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    1. A child is not going to have a healthy value of their own worth if they

    2. This means choosing foods that maximize nutritional value, not calories

    3. Many businesses end up selling their business and getting paid only on the value of their customer list

    4. removing all those things that you value in your life

    5. "I wouldn't put it past her that she knows it's of some value

    6. The markets have seen lots of ups and downs, but history shows that over time the value of a well-diversified portfolio will increase

    7. As compared to 1947 the rupee has depreciated from its par value to less than 5 paise today

    8. Over a long period of a few years some share show a consistent growth, some show ups and downs around a mean value, some show a persistent fall in value and quite a few just vanish out of market or are quoted at a value which is not worth the cost of paper on which the share certificate is printed

    9. The Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund gives the current value of your investment by indicating how much each unit of Rs 10 is worth on a day-to-day basis calculated from the daily market value of the funds total asset

    10. The approach should fit in the community context, reinforcing the traditional value of respect for the elderly in order to strengthen informal, family care for older people while utilizing their influence to solve day-to-day problems and obtain the cooperation of village population to the government

    11. Anyone who has ever lived on an island quickly learns the value of the ocean

    12. Knows the price of everything but never the value

    13. value this property and sell it for me

    14. Why they would disguise the aluminum as gold was strange, unless they were trying to hide its true value? But then why do such a bad job of it that you can see the aluminum thru the gold?"

    15. Very basic it was, but I didn’t miss any of the stuff in storage … I recall I made a decision to get rid of all the clutter once we got it all back, but you know how it is … you never get round to it, or else it has sentimental value and you can’t bring yourself to throw it out

    16. "And we take all their information at face value? After all, the only thing you really have is a signal

    17. After calculating the price I remembered that in addition to their value as collectors' items that the Hammerli Lenzburg could also put a hole in my head the size of an egg or shatter a knee-cap into irreparable splinters

    18. mature but is one who knows the value of life

    19. value in encouraging the young men to aspire to the leadership of the church

    20. At work I confront a never-ending war from persons of dubious value: First of all Nicoleta, a clerk, who is always insulting, mocking and slandering not only me but other colleagues as well

    21. If faith is simply a belief or value that we hold to, then we will be found wanting

    22. They may not know or perhaps haven’t given and purposes the last generation that could be spanked by much thought as to why this is, but it is knowledge they value a concerned neighbor and then spanked again when they enough to pass down to their children

    23. others for the value in the object of desire

    24. Then there had been what Joris had termed ‘bits and pieces’ – in truth, valuable artefacts collected from all over the world that he had garnered during his travels; after discussions with Berndt who had taken a quick look at the vast store of, without exception, items of considerable artistic merit if not value, Kara had agreed that the bulk might be offered to the new Guild to form the basis of a museum of some sort

    25. The chill reinforced his belief that he couldn't believe what Desa told him at face value, the women in this society must have been trained to put on an act that went against their instincts

    26. God’s character and value system is what predicates to what proximity from the Throne that we will be

    27. Spending your time on the things you value most will see your life enhanced

    28. Then score each value between 1 and 10 with the lowest score 1 being totally dissatisfied with the way you honor this value and 10 being totally satisfied

    29. Our ideas can have a value; if they are good, copyright them

    30. Be aware of the value of your work and remember you get very little thanks for under-charging

    31. The dried flower is what has the most nutritional value with them, there are small seeds in it that give it a little crunch and the flavor at least reminded her of a light yellow in a fruity way

    32. value of proper eating and living a healthy lifestyle in order to stay in shape and to be

    33. Your muscles in the lower half of the back will be strengthened so sufferers from lumbago will also find the Bull Posture of great value

    34. At the extreme points of the twisting movement you can exert a slight pressure to enhance the value of this limbering exercise

    35. We value peace above everything so we have everything we need

    36. Don’t leave anything in the cabin which you value in any way – not that the crew are necessarily thieves, but it is best not to put temptation in their way

    37. "Each state change should be plotted in its own dimension, I know, but for this I've added them using the common model sign and value

