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Talk в предложении (на )

  1. I must talk to him.
  2. It is hard to talk.
  3. He was one to talk.
  4. I just want to talk.
  5. Be on the talk shows.

  6. My talk of an hour.
  7. Yes, I need to talk.
  8. No more of this talk.
  9. I should talk to him.
  10. She was eager to talk.
  11. Then He begins to talk.
  12. This is not just talk.
  13. He had to talk to her.
  14. Let us talk about you.
  15. I need to talk to him.

  16. The Sage does not talk.
  17. My mom started to talk.
  18. Oh, we need to talk.
  19. We need to talk to you.
  20. I need to talk to you.
  21. And I did want to talk.
  22. I heard the stars talk.
  23. We need to talk to her.
  24. I invited him to talk.
  25. Chen to talk about Tom.

  26. Not given to small talk.
  27. Yeah talk to you soon.
  28. Rosa you can talk to me.
  29. They don't have to talk.
  30. Listen, I need to talk.
  31. We need to talk a while.
  32. I needed to talk to him.
  33. He wants to talk to you.
  34. If only you could talk.
  35. Franco, we need to talk.
  36. I can’t talk about it.
  37. I needed to talk to you.
  38. I intend to talk to him.
  39. We have to talk this out.
  40. This is walking the talk.
  41. He needed to talk to him.
  42. She wants to talk to you.
  43. I need to talk with you.
  44. He had to talk to Calras.
  45. It's all they talk about.
  46. Talk about a close call.
  47. It hurt to talk about it.
  48. She was lovely to talk to.
  49. Hey, talk to me okay?
  50. She was enjoying his talk.
  51. Then he tried to talk by.
  52. We can talk, but nothing.
  53. But I need to talk to you.
  54. Joseph Clark from his talk.
  55. Pillow talk, they call it.
  56. I told you there was talk.
  57. Ill talk to you soon Joe.
  58. And there's talk about me.
  59. I'll talk to ya soon, bud.
  60. Here was a chance to talk.
  61. We need to talk right now.
  62. I want to talk to this man.
  63. She wants to talk with you.
  64. The Minister wanted to talk.
  65. I had a talk with a.
  66. We'll talk in the morning.
  67. Talk about spooky at night.
  68. We’ll talk to you soon.
  69. Dad, thanks for the talk.
  70. Overall it was a nice talk.
  71. He hated this line of talk.
  72. Was it wise to talk about.
  73. We talk about our weekends.
  74. The talk was all about who.
  75. After all, when I talk of.
  76. We had a nice talk on the.
  77. Talk about things that are.
  78. We didn’t talk about Lexi.
  79. As they talk the case begins.
  80. Kings talk with one another.
  81. I will talk to them later.
  82. Like I said we need to talk.
  83. We'll talk about that later.
  84. We have a lot to talk about.
  85. She gave me some nasty talk.
  86. Talk about putting your SE.
  87. It was still trying to talk.
  88. Maybe I should talk to Nana.
  89. Talk to the dragon you ate.
  90. We could talk about nearly.
  91. I began to talk about Graves.
  92. I need you to talk to me.
  93. It is the talk of the place.
  94. A priest doesn't talk round.
  95. Let’s sit here and talk.
  96. During this talk, the Dalai.
  97. A: I only said that they talk.
  98. Sorry, time to talk later.
  99. I listen to some people talk.
  100. They didn't talk, there was.
  1. I was talking to him.
  2. I was talking to Mr.
  3. I am tired of talking.
  4. It’s a lot of talking.
  5. But this was not talking.
  6. They were talking to Bill.
  7. He was talking about sex.
  8. He was talking to voices.
  9. I’m not talking to him.
  10. Don't do all the talking.
  11. She stopped talking to me.
  12. I stopped talking to her.
  13. What is he talking about?
  14. Thanks for not talking too.
  15. He was talking about Steven.
  16. Ray stopped talking, and I.
  17. By talking to others about.
  18. What was he talking about?
  19. We are talking numbers here.
  20. But Jason just kept talking.
  21. But you are talking of the.
  22. You think he was talking to.
  23. They were talking about you.
  24. Ailia could hear them talking.
  25. I wouldn't if I were talking.
  26. What is he talking about TK?
  27. Talking to Rob has shaken me.
  28. What was she talking about?
  29. What are you talking about.
  30. He began talking this summer.
  31. I'm not talking about staring.
  32. Then John began talking again.
  33. The three men stopped talking.
  34. He was talking out our son.
  35. Why is he talking about this?
  36. He needed to keep her talking.
  37. I tried talking her out of it.
  38. I’m talking now about money.
  39. We can continue talking there.
  40. And none of them were talking.
  41. I was talking with my friend.
  42. He hears Prince still talking.
  43. They were talking in whispers.
  44. God here is talking about two.
  45. We are talking of the officer M.
  46. It is like talking to yourself.
  47. I wasn’t used to her talking.
  48. Maybe talking to him could help.
  49. Is the Chief talking about the.
  50. Then Bob started talking about.
  51. Two days of not talking to Cole.
