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Amount в предложении (на )

  1. This is the amount of.
  2. Power is the amount of.
  3. They let the amount of.
  5. Thus, it is the amount.

  6. After a small amount of.
  7. That is a large amount.
  8. He read the amount again.
  9. That amount again was $1.
  10. MBA and a large amount of.
  11. Amount will change to £8.
  12. Add the proper amount of.
  13. The amount used in these.
  14. Amount will change to £20.
  15. No amount of makeup could.

  17. As there is no such amount.
  18. A staggering amount of gold.
  19. That amount is the amount.
  20. Again an immense amount of.
  21. No amount of probing could.
  22. That would amount to about 7.
  23. The amount of times I have.
  24. However the full amount is.
  25. The untold amount of money.

  26. This plan details the amount.
  27. The amount of zinc used was.
  28. Their entire assets amount to.
  30. Lastly, the amount of shares.
  31. It is the amount owed by the.
  32. Carl put a good amount of it.
  33. A larger amount of debt will.
  34. A meager amount of the wealth.
  35. Give only the amount of food.
  36. In their short amount of time.
  37. Despite the limited amount of.
  38. I could charge them any amount.
  39. The amount of progesterone in.
  40. A vast amount of this is done.
  41. Always pay the total amount due.
  42. It requires a great amount of.
  43. Yet look at the amount of cars.
  44. I also bought a good amount of.
  45. As long as a dollar amount can.
  46. The amount of taurine used was.
  47. It had a decent amount of money.
  48. It could be a very large amount.
  49. Wow, the amount of times I see.
  50. The amount of capital acts as a.
  51. Given the amount of time it has.
  52. Water: Estimated amount of water.
  53. Increase the amount of knee bend.
  54. The exact amount I had requested.
  55. She could eat only a small amount.
  56. This amount includes three cases.
  57. A chorus of angles: The amount.
  58. Now that's a fair amount of money.
  59. This is the amount of your actual.
  60. Out of this amount, (375 - 225 ).
  61. I quickly set down the amount on.
  62. You will note the amount in your.
  63. That was his premium outlay amount.
  64. STEP 2 Compute the amount of Equity.
  65. The amount of dividends acts as a.
  66. No great amount of fat in this one.
  67. We propose to pay you a set amount.
  68. This will give you a large amount.
  69. Density is the amount of mass per.
  70. Controlling the amount of tobacco.
  71. The total amount of attention one.
  72. That is a great amount of authority.
  73. That's a much more reasonable amount.
  74. The small amount of income I would.
  75. STEP 3: Determine the amount of debt.
  76. An adequate amount of veggies will.
  77. Its amount can be constituted in a.
  78. There was a fair amount of frantic.
  79. The amount of painting was enormous.
  80. Reducing the amount of sodium that.
  81. In the small amount of behind-the-.
  82. The whole amount of those different.
  83. The amount of current leaked is an.
  84. Production slowed to the amount of.
  85. These buildings hold such an amount.
  86. Imagine, with this amount you could.
  87. The amount of power frightened Peter.
  88. Equate the amount of shade with the.
  89. Increase the amount of wrist flexion.
  90. Pack the crumbs in the amount needed.
  91. There is a great amount of miracles!.
  92. You can measure the amount of total.
  93. Depending on the amount of physical.
  94. No amount of money could solve that.
  95. It would take a considerable amount.
  96. Amount of CO2 gas required is about.
  97. Page raking and the amount of active.
  98. The amount of the retirement savings.
  99. He said the small amount of pain and.
  100. I need at least a small amount of.
  1. That was it, excitement, almost amounting to gaiety.
  2. Of the $39 million gross proceeds from the offering, 6 percent (amounting to $1.
  3. Dantes drew back, and gazed on the abbe with a sensation almost amounting to terror.
  4. At times he was a prey to agonies of morbid uneasiness, amounting sometimes to panic.
  5. The name he pronounced, in a voice of tenderness, amounting almost to love, was that of Haidee.
  6. Thus the four hundred schools will demand an expenditure in salaries amounting to 8,250 roubles.
  7. Their oblique eyes seemed to have a 180 degree view amounting to encompass the entire perimeter.
  8. He avoided his mother and her constant nagging about him never amounting to anything at the firm.
