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  1. From that amount, subtract 17.
  2. We then subtract the areas to.
  3. Is it easier to add or subtract? Add.
  4. We merely subtract the product of the.
  5. If we subtract equity in our homes of 12.

  6. You forgot to subtract the things you bought.
  7. We have to subtract that 1 because the variable.
  8. For every hour before 9:00, subtract half a month.
  9. Add and subtract constellations, said another.
  10. What happens if you subtract a PUT from both sides?
  11. So if we subtract that, Wilf has been here for forty-.
  12. When we subtract this optimal amount of debt from a given.
  13. Even a highly complex computer can only add or subtract numbers.
  14. Of course, that would cost money and subtract from their profits.
  15. In any sample, we merely subtract the standard deviation from the.

  16. We then subtract it from total capex to arrive at maintenance capex.
  17. There is some leeway on this to add a candle or two or subtract one.
  18. Then, you would subtract the time that it takes to pay back suppliers.
  19. You must subtract out of that return the fund’s total investment expense.
  20. Positive + Negative = Subtract the two and use the sign of the bigger number.
  21. The simplest way to find the difference is to subtract one date from another.
  22. We add, subtract, and modify rules as we see a need to be more proficient with our rules.
  23. He will subtract out taxes at the appropriate rate because those are real and mostly unavoidable.
  24. To fine-tune the definition of owner earnings, you should also subtract from reported net income:.
  25. To normalize the kurtosis such that a normal distribution has a kurtosis of 0, it is common to subtract 3.

  26. So a character with Tough Hide & Resist Physical, doesn't subtract 10 from force damage he only subtracts 5.
  27. In this case we would subtract 2 from 3 giving 1 and we would still come up with 10, or 10 to the 1st power.
  28. If we subtract Myra’s ship that still leaves three with the big reactor unaccounted for, Avi observed.
  29. Subtract that from 16 billion people and you still have 15 plus billion people who are caring, law biding citizens.
  30. You cannot simply subtract the mortgage interest amount for a 20 year mortgage from the interest on a 30 year mortgage.
  31. Alternatively, we can subtract minimum values and divide the result by the difference between maximum and minimum values.
  32. That should be an easy one to work out; you take Einstein's birth year and you subtract it from what year it happens to be now.
  33. This can be more complex than it seems, as it is common to have a position on and add and subtract to it as the trade develops.
  34. They subtract from the husbandman and planter the just reward for that product which he has moistened with the sweat of his brow.
  35. In calculating the assets available for the common stock, care must be taken to subtract preferred stock at its proper valuation.
  36. Thus, if you subtract depreciation from the total Capex number, you could theoretically arrive at a rough estimate of growth Capex.
  37. A partial solution would be to subtract an individual’s baseline value from all subsequent observations made on that individual.
  38. To find the positions of small traders, you need to take the open interest and subtract from it the holdings of the first two groups.
  39. When he got this shit cleared up he was definitely going to subtract a few complications from his business equation—permanent like.
  40. Thaler (2003), Can the market add and subtract? Mispricing in tech stock carve-outs, Journal of Political Economy 111, 227–268.
  41. The wager being obviously equal to 100% or 1, you have to subtract 1 to the EU odds to get the wager part so in this example, that’s 1.
  42. Unless you’ve allowed the proponents of this advice to subtract 100 from your IQ, you should be able to tell that something is wrong here.
  43. We can add depreciation and amortization non-cash expenses to the net income and subtract the capital expenditure to yield the owner income.
  44. If a company has accumulated cash, you can subtract the per share amount from the stock’s selling price to see the bargain you’re getting.
  45. Get advice from an agent on what the finished home will sell for, subtract from that every last possible cost to fix it up - and subtract your profit.
  46. Conceptually, we can add and subtract the unobservable market expectation of the future spot rate, E (S), to and from the currency carry measure (F—S).
  47. For example, if the days payables outstanding (DPO) is 20 days, you would subtract this from 80 days to arrive at the total time it takes to convert inventories into cash, or 60 days.
  48. Undoing the paper round it on the stairs, he looked about him quickly, and made haste as fast as he could to subtract half of the lawful wages he had received and conceal it in his boot.
  49. Back in the days before computers, if a complex order came into the crowd, the market makers would price each leg individually, add and subtract the buys and sells, and come up with a market.
