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    1. I think that's Ongar, he's enough of a jerk to talk about it at the Seaside

    2. “And we’d love to hear you talk about it on the show,” he grasps my hand and squeezes it

    3. losing most of the normal reference points that social event smal talk requires:

    4. When can I talk to you?” Don was irritated

    5. She should be able to talk to you now, if you insist

    6. It was a small victory, but Travis still wanted to talk to her more

    7. He started taking his breaks earlier in the day before he even got hungry so he could go and talk to her without a big line

    8. The real story is that it is most likely very difficult to program the autoresponders or whatever item they are trying to talk you out of

    9. Deut: 6:7: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine

    10. “Very clear,” Johnny said, biting back remarks that would only lead to having to listen to Ackers talk more

    11. You just talk with Him in love and adoration

    12. will there talk with thee

    13. Senior Citizens forming their own support groups are more likely to talk as senior persons than as senior citizens

    14. They made inane small talk about the food and 'Isn't it exciting to have visitors from YingolNeerie

    15. "I never could figure out what that wilderness map was about," she said to try and get him to talk

    16. He’d bitch about his feet the whole time but then she’d talk bollocks about how they were going to live in a hot air balloon, raining cream puffs on the general population

    17. With toddlers, suggest that parents show your grandchild a recent picture of you as you talk over the phone

    18. He would talk no more after that, but took the wheel and concentrated on the race to the tunnel, five hours away at the speed he was driving

    19. he even began to talk about plans for the future

    20. Yes, advice, especially if unsolicited, is not usually welcome, but a heart-to-heart talk is usually the answer in many cases

    21. If the Brazilians know, they don't talk about it in bed

    22. She would talk further with her sister when Herndon wasn't around

    23. He d’n’t like it when I sh … said I couldn’t stand by and watch some other woman with him … after they got together, he several times tried to talk to me and I would never let him

    24. "You're trying to talk her into it without letting me know what your plan is

    25. My sister is just as likely to talk to you as me and just as likely to help you whether or not you hold me hostage

    26. Her interest is going to be more on that asteroid than on that shuttlecraft, and that comes in second in her attention to the crippled Christial starship she's trying to talk in

    27. A: I only said that they talk

    28. She said Barney would be at nursery this morning which means that we’ll have an hour or so to talk before she has to collect him

    29. He could talk with her about anything and her business advice gave him perspective at times

    30. One advantage to talking with their eyes is they can talk when their mouth is raised and full

    31. When you are with someone you love very much, you can talk and it is pleasant, but the reality is not in the conversation

    32. What on earth can Stephen have to discuss with me that he can’t talk about on the phone?

    33. I’ve never met her, though we have spoken on the phone … and I thought it might help if I could go round and perhaps talk to her

    34. Now, let’s talk about this housing idea, shall we?’

    35. "If I was with you I couldn't talk about it

    36. "It will be stolen if you talk about it

    37. Which reminds me – you and I are going to have a little talk once this business is all over …

    38. "But I have to talk to you about where I'm going to live and how we're going to manage this tiny island of the league

    39. Maybe it would be better to talk about that first rather than what she was going to do here

    40. "Yes, there is something else I need to talk about," Glenelle admitted

    41. I had a long talk with the Inspector about it

    42. She wondered if she was going to talk about the one on the surface, that could be fun

    43. She insisted that she wanted to see you … I tried to talk her out of it, but …’

    44. ‘But you’re not here to talk about my job prospects, Inspector

    45. She wanted to talk, to hear his voice one last time so that

    46. " The dolphins could talk better underwater than she and Ava could

    47. "Why don't we talk about where we are instead of this, why don't we discuss the philosophy of this civilization, a civilization that exists without violence and coercion

    48. He had plenty to tell, but hated to talk of these things outside certain circles

    49. "If the natives have figured it out they're going to print special editions and talk until late at many tap rails

    50. doctors, always talk about their disease and are convinced that divine heal-

    1. I talked to you about this when we swam at that beach on the West Island

    2. activity? How can I use my time more effectively in order to create and live the life I want? How about those little times that we talked about, like putting something in the microwave

    3. They had talked awhile before that

    4. "Oh she let me know she was worth aluminum, I knew she could put up that camp with her left hand, she talked about putting up a whole plank villa

