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    1. She was so fixated with Raven, feeling irritation prickle within her every time Millicent’s vulgar form flitted across her vision

    2. Raven felt a prickle of awe as he glanced at them in turn

    3. Raven tried to force down the uncomfortable prickle of fear in his throat

    4. It was one of those winds that made your hair curl and made your nerves leap and your skin prickle

    5. If I did, you could possibly distinguish a small prickle of light the size of a hairpin

    6. The well shot past him and now he was looking at a little bright pin prickle of blue light, like a lonely star at night

    7. I feel something other than fear—a prickle in my stomach, a bubble of laughter

    8. “You choose this moment to act like the Abnegation?” His voice fills the room and makes fear prickle in my chest

    9. She dabs my forehead with antiseptic—they are so careful about germs here—and I feel the sting and prickle of the needle, diminishing by the second as the numbing agent does its work

    10. The cook and her family, her mother, and her mother before her, have been the Tregannons’ servants almost as long as they have ruled this country, and that she of all of them who has stayed with him in spite of everything should do this thing makes his breath stutter and his skin prickle

    11. He felt sweat prickle his eyes

    12. To see her so happy made me happy but there was still that little prickle now and

    13. Conan felt his hair prickle curiously as he watched

    14. Balthus felt his scalp prickle

    15. " I felt the prickle of tears in the corners of my eyes

    16. The area near the Pole and the City of the Ancients itself was sub temperate, nearly polar, and Cloud had to draw the leather coat he'd brought with him on to fend off the chill that had seized the air and began to prickle at his skin, leaving a wash of gooseflesh over all of his exposed skin

    17. Ignoring the prickle of frustration she reached in and removed a cloth backpack and a small book

    18. “Tell me what?” Paul asked, as his skin began to prickle

    19. There was a slight prickle of awareness

    20. A prickle in one fingertip

    21. The Count was lifted and the men set a quicker pace to reach their goal, at the gate stood a cloaked black figure, a smooth, milk-white hand touched the russet-bearded man’s arm, “Lord,” Ceri heard a soft voice that made the hairs on her neck prickle, “I have the skill to save him, wilt thou permit me

    22. In this case, his enjoyment will be mixed with pain, as his momentary pleasure will be followed by the continuous prickle of the spines of the fruit, hurting his fingers, hands, and lips

    23. Ceri felt the hairs on the back of her neck begin to prickle and the air around her become taut

    24. I felt a prickle of unease, that I shouldn’t be doing this, and that I couldn’t deal with this in the way I would wish to

    25. “Rafael said that all vampires are evil,” he said, feeling his skin prickle with goose bumps at the resonance of her voice

    26. They came into view holding hands and he felt a prickle of sweat come down his fore head

    27. He didn’t have that prickle from his sixth sense – that strange feeling you get when something is wrong

    28. Caesar placed a giant hand to his heart, shot Franky a cheeky look and laughed a long slow sinister laugh that made Mary's neck prickle with heat

    29. Massie followed the girl's index finger to where it was pointing and she felt her chest constrict and her scalp prickle

    30. A prickle raced across Janelle’s skin

    31. Twoflower felt the sweat prickle on his forehead

    32. Maria felt a sudden prickle on the back of her neck

    33. Decades after the war, men who had looked into those eyes would be unable to shake the memory of what they saw in them, a wrongness that elicited a twist in the gut, a prickle up the back of the neck

    34. My body knew exactly how it felt to stand on that ledge; how the infinitesimal difference between the solid business of living, and the lurch that would end everything could be measured in the smallest of units, in grams, in millimetres, in degrees, and that knowledge made the hairs on my arms prickle and a fine sweat seep through the skin on the back of my neck

    35. Once, looking suddenly back, as if some prickle of the skin told him

    36. ” She pushed back her chair and stepped to the lectern, checking that her one-button jacket was closed, feeling her spine prickle as two hundred pairs of eyes focused on her

