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Выберите язык, затем введите слово ниже, чтобы получить примеры предложений для этого слова.

Reduce в предложении (на )

  1. Reduce stove to low heat.
  2. Reduce the heat to low.
  3. Then reduce heat to 325.
  4. Reduce heat to medium low.
  5. We can always reduce the.

  6. To Reduce Cost of product.
  7. Reduce your cable bill, too.
  8. This will serve to reduce.
  9. The UN has tried to reduce.
  10. Reduce heat and simmer for.
  11. Cover and reduce heat to low.
  12. The Ability to Reduce Costs.
  13. Reduce heat to 325 degrees F.
  14. This should help reduce waste.
  15. Then, reduce the total number.

  16. This will in turn reduce your.
  17. Reduce heat to low and cover pan.
  18. Find a way to reduce your taxes.
  20. Heat to boiling; reduce the heat.
  21. Reduce, renew, re-use and recycle.
  22. Reduce the heat as low as it goes.
  23. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat.
  24. Bring to a boil and reduce to half.
  25. This would reduce their financial.

  26. Has the ability to reduce its costs.
  27. It may reduce the snoring since it.
  28. Upon adulthood reduce the feedings.
  29. To reduce the clutter on the slide.
  30. Options were designed to reduce risk.
  31. Then reduce to 5 capfuls per gallon.
  32. They reduce from colliding with logs.
  33. This can reduce energy wasted while.
  34. Can love of virtue combine to reduce.
  35. Its time to reexamine and reduce!!!.
  36. In fact, the equation can reduce to:.
  37. They can also reduce and relieve pain.
  38. There is only one healthy way to reduce.
  39. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and.
  40. This would reduce my basis further to 14.
  41. Reduce the risk with your marketing and.
  42. I’m sure it’ll reduce our levels of.
  43. Reduce heat to 350F and bake 15 minutes.
  44. Mark-downs to Reduce Depreciation Charges.
  45. Reducing stress will reduce pest attacks.
  46. The projected cost to reduce warming by 1.
  47. Rinse between showers to reduce tainting.
  48. This will reduce the weight of your bags.
  49. Reduce the resistance of the elastic band.
  50. I will reduce it to a very simple example.
  51. Reduce heat and stir in the peanut butter.
  52. Reduce heat to simmer and stir occasionally.
  53. Combination of reduce water and retard set.
  54. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to simmer.
  55. This action can reduce suffering, increase.
  56. Do you reduce my commands to the rantings.
  57. The method utilized to reduce these humans.
  58. It is really not to help reduce our health.
  59. Combination of reduce water and shorten the.
  60. This would reduce the glare and reflections.
  61. Reduce the amount of fat, cholesterol, and.
  62. I would reduce this place into nothing but.
  63. Reduce your printing costs, save trees, and.
  64. I’ll reduce his staff to a smoldering nub.
  65. Oatmeal is a great way to reduce cholesterol.
  66. We first need to reduce this energy reliance.
  67. Mitigation involves taking action to reduce.
  68. He can adjust, reduce position size, or exit.
  69. Reduce heat and start adding the cheese cubes.
  70. This elimination should also help to reduce.
  71. Catalysts reduce risk and help investors by:.
  72. She was forced to reduce the size of her herd.
  73. This alone will help reduce your refund rates.
  74. Reduce patent interference in the marketplace.
  75. To reduce the scope of this review the focus.
  76. Now that would seriously reduce our options.
  77. Prepare to reduce the field, she ordered.
  78. In that case you should reduce your weight by.
  79. Try these simple steps to reduce the symptoms:.
  80. It’ll speed things up and reduce crowding.
  81. Any community that needs to reduce its pigeon.
  82. Alternatively, if we can reduce the vega to –0.
  83. It is said to reduce menstrual cramps, prevent.
  84. Reduce fees and taxes and invest the difference.
  85. Reduce heat to medium and remove the soup bones.
  86. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 2 minutes.
