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Top в предложении (на )

  1. With a roach on top.
  2. At the top of the.
  3. On top of the nest.
  4. On top of that it.
  5. And on top of that.

  6. I got on top of her.
  7. But the top has to go.
  8. The top – his brain.
  9. A top speed of Mach 7.
  10. To sit her lap top on.
  11. I could never top Bruce.
  12. Sales are over the top.
  13. He looked up at the top.
  14. Todd Lemoss of Top farm.
  15. And top of the list is:.

  16. He’s way over the top.
  17. You let the top retract.
  18. The top pilots did this.
  19. Start from the top and.
  20. Top 10 lists are engaging.
  21. I was on top of the world.
  22. Oh! That hit on top of me.
  23. She climbs on top of him.
  24. It’s lonely at the top.
  25. He took off his tank top.

  27. He bit his top lip as he.
  28. They are the only top of.
  29. The top of the table was.
  30. They moved to the top of.
  31. On top of the hill was a.
  32. At the top, he could see.
  33. On top of that, they are.
  34. He pressed the top button.
  35. Finally, we reached the top.
  36. Next, the top cover of my.
  37. He stroked the top of his.
  38. It was shit on top of shit.
  39. And on top of that Exbrus.
  40. A small header at the top.
  41. I itched the top of my head.
  42. He reserved the top berth.
  43. Top dog, he likes to think.
  44. Heather slid on top of him.
  45. Made it Ma! Top of the world.
  46. She was on top of the world.
  47. On top of that, the garlic.
  48. The rest were on top of him.
  49. At the top of your street.
  50. Pour melted butter over top.
  51. It sat at the top of a hill.
  52. The safety disc on top blew.
  53. Guards looking over the top.
  54. From the top of the scanner.
  55. To top off before discharge.
  56. She sat on top of his body.
  57. You are not on top of things.
  58. On top of that, England and.
  59. It is at the top of the roof.
  60. Kyle was on top of the table.
  61. He kissed the top of my head.
  62. I was at the top of his list.
  63. The heating wasn’t in top.
  64. I kissed the top of her head.
  65. Then, to top it all off, he.
  66. He was on his way to the top.
  67. Spread apples evenly over top.
  68. Gets cold on top of Old Smoky.
  69. Showing a hil side on its top.
  70. We reached the top of the hill.
  71. He kissed the top of her head.
  72. On top of this you should be.
  73. When we reached the top, she.
  74. You were on top and in charge.
  75. The boss is up at the top bar.
  76. Press the top seam down with.
  77. Lyra fell, Conal on top of her.
  78. From the top of an old spruce.
  79. On top of that, my head aches.
  80. Crown Chakra (at top of head).
  81. Ash kissed the top of her head.
  82. He pulled me on top from there.
  83. We dealing with top clientele.
  84. The top of his head popped off.
  85. It should be given top billing.
  86. Top with the remaining 1/4 cup.
  87. Heather pulled him on top of her.
  88. Underneath the top most surface.
  89. Someone called him carrot top.
  90. This comes right from the top.
  91. It always has snow on top of it.
  92. No one starts at the top, Stone.
  93. Aidan kissed the top of my head.
  94. Avoid the woman on top position.
  95. She wore a shirt on top of her.
  96. One more TD puts me over the top.
  97. Tee scratched the top of his head.
  98. The top of his hand banged down.
  99. I screamed at the top of my lungs.
  100. The top he was saving until last.
  1. Gradually blend in whipped topping.
  2. Serve with the Sour Cream Topping:.
  3. Head & shoulders topping formation.
  4. Finish by topping with whipped cream.
  5. Whole Wheat Pancakes with Nutty Topping.
  6. For topping, mix dry ingredients with fork.
  7. Viny topping out at a good three hundred and.
  8. Sprinkle pancakes with 1/4 cup of the topping.
  9. Remove pies from oven and cover with topping.
  10. Gently spread the topping over the cooled pie.
  11. Roll in topping if desired, and lay on wax paper.
  12. Soon he got the hang of topping up the new wines.
  13. Turn filling into shell and sprinkle with topping.
  14. To add the topping, you first need to add the sauce.
  15. GRMN sets up in a head & shoulders topping formation.
  16. Reserve 1/2 cup of the chopped candy bars for the topping.
  17. Topping Ranges are composed of Compact Tops and Major Tops.
  18. Sprinkle over batter in the pan ½ of the topping mixture.
  19. Onni had finished topping off my water, and so walked out.
  20. Cover with whipped topping and garnish with chocolate curls.
