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    1. His spine tingled

    2. The Instinct tingled his arms when the thought crossed his mind that he could easily snatch it

    3. It began as a fluttering in my stomach, tingled down my spine, then warmth that built in my chest and spread to the rest of my body

    4. His lips tingled as they pulled apart and he felt his heart lurch with attraction

    5. Every nerve in his body tingled with the anticipation of seeing her again

    6. Soffen's eyes widened and the short bristles on her snout tingled as she watched the colours swirl through each other with such speed that they appeared solid

    7. When I recognised the sultry voice from the entry-phone, my toes tingled and I wished with all my heart that for just one moment, I could be Uncle Hobart's arm!

    8. Stomping back, Rocky retrieved his handcuffs but with such ill humour that my fingers tingled for hours afterwards

    9. Waves of hot pleasure rolled out, surging from my clitoris deep into my core and out into my limbs, my center aching with desperate emptiness even as my body tingled and shuddered under his hands

    10. We’d have to wing it, and my spider-sense tingled erratically whenever I had to wing things, which had been a lot in the past few hours

    1. You have to concentrate on breathing slowly at first or you'll tingle out

    2. The tingle engendered by thoughts of the

    3. She felt the tingle, felt the longing in her

    4. " Her breath tickles against his ear and a delightful tingle shoots down his neck

    5. " Her breath tickles against his ear and a delightful tingle shoots down his neck

    6. She felt a tingle of excitement at the thought of her own nakedness before him, warming her from within as she walked

    7. The tingle engendered by thoughts of the boy in the bar remained with her, stronger now, so much so that the strange compulsion to return home positively engulfed her

    8. He flattered her a little about the richness of her pubic curls and gave her a quick tingle by running the backs of his fingers over them

    9. The boots started to tingle, shake and shudder so much that

    10. began to tingle first in his fingers and then in his toes, Roman knew he was not

    1. I move on into the warm blue morning and the tingling tiredness after no sleep and I realise that travelling for over twenty-four hours makes you hallucinate so, disregarding my psychotic episode in the flea market, I interest myself in a cultural visit instead

    2. “Oh! Oh this is good!” Her eyes were wide and the grin on her face was enchanting to John; “I can feel it throughout my body, tingling in my breasts

    3. ‘Bed, I think, don’t you?’ I said, a now familiar tingling starting in the pit of my stomach

    4. Tingling started in my fingers and quickly spread to the rest of my body

    5. Her eyes again tightly closed as she felt the sensations running up and down her spine, her nerve ends tingling, her cunt lubricating

    6. He was the picture of ease, the way he stood there looking at her, not too boldly, certainly not shyly, but with a strong sexiness that brought a tingling sensation to her crotch

    7. For a fraction of a second she felt a tingling of panic

    8. Her sweet smell still lingered in the air around him, his skin tingling from her gentle touch

    9. As soon as he did he knew something was wrong - a strange tingling at the back of his neck told him someone had been in his home

    10. Taking a shuddering breath he backed out, his body tingling, the scent of aftershave alive in his nose

    1. ,' the reporter said as tingles

    2. The skin on the back of her left hand tingles slightly

    3. Raven shook his arm out to get rid of the tingles that ran down it

    4. As soon as her fingers touched him, he felt warm tingles race down his spine

    5. I was moaning louder then, my hips gyrating against her hand, gentle, slow, then hard, then slow, then hard then hard, then she blew cold air against my wet nipple, and tingles exploded like lightning across the black of sensation

    6. When was the last time he held a gun, or a knife? My skin tingles at the point of contact, like he’s transmitting electricity through his skin

    7. My skin tingles with anticipation

    8. The coffee tingles his tongue and mouth

    9. Even a vamp had tingles down their spine once a month when the moon was full

    10. In our language, this was the ultimate chat up line for any male vampire, his move sent tingles throughout my body the way they always did when he tried one of his starry-eyed antics on me

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    prickling tingle tingling chill frisson quiver shiver shudder thrill prickle tickle sting prick nick smart itch twitch