  87. How the heck can more spindle rpms reduce heat?
  88. Reduce heat to medium and cook an additional 20.
  89. Reduce heat and simmer for five minutes, covered.
  90. Bathe sprains with cold water to reduce swelling.
  91. This will reduce the size of their deposits and.
  92. Will the benefits of the herbs reduce over time?
  93. Congress to reduce the power of unions to reduce.
  94. Reduce PMS symptoms using the power of your mind.
  95. Reduce to low heat when the stock begins to simmer.
  96. Use talcum powder on the ruler to reduce friction.
  97. If I have not stressed it enough, reduce the risk.
  98. Quite the contrary – reduce the level of energy.
  99. The catalyst that would reduce him to pure energy.
  100. The law also set up standards to reduce coal dust.
  1. Reducing the limits can make.
  2. Reducing the tax burden of the.
  3. Reducing it to only a numb ache.
  4. Child Tax Credit – Reducing the.
  5. By themselves, they were reducing.
  6. Reducing the amount of sodium that.
  7. Tool number two is for reducing.
  8. Reducing Integration Time and Costs.
  9. Stealthily, we are reducing the distance.
  10. Save money by reducing your energy costs.
  11. Even with the field effect reducing the.
  12. Reducing stress will reduce pest attacks.
  13. Reducing space goes in terms of cooling.
  14. Chapter nine: Reducing Risks to the Buyer.
  15. The reducing of a complicated appearance.
  16. Consider reducing the amount of grains and.
  17. Reducing numbers and other concepts down to.
  18. For the investor, it is all about reducing risk.
  19. How? By reducing the cost of closing the trade.
  20. Q: You are reducing sadhana to simple attention.
  21. A much bigger role for lubrication is reducing.
  22. The proton contributes to that reducing of space.
  23. Reducing the expression and eliminating r:.
  24. Reducing the gravity gave me the height in my jump.
  25. Reducing the product price to increase the revenue.
  26. It's about reducing the barriers, whether these are.
  27. Most diets work by reducing the daily calorie intake.
  28. It has been linked to reducing cholesterol, managing.
  29. Wrob said, reducing risk, but, instead, increasing it.
  31. By reducing food to a few, boring, identical products.
  32. One factor in reducing these risks is to be sure that.
  33. Reducing the stress in your life is equally important.
  34. Sprouted pulses are also very good for reducing weight.
  35. The rain pelted down, reducing visibility even further.
  36. They have cut back costs as far as possible, reducing.
  37. The horse gradually started calming down, reducing its.
  38. Reducing all three components will lower risk, but not.
  39. So the section for reducing the marines was stricken out.
  40. It acts as an antiseptic and oxidizing agent, reducing.
  41. We can do this by reducing the width of the butterflies.
  42. Reducing your carbohydrate intake as a means of losing.
  43. Plus it would lead to reducing hate and irresponsibilty.
  44. You may actually deepen your loss instead of reducing it.
  45. The effects on back pain of counselling aimed at reducing.
  46. That’s another 56 days of positive balance reducing your.
  47. These fatty acids are very effective in reducing the fats.
  48. It is effective for reducing itching and skin inflammation.
  49. You’re also reducing your reliance on the press release.
  50. Congratulations on reducing electricity, water and paper.
  51. This had the effect of reducing DSO from 70 days to 65 days.
  52. As a result, some researchers have suggested that reducing.
  53. Tool number two is for reducing the planks to the needed.
  54. Eliminating or reducing the causes of crime, such as poverty.
  55. EGCG and has been found effective in reducing body fat, only.
  56. Sephiroth was on him with the swiftest of movements, reducing.
  57. I was proud to see that albeit being unsuccessful in reducing.
  58. That could be done through raising taxes or reducing benefits.
  59. By reducing the Mc you have been able to REDUCE THE DIA OF THE.
  60. Allow everything to boil once more before reducing the heat and.
  61. Tax shelters are actually legal method of reducing taxable income.
  62. There is yet another focus for reducing weight and that is shape.
  63. Ideal for protecting the digestive tract and reducing excess acid.
  64. To achieve optimal heat reducing effects through feedrate, use the.
  65. It could be that the reducing of the radius comes in installments.
  66. On the other hand, by reducing the frequency of your updates, but.