  9. The partners went ahead with the acquisition, amounting in dollars to about one-fifth of their fund.
  10. What they did was like our traditional jirgas – the Americans paid ‘blood money’ amounting to $2.
  11. Oil lands are leased on a standard basis for a royalty amounting usually to one-eighth of the production.
  12. Are you coming home, Ptitsin? Hippolyte listened to this in amazement, almost amounting to stupefaction.
  13. In the ten years 1929–1938 this company reported a net loss in the aggregate amounting to $309,000, or $1.
  14. Basic, amounting to a few cents for each of the million machines onto which Apple subsequently installed the program.
  15. But actually the average earnings for 1934–1939 have been quite disappointing (amounting to no more than 14 cents per share).
  16. Webster, as it turned out, didn’t much care for work of any kind, and he bounced around from job to job, never amounting to much.
  17. Beginning with 1937 the company made regular depreciation charges, amounting to $5,702,000 in that year and to $6,085,000 in 1938.
  18. She had lost all the money which, earlier in the day, I had got for her paper securities—a sum amounting to about ten thousand roubles.
  19. The Venus had a cargo of rum, sugar, fruit, and preserves, which produced $17,637 68, and was charged with duties amounting to $8,287 63.
  20. Emptying with resignation his purse on the table, he looked sadly at the few small coins that fell out, all of it amounting to less than one Livre.
  21. Those two who have left the room are the only objects which retain a distinct material appearance to me; and that appearance causes me pain, amounting to.
  22. One thing he could not pluck out of his heart, though he never ceased struggling with it, was the regret, amounting to despair, that he had lost her forever.
  23. But the shrinkages of ELTRA and Emhart were quite moderate in the poor year 1970, amounting to only 8% each by our measurement, against 7% for the DJIA.
  24. Jamie sent off a bank draft amounting to twenty thousand pounds to his parents, bought the finest carriage and team he could find and headed back to Klipdrift.
  25. The tax was established in the form of a general poll-tax, amounting to one pound for every man, and to four shillings for every woman, throughout the islands.
  26. Those two who have left the room are the only objects which retain a distinct material appearance to me; and that appearance causes me pain, amounting to agony.
  27. I sold the products of my garden to my grandma, and she paid me in money, amounting to a dollar and a half, with which I cheerfully send to you for the freedmen.
  28. With the collapse of the American steel industry in the 1980s, Pittsburgh lost more than 120,000 jobs, amounting to more than half of its manufacturing positions.
  29. The analyst, however, could not fail to be impressed by the balance sheet, which showed net current assets available for the stock amounting to close to $20 per share.
  30. American Zinc preferred stock was created in 1916 as a stock dividend on the common, the transaction thus amounting to a split-up of old common into preferred and new common.
  31. No, I have for the end of the month these bills which have been assigned to us by the house of Pascal, and the house of Wild & Turner of Marseilles, amounting to nearly 55,000.
  32. Hardly in any sphere of philosophic science can we find such divergent methods of investigation and exposition, amounting even to self-contradiction, as in the sphere of æsthetics.
  33. The inclusion of this special profit in income was particularly objectionable because in the very same year the company had charged to surplus extraordinary losses amounting to $544,000.
  34. They defended Madras, took Pondicherry, recovered Calcutta, and acquired the revenues of a rich and extensive territory, amounting, it was then said, to upwards of three millions a-year.
  35. In the greater part of the silver mines of Peru, the tax of the king of Spain, amounting to a tenth of the gross produce, eats up, it has already been observed, the whole rent of the land.
  36. The presence of certain of those in the room surprised the prince vastly, but the guest whose advent filled him with the greatest wonder—almost amounting to alarm—was Evgenie Pavlovitch.
  37. Nor is it less so, that penal enactments should be provided for cases of corrupt and perfidious intercourse with the enemy, not amounting to treason, nor yet embraced by any statutory provisions.
