls.
  5. And his hands were caked with gore.
  6. At least an inch of dust caked every.
  7. The entire room was caked in black soot.
  8. The muck caked in his hair was driving him mad.
  9. His mouth hangs open, caked in his darkened blood.
  10. She was lying on the beach, mouth caked with sand.
  11. But they fit and weren’t caked with Arizona dust.
  12. He was caked with blood, spit, snot, mud, and shit.
  13. The blood had caked black and the task needed clean.
  14. Remove the thick layer of caked grease as described.
  15. Blood was thickly caked around the older man’s mouth.
  16. And the front of her gown is caked in dark-colored gunk.
  17. As I washed the caked blood from his wounds, I could see.
  18. His hair and clothes were still caked with grit and blood.
  19. The child was dirty, blood caked around his mouth and jaw.
  20. They could see he was caked in dirt and wondered how anyone.
  21. His hair unkempt, the side of his face caked with dry blood.
  22. Furniture was overturned and the whole place was caked in mud.
  23. Her boots are caked with dirt, dried blood and famished debris.
  24. They were caked with blood and filth but very sharp very sharp.
  25. His legs were caked with mud when they finished in the afternoon.
  26. The cloudless night had caked the ground with a light morning frost.
  27. Where should she go now? Her feet were frozen cold and caked in snow.
  28. She was wearing caked on make-up and had a tinge of blue in her hair.
  29. And who could blame them? We look pretty scary caked in all this mud.
  30. Her shirt was covered in blood, and her pants were caked in thick ash.
  31. By the time it was his turn the mud had caked and dried in some spots.
  32. Slimy, dark olive skin, caked with boils and swelling ulcers, glinted.
  33. But my mouth was caked with dust that had somehow gathered in the dark.
  34. His clothing was covered in dirt, mud caked into the knees of his jeans.
  35. She sat halfway up, groggy, the side of her face and hair caked with mud.
  36. Both men were caked in mashed ice and Felix was gasping painfully for air.
  37. At 19:30 the men gathered around caked with sweat and the red outback dirt.
  38. Martindale stumbled out, caked head to toe in cocoa, but otherwise uninjured.
  39. An old, frail, emaciated man lay in the bed; the blanket caked with urine and feces.
  40. The underside of her torso was caked in mud and black debris clung to the open wounds.
  41. They are caked with impurities, but with the tenderness watchfulness they keep her clean.
  42. He tilted his head to the side and saw a man; his face caked with blood, lying next to him.
  43. Shivering and caked with blood, he staggers and crawls his way to the edge of the marshes.
  44. One man’s face was completely bloodied and blood caked his scalp and dripped down his hair.
  45. Painted in heavy, caked grease makeup and wearing the tattered, soiled remains of clown costumes.
  46. When this ancient Ford saw Hernando it pulled up, caked with mud and rusted, the radiator bubbling angrily.
  47. When we got there this medic took one look at the shit and blood caked on his trousers and went to fetch the doctor.
  48. They told us to hack the bottom off our greatcoats to stop them getting caked in mud and making them hard to move in.
  49. By the looks of the caked on layers of dust it would seem Nickbas had not moved or used any of his money in a long time.
  50. It was hard to wash and shave and with the mud it was impossible to keep clean because we were caked stiff in the stuff.
  51. Its blade was caked with dry mud and it was tiny but I dare not challenge her for there was a dangerous gleam in her eyes.
  52. He stared at her as she lay unconscious, looking at the deep lesions on her arms and legs, and the blood caked on her shoulder.
  53. He was squeaky clean, having bathed in the clear water using snow-white sugar sand as an abrasive cleaner on his sweat caked body.
  54. He realized that he was riding on an endless and silent train and that his head was caked with dry blood and that all his bones ached.
  55. He was wearing an ordinary denim uniform with no insignia of any kind and high boots with spurs that were caked with mud and dried blood.
  56. There stood two little boys around two and three years of age, dressed in winter overcoats and fur hats and mittens, their boots caked in snow.
  57. She thought of the dust and clouds of cigarette smoke and could almost visualize the brown stains caked along the insides of the communal coffeepot.
  58. Four workmen, caked with the paste of cement dust and oil, were packing up for the night after a hard day's slog right across the road from my veranda.
