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    1. He would have to move this boat well before dusk if he didn't want it to sit on the bottom while the tide was out

    2. He had pulled up as the tide stopped its flow, in a few hours it would start its ebb from this inlet

    3. She hopped into the boat, he wanted to be out of the inlet before the tide got low, as it was, he was in time for a nice early rip that he rode out, accelerating into the distance as Jorma watched

    4. She wasn't sure he would be able to get thru there at anything but the highest tide

    5. Not brilliant but it would be something to tide you over, Liz

    6. Not much, but something to tide him over

    7. A tide swells, a tide of souls that moves to my imperial call as

    8. Slowly, as if a soft, breezeless tide were creeping up a gently sloping sandy shore line, I became aware of waves in the distance, and slowly I tuned into the echo of my exhalations

    9. This was about as high as the tide would go, it was opposite Kortrax at this end of the lake

    10. now we can clearly see that the tide has turned,

    1. We stomped at the rising tides

    2. We are not in this world to passively drift with the tides of ever changing events, to aggressively fulfill useless desires in a vain attempt to express limited personal powers

    3. He built an underground sewage system that would drain with the tides

    4. "It is likely the natives harness the power of the tides in them

    5. Large town … extreme tides …’

    6. Where when the tides bring forth with indifference there will you find me,

    7. Pouring tides of the timeless sea brings forth what should have

    8. fatal) tides and currents, that the island could be cut off and that

    9. There’s a headland there which affects the way the tides flow

    10. To catch outflowing tides, it’s often necessary to rise before the sun

    1. Quonez 2 said something and the man that had the tricorder took it to the fort and tided the rope to the strap

    2. The small kitchen was promptly tided, the rest of the shop had already been closed down, and the staff gone home

    3. "He might have tided 'ee over the winter

    4. "He might have tided 'ee over the winter

    5. It is our opinion, therefore, that there should be in this department steady and rapid advance, and that it should no longer be tided along

    1. When everyone went backstage I started tiding up the dressing room, taking my time packing up the stuff, the way it was

    2. Trabb, taking down a roll of cloth, and tiding it out in a flowing manner over the counter, preparatory to getting his hand under it to show the gloss, "is a very sweet article

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