  21. But the reality is that the small topping patterns did work.
  22. Follow topping and baking directions for individual recipes.
  23. I don’t think anyone has come close to topping what I have.
  24. Fold in the frozen strawberries and whipped topping, which has.
  25. This pattern is good only as a topping reversal or bearish pattern.
  26. The magnetism will not be strong and will need regular topping up.
  27. Spread half of Chocolate Glaze over peanut butter topping on each.
  28. Serve hot, dotted with butter and your favorite syrup, or topping.
  29. Spread Chocolate Topping on the cooled peanut butter pie, starting.
  30. MAKE TOPPING: Drain the cherries and reserve about 1 cup of the syrup.
  31. I rolled the dough and was preparing the topping when Mr Passman came in.
  32. Topping off her frustrations, she hadn’t seen Rave in more than a week.
  33. It rained quite hard during the night, topping up the drinking water tanks.
  34. Follow topping and baking directions for individual recipes, baking pizza.
  35. For topping: Spread whipped topping over top of pie and sprinkle with crush.
  36. While pies are baking, crumble topping ingredients into a bowl and mix with.
  37. After an extended run-up followed by a well-recognized topping formation (e.
  38. Bake for 11 to 12 minutes, or until the topping is hot and the cheese is melted.
  39. Decorate with whipped cream or additional whipped topping and fresh strawberries.
  40. He began scooping up crackers and Ping-Pong balls and spraying them with topping.
  41. Top with any preferred topping and bake in a preheated 425F oven for 20 - 25 minutes.
  42. Amer Photorestoration is making a splash in the image editing industry by topping the.
  43. Topping off the enemy fleet there were three cruisers in addition to the old battleship.
  44. For the topping: Combine peanut butter and next 7 ingredients (to sesame oil) in a blender.
  45. David says, Finish these up with a nice baked potato covered in your favorite topping.
  46. The Two Crows pattern (CCE 148–151) is good only as a topping reversal or bearish pattern.
  47. Second, the possible H&S top would have been a massive topping pattern had it been completed.
  48. Keep the finished cake in the refrigerator to maintain the integrity of the image and the topping.
  49. There is also the topping up of the new wines, this is also something that can be done by feeling.
  50. The key date (origin) is contained within a Topping Range, which we shall refer to as the Key Range.
  51. And you can't start baking the pizza unless both the sauce and the topping are placed on the dough.
  52. In gambling games: it is both: topping all other cards, and used as a replacement for all other cards.
  53. What also worked was the ascending triangle that formed immediately after these small topping patterns.
  54. Spread remaining batter over contents of the pan and sprinkle remaining topping over the top of the cake.
  55. Research in Motion (RIMM) in 2008 is an excellent example of at least two topping formations overlapping.
  56. Finish off with spritzing the Parmesan cream over the French toast and topping it off with shaved truffle.
  57. In early 2004 there were several textbook examples of topping action that O’Neil called to our attention.
  58. Contracts for negotiated transactions almost always contain no shop, break-up fee, and topping fee clauses.
  59. He finally achieved his task by topping Libya’s Bikku Bitti peak (3,376 m; 11,076 ft) on 25 December 2005.
  60. Since topping out in 2007 at a per share price of $56, the stock fell nearly 80 percent in the next 18 months.
  61. The Hanging Man candle followed one with a long upper shadow; it could be topping and ready to reverse again.
  62. By June 6th O’Neil was starting to look for a bear market to develop, as he believed the market was topping.
  63. Sprinkle topping onto the casserole and bake in an oven that has been preheated to 3500 F for about 45 minutes.
  64. There are many signals to look for when you’re trying to recognize when a stock could be in a topping process.
  65. His USA team had a brilliant 2012 Olympics, too, topping the swimming medal table with 16 golds from 31 in total.
  66. After topping out at 6,124 in October 2007, the index fell as low as 1,664 one year later before finding a bottom.
  67. Topping up my beer, while Aunt Martha stood over me waiting for an explanation, I took a long quaff before replying.
  68. After a long price run, Netflix began to shows signs of topping as it failed from a late-stage base in April of 2004.