    37. Instead of a tingle, it’s a prickle, then a sting

    38. I drove the rest of the way home in silence, feeling my skin prickle with worry, wondering why in God’s name someone would want to bash in the head of a security guard at my son’s school

    39. A prickle crawled down the back of Thaniel’s neck

    40. It was a strange noise, one that made the hairs on his arms prickle

    41. He had no idea what, but it woke a stinging prickle of alarm on the back of his neck

    42. How much of that could she tell Rykus? Something in her thoughts made the hair on the back of her neck prickle

    43. The hair at the nape of my neck stands on end and goose bumps prickle across my skin

    44. Except, perhaps, the slightest prickle of excitement in her throat

    45. Does your skin prickle? Come

    46. George and the twins gave no answer, and Willie felt a cold prickle crawl up his back and into his hair

    1. Kara chuckled as her eyes prickled with nascent tears

    2. Her heart missed a beat, the hair on the back of her neck prickled … the water flowed over the edge of the kettle and splattered into the sink

    3. My ears popped the way they do on an airplane, and my skin prickled

    4. The flesh on Raven’s arm prickled as goose bumps ran across his skin

    5. On the beach the sun caressed my tired eyes and prickled my face, revitalising the skin and its drained pores

    6. My body prickled with heady anticipation, not the fear of harm but the expectation of pleasure

    7. He dipped his mouth even with my ear, and my skin prickled at his breath

    8. My body prickled with a glad awareness, my breath coming quicker despite my attempt at self-control

    9. As they grew and took form, fear prickled his skin from his testicles to his scalp, as he realized that what he was looking at was a roadblock across the highway

    10. Her skin prickled with its nearness

    11. But now, my scalp prickled as I spotted the largest cat I’d ever seen, stealthily stalking a doe

    12. Bjorn Roundtree’s ears prickled as he heard the cries of owls and salamanders in the stagnant pools of the swamp

    13. A warmth prickled over his senses

    14. the back of his neck prickled, his own private indicator of evil

    15. “You’ll swear on the blood of the Dragon?” Marcus returned and the air chilled as the power of that vow whipped through the room and the hair on the back of their necks lifted and prickled, the air shimmered and there was music trilling in the background

    16. 'Salome!' Taramis breathed the word, and the hairs prickled on her scalp as she realized the incredible, numbing truth of the statement

    17. The roots of her hair prickled her scalp, and her tongue clove to her palate

    18. The short hairs on his scalp prickled, and he stood for an instant undecided, certain that a move in either direction would bring death streaking at him from the bushes

    19. And Balthus had seen that which still prickled his flesh

    20. The breath sucked through his teeth, the short hairs prickled at the back of his scalp

    21. And his hair prickled at the nape of his neck, for on the broad blade was carven a symbol – the outline of a phoenix

    22. Conan's scalp prickled

    23. Tears prickled at his eyes

    24. My limbs felt heavy and my skin prickled as though I had hives

    25. The skin on my neck prickled

    26. My skin prickled as the tissue knitted together, but it felt different to when Gabriel healed me

    27. His skin prickled

    28. Aesa’s skin prickled and his head hurt

    29. He heard soft noises that prickled his ears

    30. The back of his neck prickled and he called his power into his hands

    31. Michael entirely filled my vision, and I prickled to be closer

    32. They had wrapped me in a cocoon of blankets, which all prickled against me with needle-fine points whenever I moved

    33. Her pulse prickled through her lips against her fingertips

    34. A chilly breeze whipped across the hill and his arms prickled with goose bumps

    35. Frustration prickled his scalp

    36. it prickled across the surface of her skin

    37. The hair prickled on my arms and my pulse sky-rocketed

    38. The back of Daniel’s neck prickled as a sixth sense told him to be wary

    39. that prickled the skin like needles of ice

    40. My skin prickled with sensation, as a chill swept through me, as I wondered vainly at what my city noise conditioned senses were missing out on