  50. So we subtract an estimate of the company’s cost of maintaining tangible assets such as the office, plant, inventory, and equipment; and intangible assets like customer traffic and brand identity.
  51. You subtract 2 to account for identifiers consisting of all zeros and all ones, which are traditionally not used, because the value 255 is used for broadcasts, and the value 0 to represent the network.
  52. The passion of his experience might so awe others that he could gather a dedicated following who would avidly repeat his shared experience with the differences that time and tongue would add or subtract.
  53. In choosing which set of tees are appropriate for a certain type of player, it is best to consider the player’s handicap, or the amount of strokes that he or she must subtract from his or her real score.
  54. But regardless of whether we are working with calls or puts, we always add the gamma to the old delta as the underlying price rises and subtract the gamma from the old delta as the underlying price falls.
  55. It was impossible to excuse a laborer who had gone home in the busy season because his father was dying, however sorry he might feel for him, and he must subtract from his pay those costly months of idleness.
  56. We can subtract the return of the short-term asset (Y1) and take expectations to get a variant of the bond risk premium related to near-term returns:BRPH ≡ E(excess bond return over the riskless rate for next year).
  57. Thus, wisdom would dictate that you should subtract as much as 1 percent of gains (or add 1 percent of losses) for the data for the 1960s through the 1980s that you might now hope to achieve when implementing these strategies in the real world.
  58. She thought that if God wanted pasteurized milk he would have developed it so directly from the cow, without going through so many chemical processes that subtract the nutritive properties that the own creator placed within the udders of the animal.
  59. Our cash-debt adjustments, which make all three values comparable, will be to subtract the book value of the interest-bearing debt and add back all cash in excess of 1 percent of sales, which is a general standard for the amount needed to operate the company.
  60. I subtract from it expected real bond yield (10-year Treasury yield minus an estimate of expected long-term inflation that is based on surveys for the past 30 years, and on statistical estimates by central bank economists for earlier dates) to estimate ERPB (the ex ante equity premium over bonds).
  61. To arrive at the Sharpe ratio, simply take the average return from a strategy, subtract the risk-free rate of interest (we use a constant 5 percent risk-free rate of interest which allows us to compare strategies over all subperiods with a consistent risk-free interest rate), and then divide that number by the standard deviation of return.
  62. They never ate meat and they never drank wine; they often remained until evening without food; they were attired, not in a red blouse, but in a black shroud, of woollen, which was heavy in summer and thin in winter, without the power to add or subtract anything from it; without having even, according to the season, the resource of the linen garment or the woollen cloak; and for six months in the year they wore serge chemises which gave them fever.
  1. Subtracting the cost of the spread (2.
  2. Subtracting the cost of the spread, 1.
  3. This ratio is formed by subtracting interest expense.
  4. She was subtracting purchases and putting totals in her.
  5. It is calculated by adding and subtracting the following:.
  6. The process of wealth is building assets and subtracting liabilities.
  7. This is the default, and it is identical to subtracting start from end.
  8. In that regard, stockholders’ equity will be set by subtracting the.
  9. Subtracting 40 bytes for the IP and TCP headers leaves 359 bytes of data.
  10. The spread is determined by subtracting the nearer month from the further month.
  11. The interest benefits were derived by subtracting bankruptcy costs from the tax.
  12. Working capital is calculated by subtracting current assets from current liabilities.
  13. Dictators change things by adding or subtracting, impairing the harmony of the whole.
  14. You calculate your net worth by subtracting your total liabilities from your total assets.
  15. From there, it is just a matter of subtracting your dummy start point from your endpoint.
  16. Simply subtracting this measure from current long-term yield gives an estimate of the BRP.
  17. The century and year are calculated by subtracting 1900 from the four-digit Gregorian year.
  18. If you think it should be -2, -4, -6, -8, -10 because we are subtracting 2, recall that the variable.
  19. Subtracting the initial combination premium from this value gives an estimated VaR(C) for one combination.
  20. It is certainly possible to create a decycler by subtracting a two-pole high-pass filter output from the input data.
  21. This power will protect a character from Cold, Electricity, Fire & Radiation by subtracting 5 Hearts from the damage.
