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Drift в предложении (на )

If you get my drift.
I did drift back to.
She let her mind drift.
She began to drift away.
The rest drift to and fro.
Her eyes started to drift.
There was no big drift in.

His thought started to drift.
The voice seemed to drift off.
You let go and drift skyward.
I caught his drift of thought.
Too late he divined her drift.
As soon as she started to drift.
That drift along the wave and rise.
As you mature you’ll drift apart.
His eyes began to drift shut, his.
Trevanion stepped out into the drift.
He felt his feet drift off the floor.
Dot with butter, and drift cinnamon.
They came at length to the great drift.
He seemed to drift to her for comfort.
Kamata let his boat drift off the coast.
My eyes left his to drift over to Lisa.
I close my eyes and drift into the haze.
Tim cut the motor and let the boat drift.
His mind began to drift to the two women.
His friends all drift away as the money.
He had expected the two of them to drift.
He began to drift back towards his parents.
When negative thoughts begin to drift in.
We drift away from the love of our parents.
She wanted to drift away into a deep sleep.
After a while the drift toward them resumed.
She would drift nearer in a Munich park as.
He watched his breath drift like the smoke.
Lost in her misery time seemed to drift away.
He allowed you to drift into the Circumfence.
I drift on a tide of eyes that saw the tracer.
The drift that had frozen the door in place.
He steeled himself and let himself drift away.
I felt her drifting away.
His legs are drifting away.
Drifting To The Palace Passed.
Whitton was drifting down slowly.
Our souls drifting across the moon.
Further drifting into the chaos of.
They were drifting, having pushed.
A sort of drifting into their minds.
Now for the hard part: drifting off.
This will bring your drifting to a.
Drifting and drowning near the rocks.
I thought I heard a drifting whisper.
I found myself drifting back to earth.
We was drifting straight down for her.
Is that where you are drifting?
All these little lights drifting apart.
Garcia reclined, his eyes drifting shut.
Her nightmares were drifting into her.
Drifting in dreams at the waters’ edge.
We began drifting apart from each other.
The wind was drifting the snow outside.
She was drifting into a deep depression.
This final act amid the drifting ice in.
Swallows are a drifting on a waters edge.
Samantha was sent drifting off into the.
Tammas was drifting not a meter below him.
I saw a few familiar faces drifting above.
He could feel himself drifting away from it.
Wopsle, drifting into his lost look again;.
Drifting from all else he keep his mind shut.
The sun played with wispy clouds drifting by.
Maggie Rose kept drifting in and out of sleep.
The Pa Nun was drifting amongst an asteroid.
Drifting and dark, the waking house conceals.
All the town was drifting toward the graveyard.
He’s drifting out of range of the network.
She laid there closing her eyes drifting off.
In reality, she was drifting into acquiescence.
Me? I was drifting, and my pattern was a mess.
This helpless, drifting surrender to emotions.
He drifted in a dream.
Mom drifted next to her.
My gaze drifted to Jake.
The kid had drifted in.
He drifted off to sleep.
Zion drifted over to me.
His mind drifted to Mary.
Anon drifted in the Abyss.
It drifted over the dais.
She drifted off to sleep.
He drifted back to sleep.
I kind of drifted into it.
Deek drifted back to sleep.
He drifted to the main hold.
The front door drifted wide.
They had drifted into that.
Things have drifted so long.
The office door drifted open.
Her eyes drifted to Alistair.
Vapors drifted from it's maw.
It drifted to the centre of.
I drifted for many years in.
And drifted into our universe.
Her eyes drifted back to Mama.
He drifted into a light sleep.
The drifted relics of all time.
He drifted on waves of nausea.
He soon drifted into a light.
I'm sorry I drifted off there.
The black clouds drifted apart.
Many pretas drifted to freedom.
Wisps of smoke drifted lazily.
They then drifted downward to.
Her mind drifted back to that.
Slowly the exiles drifted home.
The warm breeze drifted inside.
She drifted off a bit, thinking.
It all drifted into his brain.
The mist drifted casually down.
She drifted down the very same.
She drifts off to sleep.
Conversely, DUG drifts to 81.
Carl drifts in and out of sleep.
Hallway deep with drifts of ash.
Drifts of lazy smoke catch the beam.
Hendersen drifts off into a daydream.
My mind drifts to Sean, then Channing.
And through the drifts the snowy clifts.
Anyway, it is said that success drifts.
I drop my toast, and my mouth drifts open.
The market drifts down, and when the 4:13 p.
Instead of pristine white drifts, the city was.
Ciere’s hand drifts to her shoulder-length curls.
Her stare drifts to Tobias and me, and stays there.
She drifts through the throngs of well-dressed elite.
Green Gables was literally hemmed in by huge drifts.
Then the disabled ship merely drifts in our direction.
The YM soon rolls over and drifts down into the close.
Her soft hair drifts idly in a halo of spring sunlight.
Half-hidden in the early morning mist that drifts on by.
She looks up at us, and her mouth drifts open slightly.
He lies back and drifts with her momentum to the bottom.
Looking up new species sighted in the drifts helped fill.
Without purpose, thought drifts, increasing the potential.
The tempest lulls, the moon comes floundering through the drifts.
Yet a strange thing happens as he drifts south and east: nothing.
Pine needles form drifts here and there and crunch under out feet.
It drifts up into the atmosphere as particles and cools the earth.
John drifts silently through the sky beneath a big white parachute.
Some of the drifts between them and the shelter of the larger cave.
When the drifts in the compound melted, a pig miraculously appeared.
The sphere he’s holding drops through his hand and drifts toward me.
All the polar area, with its vastness and volume drifts is carried away.
The magic drifts up and away with the shrinking song of the nightingale.
However, for short straddles, large price drifts have an adverse impact.
The hint of Dana’s laughter drifts to me on the wind, and I smile again.
It was horribly muddy, besides, and the wet snow lay about in thick drifts.
The road to the right was less traveled; drifts eased fingers of sand into.
They climbed steadily and soon found themselves sloshing through drifts of snow.
A funeral march of souls went by in a breath, on soundless feet, in drifts of fog.

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