    5. The one who was organized, kept promises and understood everything they talked about

    6. In the time management section we talked about how two hours of

    7. Vera and I talked and flirted over its sizzling corpse, head and everything

    8. We talked about commune with the Holy Spirit

    9. He talked to her about the car but not the statue

    10. While they talked, she had told Jorma that Kulai was finally the one

    11. I’d never really talked to them before in school

    12. "Has it been that long since we talked last?" she asked

    13. When Ma had left for work, Peter talked to the only one who listened in these situations: his pop

    14. While they talked she had found the Gengee City waterfront schedule

    15. The fact he talked Emma into having Barney baptised at the church says it all really – Emma is not what you would call religious minded

    16. Whatever it was he talked about, he talked about it at length and wanted his chin scratched two or three times during the lecture

    17. The Ava that Tahlmute talked of was not listed as one of them, though quite a few were of the same general look

    18. The women he'd been with talked of little else once the sophistication charade ended

    19. her very often and talked to her on the phone

    20. They talked about her

    21. sociable, she talked of her home in the mountains, of how it had all been sold and how

    22. They talked her thru to the life support controls, those were the first any space-suited humans would make in re-activating the ship from this state

    23. They talked about the situation according to what their

    24. They scolded each other about how long it had been since they'd actually talked instead of just leaving quick notes for each other

    25. ‘I suppose so, but he’s never talked about it

    26. ‘When we last talked about it, things were different … they’ve changed now …’ he lets the sentence hang, almost nervously

    27. We have met a nice guy there, whose name is Dimitri Papayannis; he came and talked to me after he had recognized me as an old schoolmate from junior high school

    28. Especially this morning, she revealed to me many things about herself: She is 23 years old, very sociable and popular, with a large circle of friends! I talked to her about myself too, adding a fib or two, that I also have many friends and that I often go out to discos and clubs

    29. So, that was my reward for the hard, specialized and unpaid work of one and a half month: The guru talked to me for ten whole minutes (something unprecedented within the five years in total I have attended Janus), he advised me to wear more modern clothes and nicer glasses, and he made clear that men avoid me because of my high intelligence and strong personality

    30. I will see to it!” she had reassured me when we talked on the phone earlier in the afternoon

    31. I introduced these people to my games, and in my head we laughed and we talked

    32. We talked for hours, breaking off only to slip our hoods on and sit quietly on our mattress rolls when the guards brought in the evening meal

    33. Half of what they talked about didn't have a Portuguese word to go with it and the population difference was still fifty million to one

    34. "Yes," he sighed, she talked like such a native

    35. During the meal she talked him into taking her up to henarDee to tell Kulai personally

    36. The karga medallions were magnificent but she was unimpressed and let him finish hers while she talked of karga social sophistication

    37. She talked with slow, fluid gestures and had blue, blue dreamy eyes that sometimes focused on the phonecam, making Alfred afraid that she had spotted the lens

    38. While he ate and drank his wine, of which she accepted one small glass to be sociable, she talked of her home in the mountains, of how it had all been sold and how she roamed the world now, stateless but always with a casket of earth from her own land by her side as a reminder of home and her beloved family

    39. Maybe if they talked for a while, maybe if they got their breath back they could try it all again, he thought

    40. ‘Well, there’s only me … the thought that there might be family on Errd’s too attractive for words … and Gran talked a lot about the cousins she left behind

    41. In the previous secret, we talked about releasing resistance,

    42. "Luray talked mainly of your knowledge and musical talent when she talked of you

    43. In the four days since she'd talked with Alan there hadn't been a good opportunity to continue what they started back in week Zawmathii and her desire had only grown since then in spite of her worry about Alan

    44. I told you that when we talked about it a couple weeks ago

    45. ‘We talked a lot on the trip to Abery

    46. we talked away the hours,

    47. talked to Nihar about her studies and needlework which

    48. doing, even though it was all they ever talked about when they

    49. They had caught up on what he had talked about with Luray, the ephemeral nature of Earth life

    50. The doctors we had seen on Earth talked of viruses and complications, but, with hindsight, I reckon she’d just given up …

    1. “He was at the crime scene and he started talking about how I should be on his show, like nothing ever happened, like everything was fine between us

    2. Vera’s talking with the old lady, Ruthie, and a couple I don’t recognize

    3. Avoid talking when food/water is in the mouth

    4. Doing what you said you would do long after the mood you said it in is simple if you follow what we are talking about here, but it’s not easy

    5. That’s not the kind of, you’re more important than they are scenario that I’m talking about here

    6. Never stop taking the medicine without talking with your doctor first

    7. The public door was open and Athnu was talking with someone

    8. Apart from situations of repeated non-compliance or serious misconduct of the patient and when essential but unpleasant activity is required to be performed, rest of the time consultants should be soft spoken as talking is the main ingredient of patient-doctor relationship

    9. "What are you talking about?"