  59. As the woman stepped to the ground and looked toward the house, Scarlett saw there was something familiar about the rabbity face, caked with white powder.
  60. A film of caked saliva had already taken residence in his dry mouth; knowing that, he bypassed the sugar-filled soft drinks that would only hinder refreshment.
  61. The long snake was covered with seashell rubble and bristling with foraminifera; a crust of caked gravel protected it from any mollusks that might bore into it.
  62. It was holding its hands pressed onto its sides, and she could see what looked like blood, though the color of it was weird, caked in its hair beneath both its hands.
  63. Then back up to meet the sirens, leaning against a police cruiser, trying to explain to whoever wanted to know, the fender cold against his thighs, salt caked onto it.
  64. Owing to the fact that there had been a spell of bad weather the ground was sodden with rain and there was mud everywhere, the men's clothing and boots being caked with it.
  65. Enough scant light spilled from the wick of my lantern to reveal a small personal traveling box that looked very familiar; it was caked in year’s worth of dust and grime.
  66. The spotted chestnut coat was coated with caked dirt and clumps of sandspurs as Charlie draped a saddle blanket over his head mercifully covering the fear drenched eyeballs.
  67. I’m sorry I doubted you, Dad, I said to him over the comlink, while I stared at his unconscious face on my monitor, his eyes closed and his forehead caked with dried blood.
  68. The side panels of the casket, caked with soil had been gouged in places by the excavating tools and the smell of damp earth merged with the subliminal odours that accompany death.
  69. Vic wore a flannel shirt, faded jeans, boots caked with old mud, and had the look of a veteran hiker who could whip out a tent from his backpack and spend the next week in the woods.
  70. At this location, in three or four fathoms of water between the Paeu and Vana reefs, there lay some anchors, cannons, and ingots of iron and lead, all caked with limestone concretions.
  71. Caked in snow and freezing, his chainmail armour would be a death trap, even with the under-garment padding, the weight of the cold steel links forced the coldness closer to his body.
  72. She bore me down, and the bear stood over me, the human face protruding on a long scaled neck, filthy, bits of dirt and shit caked on a ragged beard, its breath rancid with vomit and rot.
  73. With his now spare hand, he scooped up some of the plentiful dust that caked the ground and threw it about him in a wide arc, carefully studying its effect as it had always been his habit to be cautious.
  74. She quickly pulled off her shoes, socks, and ace bandage, carefully hiding her stash of American bills in the toe of a sneaker and stuffing socks in over it: they were caked with mud, but still dry inside.
  75. So Beth had descended from the main building on foot, picking her way along the rutted switchback drive avoiding most of the puddles, except for one slip that left a shoe and blue jeans cuff caked with mud.
  76. Once the chamber had been stuffed with treasures, now the room housed rows of straw-filled mattresses caked with human feces and blood, several of which yet dripped with the red liquid having been freshly spilt.
  77. After rescuing a dozen cadets who pan caked on their stomachs or backs, or forgot to keep their legs together and then lay bent double at the bottom of the pool, we got the message and just jumped as he said we should.
  78. The line of sledges, the horses in tandem, glide quickly along the narrow road that lies through the forest, now between high trees, now between low firs weighed down by the snow, caked in heavy lumps on their branches.
  79. He was caked in chalky dust this stuck like glue to you clothing and put a grimy film over your skin if you added the smoke and burnt powder from our rifles and bombs then you ended up with grimy chalky white looking soldier.
  80. Behind Blok there were several walls lined with deep sinks, all of which were full to the brim with piping hot pans scalded with blackened over-fried teriyaki sauce and metal inserts horribly caked with burnt-on, chunky tomato soup.
  81. This trough was filled with all manner of abominations: fragments of fat and decomposed meat, legs of rabbits and fowls, vegetable matter, broken knives and forks, and hair: and the glass of the window was caked with filth of the same description.
  82. I looked at her, obese, her face caked over with makeup and a cigarette dangling from her mouth and she had the audacity to tell me that she was using my hard earned money to maintain the house of the Lord but from where I was standing she was using my money to destroy the house of the Lord.
