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    1. (Simply subtract a -1 to reduce the value of that same number by 1) It necessarily follows that the forward or backward extension of Time and Space, in the absence of some quantifiable or numeric value, is not a difficult concept to imagine

    2. ‖ Perfection can neither add nor subtract from itself in the manner that it (already) exists in a perfect state of existence resistant to change, unlike some (possible) being whose potential attributes or (undetermined) nature remain hidden expression(s) subject to (outward) conceptual designs

    3. Is it easier to add or subtract? Add

    4. electric utility regulations will subtract between 46 and 76 giga-watts of generating capacity by 2015…

    5. The passion of his experience might so awe others that he could gather a dedicated following who would avidly repeat his shared experience with the differences that time and tongue would add or subtract

    6. "You forgot to subtract the things you bought

    7. monthly rent and that, when she was ready to purchase the house, we’d subtract the rent she’d

    8. For every hour before 9:00, subtract half a month

    9. That should be an easy one to work out; you take Einstein's birth year and you subtract it from what year it happens to be now

    10. She thought that if God wanted pasteurized milk he would have developed it so directly from the cow, without going through so many chemical processes that subtract the nutritive properties that the own creator placed within the udders of the animal

    11. possessions but subtract from the sum of his

    12. When he got this shit cleared up he was definitely going to subtract a few complications from his business equation—permanent like

    13. “If we subtract Myra’s ship that still leaves three with the big reactor unaccounted for,” Avi observed

    14. So if we subtract that, Wilf has been here for forty-

    15. In this case we would subtract 2 from 3 giving 1 and we would still come up with 10, or 10 to the 1st power

    16. We have to subtract that 1 because the variable

    17. Of course, that would cost money and subtract from their profits

    18. If we subtract equity in our homes of 12

    19. When we subtract this optimal amount of debt from a given

    20. between tangible book value per share and the market price of the stock and subtract this

    21. subtract both retained earnings for this year and the total value of last year’s equity

    22. We merely subtract the product of the

    23. we subtract “1” we obtain an average yearly percentage growth

    24. growth factors by the fundamentals for capital and equity and then subtract to obtain an

    25. In any sample, we merely subtract the standard deviation from the

    26. We then subtract the areas to

    27. We subtract 0

    28. two and subtract from one to determine the confidence interval to which it refers

    29. might know that he had this many (lllll) fruit trees, and still have no idea what to call that many or how to add, subtract, multiply, or divide by that many

    30. calculated in part one of the analysis section, subtract interest

    31. Subtract that from 16 billion people and you still have 15 plus billion people who are caring, law biding citizens

    32. Positive + Negative = Subtract the two and use the sign of the bigger number

    33.  If your child can add and subtract, have him pretend to be a cashier at the store and make

    34. it without our being able to add to or subtract from the effect it

    35. add here, subtract there

    36. " It represents what is left over after you subtract

    37. to their adopted faraway homeland and did not subtract in

    38. The wager being obviously equal to 100% or 1, you have to subtract 1 to the EU odds to get the wager part so in this example, that’s 1

    39. 20 (USA +120) Again, the wager is included so we have to subtract 1 to get the real profit, in this case; 2

    40. So a character with Tough Hide & Resist Physical, doesn't subtract 10 from force damage he only subtracts 5

    41. Even a highly complex computer can only add or subtract numbers

    42. In choosing which set of tees are appropriate for a certain type of player, it is best to consider the player’s handicap, or the amount of strokes that he or she must subtract from his or her real score

    43. Get advice from an agent on what the finished home will sell for, subtract from that every last possible cost to fix it up - and subtract your profit

    44. You cannot simply subtract the mortgage interest amount for a 20 year mortgage from the interest on a 30 year mortgage

    45. Add and subtract

    46. It was impossible to excuse a laborer who had gone home in the busy season because his father was dying, however sorry he might feel for him, and he must subtract from his pay those costly months of idleness

    47. From that amount, subtract 17

    48. 42 subtract 19 (the loss in the Separating Decline), and the remainder is 339