  38. To arbitrarily interpret the meaning of these verses in a literal context is negligent and erroneous amounting to the reception of potentially dangerous, abject and destructive information for Self and others.
  39. American Founders reported net earnings for common stock in 1927 amounting to $1,316,488, most of which was created by its own stockholders through their purchase of shares of the subsidiary as indicated above.
  40. The last Russian reserves had already gone into action, while on the side of the French neither the Old Guard nor the Young, nor any of their cavalry, amounting to over 20,000 men, had taken any part in the battle.
  41. Noirtier, you intend leaving your fortune to your grandson, Edward de Villefort? The winking of the eyes which answered this speech was most decided and terrible, and expressed a feeling almost amounting to hatred.
  42. Jacob Zuma is accused of using public money to pay for a swimming pool, amphitheater, chicken run and other improvements to Nkandla amounting to R79-million at his country home in the KwaZulu Natal province of South Africa.
  43. The Supreme Court and lower courts following its rulings have at one time or another prohibited these and similar acts related to religious activities as amounting to a violation of the establishment clause of the First Amendment.
  44. But the consumption of malt is in malt liquors; and a tax of eighteen shillings upon the quarter of malt could not well render those liquors dearer than the different taxes, amounting to twenty-four or twenty-five shillings, do at present.
  45. Moreover, one often finds a very short-lived bearish crowd developing in response to some external event, which is blamed for a relatively brief drop in the averages, say one lasting a few weeks and amounting to 5 percent or a little more.
  46. I had never really worked but now suddenly in the last few weeks I had cheques amounting to $15,000 cleared in to my account, they weren"t sure about giving me a loan but said if I didn"t touch the cash in my account for a month a loan was mine.
  47. Many persons maintain, that a naval system of defence is indispensably necessary to a nation, whose seaboard extends more than 1,500 miles, with a shipping interest amounting to 1,300,000 tons—in this respect, ranking the second of modern nations.
  48. I have thought, also, that our citizens, detached in quotas of militia, amounting to one hundred thousand, under the act of March, one thousand eight hundred and eight, might not improperly be relieved from the state in which they were held for immediate service.
  49. Nobody imagines, I beileve, that even the greater part of the annual coinage, amounting, for ten years together, before the late reformation of the gold coin, to upwards of £800,000 a-year in gold, was an annual addition to the money before current in the kingdom.
  50. The reduction of the debt began in 1723, and went on so slowly, that, on the 31st of December 1739, during seventeen years-of profound peace, the whole sum paid off was no more than £8,328,554:17:11 3/12, the capital of the public debt, at that time, amounting to £46,954,623:3:4 7/12.
  51. The ladies were picking their steps across the flags with a great parade of lifting silken skirts; the worthy old scholar, Lord Majendie, was following, with an expression of benign, childlike interest, but all three seemed struck by the same amazement, almost amounting to consternation.
  52. In the four last years of the Jefferson Administration, those expenditures were very greatly increased, amounting in the year 1808, (the last of the four,) without any increase of Army and Navy expenditures, to upwards of sixteen millions of dollars—rivalling the expenditures of any one year of Mr.
  53. The insolentfellow had the face to say to me—to me, who for five years havedevoted myself night and day to his interests and his honor!—thathis father's affairs were not his! A solicitor would have hadthe right to demand fees amounting to thirty or forty thousandfrancs, one per cent on the total of the debts.
  54. As a business, Barber Oil was unencumbered, and it consisted essentially of a pool of capital amounting to approximately $100 million, part of which was invested in marketable securities of major oil and gas companies, part of which was in interests in oil and gas properties, and part of which was in oil tankers.
  55. The sums which had been previously accumulated in the Treasury, together with the receipts during the year ending on the 30th of September last, and amounting to more than nine millions of dollars, have enabled us to fulfil all our engagements, and to defray the current expenses of our Government, without recurring to any loan.
  56. Heavy duties, accordingly, have been imposed upon their exportation, amounting at present (1783) to more than five shillings the ton, or more than fifteen shillings the chaldron, Newcastle measure ; which is, in most cases, more than the original value of the commodity at the coal-pit, or even at the shipping port for exportation.