  69. At the restaurant I ordered a plate of buttermilk pancakes with fruit topping, two slices of butter, and maple syrup.
  70. Moreover, each pizza usually requires a different baking time, depending on the thickness of its dough and the topping used.
  71. After an uptrend, a series of days such as a Shooting Star, Spinning Tops, or Gravestone Doji can produce topping tendencies.
  72. Make the topping: In a large skillet, toast the almonds and pumpkin seeds over medium-high heat, stirring, for about 1 minute.
  73. Ultimately, CUBE went on to form a classic head & shoulders topping formation with a neckline as I’ve drawn in on Figure 3.
  74. Those upper flowers were a blue and purple topping to the orange, red and maroon of the larorlie blooms in the lower branches.
  75. Most investors have the wrong mindset and get excessively bullish when markets are topping and bearish when they are bottoming.
  76. Aside from that, you should also wear a winter hat, and topping it with a headband, so that you will be able to cover your ears.
  77. One huge gingko tree, topping all the others, shot its great limbs and maidenhair foliage over the fort which we had constructed.
  78. Currently topping the brick-building charts is the LEGO Taj Mahal model, released in 2008 with a whopping total of 5,922 pieces!.
  79. The San Antonio Spurs (USA) finished the 2011–12 season with a 50–16 record, topping 50 games for a 13th consecutive season.
  80. She was also caught on camera filling up her 2014 Jeep Wrangler, topping it off at a local service station about a mile from the track.
  81. However, when it comes to short-selling, opportunity can often knock more than once, even twice, within a stock’s overall topping phase.
  82. It held over the 50- and 100-day SMAs to close the week, but the two candles had some long topping tails, indicating some further downside.
  83. The basic mechanics of a head & shoulders topping formation are best illustrated with the picture-perfect, textbook example of Crocs, Inc.
  84. And topping things off, when the speculative bubble of the New York Stock Exchange burst in 1929, economies around the world went from bad to.
  85. The floor of the main room was furnished with comfortable fur standcushions and end tables topping fanciful stalagmites growing out of the floor.
  86. Topping the pavement at the end of the High Street, we skidded into the police station car park, bounced off a police car and continued on our way.
  87. This was the point where another wave of leaders began to break down from their topping formations, which is typical of most bear markets (Figure 6.
  88. Keep in mind that in not all cases will a price break down off the peak in a former leader result in the stock building an overall topping formation.
  89. Colin, keen to show that he had a basic grasp of the process, gave his prognosis, It looks like the unit keeps topping itself up from the storage tank.
  90. This price break represented the right side of what would become the head of what at that time was still an unfolding head & shoulders topping pattern.
  91. As we will see later in this chapter, major topping formations, such as a head & shoulders top, can take 8-12 weeks or more after their absolute tops to develop.
  92. If this massive 3-year topping pattern was going to become a H&S top, then we would look for the stock to break down from this symmetrical-triangle right shoulder.
  93. Finally topping the rise, Darkburst rested for a moment before setting out along the brow of the low hill, closing his eyes as the ground blurred in and out of focus.
  94. Focus on those big stock leaders that had huge upside price moves in the immediately preceding bull market phase and that are showing significant topping signs.
  95. The clue is in the name! Just as stopping volume was stopping the market from falling further, so topping out volume is the market topping out after a bullish run higher.
  96. This is a very important concept to keep in mind as we discuss the other topping formations and set-ups that we look for in our short-sale operations later in this chapter.