  83. We saw the Indian muleteers again with their charges huge strings of mules loaded with supplies moving ever forward as on the opposite side of the road empty mule trains returned to the supply dumps to pick up more loads we could see that their bellies and legs were caked with the white chalky mud of this region.
  84. In winters past, Werner used to tow her in their wagon to this very spot, and they would watch skaters race along the frozen canal, farmers with blades fixed to their feet and frost caked in their beards, five or six rushing by all at once, tightly packed, in the midst of an eight- or nine-mile race between towns.
  85. Of course, I am living in constant trepidation, playing for the smallest of stakes, and always looking out for something—calculating, standing whole days by the gaming-tables to watch the play—even seeing that play in my dreams—yet seeming, the while, to be in some way stiffening, to be growing caked, as it were, in mire.
  86. The entire body had been littered with dents and dings, the quarter panels cratered with rusted-out holes, right front fender bashed in by a stubborn tree or telephone pole, engine caked with grease and grime, interior drenched in the rancid aroma of old cigarette smoke and stale cologne and Josh didn’t even want to think about what else.
  87. At least that was how I felt when I left to carry out your instructions: the connection to cocaine seemed too weak, but now… May I? Flores, acutely aware of Gordon’s fastidious nature, made elaborate show of placing a large sheet of white paper upon the bar surface before laying atop it a booklet, bound in black leather, worn thin at the corners and caked with a dark substance.
  88. In fact, there beneath my eyes was a town in ruins, demolished, overwhelmed, laid low, its roofs caved in, its temples pulled down, its arches dislocated, its columns stretching over the earth; in these ruins you could still detect the solid proportions of a sort of Tuscan architecture; farther off, the remains of a gigantic aqueduct; here, the caked heights of an acropolis along with the fluid forms of a Parthenon; there, the remnants of a wharf, as if some bygone port had long ago harbored merchant vessels and triple–tiered war galleys on the shores of some lost ocean; still farther off, long rows of collapsing walls, deserted thoroughfares, a whole Pompeii buried under the waters, which Captain Nemo had resurrected before my.