  57. I raised myself on my elbow and listened intently, but heard nothing more, and reflecting that, even if what I had heard was more than fancy, I was helpless, shut in on every hand by impenetrable fog, to render aid; I could do no more than utter a fervent hope, amounting to a prayer, that no poor soul had strayed into the water on such a night.
  58. Again, the law, then and now, allows the soldier to be arrested for a debt amounting to two dollars; and will you say, that the debt in which there can be no deception incurred, for the most necessary of all things, food, clothing, and instruction for infancy, shall be disregarded? I trust, sir, that a principle so unreasonable will never prevail.
  59. The cargo of the New Liverpool consisted (contrary to our impressions when before the committee) altogether of wine, amounting to 27,959 gallons, whereon the duty was 46 cents per gallon, which consumed more than one-half of the proceeds of vessel and cargo, and, connected with the other charges, left the owners of the privateer about one-sixth of the captured property.
  60. In the course of last year, he had understood that a great many persons, amounting to perhaps three or four thousand, had crossed the Tennessee river, and fixed themselves on its banks, not only contrary to law, but the impression was that they had set out in defiance of the law, and had even gone so far as to organize themselves into military associations for the purpose.
  61. Adams's war, and amounting to one-half as much as was expended by the Father of his Country in his eight years of the Presidency, during which he was called upon to establish public credit, to maintain a bloody Indian war, and to lay the foundation of that character of integrity which the Government has so long sustained abroad, notwithstanding the misconduct of its rulers.
  62. And it was ridiculous, the way they all covered this! He hadn’t been found guilty of anything, and notwithstanding federal insinuations of profiteering, the worst crime he stood accused of, according to some of the most expensive defense lawyers in the free world, was two counts of insider trading amounting to less than a million dollars—a tiny fraction of what the firm grossed annually.
  63. In the book of rates, according to which the old subsidy was levied, beaver skins were estimated at six shillings and eight pence a piece; and the different subsidies and imposts which, before the year 1722, had been laid upon their importation, amounted to one-fifth part of the rate, or to sixteen pence upon each skin; all of which, except half the old subsidy, amounting only to twopence, was drawn back upon exportation.
  64. Afterwards it was asserted that these seventy had been elected out of the whole number of factory hands, amounting to about nine hundred, to go to the governor and to try and get from him, in the absence of their employer, a just settlement of their grievances against the manager, who, in closing the factory and dismissing the workmen, had cheated them all in an impudent way—a fact which has since been proved conclusively.
  65. By considering the nature of the plants or animals which have in any country struggled successfully with the indigenes, and have there become naturalised, we may gain some crude idea in what manner some of the natives would have had to be modified in order to gain an advantage over their compatriots; and we may at least infer that diversification of structure, amounting to new generic differences, would be profitable to them.
  66. What has become of your 1,350,000 tons of shipping, valued at fifty dollars per ton, amounting to $67,500,000, one-third of which belongs to Massachusetts? Is the gentleman willing to surrender the carrying trade to Great Britain? Let him turn his attention to the ports of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Norfolk, Charleston, and New Orleans, and he will find that British ships are now taking the bread out of the mouths of his own constituents.
  67. Finding my first seed did not grow, which I easily imagined was by the drought, I sought for a moister piece of ground to make another trial in, and I dug up a piece of ground near my new bower, and sowed the rest of my seed in February, a little before the vernal equinox; and this having the rainy months of March and April to water it, sprung up very pleasantly, and yielded a very good crop; but having part of the seed left only, and not daring to sow all that I had, I had but a small quantity at last, my whole crop not amounting to above half a peck of each kind.