  97. The prerequisite for any short-sale set-up and topping formation is a substantial prior price run, such as CROX’s 13-month upside romp through late 2006 and most of 2007.
  98. For example, in March/April 1994 when cattle volatility moved to near all-time lows, we recommended purchasing puts as the technical pattern suggested the market was topping.
  99. To get an idea of how these formations coincide with the general market, let’s first look at another example of a head & shoulders topping formation, this time in Garmin, Ltd.
  100. If the volume is falling on these pull backs then you KNOW this is simply a minor reversal lower and not a change in trend, particularly if you have seen no topping out volume.
  1. The moment was only topped.
  2. The stock hit 275 and topped.
  3. They topped each short slope.
  4. Max, Anna has topped herself.
  5. Then a machine topped off the.
  6. Hennaed drivers of open topped.
  7. When he topped the next crest his.
  8. Therein was a maple topped, jelly-.
  9. Radiator and trans, flushed, and topped.
  10. This is good topped with roasted veggies.
  11. A shower and a nap topped off the morning.
  12. Ed topped off his coffee with a splash of.
  13. Serve hot, either completely dry or topped.
  14. They topped the solidified water like glass.
  15. Nancy raised her glass to have it topped off.
  16. It was topped by a cashmere sweater a shade.
  17. Tastes great topped with crushed strawberries.
  18. Jill topped up her husband’s glass of Merlot.
  19. High walls, topped with razor wire, deterred.
  20. Probably topped up to get here or it’s red hot.
  21. Mile after mile as he topped each crest he was.
  22. His gavel pounded when the bidding topped out at.
  23. Tracey sipped her wine and Shay topped her glass.
  24. I topped that, and slugged down Black Jack Old No.
  25. This also gets the water level topped off so you.
  26. Its the love story of our lives, topped only by.
  27. The morning sun had topped the mesquite trees and.
  28. I’ve topped the windswept heights with easy grace.
  29. They collect rainwater to keep the system topped up.
  30. Menu Description - Hearts of romaine topped with.
  31. Oh Jesus, Frank said and topped up his own wine.
  32. He walked the dirt road until he topped the next rise.
  33. Paul topped a bottle of beer and proffered it to Jack.
  34. Nothing more than grilled purple eggplant topped with.
  35. It was hawthorn wood topped by a silver wolf’s head.
  36. He was a chief warrant officer pretty much topped out.
  37. Menu Description - Marinated in teriyaki and topped.
  38. The punch bowl, that she had just topped up next to her.
  39. I’ve probably topped up three times mainly on the drop.
  40. First, I filled a large bowl of salad and topped it with.
  41. February, in places, the snowdrifts topped twenty feet deep.
  42. He was an exceptional student and topped out his law exams.
  43. A bright-red, curly wig topped off the humiliating ensemble.
  44. The group comes to a tall and stout fence topped with barbed.
  45. The roof was made of panels of glass, topped by a spiked pole.
  46. By the time we had eaten the last icing topped Persian, drank.
  47. Also an Ajmer lad Aadil Rathore has topped the CBSE Class 10.
  48. Dad, I’m in the mood for some chocolate Ice cream topped.
  49. The buxom barmaid expertly pulled, topped up and handed over a.
  50. Note the tremendous growth in the open interest, which topped 3.
  51. Dejection topped by the new knowledge of Donovan’s infidelity.
  52. The base itself was surrounded by high wire fences, topped with.
  53. The compound had twelve-foot-high walls topped with barbed wire.
  54. This is the macro-formation from which FSLR topped in late 2008.
  55. Her breasts were small and flat, topped with tiny brown nipples.
  56. Three grades topped 75, but for Procedure, she only managed a 70.
  57. The last three albums had topped the three million mark in sales.
  58. The roof was made of panels of glass, topped by a spiked pole.
  59. She saw the long days ahead filled with his abuse, and topped with.
  60. Ish grabbed a sandwich and topped it with lots of chips and ketchup.
  61. His head, shaped like a torpedo, was topped with white-gray stubble.
  62. The Yule-tree was topped by a seven-pointed star of hammered silver.