  22. You may have also learned that you could accomplish the division by merely subtracting the exponents or powers of 10.
  23. The century digit is calculated by subtracting 1900 from the current year, dividing by 100, and dropping the remainder.
  24. I taught high school mathematics and for a normal class, would cover one or two topics, say adding and subtracting fractions.
  25. It is important that you make sure that you are subtracting dates from dates, times from times, and datetimes from datetimes.
  26. I wrote lists of possibilities, adding, subtracting, and relocating masterpieces like a mad clerk in a subterranean reading room.
  27. The New High–New Low Index (NH-NL) tracks the behavior of market leaders by subtracting the number of New Lows from the New Highs.
  28. We can apply the normalization method, subtracting the average from criteria values and dividing the result by the standard deviation.
  29. The chart shows this spread over time by subtracting the risk-free Fed Funds rate from the riskier Merrill Lynch High Yield (MLHY) Index.
  30. Subtracting capex (assumed to be fixed at 2% per year) and adding expected inflation gives an expected total return series which rose from 8.
  31. Simply by subtracting the extra revenues brought in from Data General, we can see that the volume of EMC’s existing businesses grew from $5.
  32. Your intrinsic value is now $50,000, which is determined by subtracting the current value of $300,000 from the option contract price of $250,000.
  33. You calculate it by taking the return of the portfolio and subtracting a constant required rate of return of 10 percent divided by downside risk.
  34. The cost of goods sold is then found by adding purchases to the opening inventory and subtracting the closing inventory, valued as described.
  35. Cornell concludes that subtracting the 2% dilution effect from 3% real aggregate earnings growth makes 1% real EPS growth a realistic long-run prospect.
  36. The first line, called the MACD line, is typically created by subtracting the 26-period EMA (the slow momentum) from the 12-period EMA (the fast momentum).
  37. Subtracting its debt of around $30 per share leaves the equity value at $162 compared with a market price of $116, a margin of safety of almost 30 percent.
  38. By subtracting $100,000 out of our total holdings, we could have more accurately assessed the real size of our nest egg as we were planning for retirement.
  39. Adding to or subtracting items from the cart: When the user views their cart, he they see a table with the quantities of each item in their cart to the left.
  40. A decycler filter is created by subtracting the output of a high-pass filter from the input, thereby removing the high-frequency components by cancellation.
  41. This is done by subtracting the minimum value from each individual value and dividing the result by the difference between the maximum and the minimum value.
  42. At the end of the day he hoped that by replacing the blank micro-chips rather than subtracting; the machine would record it had programmed the correct amount.
  43. The linkage is even stronger if we use de-trended bill rates (de-trended by subtracting the past decade average from the current level): the correlation is—0.
  44. The channel can be widened, if desired, by adding a fraction of the average bar range to the smoothed high prices and subtracting it from the smoothed low prices.
  45. Taking the average value of the stock we will receive at expiration and subtracting the average amount we will pay at expiration gives us the expected value for the call.
  46. A positive gamma position will gain deltas as the market rises (we are adding a positive number) and lose deltas as the market falls (we are subtracting a positive number).
  47. But market professionals also look at the floating supply—the number of shares that are available for possible purchase after subtracting stock that is closely held.
  48. A decycler oscillator is created by subtracting the output of a high-pass filter having a shorter cutoff period from the output of another high-pass filter having a longer cutoff period.
  49. We might approximate the discounted value of the exercise price and eliminate the need to do any division by subtracting the interest on the exercise price from the exercise price itself.
  50. The book value per share of a common stock is found by adding up all the tangible assets, subtracting all liabilities and stock issues ahead of the common and then dividing by the number of shares.
  51. Now, compare that tedious process to the relative simplicity of working with base 10 SI units by subtracting 5 millimeters from 95 mm to yield 90 mm and dividing that by 5 to give 5 equal parts of 18mm each.
  52. You are under moral obligation to represent the past generation in the honest transmittal of legitimate wealth to succeeding generations after subtracting a fair toll for the benefit of the present generation.
  53. A negative gamma position will behave in just the opposite way, losing deltas as the market rises (we are adding a negative number) and gaining deltas as the market falls (we are subtracting a negative number).
  54. As a result, if we calculate the delta of the synthetic underlying (long call and short put) by adding the American call delta and subtracting the American put delta, we find that the deltas add up to more than 100.