    49. This can be more complex than it seems, as it is common to have a position on and add and subtract to it as the trade develops

    50. Back in the days before computers, if a complex order came into the crowd, the market makers would price each leg individually, add and subtract the buys and sells, and come up with a market

    1. Nothing can be either added to or subtracted from Perfection

    2. (necessarily) follows that nothing, understood as non-existence, can be subtracted from nothing

    3. AD 30 subtracted from AD 1948 leaves 1918 years, nothing about this seems relational either except any equivalence would have to be in thousands of years, which means approximately two millennial measurements

    4. After I subtracted the weight of the skillet, it

    5. through space is subtracted from the speed of electrons circling my

    6. His indigo eyes subtracted from me all the hardship and left me lying in a tranquility lap

    7. 00 subtracted from 101

    8. 00, subtracted from 101

    9. The reason is that if the floater has non-negligible mass, this mass can simply be subtracted from its volume to obtain an effective volume

    10. He started with twenty five years and then subtracted weekends and

    11. The advance is subtracted down until the initial royalties cover it, although it probably depends upon the way the contract is worded

    12. If they are subtracted from the total uninsured, then 33Million are without insurance and are more needy

    13. I subtracted 200 from 524 an got 324

    14. Once the gross estate is calculated, applicable deductions are subtracted from that value

    15. value of the company is calculated first, and the amount of bonds is subtracted to

    16. (rB(L)) is subtracted from one and not the other

    17. by the amount of capital and then subtracted from earnings, a comparison cost ifs formed

    18. one course of action over another, is subtracted from the earnings derived from the

    19. subtracted from) the mean , thus forming the interval

    20. subtracted from the market rate

    21. retained earnings would be subtracted

    22. variables will always be consistently correlated because total cost is subtracted from one

    23. subtracted from the mean

    24. when total costs are subtracted from sales, and the difference will be dependent on costs

    25. mean of “X” and the slope, subtracted from the mean of “Y”: (Mean of Y) -

    26. Since we are still finding more diamonds as we do our prospection of Eris, Callisto Prime gave a cutoff date for estimating the value of the diamonds to what we had found by December 25, then subtracted the total costs for this expedition, including the construction cost of Eris Station and its manning for the first year

    27. There is usually a small charge which is subtracted from the

    28. Those calories should not be subtracted off of your recommended

    29. 1440 years or 4 cycles when subtracted from 5760

    30. Charlie wasn’t deft enough to avoid bringing a whole mortifying mound of soda bottles and newspapers and Styrofoam takeout containers crashing down around his Hush Puppies, but Sam just laughed again, and it wasn’t the kind of laughter that subtracted anything; it was a warm breeze lifting him up

    31. Maybe her cognitive capabilities would noticeably worsen if she subtracted the exercise, the Aricept, or the blueberries

    32. The line plotted below the price bars is the fast line of the MACD, which is simply the value of the slow moving average subtracted from the value of the fast average

    33. Every penny off $100 is subtracted from $4

    34. Actual living expenses in the present day give you a better take on what you’ll need down the road, once you have subtracted out the ones that no longer apply and have made appropriate adjustments for inflation

    35. Each day's volume is added or subtracted, depending on whether prices close higher or lower than on the previous day

    36. When a stock closes lower, it shows that bears won the day, and that day's volume is subtracted from OBV

    37. The accounting methods used showed wide divergences, but the majority of companies spared their income accounts as much as possible and subtracted these losses from surplus

    38. In these calculations it will be noted, first, that the inventory is increased by restoring the reserve of $425,000 subtracted therefrom in the balance sheet

    39. But analysis would show that the participation of the public in any future increase in earnings was seriously diluted in three different ways: by the cash selling expense subtracted from the price to be paid for the new stock, by the small tangible assets contributed by the original owners for their stock interest and by the warrants which would siphon off part of any increased value

    40. By starting with book value and adding back adjustments, we in effect subtracted this debt from the reproduction value of Intel's assets to arrive at the asset value