  1. It amounted to seventy francs.
  2. They amounted to little enough.
  3. These offers amounted to half.
  4. All men that have amounted to.
  5. It almost amounted to treachery.
  6. The size of his fleet now amounted.
  7. In most cases, this amounted to zero.
  8. In June the profit amounted to 900,000.
  9. The bank fund at this time amounted to.
  10. The bills amounted to only $400 or $500.
  11. In 1717, it amounted to £523,454:7:7½.
  12. The total staked amounted to 160 gulden.
  13. He said it amounted to a positive scandal.
  14. For the passers-by now amounted to a crowd.
  15. Or the body that amounted to the same thing.
  16. On average, the states component amounted to.
  17. He drew breath in what nearly amounted to a sigh.
  18. It amounted to just over 13 million Swiss Francs.
  19. But in the end, her sacrifice amounted to nothing.
  20. Its value amounted to twenty-eight million dollars.
  21. It hadn’t amounted to much in the way of results.
  22. This expansion of the Stock Market amounted to an.
  23. All his room amounted to was a little box with windows.
  24. The debts amounted to double the value of the property.
  25. Apparently, three weeks amounted to ages in child speak.
  26. The party's response to the news amounted to an ovation.
  27. Bounties and drawbacks together amounted to £2,324,600.
  28. Really a deficiency of imagination amounted to stupidity.
  29. My property amounted to about six hundred thousand rubles.
  30. The sum amounted to a little over twelve thousand dollars.
  31. This amounted to about four hundred dollars, which was the.
  32. In addition, the long-term debt amounted to $1,237 million.
  33. His financial possessions amounted to about seven hundred.
  34. The bounty paid for this amounted to £ 1,514,962:17:4 1/2.
  35. I've always thought that what I said happened to me amounted.
  36. These amounted to nothing more than grains of sand on a beach.
  37. He wouldn‘t say it, but that‘s what their plan amounted to.
  38. The total cost amounted to twenty-five million dollars in gold.
  39. Practically every sexual encounter they’d had had amounted to.
  40. Probably every public speaker who has amounted to anything could.
  41. The Gold in the vaults of the bank amounted to 2,186 metric tons.
  42. That was what manning the counter amounted to more often than not.
  43. I am almost ashamed to say that my gains amounted to 5,000 francs.
  44. On the 31st of December 1714, they amounted to £53,681,076:5:6½.
  45. I think he said it amounted to about two or three thousand dollars.
  46. To one side of the room, there was what amounted to a private bath.
  47. I pitied Frankenstein; my pity amounted to horror; I abhorred myself.
  48. The expense of 1761, for example, amounted to more than £19,000,000.
  49. By the minute, videos were uploaded that amounted to a whole 24 hours.
  50. The long annuities, at that time, amounted to £666,821: 8:3½ a-year.
  51. They all looked serious enough, it amounted to a major international.
  52. These names, civilized, soothed his fear of having amounted to nothing.
  53. This amounted to over $23 per share on the small amount of common stock.
  54. Its shareholdings in its own company amounted to only about 43,000 shares.
  55. On the side of the government forces, the losses amounted to 1,600 killed.
  56. Commodity funds have grown fast but their assets amounted to only about $0.
  57. I’ve had several surgeries (which have since amounted to a grand total of.
  58. The younger man thought for a while, what amounted to a bit of soul-searching.
  59. In that single year, the bounty paid amounted to no less than £ 324,176:10:6.
  60. Its whole capital stock, therefore, amounted at this time to £2,201,171: 10s.
  61. During these eleven years, the tonnage bounties paid amounted to £155,463:11s.
  62. The speculative interest amounted to 22½ × 42, or $945 per $1,000 bond.
  63. The total money values involved in these deals amounted to many, many billions.