    41. The skin of his forearms prickled coldly against the lining of his jacket

    42. She sat there for close to an hour reflecting on everything that had happened and her skin prickled again even as her newfound connection with the Creator’s Spirit warmed within her as she reflected on the wonder of it all

    43. Her back prickled, as if they could see her already

    44. But then at the end of the block, a car rounded the corner that I had recently turned, and it started toward me, and the fine hairs prickled along the back of my neck

    45. It was as if the lights had been cranked up, and my skin prickled as if it had been cauterized

    46. The little hairs on my neck prickled

    47. A strange warm feeling prickled down his arms

    48. His strength, his presence, washed over her, and awareness prickled across her skin

    49. The hair on his arms prickled

    50. Hairs, waxed and prickled by sunlight, each sharp as quills embedded on the lips, the cheeks, the eyelids, the brows

    1. ’ She said slowly, her voice has prickles on it

    2. Some had thorns, prickles, or a sap that stung and itched

    3. How could you possible know the truth of the cosmos? You still think of the stars as prickles of light, some of them falling down as they die

    4. I brush my fingers over the bump, and pain prickles over my scalp

    5. The cool air prickles in my lungs on the way in, and on the way out unfurls in a cloud of vapor

    6. The phrase “outside the fence” prickles in my brain

    7. Prickles ran down her back

    8. Nausea at the man’s closeness prickles at the executioner’s tongue

    9. It prickles against his skin like a field nettle before settling against his palm

    10. It seemed to be drowning all my prickles

    11. An iron frame was a skeleton placed in the middle of the road, waiting for me to attack me with sharp prickles

    12. My skin prickles still when I recall sitting there, alone apart from an Arab so far below he looked like an ant beside immense statues of Ramses

    13. For lawns have prickles, roses thorns

    14. Little prickles of electricity danced through her flesh, and it was completely unnerving

    15. but underneath the prickles or what seems to others gruff

    16. “I used to be called Prickles” she said, “but, the Creator has given me a new name today

    17. Our nets also hauled in a bold, daring, vigorous, and muscular fish armed with prickles on its head and stings on its fins, a real scorpion measuring two to three meters, the ruthless enemy of cod, blennies, and salmon; it was the bullhead of the northerly seas, a fish with red fins and a brown body covered with nodules

    18. The instant it touches it, the ghoul contorts, is stretched long and thin into a tatter of black-skinned robe and bones, and screams with such terror that the skin all over my body prickles in goose flesh

    19. Then it fetched up three coins from his trousers' pocket and laid them on the rubber prickles

    20. His prickles were stuck all over with dog-rose petals and he was making an extraordinary squeaking, grunting noise and waving his black paws

    21. My skin prickles

    22. My scalp prickles as adrenaline and fury lance through my body, all my worst fears realized

    23. My scalp prickles at the realization

    24. Prickles of unease ran over her skin

    25. Our Nether Curls are shav’d, so that our Mounts-Pleasant resemble those of tiny Girls (O this fills me with Longing for my own Sweet Belinda!), but our Scalps are merely cropp’d close, so that the hair stands up in Prickles all ’round

    26. She was a numbness, a thing of nettles and ice and prickles and a hollow thundering nothingness

    27. How come I think he's richer? Because, Will thought, I sit on a rock in the sun and old Jim, he prickles his arm-hairs by moonlight and dances with hop-toads

    1. Alone in her office, she felt her skin prickling, as if she were near a ghostly presence

    2. ” I felt the tears prickling in my eyes at this banter but I held them back for a brave lass who I loved dearly

    3. He saw hopelessness in their dull eyes and felt guilt prickling in the pit of his stomach, guilt that he was residing in such splendour

    4. The touch of his lips sent a hot surge through my brain, my skin prickling with acute sensitivity

    5. He could feel the excitement squirming in his belly and prickling his skin

    6. He felt the prickling of hairs on the back of his neck, and he clutched the bow more tightly

    7. His palms tingled with pleasure; the sensation crept along his arms and mingled with a soft prickling in his body and brow