    10. The Lord just shook his head and said, "What are you talking about? I sent two boats and a helicopter?"

    11. He stayed calm but let her do the talking, then excused himself to the compost can

    12. The Inspector goes on talking to Mr Merrett

    13. Answer: Dear John, What is that special soil you are talking about? I would be interested in testing it for you and seeing for myself

    14. We must give full attention when the grandchild is proudly displaying or talking about something that he has achieved

    15. Don't do all the talking

    16. I had attacked the housework like a maniac after talking to Ted this morning

    17. The Lord just shook his head and said, "What are you talking about? I sent two boats and a helicopter!"

    18. Zitteraal looks at him as if he had no idea what John is talking about

    19. The documentary is still going on, though I have completely lost the thread of what they are talking about now

    20. Add water as needed by spraying (this water is the same liquid seaweed I’ve been talking about)

    21. One advantage to talking with their eyes is they can talk when their mouth is raised and full

    22. ‘Not Barrington Court?’ I suggested, not entirely sure what he is talking about

    23. ‘Why was he talking about it?’ I asked as we move away to stand in front of another portrait

    24. ‘Liz is talking about moving back to Bridgwater

    25. That allowed her to change the subject, she gave up grilling him for fear of doostEr talking of her fetish for virgins in front of Estwig

    26. There is a stone patio next to the building overlooking the pounding waves and a couple of local men sit drinking a beer at a plastic table and talking

    27. "Well, sometimes it's nothing at all but sometimes we're talking tens of thousands at a time

    28. "You talking to me?" Her Eastern European accent was strong

    29. It was always he who did the talking, always him who initiated the conversation and then only very rarely

    30. "Let's avoid them if we can," Tahlmute told him, still talking about the Brazilians he was worried about

    31. "She's not here, so we don't have to keep talking about it," Tahlmute said

    32. It was Estwig who did most of the talking and it was all about Juleel

    33. I wonder what the Inspector has been talking to him about

    34. "What are you talking about?" Glenelle asked

    35. The pilot stops talking, smiles kindly, adds a remark

    36. Russ, John and Khalid stand next to one of the trucks, talking, waiting

    37. shepherds further up the mountain were talking about a white skinned ghost, a raven

    38. And then the talking was done with

    39. I had been talking for so long and intently I lost all track of passing time

    40. Neither was ready to play with a cherub yet, though Ava was talking about it

    41. She could hear that Sarah and Saya were in the kitchen, talking quietly, probably so as not to disturb her

    42. I can see Emma standing, talking with Molly at the kitchen door

    43. Version two had introduced the partial binding, whereby the device and the host's mind could inter-operate without the bother of typing or talking or displaying images on a screen

    44. When I get back with a plate of cheese sandwiches, Stephen is talking to Jeremy and Tonya … he breaks off

    45. " She could have gone into talking about the war, but they were going to have to start walking back pretty soon if she was going to get him into the android on time

    46. Suddenly, grandma sits up and starts talking

    47. I love listening to them talking about how things were when they were younger … some of them have seen tremendous changes in the way even the simplest things are done and their stories about the village are fascinating

    48. Something he said once suggests that Jackie isn’t interested in school life, and he doesn’t bore her by talking about it; at least that is what he said

    49. From having heard the others talking, I am aware that when ‘kissing’ people on stage, one merely pretends and makes it look as real as one can

    50. I often need to run after them and make them hold my hands either they like or or not! Moreover, during the break I can barely endure all that concentrated negativity against me: It is impossible for me to exchange even a word with anyone in there; if I dare approach a group of pupils, they turn their faces the other way, they stop talking and they all split in a second

