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Visualise в предложении (на )

If it is hard to visualise.
I try to visualise it with the dress.
If you visualise to succeed, you will.
Visualise Swami in the sun and do the Surya.
Here‘s a way to visualise gravity causing cosmic.
It has to be his world, which you should visualise.
I tried to visualise Forbes in the room but I had a.
Only a suicidal depressive would visualise number one.
He tried to visualise their faces when he eventually.
He felt despondent and unable to visualise himself bald.
In a lot of respects it is less a case of visualise than.
I started to visualise our early days of dating in Nancy in.
World, will you begin to visualise with crystal clear clarity.
That goes for red blue and all other colours we may visualise.
The more he tried to visualise it the more uncertain he became.
That goes for red, blue and all other colours we may visualise.
I stared at Canto number two and tried to visualise it on stage.
If asked to visualise their future self, they would stare at you.
But he could not visualise himself bald for some inexplicable reason.
Have you written the goals so that you can visualise them in complete.
He could not even visualise or recall his thought processes at the time.
Most drivers will visualise not just the course, but every blade of grass.
When you are tired of doing this, close your eyes and try to visualise the flame.
For a second, I visualise what my staff and colleagues would say if they found out.
Mental imagery is no different, the more you visualise, the clearer your imagery becomes.
A myopic child who was content with games, but who could not even visualise the future.
He can visualise something, and when he visualises it he sees exactly how to make it happen.
And that cleavage – wow! He could still clearly visualise her naked body in his mind’s eye.
It is a culmination of previous experience and expectation for something we visualise as happening.
Daniel looked at the tatty parchment on the table and tried to visualise what it looked like when it was new.
Your ability to visualise with clarity, will have a major impact on the duration of your visualisation sessions.
You have to visualise what each panel will contain and be able to write it in a form which the artist can interpret.
She could visualise him head first through the open window and then doing a sort of forward roll to land neatly on his feet.
After walking around the house a couple of times, trying to visualise it in daylight, they stepped onto the wooden veranda in front.
Lucy stared into the white canvass, she could visualise the film that she had watched with Michael (or was it Jonathon); she was confused.
Let me explain the price action on the schematic as it moves through the house, to better visualise the concept of support and resistance.
You should be able to visualise the second successful case, in which the stop order never actually triggers, without the aid of an illustration.
Despite the absolute blackness, something so unlike the usual night-dark that we become used to at home, I tried to visualise the space around me.
I could visualise the blocks in the walls and the ventilation grill in the door based only on memories of things from another time, from another world.

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