  64. That aid amounted to forty percent of the French military budget for Indochina.
  65. Unfortunately, the page spelling out the name of the writer amounted to nothing.
  66. Although they only amounted to six in total, I couldn’t help feeling surprised.
  67. The land tax of ancient Egypt is said likewise to have amounted to a fifth part.
  68. The deficiencies charged upon this prolonged term amounted to £5,160,459: 14: 9½.
  69. The salaries in this same yard, for the same year, (1810,) amounted to $95,637 64¼.
  70. A tax, therefore, which amounted to one half, must have been an effectual bar to it.
  71. At this moment in North Dakota I had a reluctance to drive on that amounted to fear.
  72. Hence the speculative interest amounted to 5 × 12, or only $60 per $1,000 bond.
  73. Probably, that was one good reason why his life back on Earth had never amounted to much.
  74. In the year 1798, the total imports and exports of Great Britain amounted to £94,952,000.
  75. The actual investment in the business (capital and surplus) amounted to about $14,000,000.
  76. In consequence of those two calls, therefore, the bank capital amounted to £ 5,559,995:14:8d.
  77. On the 5th of January 1775, the funded debt of Great Britain amounted to £124,996,086, 1:6¼d.
  78. Eight thousand crowns amounted to 48,000 livres; he would then have about 5,050,000 francs left.
  79. My help in Hatshepsut’s Pavilion soon amounted to much more than minding the shop occasionally.
  80. They counted the money, which amounted to eight hundred and thirty-six roubles, and forty copecks.
  81. He did not know at all how much he had, what his debts amounted to, or what dowry he could give Vera.
  82. He did not know at all how much he had, what his debts amounted to, or what dowry he could give Véra.
  83. Rupp von Teuzen had trained the Companions’ mounts in what amounted to the art of dinosaur wrestling.
  84. At least he wouldn’t be plagued by such troubling images of what amounted to a man committing suicide.
  85. For a moment I contemplated scooping them out but they amounted to little more than a few pence at the most.
  86. Even if his father had graduated from college, he could never have amounted to anything in Ganesh’s India.
  87. In 1755, before the breaking out of the late war, the funded debt of Great Britain amounted to £72,289,675.
  88. When the stock sold at 10 in 1925, the speculative interest per $1,000 note amounted to 500 × 10, or $5,000.
  89. The gross produce of the customs, in the year which ended on the 5th of January 1755, amounted to £5,068,000.
  90. In fact Uyehara’s portfolio turnover amounted to a whopping 3,736 percent for the year ending March 31, 2010.
  91. For example, in 1971 our total common stock position at Berkshire's insurance subsidiaries amounted to only $10.
  92. On the 5th of January 1763, at the conclusion of the peace, the funded debt amounted debt to £122,603,336:8:2¼.
  93. Our investments, for instance, often amounted to over 40% of our income during the latter years of our employment.
  94. The total export of last year amounted, as appears by the report of the Secretary of the Treasury, to $45,000,000.
  95. At the end of the thirty-three treatments, I only had what amounted to a bad sunburn (again, it was quite manageable).
  96. He wanted a woman; he wanted the best on the market, and he wanted her at his own price; that was what it amounted to.
  97. To be fair, the Americans publicly announced their launch schedules well in advance, so it amounted to the same thing.
  98. Brazil’s fast-growing stock market valuation amounted to just 2 percent of the world’s stock market capitalization.
  99. He took the gifts of gold and silver which the crowds brought, which amounted to a small fortune, and bought a cargo ship.
  100. During these eleven years, the whole number of barrels caught by the herring-buss fishery of Scotland amounted to 378,347.