  63. A navy-blue shirt topped black trousers upheld by paisley suspenders.
  64. Qualcomm topped in December 1999, just after its 4-for-1 stock split.
  65. He cuddled his wife then topped up my glass with slivovitz.
  66. I was glad I had topped off both gas tanks before stopping at Jade’s.
  67. Each was pretty basic, with circular mud walls topped by thatched roofs.
  68. My only hope is that this record spending will never be topped in any U.
  69. Gray boulders were mounded to form a wall, topped with a fence of logs.
  70. You have another side with an eight-foot fence topped with barbed wire.
  71. When at last he topped the short bank to the campsite, his suspicions.
  72. My armour was mounted on its pole in the corner, topped with my helmet.
  73. Fearsome creatures in their own right this new arrival topped them all.
  74. Camp Echo was surrounded by a wire fence, topped with coiled razor wire.
  75. Gothic style building in the center of town topped off with a cross and.
  76. Several large antennae, and a global dish of some sort, topped out the.
  77. Half an hour later, they came to a wooden farm house topped with thatch.
  78. Russell spooned coffee powder into his mug and topped up with cold water.
  79. His feet hung off the edge of it, stretching across a flat topped trunk.
  80. Poached salmon and lemon zest crème fraîche, topped with king prawn.
  81. It was silver topped, with strange ornate designs carved around the knob.
  82. He hung on her every word as he reached over and topped up their glasses.
  83. As she topped one of the hills, Patra reared angrily and Emily tightened.
  84. Serve topped with a pinch of the smoked paprika (optional) and kale chips.
  85. The scroll handles were topped with ornate covers of deep embossed silver.
  86. They topped the little ridge and turned to lead the horse across the meadow.
  87. Viviane served the salad, which Pauline topped off with the chicken breasts.
  88. Rows of sweet apple slices are topped with tart cranberries in this pretty.
  89. The fence was topped with floppy rolls of razor wire, to keep climbers out.
  90. They stopped and topped off the bottle with a another penny of country blue.
  91. We topped it off with some nuts from a local pine tree that were quite good.
  92. Sarah carried a stand topped with a bronze bowl to the other side of his bed.
  93. The corners of the roof held towers that were topped with colorful minarets.
  94. The walkway ended abruptly at a gray brick wall topped by severe iron fencing.
  95. Then she topped it all off with a little hearsay, and I object to that as well.
  96. The commander rose and topped up his glass as he replied, ‘That’s up to you.
  97. It was a drab room, stuffed with Formica topped tables and shabby metal chairs.
  98. They topped one and Donovan said, There it is, what’s left of Gray Mountain.
  99. Then he grabbed a gallon pitcher and topped off their water bowls inside and out.
  100. He wore a naval officer’s uniform and his head was topped by an officer’s hat.
  1. Pinch the tops for heavy.
  2. Away above the chimney tops.
  3. The Bowling Boom Tops in 1961.
  4. Underneath a bunch of tops you.
  5. I’ll be back in 1 minute tops.
  6. Sprinkle tops with more tarragon.
  7. The big guys are Tops and Wegmans.
  8. As if their tops had feebly given.
  9. The tops of trucks could be seen.
  10. Historical Tops for Further Study.
  11. Brush tops liberally with garlic.
  12. Wash and cut tops off strawberries.
  13. Tops of rocks illuminated by the.
  14. Of one of the tops of one E aerial.
  15. The tops just kept going and going.
  16. Crown with the muffin tops and serve.
  17. It came in over the tops of my boots.
  18. Pieces of tin covered the gaping tops.
  19. On the tops of them were sockets that.
  20. Near market tops, most will be bullish.
  21. He’ll be there in twenty minutes, tops.
  22. The sun shone on the tops of the willows.
  23. That probably tops everything else, but.
  24. He was in his late thirties; forty, tops.
  25. What should have taken ten minutes tops.
  26. Open tops could spell trouble with these.
  27. Eagles fly in the midst of mountain tops.
  28. The wind shook the tops of the pine-trees.
  29. I could have you there in two days tops.
  30. That’s why the tops of the reef are flat.