    38. Gets a value that indicates whether Ajax is being used during the request of the Web page

    39. PreviousPage property is set to the page property of the nest page to access the viewstate value of the

    40. No, the above definition is not a valid route definition, because there is no literal value or delimiter between the placeholders

    41. Therefore, routing cannot determine where to separate the value for the

    42. In making her offer, which seemed at face value to be a kindness, she knew perfectly well that Ken would go and that he would stay in the pub until closing time

    43. in cricket, he will value his gift Until now, he was a four ball freak show

    44. Give it a little expression; understand there is value in the emotion you are feeling no matter what that emotion may be

    45. nation to value beyond measure the freedoms and securities that

    46. I had nothing of value to offer in

    47. Another idea will be to think what you have of value

    48. Atheists are bitter against theists because they place value on what

    49. What a person is holds only the value given it

    50. The value of honesty may be equated to what needs to be hidden

    1. will be valued, regarded and esteemed by those who

    2. They were actually pirates, and they valued Archimedes for his ability to predict the most efficient way to loot ships and override human beings' living patterns

    3. She was a good worker and valued by her superiors apparently

    4. Poor old Bunty! She's got a job where she's valued and respected, a home and life which she enjoys and has to ditch the lot to go home to look after her parents … but it is what she was brought up to see as her duty and, as an unmarried daughter, an automatic process

    5. experiences); this should be valued and honoured

    6. It is like a king who has a valued treasure and he doesn’t want a fool to find it and use it unwisely, so he hides it where only a wise man can find it

    7. They valued and emphasized freedom because of the abuse they

    8. spirits, valued more than it is worth

    9. That the chance of loss is frequently undervalued, and scarce ever valued more than it is

    10. An ox hide, therefore, was in this account valued at the same quantity of silver as 4s

    11. (the most valued of all types of lists); and convert the best both for your

    12. Standard were a shining example of what their culture had defined as being moral, hardworking individuals who had formed a respectable legal and holy matrimony that resulted in the much valued and desired undertaking of procreation and thus the continuation of their bloodline and species

    13. ’ You see, those athletes who are most proficient at handling the ball or scoring points and so on are those who are more highly valued and therefore naturally selected to be a part of the team in any given sport

    14. And the three children I lost to sickness in the years before… But to have three others survive, to be valued by Architalos, to be not only accepted but loved by his wife, these are wonderful blessings to be savored

    15. Which meant that while she’d never be a citizen, she could mix into the population of valued foreigners allowed to live on Ithaca

    16. If foreign bills of exchange are paid in this currency, the uncertain value of any sum, of what is in its own nature so uncertain, must render the exchange always very much against such a state, its currency being in all foreign states necessarily valued even below what it is worth

    17. Children who feel valued and supported, and have good cognitive functioning, are more likely to bounce back from adverse experiences – divorce, car accidents, death of a loved one, or other unanticipated events

    18. The ingenious and well-informed author of the Tracts upon the Corn Trade has shown very clearly, that since the bounty upon the exportation of corn was first established, the price of the corn exported, valued moderately enough, has exceeded that of the corn imported, valued very high, by a much greater sum than the amount of the whole bounties which have been paid during that period

    19. When he carried them from his workhouse to his shop, he must have valued them at the price for which he could have sold them to a dealer or shopkeeper, who would have bought them by wholesale

    20. If he valued them lower, he lost a part of the profit of his

    21. Reia offered, “The lackey even said that the brick-a-brack I dislodged were the Captain's valued trophies from his travels thus far on his quest

    22. Sincerity is without a doubt, a much valued virtue

    23. When a person or company changes important information, such as an address, price, or date, it is necessary to send valued customers a letter with the new information

    24. Wealth is the abundance of things valued

    25. They valued him, of course

    26. The loss of friend? He did value her friendship, but moreover he valued her empathy: When they were most intimate she seemed in tune with him, as if she could know his mind

    27. The church of England, in particular, has always valued herself, with great reason, upon the unexceptionable loyalty of her principles

    28. -- The last letters of the first and last words are valued at 490 (70 x 7)

    29. Nowadays he valued sleep more than ever, it was a welcome refuge: the comfort of dreams; of what he once had; of what he might have had, where possibilities were never crushed

