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Frasi con tingle (in inglese)

  1. There was not a tingle of.
  2. This time, the tingle eased.
  3. I felt the color tingle in my cheeks.
  4. I felt the tingle of his skin on mine.
  5. There was that awareness tingle again.
  6. She could feel her skin tingle as the.
  7. It was alive, and it made his skin tingle.
  8. The tingle engendered by thoughts of the.
  9. The tingle melted away and the breeze died.
  10. A tingle near his anus presaged an erection.
  11. She felt the tingle, felt the longing in her.
  12. Just thinking about him made her tingle all over.
  13. A tingle ran up Janelle’s arm, but stopped cold.
  14. He felt a tingle in one of his teeth and shivered.
  15. Another tingle started to spread through her limbs.
  16. He could feel its affect, a slight tingle of warmth.
  17. After nearly a minute, Mitchell felt himself tingle.
  18. Instead of a tingle, it’s a prickle, then a sting.
  19. I feel my skin tingle where he’s placed his hands.
  20. For a moment, a tingle of pleasure rushed through me.
  21. Then his hands began to tingle, like pins and needles.
  22. Moshe felt his skin tingle from the emotional impact.
  23. A tingle played down her spine when he was close, her.
  24. Velvet welcomed the tingle of her touch with a soft moan.
  25. My palms tingle with the feel of his skin, smooth, warm.
  26. The hair, rising again at the memory, made his neck tingle.
  27. As she came near, he caught a faint tingle in the nostrils.
  28. Radiation supreme tickles your sensors like a Ben Gay tingle.
  29. The warmth in Annie’s fingers made her skin tingle, yearn.
  30. His touch against my sensitized skin is all sensuous tingle.
  31. The boots started to tingle, shake and shudder so much that.
  32. A funny tingle swept through Janelle at the salty smell of it.
  33. And as her wounded arm began to tingle, she grew more desperate.
  34. Warmth began to tingle along his fingers and upwards over his arm.
  35. He felt a chill run up his spine and tingle the back of his scalp.
  36. Annie felt the familiar tingle of desire mixed with disappointment.
  37. His heat flowed into her, making her hand and arm tingle pleasantly.
  38. She felt a prickly kind of tingle linger where his hand had touched.
  39. She kissed it gently with soft lips that made Joey’s spine tingle.
  40. The insect bite burned, and a hot tingle spread toward her shoulder.
  41. Another tingle swept through her body, and with it, a spike of panic.
  42. When he moved his body, the golden bells in his hands began to tingle.
  43. The act made Nicole's skin tingle and her breath catch in her throat.
  44. There was a tingle in the eyes of Nangong Ping but till, he kept quiet.
  45. He could still feel the tingle of the mind-cane’s power on his flesh.
  46. Long, beautiful notes echoed forth, making Raven’s whole body tingle.
  47. They both felt the tingle of anxiety and fear at the mention of his name.
  48. Willie felt an intense tingle pass from his toes to the roots of his hair.
  49. His sixth sense was al a tingle; the way he was feeling he could take on.
  50. The touch of him made my body tingle all over and it gave me butterflies.
  51. You have to concentrate on breathing slowly at first or you'll tingle out.
  52. The tingle felt like a sixth sense that he couldn’t hold down, it was a.
  53. Adrenaline filled his body and made the tips of his fingers and toes tingle.
  54. The eyes of the old man in black belt tingle and he looked at the old man in.
  55. There was a tingle of laugh in Nangong Ping’s eyes, as he seemed to think it.
  56. The very thought of all the mangled and raped bodies cause his nerves to tingle.
  57. Another tingle raced across her skin, and this one had nothing to do with the ocean.
  58. He never would have guessed that such a small act could make his skin tingle so much.
  59. You don’t remember? She thought of how his wink had sent a tingle up her spine.
  60. Who’s there? Thomas yelled out, a tingle of fear shooting across his shoulders.
  61. Israel; see, I will bring evil on this place, which whoever hears, his ears shall tingle.
  62. There is that ‘charge’ feeling but the tingle is being replaced by a pleasant warmth.