    41. The vega from any short option position would be subtracted

    42. For some interest-rate products, primarily Eurocurrency interest-rate futures, the listed contract price represents the interest rate associated with that contract, expressed as a whole number, subtracted from 100

    43. It measures the accumulation or distribution of shares: share volume is either added to (on up days) or subtracted from (on down days) a running balance of volume

    44. This calculation is applied to each session and then added to or subtracted from the cumulative index value

    45. MACD employs a net exponential moving average (meaning one is subtracted from the other)

    46. Sharpe ratio is sometimes computed as the ratio of total return and its volatility, which is plain wrong; the return on a money market asset should be subtracted from total returns

    47. This gives a more benign picture of historical housing returns than Shiller’s analysis, though rental yields may overstate the benefits investors would earn because only regular utility expenses—not repairs or other capital expenditures—are subtracted from income

    48. —No trading costs or financing costs related to shorting are subtracted from VMG returns

    49. [3] Estimated trading costs, but not fees, have been subtracted from returns on style proxies

    50. Importantly, no trading costs have been subtracted from any of the strategy style returns

    1. Also, there’s the obvious fact that the amount of energy required to give animalistic intelligence to a tree would require a magnetic monopole super-imposed within a super-massive black hole isolated within a Higgs Field times the density of a weakless universe divided by the sub-particle wave length of the root square of an isosceles triangle subtracting the para-statistical metadata equal to the maximum level of sub-atomic exotic particles, then acting under the assumption that in the event of the self-intersection of cosmic strings triggered by inordinate radiation, there would exist somewhere an object that was both simultaneously larger than the entire universe and smaller than an atom, blatantly violating the Law of Conservation of Energy

    2. There is indicated altitude, the uncorrected height in feet as read by the pilot directly from the dial; then there is actual altitude, or elevation of the terrain expressed in feet above sea level, then true altitude, this is actual height of the aircraft above sea level; then there is absolute altitude, which is the actual height of the aircraft above the terrain, you get that by subtracting elevation from true altitude

    3. recursively multiplying, dividing, and subtracting

    4. She was subtracting purchases and putting totals in her

    5. subtracting the oldest close price from the most recent, and the ROC's formula is based on dividing the oldest close price into the most recent one:

    6. You are under moral obligation to represent the past generation in the honest transmittal of legitimate wealth to succeeding generations after subtracting a fair toll for the benefit of the present generation

    7. At the end of the day he hoped that by replacing the blank micro-chips rather than subtracting; the machine would record it had programmed the correct amount

    8. If you think it should be -2, -4, -6, -8, -10 because we are subtracting 2, recall that the variable

    9. You may have also learned that you could accomplish the division by merely subtracting the exponents or powers of 10

    10. I taught high school mathematics and for a normal class, would cover one or two topics, say adding and subtracting fractions

    11. Adding to or subtracting items from the cart: When the user views their cart, he they see a table with the quantities of each item in their cart to the left

    12. In that regard, stockholders’ equity will be set by subtracting the

    13. ratio of current year / previous year and then subtracting one (“1”)

    14. shares outstanding by the dividend, and then subtracting that figure from net income: (300

    15. of total capital, we determine the change in debt by subtracting the new level of equity

    16. adding and then subtracting two units of capital

    17. is determined by subtracting the calculation, [[(number of shares outstanding) x (Dividend

    18. This ratio is formed by subtracting interest expense

    19. The interest benefits were derived by subtracting bankruptcy costs from the tax

    20. subtracting that product from the mean, the analyst will produce an estimate of a worst

    21. Now, compare that tedious process to the relative simplicity of working with base 10 SI units by subtracting 5 millimeters from 95 mm to yield 90 mm and dividing that by 5 to give 5 equal parts of 18mm each

    22. fingers to count up all the bad things that could have happened, even subtracting the dangerous situations he did encounter