    30. When the proprietor cultivates his own lands, they are valued according to an equitable estimation, and he is allowed a deduction of one-fifth of the tax; so that for such land he pays only eight instead of ten per cent

    31. In order to discourage the practice, which is generally a foolish one, this species of rent might be valued rather high, and consequently taxed somewhat higher than common money-rents

    32. When the landlord chose to occupy himself a part of his own lands, the rent might be valued according to an equitable arbitration of the farmers and landlords in the neighbourhood, and a moderate abatement of the tax might be granted to him, in the same manner as in the Venetian territory, provided the rent of the lands which he occupied did not exceed a certain sum

    33. A tax upon the produce of land, which is levied in money, may be levied, either according to a valuation, which varies with all the variations of the market price ; or according to a fixed valuation, a bushel of wheat, for example, being always valued at one and the same money price, whatever may be the state of the market

    34. The annuities for lives, too, which had been granted as premiums to the subscribers to the new loans in 1757, estimated at fourteen years purchase, were valued at £472,500 ; and the annuities for long terms of years, granted as premiums likewise, in 1761 and 1762, estimated at twenty-seven and a-half years purchase, were valued at £6,826,875

    35.  The feeling that she is valued & important

    36. He thought of Alexia and how little he had valued his time with her

    37. Raul was not the only human scientist much valued by the Darangi; his skills learned from the life before the war were much in demand

    38. While Wyll and Cheeryup were barely twelve years old, Dorro still valued their insights—both children were sharp as tacks and fine sleuths in their own right

    39. little dog that I valued very much I have had all the city searched

    40. Still, these women did exist, and did thrive as valued members of their communities

    41. She might be a valued comrade in arms, but her father was lord of the land and not to be gainsaid

    42. He sought to protect Blacks from terrorism and guard their civil rights as valued Republican allies

    43. enforced can treats be properly valued as a reward

    44. I know that feeling valued and part of a caring team was an important element in my recovery

    45. Truman valued his personal stability and position of respect in the community and trucking industry

    46. My granddaughter loved and respected me, and valued my wisdom

    47. Which of the two he valued most, he sincerely could not tell

    48. He was bereft of the things he valued most: Truth, honor, friendship

    49. This distinguished document is an English Puritan work, although there was some valued input from Scottish theologians

    50. He was not very strong and not very valued by them as a hunter, but he had deep, intelligent eyes, and they hoped he would live with me and learn and share the wisdom of the trees with them

    1. The opportunity to enjoy them, spend time with them, teach them your values and beliefs, play with them, show them how much you love them, that opportunity is happening

    2. If your parents noticed you were hanging out with kids that maybe didn’t have the same values your

    3. The physical, social and spiritual needs of the children were to be met by the entire community with values inculcated by the elders

    4. The advent of constant media influence and increased mobility make it so that the morals and values of family groups are not passed down as unchanged as they once were

    5. It is our purpose to observe the contrasting values, and to decide for ourselves what is wanted in our physical experience

    6. So how do we avoid sublimating the word of God into the existing framework of our values and interests and not accommodate it to that?

    7. We looked at our self esteem, beliefs, values, strengths and life purpose

    8. How does this fit with your core values?

    9. If core values, beliefs, strengths, enthusiasm and everything else we discussed were the ingredients of a cake, then spirit would be the ingredient than holds them all together

    10. and elected representatives, values open to change

    11. For this reason it is practiced in the higher stages of Yoga for its spiritual values for spiritual purity is closely linked to physical purity

    12. I cannot mention the Yogamudra twice in this book without telling you of the spiritual values it confers

    13. Miss Jones, as the last of her line, lived a quiet and shrouded life that was bounded by the tightness of good old-fashioned values and good old-fashioned friends

    14. All of the political parties identified with her recent struggle, praising her for her actions, and she was held up as a paragon of good old fashioned and traditional values by the true blues of the political firmament

    15. Explain how to access Viewstate values of this page in the next page?

    16. values, valid even today

    17. And today you great men pass on these values to

    18. values by the true blues of the political firmament

    19. Values That Supply the Being:

    20. following two letters cover 7 essential values and vices (altogether

    21. The worthwhile thing to know here is: The Holy Bible is a figurative system of varying values

    22. binary pattern that used letters of the alphabet for numerical values, the words were

    23. The sound can be represented by electrons instead of air, it has pressure, flow and restriction values in it’s equations just like air

    24. Everything God has is available to whoever wants and values it

    25. He was amazed, and turning to the vizir said: “What do you say? Should I not give the princess to one who values her so highly?”