  63. Simon’s skin began to tingle, as if drawing close to flame, but he had no desire to run.
  64. If only Arthur knew! My dear, my dear, your ears must tingle as you sleep, as mine do waking.
  65. The smug voice practically purred in Rafferty’s ears; an anticipatory tingle tickled his spine.
  66. He could feel the slight tingle in his nervous system as its warmth began to spread through him.
  67. He had a strange feeling in his stomach, but he also felt a tingle of excitement in his testicles.
  68. If she moved just an inch, her skin would touch his and she knew it would tingle, as it had before.
  69. She could still recall the tingle of surprise at how regal her naked young son looked on his throne.
  70. He lifted her hand to his lips again, and the courtly gesture made her tingle all the way to her toes.
  71. When the palm of my hand met his forehead, I felt a weird tingle, not unpleasant, but it passed at once.
  72. Suddenly from beyond the high hedgerow came a sound that caused Zach's scalp to tingle to its very roots.
  73. His lips are brushing my ear but I try not to pay attention to the tingle it causes to run down my spine.
  74. He must not fail her now! He felt the tingle of new strength course through his body from out of—where?
  75. Elise felt the hairs on her neck tingle as she turned and gaped the vapidness that was Joe Billie Bloodtooth.
  76. As they walked back to the Land Cruiser, a tingle of fear ran up Carla’s spine, a familiar sense of danger.
  77. He paused for a moment, and Simon felt a tingle in his skin and the slight clench of his muscles as he waited.
  78. Dawn hated injections and she felt the usual spidery tingle down the back of her neck at the thought of needles.
  79. But-- Janelle began, but the salty aroma of the ocean hit her again and sent another tingle through her body.
  80. She felt an unusual tingle at his touch; he saw her startled expression and his smile became warmer, more honeyed.
  81. The tingle of excitement that Joe would feel when entering his hometown of Listowel was transferred to all of them.
  82. A warm tingle of excitement ran down my back, as I knelt down besides the panther’s head, but ice quickly followed.
  83. A tingle ran over and through me as magic enhanced healing held the broken wing together just enough for it to work.
  84. I glanced at Jacob over the rim of my cup and caught him watching me with a steely intensity that made my skin tingle.
  85. There was a nice bit of heat from the September sun, even that early, and its rays made the skin on his groin tingle.
  86. She felt a tingle of excitement at the thought of her own nakedness before him, warming her from within as she walked.
  87. She could smell the cocaine somewhere in the room - the faint tingle in the back of her throat, the itching in her nose.
  88. You will notice that when you apply the cream it will tingle in areas without sores and may sting in areas of open sores.
  89. Sometimes I lace her up so that her eyes are ready to start from her head, and she says, "Tighter," till my hands tingle.
  90. A tingle in my stomach held me to the ground though, waiting, Nero let out a low growl and I clamped my hand over his nose.
  91. Skin already beginning to tingle, he hosed himself down, crept back to his hut, filled a rucksack with essentials and took off.
  92. Even within the hearts of men shall My voice burst forth, rushing through their veins, causing each of their members to tingle.
  93. Another little tingle shot through her body as she pressed the wet clothes against her skin, but this one faded a second later.
  94. At the same time, there was the tingle of excitement at the potential of being in on one of the greatest stunts ever conceived.
  95. Although he still could not see, he still felt in awe by the atmosphere created by the holy temple, which sent a tingle down his spine.
  96. I’ve watched the wind blow it’s insanity wildly through the unsuspecting trees, Forcing their branches to touch, mingle and tingle.
  97. As soon as Leesa stepped outside, her cheeks began to tingle from the cold and her breath floated from her mouth in a small misty cloud.
