throttle frasi

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Frasi con throttle (in inglese)

1. Dar nudged the throttle more.
2. She gripped the throttle hard.
3. He rammed the throttle forward.
4. He closed the throttle and powered.
5. The car rolled away at full throttle.
6. Ease off the throttle, I told him.
7. He reduced throttle to slow her down.

8. I began to throttle it with my hands.
9. Missionary and cut the forward throttle.
10. Carter pushed the throttle all the way.
11. I was so pissed, I wanted to throttle her.
12. With a touch of throttle he went on again.
13. Throttle us in our sleep, that's his plan.
14. The airplane shook as he pushed the throttle.
15. Kletsova pulled back on the throttle, cursing.
16. Hartle had the throttle tight against the stop.
17. The first throttle movement begins the rollout.
18. Then they eased the throttle back to thirty-four.
19. Concentrate on the throttle and rudder, not the pain.
20. It began to feather and he pushed the throttle down.
21. Choke on and ignition off and one quarter throttle.
22. Blaine reached up to throttle her, but it was too late.
23. Smith pulled back on the throttle and turned the wheel.
24. I opened the throttle and shot us through the red light.
25. He would have liked to throttle her with his bare hands.
26. Advancing the throttle to wide open, I started climbing.
27. He pushed the throttle forward and they picked up speed.
28. He reduced the throttle and the Cherokee began to descend.
29. Smith had one hand on the throttle and the other on the wheel.
30. Hang on! The pilot said, as he pulled the throttle back.
31. Harry pulled the throttle back, and they sank on to the grass.
32. Hand poised on the throttle, he began easing it forward again.
33. Noticing her in the pool, the rodeo clown hit his throttle and.
34. His Alfa-Romeo was in full space-rocket throttle when I fell in.
35. Jeff eased off the throttle and the boat drifted toward the right.
36. Stamping on the throttle, Mai Cole span the tyres on the wet road.
37. We cannot be half-hearted but operate at full throttle to honour.
38. A last choke and throttle from the sewer vent underlined its death.
39. Landing on her knees, she grabbed the throttle grip and twisted it.
40. He guided the boat away from the dock and eased down on the throttle.

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