  31. But such bubble tops are infrequent events.
  32. The two girls giggled and lowered their tops.
  33. The tops of them were just below the horizon.
  34. Then pressing and twisting the tops with the.
  35. If you noticed, I took maybe three drags tops.
  36. They sacrifice upon the tops of the mountains.
  37. Open tops with four tyres and leaf suspension.
  38. We don’t try to pick market tops and bottoms.
  39. They stopped and waited, eyes on the roof tops.
  40. Brightness was swimming on the tops of the hills.
  41. He looked down the long silver tops of the cars.
  42. He stuck his thumbs into the tops of his pockets.
  43. The sun drilled directly into the tops of skulls.
  44. The formation is used to target tops and bottoms.
  45. All I can see are shadows moving in the tree tops.
  47. Sprinkle the tops of the cookies with colored sugar.
  48. He took out his old sneakers with the tops cut off.
  49. The tops were linked by beams in two parallel lines.
  50. The worker flamed its torch at them to seal the tops.
  51. Remove the foil and sprinkle the tops with Parmesan.
  52. Instead, I ground my hands into the tops of my legs.
  53. Mike shut the lap tops, and tossed them in the trunk.
  54. The spinning tops bounced and shot all over the room.
  55. Daniel could make out the tops of the school spires.
  56. It was warm and most had only light tops and skirts.
  57. On the tops of the rifles there were normal looking.
  58. In terms of global sales, no other fruit tops bananas.
  59. Shaun runs his fingers along the tops of the sachets.
  60. Two days, maybe three, of intense engagement was tops.
  61. Study our chart examples of this and other market tops.
  62. I measure the difference between the tops of our heads.
  63. Sampson peered at me over the tops of his dark glasses.
  64. This idea could be used in shower doors or table tops.
  65. Compact Tops are the most common of the top formations.
  66. Remember you are still and always will be tops with me.
  67. Tops off, and shaking them carefully and with aim, he.
  68. On the tops of the stocks was an illuminated green line.
  69. The young tops of nettles in early spring are delicious.
  70. There were spinning tops for Daniel and a doll for Leah.
  71. The tops of pine trees swayed in the turbulent fall air.
  72. Drink can tops torn off with the teeth in one minute.
  73. He took my hand in his and kissed the tops of my fingers.
  74. Volatility seems to make spike tops and rounded bottoms.
  75. Their pointed tops seemed to be pushing up against the.
  76. Still everything seems fine: tops of the trees flourish.
  77. All of us kids would beat the tops open with our spoons.
  78. Tops of many of the houses sported roofs made from tiles.
  79. Grunt swooped low over the tops of trees towards the field.
  80. Topping Ranges are composed of Compact Tops and Major Tops.
  81. The sky beyond the tree tops was strewn with silvery clouds.
  82. All that could be seen were the tops of the pennant poles.
  83. Spread half of Peanut Butter Filling over tops of each cake.
  84. Spotted about were large oak desks with green leather tops.
  85. The snow was above the tops of her old wet shoes as Molly.
  86. She and Books wiggled their way across the tops of the walls.
  87. High up, almost level with the tops of forest-trees, there.
  88. I knew that Stalin was a monster, but this tops everything.
  89. Looking up whilst still kneeling, Mick could see the tops of.
  90. She lifted one of Abigail’s tops from the laundry basket.
  91. Tops is the Citi Dividend Platinum Select card (It charges 11.
  92. Storms tore off branches, snapped off tops of some young trees.
  93. Fernando, the ever towering tops of the San Gabriel Mountains.
  94. The flaps of his gentleman’s cap covered the tops of his ears.
  95. A series of tops or bottoms at the same level shows resistance.
  96. Alcohol dull senses sigh: stocking tops and a glimpse of thigh.
  97. She tops her glass up, leaves her seat and goes over to the sink.
  98. Longer-term oscillators turn only at important tops and bottoms.
  99. The three white days have consecutively higher tops and bottoms.
  100. Gold-gilded valances made of velvet and lace adorned their tops.

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