    1. Trooper 2 turns and walks back to his car, talks into his shoulder-held microphone

    2. ’ I said, much taken with this young woman who talks my language

    3. Once again, the lesson at Janus made me think: What does Alexander (and all gurus) mean when he talks about “breaking the Ego”? Mainly, it is the suppression of personal judgement and will

    4. My friend Mandy, who is with me, suddenly talks about a whip and moves her hands accordingly; she is dressed exactly like Sandra in a similar scene, where Venor holds a whip

    5. From now on I will avoid going out with her only, as she is a mollycoddle and she hardly talks

    6. " I want to inquiry what's going on but Apollo talks before I can, "Just sit and try to relax

    7. It talks about the darkness upon the face of the deep

    8. talks to her and she talks back

    9. she talks with him and has become his strength,

    10. “Yes especially as Alderfolk Pottypears talks non-stop about the

    11. "Because he talks to me, he asks me for answers I don't have

    12. Over dinner, Rob talks about how the hotel is doing

    13. seminars where he talks about emotions

    14. She thanks Bunty for the presents and talks about what the children are doing – a boy called Duncan and a girl called Fiona

    15. I watch as he talks to the person behind the counter

    16. As he fills the remaining sachets he talks loudly so that she can hear over the sound of the boiler as it wheezes into life, telling her how he bought a ride on a smuggler's boat to Italy and how he worked his passage on various ships, until, after some weeks at sea, he made landfall in the little white town of Bideford

    17. He selects records from his collection, talks her through the stories and the lives, and pins the melody to his own life

    18. There is a short silence as whoever it is at the other end of the phone talks to him

    19. “No one talks to The Flower this

    20. Tell her it talks to Angels up in heaven as well as his parents

    21. manual and a video tutorial that talks to

    22. “No, it’s all he ever talks about

    23. talks how long the client is wil ing to continue,

    24. She talks with them in English, but I

    25. the first question that pops into the mind, when one talks about

    26. During their talks, he never seemed too keen on speaking at length about himself or his past, rather simply answering questions with general statements and a readiness to shift the subject at hand

    27. I’ll miss our talks about the

    28. Viktor Frankl talks about how one knew an inmate had given up when he smoked his last cigarette

    29. In Flow, the author talks about a man who worked on an assembly line

    30. This is a way for each party to guarantee that talks will continue

    31. people who attend his talks and seminars

    32. “It"s pretty common knowledge among the servants that he goes into her room and talks with her when he has a problem as though she were still there

    33. We see that Proverbs talks about the fountains of the deep that were strengthened – this shows that it contained a body of water

    34. In the most general sense, when one talks about wooden deck

    35. Barack Obama talks oh so softly (to foreign leaders) but carries no stick at all except, that is, for the cudgel that he uses to constantly beat the State of Israel about the head and shoulders

    36. She allowed Lauren to instruct Hayley with those, and they were about to start practicing the weaves when Del stuck his head inside the tent to report, “Rebel Alit’aren have returned for peace talks

    37. They were suspicious of his talks with Tarz, and they surely knew of Rohan acting as messenger for someone within the rebel camp

    38. That's like hitting your first home run and then your half-buddy non-jokingly talks about how strong the wind was blowing out

    39. Penny talks to

    40. That’s why, when the scientiic community talks

    41. “When he talks that way he does, with the confidence and swagger, there is no doubt we are going to score

    42. I do not know of any serious casualties from this technique except for a few fatherly talks between the drivers who felt insulted by the copycat methods of the other driver who "f obviously don't have f ears to hear his f engine running at f full revs and should have f braked first since he was f already in the f intersection

    43. Ever since it is difficult to explain to the court how a drunk man could attack you, we had to be careful in our fatherly talks but we knew what to do

    44. ‘My little birdie has told me that a very important diplomat will be in the country for secret behind-closed-doors talks with the prime minister

    45. As long as you allow for a half hour of preparation for the truce talks, then your terms are perfect

    46. A lot of fatherly talks took place between suspect insurgents and the Security Forces to classify them as insurgents or helpers or sympathisers

    47. Apparently they kept on denying any knowledge much to the glee of 5 whom then proceeded with a few fatherly talks to remind them how unpleasant a lack of recollection is in real life

    48. talks a lot that’s why girls digs him while Alex is usually on the other

    49. “I’ve always enjoyed our little talks, but…”

    50. They were not represented at the talks, and their situation actually worsened over time

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