    26. But the relative values of those two different species of food, bread and butcher's meat, are very different in the different periods of agriculture

    27. ˜ Of the variations in the Proportion between the respective Values of that sort of Produce which always affords Rent, and of that which sometimes does, and sometimes does not, afford Rent

    28. In the whole progress of improvement, it might, therefore, be expected there should be only one variation in the comparative values of those two different sorts of produce

    29. Variations in the Proportion between the respective Values of Gold and Silver

    30. The great quantity of silver sent annually to the East Indies reduces, he supposes, the quantities of those metals which remain in Europe to the proportion of one to fourteen or fifteen, the proportion of their values

    31. The proportion between their values, he seems to think, must necessarily be the same as that between their quantities, and would therefore be as one to twenty-two, were it not for this greater exportation of silver

    32. But the ordinary proportion between the respective values of two commodities is not necessarily the same as that between the quantities of them which are commonly in the market

    33. But it’s true she values water highly

    34. which they produced basic values still actual

    35. recruitment by promoting the real values, some other

    36. forgot long time ago the values of the Christianity, as

    37. Let us imagine a scale on which the values are

    38. of the metal pieces of which it is composed, but to include in its signification some obscure reference to the goods which can be had in exchange for them, the wealth or revenue which it in this case denotes, is equal only to one of the two values which are thus intimated somewhat ambiguously by the same word, and to the latter more properly than to the former, to the money's worth more properly than to the money

    39. His weekly revenue is certainly not equal both to the guinea and to what can be purchased with it, but only to one or other of those two equal values, and to the latter more properly than to the former, to the guinea's worth rather than to the guinea

    40. The whole revenue of all of them taken together is evidently not equal to both the money and the consumable goods, but only to one or other of those two values, and to the latter more properly than to the former

    41. There would have been two values instead of one

    42. highlight of the values

    43. By altering the rate, on the contrary, the proportion between those two values is necessarily altered

    44. the prestigious homes of auction with values that

    45. The different quantities of productive labour which it may put into motion, and the different values which it may add to the annual produce of the land and labour of the society, according as it is employed in one or other of those different ways, never enter into his thoughts

    46. Mary Standard was a good woman who had been brought up with the normal set of values in her society that had been passed down from generation to generation

    47. Her mind was saying that she needed to find someone who shared the same values and upbringing as her for her marriage to work

    48. Your brand reflects who you are as a company & the values & principals 518 that drive your biz decisions

    49. These ideals of supremacy, survival of the fittest, ignoring the weak and poor, these are the kind of values that have brought us all here

    50. They’re the kind of values that made you grow up without a father, in a shitty district that you can't afford to leave

    1. valuing the love that once came into my life

    2. You are not valuing who you are — a sacred soul doing a sacred job

    3. is, valuing your place in the big scheme of things and knowing you are an

    4. Valuing a quarter of wheat in the present times at eight-and-twenty shillings, the real price of a yard of fine cloth must, in those times, have been equal to at least three pounds six shillings and sixpence of our present money

    5. By valuing, in the same manner, such rents rather high, and consequently taxing them somewhat higher than common money-rents, a practice which is hurtful to the whole community, might, perhaps, be sufficiently discouraged

    6. Besides valuing and estimating that new, interesting and informative series, I would like to congratulate you, dear editor, for having reintroduced for the reader of your weekly newspaper the section “Seven

    7. This section on Axiology covers the three archetypes of valuing, namely Personal, Social,

    8. Without that wife he’d be contented with a simple life and house and car, valuing things for their beauty, efficiency, engineering excellence…not for how jealous their wife’s friends will be

    9. with me valuing the poetry of his slightly mad world view

    10. Depending on the perspective of the viewer, of course, but also on the valuing context within which the hypothetical little