  55. Mark Webber had been collecting rents from tenants, paying the nominal rent due to the priory every year, subtracting an agreed collection fee and sending the balance annually to Merthin in Florence via the Caroli family.
  56. For a complex position consisting of many different options, we use the same interpretation of the gamma as we do for individual options, adding the gamma to the old delta as the underlying contract rises and subtracting the gamma as the market falls.
  57. What should be the fair price for a stock index forward contract? In Chapter 2, we calculated the forward price for an individual stock by adding the interest costs to the stock price (the cost of buying now) and subtracting the expected dividends (the benefit of buying now).
  58. As an individual taxpayer, you must pay if (1) you had a tax liability the previous year, (2) you expect to owe at least $1,000 after subtracting your withholding and credits, and (3) you expect your withholding and credits to be less than the smaller of 90% of your tax return.
  59. Rather than adding back all of depreciation and amortization (D&A) to EBIT after tax and then subtracting the maintenance portion of capital expenditure, we will simplify the calculations and add back 25 percent of D&A, assuming that the other 75 percent will be more than enough to cover maintenance capex.
  60. Yet, when the rules of arithmetic confront one at every summing of his probable resources and subtracting of his fixed expenditures, and the figures, like fleshless, bony fingers, point him to deficits and unpaid bills impending, then, even while faith maintains her hold, it cannot be denied that shadows cross our path.
  61. What has the company put in the "investing" section that is a necessary expense of doing business, like buying property for a real estate company or programming expense for a media production company? Adjust for free cash flow by subtracting necessary capital expenditures (if the company tells you; if not, guess) and dividends.
  62. There is indicated altitude, the uncorrected height in feet as read by the pilot directly from the dial; then there is actual altitude, or elevation of the terrain expressed in feet above sea level, then true altitude, this is actual height of the aircraft above sea level; then there is absolute altitude, which is the actual height of the aircraft above the terrain, you get that by subtracting elevation from true altitude.
  63. Also, there’s the obvious fact that the amount of energy required to give animalistic intelligence to a tree would require a magnetic monopole super-imposed within a super-massive black hole isolated within a Higgs Field times the density of a weakless universe divided by the sub-particle wave length of the root square of an isosceles triangle subtracting the para-statistical metadata equal to the maximum level of sub-atomic exotic particles, then acting under the assumption that in the event of the self-intersection of cosmic strings triggered by inordinate radiation, there would exist somewhere an object that was both simultaneously larger than the entire universe and smaller than an atom, blatantly violating the Law of Conservation of Energy.
  1. I subtracted 200 from 524 an got 324.
  2. Every penny off $100 is subtracted from $4.
  3. After I subtracted the weight of the skillet, it.
  4. Nothing can be either added to or subtracted from Perfection.
  5. The vega from any short option position would be subtracted.
  6. There is usually a small charge which is subtracted from the.
  7. Those calories should not be subtracted off of your recommended.
  8. He started with twenty five years and then subtracted weekends and.
  9. MACD employs a net exponential moving average (meaning one is subtracted from the other).
  10. Importantly, no trading costs have been subtracted from any of the strategy style returns.
  11. Once the gross estate is calculated, applicable deductions are subtracted from that value.
  12. His indigo eyes subtracted from me all the hardship and left me lying in a tranquility lap.
  13. When a stock closes lower, it shows that bears won the day, and that day's volume is subtracted from OBV.
  14. If they are subtracted from the total uninsured, then 33Million are without insurance and are more needy.
  15. This example does not include transaction costs, which, of course, would be subtracted from the bottom line.
  16. This calculation is applied to each session and then added to or subtracted from the cumulative index value.
  17. A gross profit is how much money is left after the cost of goods sold is subtracted from the revenue numbers.
  18. Each day's volume is added or subtracted, depending on whether prices close higher or lower than on the previous day.
  19. Ending stocks are the total amount of supply left over after total annual usage has been subtracted from annual supply.
  20. Maybe her cognitive capabilities would noticeably worsen if she subtracted the exercise, the Aricept, or the blueberries.
  21. The advance is subtracted down until the initial royalties cover it, although it probably depends upon the way the contract is worded.