  98. He flattered her a little about the richness of her pubic curls and gave her a quick tingle by running the backs of his fingers over them.
  99. Then why does he put his head so close to mine? she wondered anew as his hot breath blew over the hairs on her neck, making her ear tingle.
  100. The aura approaches slowly, causing my heart to race, and when it finally merges with me, I feel my mind absorbing the power with a tingle.
  1. I felt a tingling sensation.
  2. I felt a tingling in my panties.
  3. A wave of tingling agony washed.
  4. The same tingling flood of peace.
  5. She was tingling with pride and joy.
  6. He was tingling all over, doing his.
  7. I was still tingling after they left.
  8. He felt a tingling that ran up his arm.
  9. The touch of his lips left her tingling.
  10. He felt chapped cheeks and tingling toes.
  11. His body was tingling with his excitement.
  12. I smile, and a tingling spreads through me.
  13. Another effect was the tingling in my groin.
  14. Previously, I had felt a tingling sensation.
  15. For years the tingling that pointed him in.
  16. It came in the form of a tingling sensation.
  17. I was tingling all over and felt light-headed.
  18. I was pleased but suddenly tingling with nerves.
  19. That guttural growl, to the hair tingling rasp.
  20. As I washed, I felt a warm tingling sensation on.
  21. I remember sitting motionless on the bed, tingling.
  22. And there was this tingling in his body since then.
  23. My ears were still tingling from the reptilian voice.
  24. The pair sniffs the cologne tingling on Cass’ face.
  25. A strange tingling sensation crawled through his guts.
  26. The demons felt a tingling in the air and moved back.
  27. She shivered as she felt the magic working, tingling.
  28. Hudson could feel his body pulsing and tingling lightly.
  29. I felt here, through a tingling in my blood, that if Mr.
  30. When the name Thomas appeared, I felt my heart tingling.
  31. For a fraction of a second she felt a tingling of panic.
  32. Kirk felt a strange tingling sensation move through him.
  33. He wheeled abruptly, knife lifted, every nerve tingling.
  34. My cheeks were flushed, my knees were tingling and weak.
  35. Monica felt bubbly, her thoughts tingling with expression.
  36. The sea appeared, tingling amidst the arid grounds of the.
  37. I felt a warm tingling throughout my body akin to arousal.
  38. While Darek was thinking, he felt a tingling feeling on his.
  39. Foolish, I am sorry, she said, her body still tingling.
  40. A tingling chill ran through me as I reached the bottom step.
  41. Brandela had also noticed the tingling sensation and now, as.
  42. The eyes that were fastened upon her set her pulses tingling.
  43. When George woke up, the tingling sensation had left his body.
  44. He could feel a tingling sensation in the tips of his fingers.
  45. Tingling, light-headedness, her blood pounding almost audibly.
  46. Suddenly he recognized an all too familiar tingling feeling in.
  47. Tylin touched her tingling lips briefly before dropping her hand.
  48. Again went over every inch of her now tingling and twitching skin.
  49. Sorren could feel its gentle touch tingling the hairs on his skin.
  50. The door was shut and the rain only a memory to his tingling body.
  51. My head was heavy and light at once, my limbs tingling with demand.
  52. He looked down to the tingling place on his arm where Carolyn had.
  53. Iratus was about to reply when a tingling chill shot down his spine.
  54. I could already feel my skin tingling at the touch of the sun on it.
  55. The tingling breeze in her hair whipped out the short, springy curls.
  56. She lay on the bed and reviewed the kill, tingling with some pleasure.
  57. The touch of her hands gave him a tingling sensation that surprised him.
  58. She also mentions she has been feeling a tingling sensation in her arms.
  59. It was a ridiculous gesture, but she found herself tingling with delight.
  60. The hair on my arms returned to normal and the tingling sensation stopped.
  61. Tingling started in my fingers and quickly spread to the rest of my body.
  62. You will get a tingling and buzzing sensation (this might be unpleasant).
  63. I didn't know what the tingling was, but it had to be better than nothing.
  64. Tibbets’s teeth began tingling, and his mouth filled with a taste of lead.