  67. Women should also consider reducing the amount of fish they consume.
  68. Reducing their speed, they stopped, searching through the half-light.
  69. ConocoPhillips began reducing risk to the point where profits were.
  70. A calm had fallen, the sublime food reducing the chatter to a murmur.
  71. By taking these steps to a healthier lifestyle you are reducing your.
  72. Sales while at the same time reducing the number of cars on the road.
  73. A water change is a good way of reducing the number of pollutants in.
  74. They lessen congestion and ease your breathing, thus reducing snoring.
  75. By reducing the rate of interest, therefore, from ten to five per cent.
  76. Originally developed to treat heart problems (by reducing stress on the.
  77. Manipulation was as effective as the medication in reducing an overall.
  78. Actually vitamins are extremely helpful when it comes to reducing stress.
  79. With the cutting back of usage of recruitment agencies, and reducing the.
  80. It is possible to plan an optimum diversification thus reducing the risk.
  81. If it instead pays $100 per share, then it is reducing shareholder value.
  82. He condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to destruction by reducing.
  83. Howard and Olsen started reducing their speed as they approached the bridge.
  84. These are typically located at the inlet to each pressure reducing station.
  85. A preliminary trial found that weight loss was more important in reducing.
  86. Besides reducing the levels of high blood pressure, it also stimulates the.
  87. A daily dose of vitamin A is proven to be an effective way of reducing the.
  88. New Jersey) is one method of cooking with pans and reducing fat to a minimum.
  89. What the accounts will show is the depreciation reducing the worth of assets.
  90. By reducing size only r comes into contest and will point to such reduction.
  91. For reducing the weight effectively you need to organize your sleeping habit.
  92. Study shows that GnRH are effective in reducing the symptoms and the size of.
  93. This is the last heat reducing tool we'll talk about, but it may be the most.
  94. You increase the value of such businesses by reducing the inherent risks for.
  95. The section for reducing the marines was struck out, without debate—ayes 59.
  96. Diluting the oceans is reducing the concentration of salts and other minerals.
  97. However, reducing your startup costs would probably make this idea worthwhile.
  98. Planet which is a much different objective than reducing our oil dependence.
  99. As you can see the process involves reducing risk in the business, developing.
  100. Dematerializing is just cutting down on what we buy and reducing what we have.
  1. He reduced his world to.
  2. Midwest has reduced the U.
  3. Water is reduced to stone.
  4. But we have reduced this.
  5. Movement was reduced to a.
  6. That they were reduced to.
  7. It reduced him to tears.
  8. Mitya was reduced to silence.
  9. Soon the gap reduced to zero.
  10. This waste should be reduced.
  11. Our group was reduced to ten.
  12. Visibility is reduced to zero.
  13. Damage is reduced by 10 points.
  14. Our numbers are reduced by two.
  15. Reduced Maxwel 's 20 equations.
  16. I would say at a reduced level.
  17. But I get reduced sensitivity.
  18. Therefore it leads to reduced.
  19. It was reduced to six per cent.
  20. My knees were reduced to rubber.
  21. But in 2009, the EPS is reduced.
  22. So Wilson was reduced to a man.
  23. Everything was reduced to rubble.
  24. I was reduced to watching reruns.
  25. Most were eventually reduced to.
  26. That they were reduced to ashes.
  27. These fats should not be reduced.
  28. Duck, domestic, wings of, reduced.
  29. In which water is reduced to stone.
  30. The reduced Social Security (SS).
  32. The AMZN stock price reduced to $5.
  33. As they reduced speed it could be.
  34. When reduced to pulp they are done.
  35. Coaching – reduced to the maximum.
  37. When the competition is reduced, it.
  38. The equation is reduced to: 9+4+7= 20.
  39. Crooks had reduced himself to nothing.
  40. C3: It has been reduced to 25% chance.
  41. He reduced throttle to slow her down.
  42. Thinking why have you reduced me to a.
  43. His spirituality had been reduced to.
  44. Their profit margins would be reduced.
  45. A: YES…but at a reduced serving size.
  46. By then the Nautilus had reduced speed.
  47. Cheaper fees for sports bring reduced.
  49. Modern hardware has reduced this time.
  50. Every manor-house was reduced to ashes.