  22. The reason is that if the floater has non-negligible mass, this mass can simply be subtracted from its volume to obtain an effective volume.
  23. In other words, analysts added up all the prices of bits and pieces, subtracted the elephant-sized debt, and got numbers far in excess of the stock price.
  24. In these calculations it will be noted, first, that the inventory is increased by restoring the reserve of $425,000 subtracted therefrom in the balance sheet.
  25. They calculated cash flow for each division, gave it a multiple, and came up with a negative value for the company after debt and preferred stock were subtracted.
  26. It measures the accumulation or distribution of shares: share volume is either added to (on up days) or subtracted from (on down days) a running balance of volume.
  27. By starting with book value and adding back adjustments, we in effect subtracted this debt from the reproduction value of Intel's assets to arrive at the asset value.
  28. The line plotted below the price bars is the fast line of the MACD, which is simply the value of the slow moving average subtracted from the value of the fast average.
  29. The accounting methods used showed wide divergences, but the majority of companies spared their income accounts as much as possible and subtracted these losses from surplus.
  30. A fund’s expenses incurred by accounting, shareholder servicing, and investment management fees are subtracted from the return that the fund actually earned on its investments.
  31. Sharpe ratio is sometimes computed as the ratio of total return and its volatility, which is plain wrong; the return on a money market asset should be subtracted from total returns.
  32. AD 30 subtracted from AD 1948 leaves 1918 years, nothing about this seems relational either except any equivalence would have to be in thousands of years, which means approximately two millennial measurements.
  33. Because optimization based on the maximum drawdown requires minimization of the utility function, its transformed values should be subtracted from 1 to be compatible with the function based on the Sharpe ratio.
  34. Actual living expenses in the present day give you a better take on what you’ll need down the road, once you have subtracted out the ones that no longer apply and have made appropriate adjustments for inflation.
  35. For some interest-rate products, primarily Eurocurrency interest-rate futures, the listed contract price represents the interest rate associated with that contract, expressed as a whole number, subtracted from 100.
  36. For example, if a computer maker reports earnings for the last quarter that include nonrecurring profits from activities such as the sale of real estate, this portion of earnings should be subtracted from the report.
  37. This gives a more benign picture of historical housing returns than Shiller’s analysis, though rental yields may overstate the benefits investors would earn because only regular utility expenses—not repairs or other capital expenditures—are subtracted from income.
  38. Charlie wasn’t deft enough to avoid bringing a whole mortifying mound of soda bottles and newspapers and Styrofoam takeout containers crashing down around his Hush Puppies, but Sam just laughed again, and it wasn’t the kind of laughter that subtracted anything; it was a warm breeze lifting him up.
  39. Since we are still finding more diamonds as we do our prospection of Eris, Callisto Prime gave a cutoff date for estimating the value of the diamonds to what we had found by December 25, then subtracted the total costs for this expedition, including the construction cost of Eris Station and its manning for the first year.
  40. Michael Derchin of Drexel Burnham added up the assets of Eastern (planes, shuttle, South American routes, the Carib bean routes, Atlanta and Miami hubs, and so on), subtracted the debt, assumed that net operating losses (NOLs) and investment tax credits (ITCs) would shelter the gain and Texas Air would net from $16 to $38 per share plus Continental and System One, of course.
  41. But analysis would show that the participation of the public in any future increase in earnings was seriously diluted in three different ways: by the cash selling expense subtracted from the price to be paid for the new stock, by the small tangible assets contributed by the original owners for their stock interest and by the warrants which would siphon off part of any increased value.
  1. This Power also subtracts 12 points.
  2. He subtracts this from his cost base before reporting the gain.
  3. This attack subtracts 1 die from the damage of the victim's attacks until he Breaks Free.
  4. This guy was really big—bigger than he looks here, because the camera always subtracts 400 pounds.
  5. It adds the money that is made by the printer and subtracts the money that’s destroyed or broken.
  6. So a character with Tough Hide & Resist Physical, doesn't subtract 10 from force damage he only subtracts 5.
  7. In either case, it does constitute a certain portion of a person’s net assets that subtracts from the amount eventually dispensed to the heir(s).
  8. When a firm has significant financial leverage, the appropriate starting point is the enterprise value, which includes both debt and equity and then subtracts cash.

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