  65. A tingling sensation covered my entire body and every hair stood straight up.
  66. My hand fits his perfectly, and a warm, tingling glow spreads through my body.
  67. My shield deflected the point, but I felt a painful tingling all over my body.
  68. Body tingling from the experience, sensitive pulses in his heart felt surreal.
  69. The instant he closed his eyes, he could feel a tingling sensation in his head.
  70. Where thou feelest tingling life; there, exactly there, there to a hair, do I.
  71. Your mad she said as they walked along, but he could feel her body tingling.
  72. Allow your body to relax and feel the tingling sensations as you begin to meditate.
  73. Initially, there may be tingling or prickling at the site of the cold sores even.
  74. As soon as her lips touched his skin, the familiar warm tingling shot through her.
  75. Helen shivered as she checked her watch, the hairs on her neck tingling unexpectedly.
  76. Gary stared back at Chandio, nerves tingling as he saw the anger in the man’s eyes.
  77. Galinda again felt that tingling, buzzing sensation, and she began to grow in stature.
  78. Tingling torches taste the compromising power of painless dilutions, a sting coupled.
  79. Is that wise? Much more importantly, is it prudent? I think I am tingling intensely.
  80. Only too well do I remember that! Moshe thought, his body tingling as he followed the.
  81. The Indian was angry, or at least pretended to be, and I walked away with tingling ears.
  82. After several spine tingling minutes the keening slowly died to a whisper, then silence.
  83. As Amanda felt the tingling sensation in her nipples and vagina she felt warm and loved.
  84. Immediately the Key started tingling, and Inglenook’s miniature metal face came alive.
  85. With the realization still tingling through my system, everything is electric around me.
  86. I felt some kind of tingling sensation in my body from the sudden delight and inspiration.
  87. The tingling was rooted in his feet and pulsed upward through his legs and into his crotch.
  88. He sat while the choir sang the "collection piece," with his bent head and tingling pulses.
  89. Tingling with anticipation, This is incredible, he said, approaching what was now an.
  90. Byron was spent of all emotion and thought, his body just a mass of tingling nerve endings.
  91. Laying his hands on her heart and forehead, she could feel his hands grow warm and tingling.
  92. A tingling sensation grew throughout his legs and arms, and he noticed he was breathing fast.
  93. Confused she couldn't explain the tingling that his tender, tremulous touch sent through her.
  94. I could feel my head pound for a few seconds, followed by a tingling sensation on my frontals.
  95. Her sweet smell still lingered in the air around him, his skin tingling from her gentle touch.
  96. When we arrived at the pyramids,(you guessed it) I started having that tingling sensation again.
  97. Though her back was still tingling, Ingrid forced herself to consider the face in front of her.
  98. I felt a river rol ing under the hul once again, and from the tingling in my gut, I guessed we.
  99. But somehow she could not meet his gaze and she dropped her eyes in a rush of tingling confusion.
  100. Only a problem drinker would understand how the sound of those tingling glasses can be appealing.
  1. My body tingled with awe.
  2. My skin tingled with shock.
  3. My body glowed and tingled.
  4. His skin tingled with the.
  5. Something tingled in his bel y.
  6. The goo tingled on his hurt flesh.
  7. It was small and tingled up my leg.
  8. That statement tingled her ears deeply.
  9. Those words tingled her father’s ears.
  10. My ears have tingled and resonated with.
  11. He tingled at the thought of handling it.
  12. He was my lover and I tingled with memory.
  13. Her fingers tingled with needles and pins.
  14. All of a sudden, the nape of his neck tingled.
  15. Her skin pricked and tingled from the shaking.
  16. Warmth spread through her and her clit tingled.
  17. His shoulder ached, his skin tingled and crawled.
  18. His arms tingled and his legs spasmed painfully.
  19. My ear tingled and went cold a few seconds before.
  20. Her fingers tingled at the thought of touching him.
  21. His skin tingled when she trailed kisses up his neck.
