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    1. Our tribe was created with one single purpose, to help reduce al

    2. Now, here is my realistic and simple way of understanding what you should reduce in your diet

    3. Cut the crap! Cut the crap out of your life! Reduce it

    4. Studies have suggested that walking at a brisk pace for three or more hours a week can reduce our risk for coronary heart disease by 65 percent

    5. · Regular, active exercise such as swimming and running, raises our heart rate and may greatly reduce hardening and blockage of the arteries, a condition known as arteriosclerosis that is a major cause of heart disease and stroke

    6. Learn to enjoy soft music to reduce stress and feel at peace with the environment

    7. · Gradually reduce the salt intake to about a third of previous level

    8. This will severely reduce the snail population almost immediately, and should be done several times before planting

    9. Ninth Month: Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers by one-half again, and increase your organic fertilizer/compost

    10. With this sort of mind-set, retiring, changing jobs, or moving to a smaller place are not likely to significantly reduce stress levels – the stress will be there whether it is imposed externally, or whether you have to manufacture it

    1. promoted at work for instance or even winning The X-Factor – are now drastical y reduced

    2. It is through this balance that the stress of the plant is reduced

    3. Reduced stress always equals reduced pests/disease

    4. By the end of the first year you should have reduced your chemical usage by 80 percent

    5. And Harvard University researchers have reported that people with an optimistic outlook also have a reduced risk of heart disease

    6. While the government has reduced ‘license raj’ in many areas, corruption is still rampant in most areas

    7. For small investors the Mutual Funds is a safe avenue to play this game from sideline with very much reduced risk

    8. As we grew old, the contact reduced to sometimes in dire need

    9. The panip slices were reduced to chips by the time the karga was ready

    10. By three in the afternoon, I’m reduced to watching daytime TV

    1. Saliva production also reduces causing dry mouth and difficult mastication and swallowing

    2. High energy soil provides greater balance that reduces stress and reduces the pest activity

    3. reduces to the same thing in the

    4. The Kid and the others, Matthew and Mark as I have come to call them as the misting of memory reduces them in my mind’s eye, the ones who spoke about their God and their belief, they all tried to impress on me the truth of love and vengeance

    5. Uses l-ascorbic acid as its primary ingredient, combined with zinc sulphate and L-tyrosine, making the skin firmer, and reduces deep lines, which gives the skin a more youthful

    6. You want to reduce that abdomen don’t you ? Then do please remember that there is no hurry at all in this exercise, and the slow s-l-o-w lowering of the legs is precisely what strengthens, tones, exercises, and reduces those flabby abdominal muscles and helps to reduce fat in this area

    7. Hauling my mantel back over my shoulders, I watch as he folds the tent and reduces it to an absurdly small package which he stows in a bag on Adamant’s back

    8. ‘What? The fact that I’m mid thirties and that this reduces the chance of us being able to have children?’ I replied cottoning on to his implied question

    9. It sinks the price of coloured silks and cloths, and thereby reduces the profits of the merchants who have any considerable quantity of them upon hand

    10. the competition reduces them to the level of other trades

    1. In females a hormone (oxytocin) plays a key factor in reducing the response to stress

    2. During the next few years you should work on reducing the chemicals used by ••• then eventually not using any chemicals at all and be 100% Organic! Any problems your plants may have can be treated with the appropriate organic controls; some of which are mentioned in this book

    3. Reducing stress levels in these cases, then, requires not an elimination of stressful situations (which is impossible), but a change in the way stress is handled

    4. This fungus interferes with photosynthesis, reducing the energy level of the plants being attacked

    5. Reducing stress will reduce pest attacks

    6. It is possible to plan an optimum diversification thus reducing the risk

    7. My anger dissolved, reducing, becoming a sullen undertow rather than a raging torrent

    8. Can you reduce your sleeping time? During this 28 day program, you will be reducing your sleeping time by one and a half hours a day

    9. A daily dose of vitamin A is proven to be an effective way of reducing the appearance of

    10. reducing the shape of eyes and the depth

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