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Throttle in a sentence

1. Dar nudged the throttle more.
2. She gripped the throttle hard.
3. He rammed the throttle forward.
4. He closed the throttle and powered.
5. He reduced throttle to slow her down.
6. The car rolled away at full throttle.
7. I began to throttle it with my hands.

8. Ease off the throttle, I told him.
9. Missionary and cut the forward throttle.
10. Carter pushed the throttle all the way.
11. I was so pissed, I wanted to throttle her.
12. With a touch of throttle he went on again.
13. Throttle us in our sleep, that's his plan.
14. The airplane shook as he pushed the throttle.
15. Kletsova pulled back on the throttle, cursing.
16. Hartle had the throttle tight against the stop.
17. The first throttle movement begins the rollout.
18. Then they eased the throttle back to thirty-four.
19. It began to feather and he pushed the throttle down.
20. Concentrate on the throttle and rudder, not the pain.
21. Choke on and ignition off and one quarter throttle.
22. Smith pulled back on the throttle and turned the wheel.
23. Blaine reached up to throttle her, but it was too late.
24. He would have liked to throttle her with his bare hands.
25. I opened the throttle and shot us through the red light.
26. Advancing the throttle to wide open, I started climbing.
27. He pushed the throttle forward and they picked up speed.
28. He reduced the throttle and the Cherokee began to descend.
29. Smith had one hand on the throttle and the other on the wheel.
30. Harry pulled the throttle back, and they sank on to the grass.
31. Hand poised on the throttle, he began easing it forward again.
32. Hang on! The pilot said, as he pulled the throttle back.
33. Noticing her in the pool, the rodeo clown hit his throttle and.
34. His Alfa-Romeo was in full space-rocket throttle when I fell in.
35. Stamping on the throttle, Mai Cole span the tyres on the wet road.
36. Jeff eased off the throttle and the boat drifted toward the right.
37. We cannot be half-hearted but operate at full throttle to honour.
38. Landing on her knees, she grabbed the throttle grip and twisted it.
39. A last choke and throttle from the sewer vent underlined its death.
40. He guided the boat away from the dock and eased down on the throttle.
41. The driver corrected the overshot rear-end with a blip on the throttle.
42. He lifted his gloved hand from the throttle and held it before his eyes.
43. Generally, I like to blip up to a quarter throttle, then off, he said.
44. One hand on the throttle, his body twisted around, Robert cocked his head.
45. But as this seems to be the day for full throttle confessions, here goes.
46. And with that Luis opened the throttle of the Motion and swung the wheel.
47. Carla dropped the throttle, cut the ignition and applied the rotor brake.
48. I’m letting her down, Tony said as he reduced the throttle setting.
49. I yanked the throttle open in the curves and made them as tight as I dared.
50. There’s no sense driving it up to the edge of the runway at full throttle.
51. We were pressed back into our seats, as Eleanor pushed the throttle wide open.
52. Archie drew on his gauntlets and settled himself, hands on tiller and throttle.
53. Again, he noted the burst of torque when full throttle was applied for takeoff.
54. He leaped to his feet and moved toward Yuki as if he were going to throttle her.
55. The engine bogged down, not ready to run yet, so he quickly let off the throttle.
56. I increase the throttle, the tyres bite into the ground, and I move into top-gear.
57. The hand, my hand, tried to hold the throttle back or jam it all the way forward.
58. With his chin, lips, brows and flashes of his eyes, Truman indicated the throttle.
59. Court looked down into his cockpit and saw the throttle move to idle at 8 percent.
60. When she was ten feet away, Ryan tried the throttle again, and the engine responded.
61. You will have bad days and he is going to go full throttle and give it all he's got.
62. The truck’s temperature gage was in the red, but I kept the throttle pressed down.
63. I took it up sunwards, climbing through 10,500 feet, and then opened up the throttle.
64. Just aft of where Raul was handcuffed, on the starboard rail, was the after throttle.
65. Before long, they saw lights on the shore ahead and Karl eased the throttle once more.
66. The ship rolled the length of the runway with the reverse thrusters at full throttle.
67. Then, with a, Hang on doc, he stamped his foot on the throttle, holding it there.
68. Of course, as in my example of tearing through trails at full throttle, you must avoid.
69. I held the brake with one hand and cranked the machine to full throttle with the other.
70. The captain opens up the throttle, and the intrepid Ruffunit ploughs through the waves!.
71. Whereupon Lancelot leapt upon him in a Fury and began to throttle him with his bare Fists.
72. Particularly if one intended to soothe the badger just long enough to throttle it to death.
73. The engine starts up slowly, the engineer gradually extending the throttle to the top notch.
74. Now, Nicky headed back to the farm, crashing over the rolling waves, the throttle wide open.
75. He pushed outboard on the throttle to ignite the afterburner to boost his airspeed to Mach.
76. He jerked the other free from Raul’s efforts and sprang towards the throttle to slacken it.
77. Mitchell gunned the boats throttle, after reaching the end of the port, still lost in thought.
78. The workboat opened up its throttle and slowly hauled its load in an arc, pointing out to sea.
79. With my hunting knife set between my teeth, I was able to lean forward and reach the throttle.
80. Jumping on the quad bike, Dawn turned the key and thumbed the starter, opening the throttle wide.
81. He wanted to reach out and throttle Alan for just blatantly advertising Gordon's Lamp like that.
82. Advancing the throttle, the plane was soon airborne and the mission proceeded shortly thereafter.
83. Frank blipped the throttle, gave her one last look over his shoulder, and pulled out on to the road.
84. Give it a good ten count and then give the Celestia’s Prize all the throttle she’s got!.
85. The small motor had a capacity of 35ccs and it spun the 18/10 pusher prop at 6100 rpm at full throttle.
86. But Acadia’s did when Sunday looped the belt around the programmer’s neck and began to throttle him.
87. It registered 540 knots as each pilot had slowly inched his throttle up to stay with the force commander.
88. I blipped the throttle and yanked up on the bars to hop us over the curb, then hammered it down the sidewalk.
89. The boat driver pushed his engine throttle to near maximum and steered his boat towards the site of the wreck.
90. Here we go, Jesse said, easing the throttle back to start around the side of the house toward the woods.
91. With a full throttle climb she could quickly be out of missile range of the slower, but more maneuverable, jet.
92. Court saw the throttle move outboard, but there was three seconds of waddling along the runway until the burner lit.
93. He reached down and closed the throttle, causing the machine to drop rapidly with a bone-jarring jolt, onto its skids.
94. Up with the nose, down with the tail, wings at a ‘drunken’ thirty-degree angle as I blipped the throttle on and off.
95. He eased the throttle forward a few percent knowing they would follow as soon as they detected his plane creeping away.
96. A dirty kid on the street corner stares in wonder as I climb onto my chromed-out motorcycle and pull back on the throttle.
97. She started pulling out of her dive at once, retracting her dive brakes and opening her engine throttle at the same time.
98. Just before fully entering the area, Mitchell could sense Jose's genuine interest, from his throttle lessening significantly.
99. The chain from the handcuff on his left wrist to the briefcase on his lap hampered him only slightly as he moved the throttle.
100. Keeping the flag’s position firmly in mind, I dipped the nose and shoved in major rudder, reducing throttle with my left hand.

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