  22. Instant sweat covered my body and the collar tingled.
  23. He tingled with excitement every time he thought of.
  24. As she did so, her fingertips tingled as though she.
  25. Her ears ought to have tingled for a few weeks after.
  26. She literal y ached with need that tingled under her.
  27. Her skin was smooth and my fingers tingled at the tips.
  28. He felt sick, his head tingled, sweated and spun, 192.
  29. It tingled and felt like butterflies, low in my stomach.
  30. Their skin tingled and their hair shivered by the roots.
  31. Charged, hairs tingled, the atmosphere humming to the new.
  32. They tingled from the anticipation, and the disappointment.
  33. Robin's spine tingled whenever he heard her speak like that.
  34. Underneath her fingers, her skin still tingled with triumph.
  35. Her skin tingled as he ran his fingers lightly down her spine.
  36. The hair on the back of Selma’s neck tingled and her teeth.
  37. Except this time it shot out a red beam that tingled intensely.
  38. The skin of Mercer’s forearm tingled, a phantom sting where C.
  39. Lizzie had given her such a vigorous rub-down that her skin tingled.
  40. I hunched my shoulders and shivered, and the skin on my neck tingled.
  41. The soap looked normal, but tingled for a bit when applied to his skin.
  42. Every nerve in his body tingled with the anticipation of seeing her again.
  43. As his tongue tingled, he was struck by the flavours and had a revelation.
  44. Her nerves pricked, and her skin tingled as she continued to who-knew-where.
  45. The hot tea was working and the taste of the strong liquor tingled his lips.
  46. Her toes and fingers tingled, and her cup wobbled as her strength eked away.
  47. Rave kissed her lightly on the forehead, and his warmth tingled into her again.
  48. My body tingled all over when she laughed and I licked my lips in anticipation.
  49. Despite the cold breeze, her forehead tingled warmly from the touch of his lips.
  50. Unexpected, a subtle sensation tingled inside Hanor’s head; Morn was trying to.
  51. His lips tingled as they pulled apart and he felt his heart lurch with attraction.
  52. His fingertips tingled and he was momentarily lightheaded from the surge of emotion.
  53. My nose tingled with a mix of fresh air and coal smoke flowing back from the engine.
  54. Thoughts not her own tingled her fingers and warmed a path from her skin up to her mind.
  55. His breast and arms tingled as though some robust, ancient wine were singing in his veins.
  56. As he approached the archway that marked the entrance to the complex, his whole body tingled.
  57. Her body tingled as Soren stirred up feelings inside her no other man had even come close to.
  58. My lie-sense hadn’t tingled, I had thought this man at least believed in what he was saying.
  59. My body tingled as I pulled in a breath and with it, the smell of him that lingered around me.
  60. The Instinct tingled his arms when the thought crossed his mind that he could easily snatch it.
  61. His face and neck tingled from the adrenalin rush as he fought himself over this strange emotion.
  62. The heat from the tea warmed my hands, and they tingled sharply with the sudden change in temperature.
  63. He touched his forehead against mine, and every inch of my body tingled, desperately longed for his touch.
  64. Her fingers tingled as she pressed her palm harder, leaving a wet print that disappeared almost instantly.
  65. She had felt his hardened hand on her arm, and something deep in her tingled to the memory of that contact.
  66. Within a few metres they lost sight and sound of the others and a creeping nervousness tingled their spines.
  67. The air around suddenly vibrated and tingled, as it were, like the air over intensely heated plates of iron.
  68. She noticed women flirting long before I did and her spidey senses usually tingled then she unleashed the beast.
  69. Stomping back, Rocky retrieved his handcuffs but with such ill humour that my fingers tingled for hours afterwards.
  70. It was a small onyx stone set into an ornate silver band and it tingled with the charm she knew it was infused with.
  71. His eyes were wide but blind and his ears tingled with excitement and the strain to detect even the slightest sound.
  72. Suddenly, everything seemed to feel very, very good! Her mind was racing again, every nerve she had tingled and burned.