    11. learned to interpret experience--that is, the valuing of the socially constructed

    12. The meaning given to long hair by the valuing context has

    13. The parents were important too, but so many kids defied them as well, valuing their friends more

    14. including the perception and valuing of 'what I am' and 'what I

    15. this valuing will be reflected in his self-esteem

    16. valuing, needs and receives positive regard and self-regard

    17. of worth that are out of step with organismic valuing, and

    18. Since she is valuing someone who does not value himself, a significant amount of her loving feelings and energy is wasted

    19. I have noted a return to hierarchy valuing of professionals in my area of

    20. Student/investors are advised to take the most conservative approach to valuing a

    21. On the other hand, the net income approach to valuing a firm’s stock

    22. worldview has strengthened our patriarchic bent toward valuing that

    23. Now you can understand then, if you have difficulty loving and valuing who you are, you will have difficulty loving people

    24. It will not return without doing something - unless of course you actually don't take it in; so it's all in valuing the word of God

    25. If you are selling your time only, find a way of valuing it in terms of it’s worth

    26. ‘He was valuing their art collection

    27. by dissecting Kepler’s formula in relation to valuing singularity

    28. The ultimate reason for us burying our dead comes from valuing our own tools

    29. Instead of valuing the product of the process, the process itself should be valued above all else

    30. it is valuing the abstract over the actual that freezes cultures into non-changing, preserved patterns

    31. It is a valuing of the past over the present and the future; and that is not intelligent

    32. Can you imagine valuing the ashes of a living creature more than their living bodies?! and burning them just to make a profit to buy more of them to burn so create more devastation? Cutting thousand year-old trees for the ashes they could produce

    33. The entire economy of there European harmers were based upon death: valuing death over life, valuing the ashes of dead trees over living trees: valuing destruction and death over Life and growth

    34. All humans are genetically designed to be creative: yet rather than valuing the human experience-process of creating, humans value the end-result, instead of the enjoyable process

    35. This is the insanity of valuing the end-result of a dead tool-product of that creativity

    36. By valuing success more than failure, by creating a fear of failure, we strangle our own willingness to ask questions, explore, fail, learn, change, grow and evolve as humans

    37. We worship actors for pretending to feel something rather than valuing our own feelings: simply because we are too numb to feel our own actual feelings

    38. It comes from people valuing self-gratification above all other moral and ethical truths

    39. The idea that an abstract concept or an abstract identity is more important than a living human being… the valuing of abstraction over the value of human life: is the insane result of civilization

    40. The proof of humans valuing abstraction over actuality is obvious

    41. Rather than valuing the living process of being creative, they value the dead products of creativity and attach hierarchical values to these dead things

    42. All three had the same basic cultural values of honest hard work and the valuing of their children

    43. It had a culture of VALUING YOUNG CHILDREN

    44. � That's a bad enough self-perception/meaning perspective when you think about my students and our general approach to valuing ourselves in the workplace, but it absolutely hammers at our human vulnerabilities, our need to receive and to give the unconditional

    45. It was poisoned by worshipping and valuing and cherishing the written word more than Life itself, more than reality, more than all the life-experiences of every living human who ever lived

    46. "Detesting my nightly occupation, though valuing, if I may so use the word, my independence, which only consisted in choosing the street in which I should

    47. So we might say, that although the life of a good man is not to be compared to that of a bad man, yet you may measure the difference between them by valuing one minute of the one at an hour of the other ('One day in thy courts is better than a thousand'), or you might say that 'there is an infinite difference

    48. Valuing himself not a little upon his elegance, being indeed a proper man of person, this talkative now applied himself to his dress with animadversions of some heat upon the sudden whimsy of the atmospherics while the company lavished their encomiums upon the project he had advanced

    49. In the face of the extraordinary bounty of the massive cedars, and valuing them primarily for making roofing shakes and shingles, the men who had cut them down had taken only the prime middle section of each, leaving behind long sections from the tops, where the branches were, and the bottoms, where the trunks began to flare out and the grain of the wood no longer ran perfectly straight and true

    50. They had come closer together, relying on and valuing each other's capacities

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