  51. Seeing him reduced to this bothered her.
  52. Guesswork it reduced itself to eventually.
  53. The pain had not gone away or reduced in.
  54. Most states have reduced speed limits for.
  55. The bounty upon rye is reduced from 3s:6d.
  56. If he gives up Bones, it's reduced grease.
  57. Then reduced him to the lowest of the low.
  58. The Statue was also reduced to 350 pieces.
  59. Madrid and Brussels were reduced to rubble.
  60. Although our old man reduced his internal.
  61. It pained Bo to see his father reduced to.
  62. His broad shoulders seemed reduced by the.
  63. This is a simplified or reduced version of.
  64. He reduced his altitude and saw a man below.
  65. They felt the humiliation of their reduced.
  66. Weight of the big difficulties gets reduced.
  67. The line of defenders was reduced to a ring.
  68. Very soon we shall be reduced to nothing.
  69. Their party was now farther reduced; for Mr.
  70. It not only reduced production so the Lords.
  71. Check if your creditor has reduced the rates.
  72. With a reduced audience, Murdo became quieter.
  73. George's yell was quickly reduced to a whisper.
  74. Can health care costs be reduced by limiting.
  75. There they were defeated, and utterly reduced.
  76. But its real price has been much more reduced.
  77. They were reduced to pulp by Greek machineguns.
  78. The company reduced capital expenditures to $1.
  79. The number of average trades was reduced to 30.
  80. Charles reduced, and broken down to his naked.
  81. Cash interest would be reduced by $115 million.
  82. He reduced speed again and became more vigilant.
  83. But, by the end of the year it was reduced to.
  84. Within a matter of days it would be reduced to.
  85. Goods and Services would be reduced in response.
  86. Even at our reduced size, this is just too much.
  87. The deduction is reduced for joint filers with.
  88. He was disgusted by what he had been reduced to.
  89. Later years the charge was reduced or so I heard.
  90. He was pretty much reduced to calling it a hunch.
  91. She seemed to enjoy seeing Miles reduced to this.
  92. A mage prefers not to get reduced to externality.
  93. The liquid in the bottle had noticeably reduced.
  94. The harbour wall had been reduced to rubble and.
  95. The noise is reduced as the data period is longer.
  96. In fact, everything can be reduced to this common.
  97. The Artonians loved the reduced gravity but kept.
  98. So… now the distance has reduced or what?
  99. Given that the Turks had been greatly reduced in.
  100. You’ve reduced me to babbling, Tammas said.
  1. Thus the line reduces to.
  2. This reduces the fear of.
  4. This reduces the cost and 137.
  5. Such an idea reduces me to fury.
  6. This slowly reduces your snoring.
  7. It all reduces to neural activity.
  8. Xzavier reduces the panda’s size.
  9. Making it fun reduces the tension.
  10. This not only reduces anxiety but.
  11. This both saves money and reduces risk.
  12. It reduces my urge to kick your face in.
  13. And so the field reduces, he mused.
  14. The direct impact is that it reduces the.
  15. This comes when he reduces himself to zero.
  16. This reduces chances of injuries and sprains.
  17. Help reduces fear, gives refuge and strength.
  18. Bringing up that lagging muscle reduces the.
  19. By doing this it both reduces your cravings.
  20. Is that it greatly reduces the physiological.
  21. The Recovery Act now reduces the earned income.
  22. His destruction reduces back to those substances.
  23. Your argument then reduces merely to bargaining.
  24. Soothes headache and anxiety and reduces fatigue.
  25. This reduces vibration and, as a result, snoring.
  26. Knowledge in bits and bytes reduces fear and myth.
  27. As time passes, an option’s optionality reduces.
  28. The compressibility of water reduces the sea level.
  29. This automatically reduces the importance of books.
  30. A carrot a day reduces stroke risk by 68 percent.
  31. With this, it integrates the knowledge, it reduces.
  32. This trade also reduces gamma and costs very little.
  33. Materialism reduces mental events to physical events.
  34. It reduces damage to the crops from pests and weeds.
  35. The mass that pulls reduces the radius by the square.
  36. This five-day pattern reduces to a bearish Shooting Star.
  37. This reduces wear and tear, noise, and improves perfor-.
  38. The water reduces friction as the loft rotates each day.
  39. If this stock reduces too fast, then it must be renewed.
  40. This trade reduces gamma and costs typically very little.