  52. He always liked talking with her.
  53. You can start by talking to her.
  54. I knew who he was talking about.
  55. In this chapter, he is talking.
  56. She hated talking about it and.
  57. And I bet Dale wasn’t talking.
  58. We have been talking about habit.
  59. I tried to overhear her talking.
  60. Slowly at first, as if talking.
  61. I’m talking about Tommy Stark.
  62. The Carbon we are talking of is.
  63. What you’re talking about is.
  64. Which of us he was talking to?
  65. That was my cue to stop talking.
  66. The lady sat there just talking.
  67. But Laura was talking to herself.
  68. Takina tried to keep him talking.
  69. What are you talking about?
  70. I knew what I was talking about.
  71. I have trouble talking about it.
  72. The time for talking had passed.
  73. They eat without further talking.
  74. Basically, let me do the talking.
  75. She heard her colleagues talking.
  76. He looked at it and quit talking.
  77. Another is talking with Samantha.
  78. But I have been talking too much.
  79. Assume Jesus is talking with you.
  80. Few appeared to be talking, but.
  81. Suddenly the guys stopped talking.
  82. Kept talking about ancient times.
  83. A moment later he started talking.
  84. I think she’s talking to you.
  85. Seconds later, they heard talking.
  86. He was talking about the Delmons.
  87. Was he talking to the computer?
  88. Don't You go talking about death.
  89. He chooses, talking with Universe.
  90. Wolf, facing Parker, was talking.
  91. Al Faradrians and talking to them.
  92. I’ve been talking to his coach.
  93. He’s not talking to the cops.
  94. I thought you were talking to me.
  95. That's the demons talking to you.
  96. Elliott talking it over with Mrs.
  97. One evening I heard them talking.
  98. I've been talking to poor old Mrs.
  99. With whom she is talking exactly?
  100. Who the hell is he talking about?
  1. We talked on and on.
  2. And he talked to me.
  3. I have talked to her.
  4. He talked to the wall.
  5. The two men talked on.
  6. As we ate, he talked.
  7. HE talked and I told.
  8. We talked for an hour.
  9. Why had I not talked.
  10. We talked for a while.
  11. He drank and he talked.
  12. Then Sue and I talked.
  13. I just talked to a guy.
  14. They talked as they ate.
  15. We talked about it a lot.
  16. We talked in the morning.
  17. They ate and talked and.
  18. I haven’t talked to him.
  19. They seldom talked to her.
  20. We talked a lot together.
  21. But I have talked enough.
  22. You talked me into it.
  23. The men smiled and talked.
  24. This man talked like Doc.
  25. They talked a good fight.
  26. We have talked about many.
  27. Sometimes I talked to her.
  28. We talked a little in bed.
  29. But have you ever talked.
  30. He had talked a good deal.
  31. So wondered, so talked Mrs.
  32. Bert talked to him saying.
  33. She talked about me a lot.
  34. I have talked to Hamilton.
  35. He talked to them in the.
  36. She never talked about him.
  37. I talked with Bonnie today.
  38. We talked for over an hour.
  39. But nobody talked about it.
  40. They talked about old times.
  41. She talked to her saints:.
  42. I talked to Mitch about it.
  43. She talked and he listened.
  44. He talked to them in class.
  45. He talked to me the whole.
  46. I just talked to the owner.
  47. His tellers talked to them.
  48. Jesus also talked of these.
  49. I haven’t talked to her.
  50. He talked sensibly but yet.
  51. Miriam talked books a little.
  52. We only talked about my.
  53. Have you talked to him?
  54. He never talked just smiled.
  55. Jezzie had talked and talked.
  56. We have talked about Jesus.
  57. We talked about the weekend.
  58. We talked about the 2 foot.
  59. I talked with him for hours.
  60. I talked and talked and he.
  61. She talked a great deal of M.
  62. He talked to them at parties.
  63. Had Helen talked to friends?
  64. He held my hand as we talked.
  65. They talked for over an hour.
  66. She talked like a philosopher.
  67. Walker and I talked about it.
  68. They talked to pass the time.
  69. They talked about the Ingots.
  70. I talked to his parents and.
  71. It just wasn’t talked about.
  72. She never talked much about.
  73. He talked about God a little.
  74. Manny Leiber talked and paced.
  75. I talked to Jonathan about it.
  76. She talked with me many stuff.
  77. We’ve talked to his father.
  78. Abner talked with his landlady.
  79. They talked for an hour or so.
  80. Mike and Joe talked a bit more.
  81. He had talked to his brother.
  82. They had often talked of his.
  83. They cried and talked quietly.
  84. When they were up they talked.
  85. He had already talked to Danny.
  86. We talked a few minutes longer.
  87. I was scairt he talked to you.
  88. Mother talked on, casual quiet.
  89. Charlene talked him out of it.
  90. That was until she talked to.
  91. We already talked in several.
  92. They talked for about twenty.