  1. It amounts to about $3.
  2. It typically amounts to 0.
  3. Then it amounts to this, Mr.
  4. It starts with small amounts.
  5. Massive amounts of money were.
  6. In small amounts it represents.
  7. Most times, the loss amounts to.
  8. Offer them in only small amounts.
  9. Releasing great amounts of energy.
  10. That amounts to worship of Mary.
  11. In other words, extra amounts of.
  12. This sent large amounts of water.
  13. Storing Large Amounts of Bitcoins.
  14. All amounts in millions of dollars.
  15. Very rich, so eat in small amounts.
  16. Note: Dollar amounts are in millions.
  17. It frees up amazing amounts of time.
  18. In the same relative amounts of time.
  19. The amounts sent alarm bells ringing.
  20. Top with equal amounts of sliced beef.
  21. It's believed that increased amounts.
  22. To extract massive amounts of material.
  23. The effect of lower amounts of vitamin.
  24. Later, small amounts of thick green or.
  25. The need to consume huge amounts of gas.
  26. Note: Amounts are in millions of dollars.
  27. But the absolute amounts are more modest.
  28. And even when the wrongdoing amounts to.
  29. This amounts to savings of twenty five U.
  30. The rot-skins fell in innumerable amounts.
  31. It contains high amounts of vitamins and.
  32. Avoid eating foods with large amounts of.
  33. When in the end, it all amounts to nothing.
  34. The price paid by Prince Henry amounts to 3d.
  35. Huge amounts or he will relapse and succumb.
  36. Place equal amounts on two plates and serve.
  37. Drop dough in 1/2 t amounts on an ungreased.
  38. The amounts advanced to those countries was.
  39. Having copious amounts of live rock in your.
  40. Global warming requires increasing amounts of.
  41. Hardship (Equal amounts of ease and hardship).
  42. I whistled as I spotted the amounts on his list.
  43. Medicare, and this amounts to 395 + 167 = $562B.
  44. Very high amounts of these extracts (350–700.
  45. There were massive amounts of bloodshed at the.
  46. Joey, you have usually vast amounts of honoi.
  47. There is no need to carry large amounts of cash.
  48. Both are acquired in large amounts and without.
  49. Beverages such as this contain high amounts of.
  50. Serve by placing equal amounts of all ingredients.
  51. And the amounts she owed hadn’t been called yet.
  52. Massive amounts of water erupt from the extracted.
  53. It also will save you significant amounts of time.
  54. It allowed us to see microbes and huge amounts of.
  55. They let children be exposed to lethal amounts of.
  56. Both radiated dangerous amounts of raw enchantment.
  57. One double-blind trial found that high amounts of.
  58. Large amounts of liver can cause vitamin A toxicity.
  59. There’s also a difference between the amounts of.
  60. Molly poured equal amounts of brandy in each bottle.
  61. Many foods that are pre-made contain high amounts of.
  62. Ceiling on the amounts of credit for certain purposes.
  63. Remember that the dollar amounts are in 2009 dollars.
  64. Wishful thinking amounts to merely ideas and thoughts.
  65. Bacteria can and do reproduce massive amounts in the.
  66. Take a look at the amounts on offer under the BACK area.
  67. Most materials hold vast amounts of energy within them.
  68. To obtain a report containing the gross amounts billed.
  69. Lucy had started drinking again, small amounts at first.
  70. M&M said he thought better when he did small amounts.
  71. History amounts to this: they have referred events and.
  72. He has 40k of unused contribution amounts for 25 years.
  73. In other words, that amounts to 1/3 of 1/10, so 1/30th.
  74. Different types of soil need different amounts of water.
  75. These days we control huge amounts of valuable material.
  76. This is the perfect time to raise huge amounts of money.
  77. The huge amounts of realistic risk inherent in owning U.
  78. Consuming large amounts of these low nutrient and high.
  79. Then they started selling short massive amounts of stock.
  80. With four archers it amounts to nearly six hundred shots.
  81. And honestly, the dollar amounts don’t matter that much.
  82. Green peas do not contain large amounts of antioxidants.
  83. He had seemingly endless amounts of money at his disposal.
  84. Choose methods of cooking that use lesser amounts of oil.
  85. The area of dry land amounts to almost 580,000 million sq.
  86. In dollar terms, this amounts to annual redemptions of $1.
  87. If you find the amounts of sets and repetitions easy when.
  88. Then he smeared generous amounts of the salve on each af-.
  89. If you don’t, you can lose substantial amounts of money.
  90. Her pain requires greater and greater amounts of morphine.
  91. I use a combination of ample amounts of high quality live.
  92. Amounts are in billions of dollars, except for percentages.
  93. Raising large amounts of capital with an equity issue has.
  94. Add small amounts of water which will promote the bacteria.
  95. In another clinical trial, massive amounts of DHEA (1,600.
  96. His specialist skills and the huge amounts of cash flowing.
  97. Stocks and shares, Temporary overdrafts for small amounts, i.
  98. The global population already consumes shameful amounts of.
  99. But, such trees tend to produce excessive amounts of pollen.
  100. It is primarily caused by low water flows, high amounts of.

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