    23. The process of wealth is building assets and subtracting liabilities

    24. Dictators change things by adding or subtracting, impairing the harmony of the whole

    25. adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying

    26. subtracting 14 days from it

    27. character by subtracting 6 points of damage from any attacks that hit him

    28. This power will protect a character from Cold, Electricity, Fire & Radiation by subtracting 5 Hearts from the damage

    29. subtracting 5 Hearts from the damage

    30. As an individual taxpayer, you must pay if (1) you had a tax liability the previous year, (2) you expect to owe at least $1,000 after subtracting your withholding and credits, and (3) you expect your withholding and credits to be less than the smaller of 90% of your tax return

    31. Mark Webber had been collecting rents from tenants, paying the nominal rent due to the priory every year, subtracting an agreed collection fee and sending the balance annually to Merthin in Florence via the Caroli family

    32. I wrote lists of possibilities, adding, subtracting, and relocating masterpieces like a mad clerk in a subterranean reading room

    33. By subtracting $100,000 out of our total holdings, we could have more accurately assessed the real size of our nest egg as we were planning for retirement

    34. The New High–New Low Index (NH-NL) tracks the behavior of market leaders by subtracting the number of New Lows from the New Highs

    35. You calculate your net worth by subtracting your total liabilities from your total assets

    36. The chart shows this spread over time by subtracting the risk-free Fed Funds rate from the riskier Merrill Lynch High Yield (MLHY) Index

    37. The century and year are calculated by subtracting 1900 from the four-digit Gregorian year

    38. The century digit is calculated by subtracting 1900 from the current year, dividing by 100, and dropping the remainder

    39. From there, it is just a matter of subtracting your dummy start point from your endpoint

    40. This is the default, and it is identical to subtracting start from end

    41. The “cost of goods sold” is then found by adding purchases to the opening inventory and subtracting the closing inventory, valued as described

    42. It is important that you make sure that you are subtracting dates from dates, times from times, and datetimes from datetimes

    43. The book value per share of a common stock is found by adding up all the tangible assets, subtracting all liabilities and stock issues ahead of the common and then dividing by the number of shares

    44. Simply by subtracting the extra revenues brought in from Data General, we can see that the volume of EMC’s existing businesses grew from $5

    45. Subtracting 40 bytes for the IP and TCP headers leaves 359 bytes of data

    46. Rather than adding back all of depreciation and amortization (D&A) to EBIT after tax and then subtracting the maintenance portion of capital expenditure, we will simplify the calculations and add back 25 percent of D&A, assuming that the other 75 percent will be more than enough to cover maintenance capex

    47. Subtracting its debt of around $30 per share leaves the equity value at $162 compared with a market price of $116, a margin of safety of almost 30 percent

    48. Your intrinsic value is now $50,000, which is determined by subtracting the current value of $300,000 from the option contract price of $250,000

    49. For a complex position consisting of many different options, we use the same interpretation of the gamma as we do for individual options, adding the gamma to the old delta as the underlying contract rises and subtracting the gamma as the market falls

    50. A positive gamma position will gain deltas as the market rises (we are adding a positive number) and lose deltas as the market falls (we are subtracting a positive number)

    1. This guy was really big—bigger than he looks here, because the camera always subtracts 400 pounds

    2. It adds the money that is made by the printer and subtracts the money that’s destroyed or broken

    3. In either case, it does constitute a certain portion of a person’s net assets that subtracts from the amount eventually dispensed to the heir(s)

    4. subtracts the value of the firm’s bonds to determine the value of its stock

    5. subtracts interest expense from operating income and then divides this difference by the

    6. then subtracts this amount from operating income

    7. 3) Total Liabilities - The optimization substitutes debt for equity and adds to (subtracts

    8. stockholders’ equity and then subtracts it from net income

    9. This attack subtracts 1 die from the damage of the victim's attacks until he Breaks Free

    10. So a character with Tough Hide & Resist Physical, doesn't subtract 10 from force damage he only subtracts 5

    11. This Power also subtracts 12 points

    12. When a firm has significant financial leverage, the appropriate starting point is the enterprise value, which includes both debt and equity and then subtracts cash

    13. He subtracts this from his cost base before reporting the gain

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