  41. This reduces the amount a character can lift to 1/10 normal.
  42. Quitting smoking reduces the risk of having a heart attack.
  43. This significantly reduces the number of calculations done.
  44. This obviously reduces the risk for the remaining position.
  45. He spreads the bounties to whomever He wills, or reduces it.
  46. The reduction in muscle tension reduces tension in the jaws.
  47. This drink also reduces inflammation in the body which can.
  48. The bullish Thrusting pattern reduces to a Shooting Star line.
  49. It is said that as a man ages his need to ejaculate reduces.
  50. Boil milk in a heavy bottomed saucepan until it reduces to half.
  51. This reduces the amount of traffic that passes across the link.
  52. Add wine and boil until it reduces to about half, about 5–6.
  53. Longer averaging reduces the noise level compared to the signal.
  54. Since imbalance of base and stomach acid reduces the ability of.
  55. By improving the transmit information between cells, it reduces.
  56. Anytime you can consume something that reduces those devastating.
  57. NP-hard: The class of problems to which every NP problem reduces.
  58. A dark religion commited to soul reduces white to the black level.
  59. The claim to more space produces more space and reduces more heat.
  60. This includes anything that creates costs, reduces effectiveness.
  61. Common sense is the facility which reduces injury along with fear.
  62. Pulling the stick out increases the flow, pushing it in reduces it.
  63. It reduces the power of the brain that can be used for daily tasks.
  64. But reality tempers you, and thinking about it reduces the outrage.
  65. Also the buyer will want the business run so that it reduces risk.
  66. At that lime content reduces in the mix approximately in 2-3 times.
  67. And, in many cases, line noise is a factor that reduces line speed.
  68. Everyday that goes by, reduces the chance that they will still be.
  69. Animal studies suggested that chitosan supplementation reduces fat.
  70. Any injury that immobilizes and reduces the ability to produce heat.
  71. The former effect reduces dividend yield while the latter raises it.
  72. I promise you that you will sense Elior again when the pain reduces.
  73. Sunshine is the main source of vitamin D, which reduces the risk of.
  74. By releasing the flow of the chi, it also reduces the abdominal pain.
  75. That reduces the scope of my argument to a tenth of what it would be.
  76. The average price reduces the range of prices paid into a single value.
  77. Blood stagnation is caused by liver qi imbalance, it reduces the liver.
  78. Again – this reduces the dimensions of the image but NOT the file size.
  79. This reduces the total metal used per casting & thus improving the YIELD.
  80. Violence under pluralism reduces productivity and breaks windows of life.
  81. It hugely reduces your own setup costs in terms of premises and equipment.
  82. Whatever reduces the real price of the latter, raises that of the former.
  83. Since it reduces the pancreas function in secreting insulin by increasing.
  84. The equation reduces to: (A / S ) ÷ (L / S) ÷ (Retained Earnings / Sales).
  85. The Deliberation pattern reduces to a long white candlestick (Figure 3-115).
  86. Précising definition- It is definition that reduces vagueness of the term.
  87. Vertical gardening reduces the chances of ending up with rotten vegetables.
  88. The Three Line Strike reduces four days to the same signal as the Engulfing.
  89. The reduced tension in the jaws reduces the habit of clenching and grinding.
  90. In 1995, an analysis of many trials proved that soy reduces both total and.
  91. Without our trust and demands, our free will reduces their power to help us.
  92. This dramatically reduces the number of people who can match these conditions.
  93. The Two Crows pattern reduces to a possible Shooting Star line (Figure 3-120).
  94. Reinforcer A from FR 10 to FR 100 reduces its consumption by a factor greater.
  95. It reduces the losses and risk and makes it easy to leave overnight if needed.
  96. The limit imposed by ourselves indirectly reduces our capacity to love others.
  97. Adjusting for the bid–ask spreads observed in the 2000s reduces the SR by 0.
  98. Weakened liver reduces the liver function in secreting bile in regulating the.
  99. Avoiding investments in over-hyped investments reduces the risk of such drops.
  100. Too much praise is ineffective because it comes too easy and often reduces the.

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