  93. Eke had talked Bill into this.
  94. Since he talked to you?
  95. We could have talked this out.
  96. This is why I haven't talked.
  97. This was how guys always talked.
  98. Baba smoked his pipe and talked.
  99. Above her head, they talked on.
  100. In the car, Vickie and I talked.
  1. He talks to the dean.
  2. Now he only talks when.
  3. He talks about voices in.
  4. He talks about his deaf son.
  5. You see, it talks right out.
  6. That's what faith talks like.
  7. Even the Bible talks about it.
  8. It is not me who talks, the.
  9. We shall have many talks yet.
  10. Everyone talks about green tea.
  11. Gore still showed at his talks.
  12. In the meantime, talks continue.
  13. Whoever talks first gets a deal.
  14. Crazy things Jake talks about.
  15. From the talks with Mom and Dad.
  16. He smiles as he talks down at me.
  17. I’ll miss our talks about the.
  19. Talks all the time, he said.
  20. All Moscow talks of nothing but war.
  21. Nobody talks to her about anything.
  22. All she talks about is Syd Clark.
  23. I smell his foul breath as he talks.
  24. Oh, and he sees and talks to Sophie.
  25. When it talks about the end of the.
  26. He talks to her now more than me.
  27. No one talks to The Flower this.
  28. She still talks about it to this day.
  29. He talks about Gandhi’s economic.
  30. She talks as though Simon is with us.
  31. She's got a pussy that talks to you.
  32. The gentleman talks of tender parents.
  33. No, it’s all he ever talks about.
  34. All of these talks when far into the.
  35. In Sabrina's letter JESUS talks about.
  36. But a man always talks of his own ache.
  37. She talks with them in English, but I.
  38. In a whisper he said, He talks!.
  39. But then it talks about the narrow and.
  40. John talks much about the eternal life.
  41. Hutton, when Jones talks, people listen.
  42. And who talks about hermits nowadays?
  43. This chapter also talks about the first.
  44. He talks, as he plies himself with drink.
  45. Tobias talks about her almost reverently.
  46. Our talks have been very constructive.
  47. Each talks more than ten of my relatives.
  48. This man always talks about quality and.
  49. She talks about the catharsis of tragedy.
  50. It talks like it knows what it's saying.
  51. Barnes talks on immensely patriotic lines.
  52. The boy jousts almost as well as he talks.
  53. I have had some confidential talks with Mr.
  54. Who talks of cadeaux? said he gruffly.
  55. Well, not exactly talks, Nicolas said.
  56. On the phone, Channing talks with my mother.
  57. Bob Proctor talks about it in his seminars.
  58. Imagine what I felt overhearing these talks.
  59. The way people talks about it is scandalous.
  60. Yes, it's wonderfully funny the way he talks.
  61. To the girl whom when she talks I always heed.
  62. She talks about her baby? Bah! I didn't know.
  63. Prior to the acquisition talks, Citisoft had.
  64. Yes, only table talks can resolve these issues.
  65. It is sort of what George Clason talks about.
  66. But Mother talks of nothing else except Jacob.
  67. Any time they are in use my house talks to me.
  69. Warren Buffett talks about it all the time too.
  70. When we're on the phone and he talks real slow.
  71. On the video talks with the Chinese President.
  72. James talks in a low voice as he makes the call.
  73. Money talks, and recipients of it listen.
  74. He acted the coward and now talks like a coward.
  75. The Doctor’s talks made him want to know more.
  76. I remember part of the caption talks about the.
  77. Everyone talks about air pollution hanging over.
  78. The spinner talks and ears hear quantity of lies.
  79. She talks to me, Jason said with satisfaction.
  80. Do you mean he still talks in that tongue?
  81. Remembering things a woman talks about helps too.
  82. Mary Ivánovna talks about illness with the doctor.
  83. The "wrong" way he talks is better than a hundred.
  84. It’s just that he talks, Carl said lamely.
  85. She reaches out and fiddles with one as she talks.
  86. You really should listen when Louise talks to you.
  87. That’s why, when the scientiic community talks.
  88. But the Second Amendment talks about the militia.
  89. I had been trying to think about our talks with Dr.
  90. When he talks, he says that a bishop ought to be so.
  91. Over dinner, Rob talks about how the hotel is doing.
  92. Miller, in addition to their talks, led her toward.
  93. That often happens when Dad talks about his research.
  94. Late at night a motion picture studio talks to itself.
  95. He talks in a near whisper as if trying to keep the.
  96. Carlisle-Steinberg, our teacher, as she talks about.
  97. What Kabir talks of is only what he has lived through.
  98. The Bible talks about the chosen ones, in Revelation.
  99. In Susan's letter JESUS talks about the Bible as the.
  100. It talks to you as if it knows you and cares for you.

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