  73. David’s fingers tingled at the touch of silky smooth lacy fabric, and his whole body went semi rigid with sudden David.
  74. His palms tingled with pleasure; the sensation crept along his arms and mingled with a soft prickling in his body and brow.
  75. Pleasure beyond even the climax he just experienced filled his entire being as his body tingled in strange electric vibrations.
  76. It began as a fluttering in my stomach, tingled down my spine, then warmth that built in my chest and spread to the rest of my body.
  77. The identical pulse which tingled as hope in context to Adi and Sara quivered as happiness every time I saw Adi and Niya colectively.
  78. Valeria twisted herself about in his iron grip, and when she met the burning eyes of Tascela, a chill tingled along her supple spine.
  79. Her clit tingled and throbbed and she almost sighed in relief when his palms cupped her breasts through her sweater and fondled them.
  80. Chris retrieved the tool, which tingled in his hands and decided that the guy must have fainted or been really drunk the night before.
  81. We’d have to wing it, and my spider-sense tingled erratically whenever I had to wing things, which had been a lot in the past few hours.
  82. The more he caressed her palm, the more awake she became; her fingers tingled with the sensation, and soon her whole body was buzzing to life.
  83. Emma grew rather confused in her calculations, and her ears tingled as if gold pieces, bursting from their bags, rang all round her on the floor.
  84. Tress’s skin tingled and itched, she freed a new blade that she had acquired in Croweheim, its steel looked dull compared to her previous sabre.
  85. As the wizard had promised, the damaged flesh and skin tingled as the crystals powers accelerated the wound’s healing process and eased the pain.
  86. Then, for the second time that night, my pulses beat fast, and my scalp tingled with something approaching fear, and I wished I had a friend on board with me.
  87. Soffen's eyes widened and the short bristles on her snout tingled as she watched the colours swirl through each other with such speed that they appeared solid.
  88. When I recognised the sultry voice from the entry-phone, my toes tingled and I wished with all my heart that for just one moment, I could be Uncle Hobart's arm!.
  89. The bright, cold August day, which had made Anna feel so hopeless, seemed to him keenly stimulating, and refreshed his face and neck that still tingled from the cold water.
  90. My body tingled in remembrance of what he had done to keep me from drifting off to sleep, and then I quivered as he dragged the backs of his fingers down my side in a gentle caress.
  91. As he made his way round the dance floor to be closer to her, his skin tingled with electricity, or maybe he had be struck by ‘grease lightening;’ ‘Summer loving’ had him at last.
  92. Waves of hot pleasure rolled out, surging from my clitoris deep into my core and out into my limbs, my center aching with desperate emptiness even as my body tingled and shuddered under his hands.
  93. He concentrated on physical perceptions and became aware of his weight against the soft mattress; his hands and brow tingled, and, as he concentrated, the wonderful sensation spread to the rest of his body, filling him with calm.
  94. The druggist's ears tingled as if he were about to have an apoplectic stroke; he saw the depths of dungeons, his family in tears, his shop sold, all the jars dispersed; and he was obliged to enter a cafe and take a glass of rum and seltzer to recover his spirits.
  95. Otahuhu station was a half hour away at the best and the two detectives tingled with the anticipation of what was to come as they pulled onto the Southern motorway at Grafton and headed south giving themselves ample time for their prearranged meeting with the Hatfields.