  1. The Tartars ate the cakes.
  2. Patty, and hand them cakes.
  3. Mamma wants to make cakes.
  4. The cakes were lovely, though.
  5. The cakes were grand, since.
  6. Please have cakes and wine.
  7. So do all cakes of small size.
  8. Remove the cakes from the pans.
  9. The meal finished with more cakes.
  10. Black-eyed pea cakes with shrimp.
  11. The honey cakes will be done soon.
  12. In that same vein, cakes that are.
  13. Grease a tin for small cakes with 9.
  14. I know little about breads and cakes.
  15. Cakes disappeared from tea a week ago.
  16. Actually, I hate these cashew cakes.
  17. We would make some cakes to celebrate.
  18. Cheese, cakes and boiled eggs followed.
  19. Whenever I think of crab cakes and jazz.
  20. Was there cheeses? Was there cakes?
  21. We couldn't afford any cakes In this town.
  22. Astarte took some rice cakes out of her bag.
  23. Try baking cookies and cakes without sugar.
  24. But whenever I think of crab cakes and jazz.
  25. Cakes need a hot oven for the first half-hour.
  26. His molester used it for cutting up cakes of.
  27. During this time a woman selling cakes came up.
  28. Bake cakes in the oven for about 20-25 minutes.
  29. All fruit cakes (unless weighing less than 1 lb.
  30. The cakes will be dark beige in color when done.
  31. Zach closed the case and passed the cakes around.
  32. Beau and have tea cakes whenever they wanted them.
  33. She also took out some exotic pastries and cakes.
  34. Divide dough into two cakes, 1 inch in thickness.
  35. I've had cakes from famous bakeries all over the.
  36. We have brought with us a number of honey cakes.
  37. Bake two round cakes and let them cool completely.
  38. Proceed as for Macaroons, but make the cakes smaller.
  39. Use as a relish or combine with grains to make cakes.
  40. On a small table before him were corn cakes and water.
  41. No pies, cakes, no hard liquor, not even too much sex.
  42. Wafers: Thin cakes; unleavened bread anointed with oil.
  43. There’s plenty of tea and cakes for all, I said.
  44. There were cafes with cakes and teas and discotheques.
  45. A few honey cakes were placed in the center of the table.
  46. Fizzicist as he watched for the plate of cakes to appear.
  47. You really need a wire rack to invert and cool your cakes.
  48. Baked potatoes, rice cakes, and watermelon are all on the.
  49. I eat rice cakes and grape juice for breakfast religiously.
  50. The men continued to eat: cheese, figs, bread, wine, cakes.
  51. The first dish, a plate of pan-fried turnip cakes, has arrived.
  52. More couples are deciding to have smal er, simpler cakes these.
  53. As we munched delicious cakes and drank fresh water, we chatted.
  54. Everyone had the choice of what sandwiches or cakes they wanted.
  55. Fortunately, the men showed more interest in the cakes than her.
  56. The usual time and temperature for baking layer cakes is 400 deg.
  57. Candied or toasted nuts are great on carrot cakes and spice cakes.
  58. Cups of tea and half eaten cakes are in evidence around the room.
  59. Note: This recipe will make two 9-inch cakes or one stacked layer.
  60. When the waiter brought us the bill for our tea and cakes, I paid.
  61. CAKES, ICINGS AND FILLINGS This is another book that has an appeal.
  62. In the refrigerator Eve found the birthday cakes that the cook, Mrs.
  63. The same is true of rice cakes and potatoes, but to a lesser extent.
  64. More tea and various cakes were offered but my jeans were already.
  65. A few paltry muffins or cakes are displayed… or a few sandwiches.
  66. Amaranthe grabbed the wrapped cakes and stuffed them into her shirt.
  67. Gimli took up one of the cakes and looked at it with a doubtful eye.
  68. She came in carrying this tray with coffee and cakes and stuff on it.
  69. And Cerberus can be kind if you bring him cakes, Tizzie offered.
  70. Absolutely fine, miss! I’ll have cakes and chocolates lined for.
  71. Rosie was baking one of her homemade yellow cakes with egg-white icing.
  72. I’m not telling you to change your diet to soy burgers and rice cakes.
  73. This afflicted Ingeborg, who had supposed them to be very lovely cakes.
  74. The cakes looked great, and color TV put the eye appeal back into food.
  75. Maria gave the bag of cakes to the eldest boy, Alphy, to divide and Mrs.
  76. Shape cakes with hands into burger-like cakes and put on a baking sheet.
  77. Allow cakes to cool and then serve with fresh salads or steamed vegetables.
  78. Apparently I had to pay for the cakes, but he had to settle for a blow job.
  79. Large cakes are better at a uniform temperature, not so high as the average.
  80. Two other maids followed her with more trays laden with cakes and sandwiches.
  81. By mid morn they had reached Top Farm where fresh milk and cakes awaited them.
  82. Amaranthe lifted one of the cakes with her free arm and walked into the square.
  83. At that moment she was guiding the grill cakes as they turned themselves over.
  84. Desserts can include pies, cakes, doughnuts, cookies, pastries, brownies, etc.
  85. The one that his old lady used to make hot cakes for the kids? Lennie asked.
  86. They talked, they laughed, they ate cakes and drank cups of tea without stopping.
  87. Rice cakes are also rated high on the Glycemic Index, which means that they will.
  88. Occasionally some wonderful cakes with cream and strawberries and chocolate would.
  89. There were trays of tea sandwiches, cakes, crisps, cocktail sausages and some more.
  90. They let you go? His gaze fell on the cakes and ranmyas clutched in her hands.
  91. McCoy shuffled off to his room, the last bit about fruit cakes muffled by the door.
  92. There are plenty of stores and restaurants that now carry and sell ice cream cakes.
  93. The ingredients can be cakes, cookies, soups, pasta, or one of any number of things.
  94. He sold more fly cakes on the second-go-round than were sold during its market debut.
  95. The food began with numerous propomata -- roasted chestnuts, honey cakes, soft boiled.
  96. Hayley came into the room carrying a tray of coffee and cakes and quickly left the room.
  97. Cakes with much butter need the greatest heat at first, and then a reduced temperature.
  98. He found me in the kitchen, watching the progress of certain cakes for tea, then baking.
  99. From my most tender infancy I was brought up in luxury, fed on plums and delicate cakes.
  100. We not only had fruits, but poultry, vegetables, cakes, pies, candies, raisins, and music.

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