    8. the same dry smell, the prickling cold;

    9. I hold it with both hands, my fingers prickling with warmth

    10. Carl shivered, partly with prickling terror, partly with real cold

    11. The warm air surrounded her in an instant, and she felt her skin prickling gratefully back to life

    12. The prickling, tingling sensation had grown so strong that she could not quite understand what he had said

    13. What is a simple prickling sauce

    14. couldn’t shake the uncomfortable prickling sensation that I had all

    15. Some prickling and stinging, but it wasn't too bad going in

    16. He half crouched, the flesh prickling along his spine

    17. "But why does he stare so?" whispered Publius, drawing away, his own eyes wide and a peculiar prickling among the short hairs at the back of his fat neck

    18. It was not cool in the chamber, but he felt a prickling of his scalp, an icy contraction of his flesh

    19. Find something to pick them up with,” I could feel my hair prickling on my neck, but I couldn’t tell if it meant another bolt of lightning was on its way, or I was just scared

    20. Now that they were out there the effect was beyond ridiculous; the thought of taking care of his physical needs set of a minor explosion of prickling sexual desire between her legs

    21. Initially, there may be tingling or prickling at the site of the cold sores even

    22. The goose bumps were prickling Hal’s arms again

    23. Therese heaved a deep breath, desire prickling her skin

    24. I slapped him half-heartedly on the shoulder, and the sweet love-making quickly turned into a laughing romp that ended as it often did: in each other’s arms, tears prickling at the back of my eyes as my emotions filled me up and spilled over in physical release

    25. The echoes haunted the hallway, prickling Shela’s skin

    26. If he really was just unhappy at work, what could be done about it? There was this strange prickling of stray hair around her earlobes, the weird feeling that he was keeping something back

    27. Does she love Cayden? They've dated less than a month but the thought of losing him stabbed at her heart and caused her lungs to become heavy, a prickling feeling in her hands and feet, an unwelcome shiver sent down her spine, her blood run cold

    28. Sanderson felt a prickling sensation at the back of his neck

    29. Jess turned the water on as hot as he could stand it before he stepped under the prickling spray

    30. Rincewind felt the familiar sticky prickling in the scalp that indicated the build-up of a heavy charge of raw enchantment in the vicinity, and so he was not utterly amazed when, a few seconds later, a shaft of vivid octarine light speared down from the invisible ceiling and focused, crackling, in the centre of the circle

    31. She wanted Nicky’s hedgehog hair prickling the insides of her thighs all the time

    32. Yuki felt a prickling sensation on the back of her neck and her arms as Judge Bendinger opened his laptop, made a joke to the court reporter that Yuki couldn’t hear

    33. It was a strange, prickling feeling spreading through my body

    34. Down the back of his neck, like the breath of a man standing just behind him, came the prickling awareness that his life might depend on chatting a little, finishing his tea, and leaving before dawn

    35. She picked her way slowly along the tracks, the back of her neck prickling as she listened for the thunder of an engine, on steps behind her

    36. And there was a prickling sensation in her hands and feet

    37. Bentley, coming out to water the ivy upon her front porch, saw two cool-colored sprawling girls and a small boy lying on her lawn, enjoying the immense prickling of the grass

    38. For it seemed the wind had shifted and now blew from the west country and brought with it a prickling and tingling: the strum of a harp

    39. The earth was suddenly more than many separate things, more than houses, rocks, concrete roads, a horse here or there, a human in a shallow, boulder-topped grave, a prickling of cactus, a town invested with its own light surrounded by night, a million apart things

    40. By its continuous budding and prickling on their faces it made them shut up their eyes and mouths and raise their hands to shield it away

    41. But, one by slow prickling one, his hair did

    42. Billions of prickling textures

    43. The dust was antique spice, burnt maple leaves, a prickling blue that teemed and sifted to earth

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