  96. The rest of the field-mice, perched in a row on the settle, their small legs swinging, gave themselves up to enjoyment of the fire, and toasted their chilblains till they tingled; while the Mole, failing to draw them into easy conversation, plunged into family history and made each of them recite the names of his numerous brothers, who were too young, it appeared, to be allowed to go out a-carolling this year, but looked forward very shortly to winning the parental consent.
  1. My skin tingles with anticipation.
  2. Tingles of relief ran down my spine.
  3. Tingles of emotion rolled through her.
  4. The coffee tingles his tongue and mouth.
  5. His grip sent little tingles up her spine.
  6. Fresh tingles washed over and through her.
  7. He felt tingles at every nerve in his body.
  8. It's not painful, but it definitely tingles.
  9. Peculiar, tingles on his forehead added to the.
  10. A chill swept through her, chasing the tingles away.
  11. I felt no warning tingles of fear; the hairs on the.
  12. The skin on the back of her left hand tingles slightly.
  13. It's no laughing matter! I landed funny, now my arm tingles.
  14. It makes my hair stand up, and my body tingles with each wave.
  15. Her eyes widened, a warm sensation sent tingles down her spine.
  16. She nuzzled her face into my neck, sending tingles down my spine.
  17. I felt tingles all over as I slowly absorbed them through my skin.
  18. Raven shook his arm out to get rid of the tingles that ran down it.
  19. Mitchell felt tingles throughout his body, from her seductive energy.
  20. For a long moment, he hears nothing and the silence tingles his ears.
  21. My skin tingles with the chill of resurrecting each detail of the murder.
  22. Small tingles pricked her skin, not pleasurable, but not painful either.
  23. It was difficult for Shoop not to get excited about the tingles that were.
  24. This time Nicky did not pull hers away but felt the tingles reach her toes.
  25. As soon as her fingers touched him, he felt warm tingles race down his spine.
  26. Even a vamp had tingles down their spine once a month when the moon was full.
  27. A rush of tingles surged up and down her spine, then came to rest in her eyes–.
  28. Anthony hand grazes my knee as he shifts gears, and my whole body tingles from his touch.
  29. He felt tingles of connection between the two of them, as her hand brushed his arm in thanks.
  30. Patiently, she received his insertion, with erotic moans of pleasure that sent tingles throughout her body.
  31. His mouth was already down to her navel, lovingly exploring and sending tingles and shivers of pleasure through her.
  32. That’s an interesting idea, she whispered too close in his ear, sending not unpleasant tingles throughout his body.
  33. She felt his breath on her skin and tingles of desire skittered upwards between her thighs causing her to take a sharp breath in.
  34. My body no longer feels the intense heat of arousal, just the residual tingles left after the orgasm, still lingering along my body.
  35. Tingles shot throughout me as I made that life-affirming decision to be obedient and faithful to do that which I had been given to do.
  36. When was the last time he held a gun, or a knife? My skin tingles at the point of contact, like he’s transmitting electricity through his skin.
  37. And given the angle of the wheel's trajectory, Ingrid judged--with a terrified rush of tingles over her spine--that the giant CP logo was going to land smack on top of her.
  38. It was as if an electric current was sending sexually-charged tingles to the junction between my legs, creating an ache so intense that I knew I was now totally at his mercy.
  39. In our language, this was the ultimate chat up line for any male vampire, his move sent tingles throughout my body the way they always did when he tried one of his starry-eyed antics on me.
  40. I am expecting an explosion, or a jolt, or something severe to happen, but instead, a peaceful sensation overwhelms me, causing tingles to make their way through my body, and goose bumps to speckle my skin.
  41. He laid a hand on my forehead, as though bestowing a blessing, but it was just a gentle caress, the cool skin of his palm sending tingles down my spine, but the spine of the me that stood separate, not the sleeping me.
  42. I was moaning louder then, my hips gyrating against her hand, gentle, slow, then hard, then slow, then hard then hard, then she blew cold air against my wet nipple, and tingles exploded like lightning across the black of sensation.

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