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Figure в предложении (на )

  1. As shown in Figure 4.
  2. He had a thin figure.
  3. The Dot (Figure 73 A).
  4. I could not figure out.
  5. I figure worth a shot.

  6. A figure of less than.
  7. Help me figure this out.
  8. She will figure it out.
  9. The Cross (Figure 73 B).
  10. I never did figure out.
  11. You can figure that out.
  12. Berndt gave her a figure.
  13. The result is a figure.
  14. They will try to figure.
  15. The figure looked at Norm.

  16. By 1988 that figure had.
  17. Her figure was full also.
  18. Trying to figure you out.
  19. We have to figure it out.
  20. How did you figure this.
  21. The feed below (Figure 3.
  22. I never could figure out.
  23. I just had to figure out.
  24. There a figure in the bed.
  25. I could not figure it out.

  26. As it is shown in Figure 4.
  27. As the figure jumped into.
  28. The masked figure walked in.
  29. I couldn’t figure it out.
  30. He would figure it out on.
  31. As it is shown on Figure 4.
  32. Now, I figure, so will you.
  33. Please refer figure on the.
  34. She had to figure this out.
  35. I couldn’t figure out why.
  36. You can figure out the rest.
  37. Multiplying that figure by 4.
  38. It was a figure of speech.
  39. Here is how to figure it out.
  40. Aafre was an imposing figure.
  41. I can figure out where she.
  42. That time figure would put.
  43. My eyes glued to the figure.
  44. One figure turned at their.
  45. The figure had been showing.
  46. Trying to figure a way into.
  47. The figure came closer still.
  48. The resulting ROA figure is.
  49. It’s weird, huh? Go figure.
  50. First, they saw a dark figure.
  51. I couldn’t figure out what.
  52. This is a figure made up of.
  53. The figure was tall and thin.
  54. A figure walked along the road.
  55. Who could figure? Credit mused.
  56. Her exquisite figure did the.
  57. A singular figure with those.
  58. What is this? Was that figure.
  59. I will figure something out.
  60. Why, he couldn’t figure out.
  61. A figure appeared at my elbow.
  62. Had she imagined the figure?
  63. She had that kind of a figure.
  64. We'll figure that out later.
  65. A figure stood in the threshold.
  66. A figure stormed into the hall.
  67. How you figure I knew you was.
  68. Man to figure out his next move.
  69. As it is shown on the Figure 4.
  70. I don’t figure it’s my.
  71. I could not figure out anything.
  72. God was a figure on high that.
  73. Chris couldn’t figure him out.
  74. The plump figure shook its head.
  75. I hear the figure call my name.
  76. Where we took the figure "49"?
  77. A figure came from the shadows.
  78. I could see a figure with its.
  79. A tall figure stood in the room.
  80. Now figure it out for yourself.
  81. I just couldn't figure it out.
  82. But he could never figure out.
  83. I just can’t figure out what.
  84. Outgoing from prices on Figure 4.
  85. I couldn’t figure out anything.
  86. Outgoing from prices in Figure 4.
  87. Without a doubt, I figure, one.
  88. If she could figure out who it.
  89. Please refer the figure on the.
  90. If we cant figure this out and.
  91. Adopt the position in figure 24.
  92. He couldn't figure out why she.
  93. I figure he would probably put.
  94. No one can quite figure it out.
  95. The hooded figure in front of Dr.
  96. Notice though, that the figure.
  97. The proper figure to input is 1.
  98. It was a figure he never forgot.
  99. A figure sat huddled over a stone.
  100. Alex slowly approached the figure.
  1. There was no figuring it out.
  2. Figuring that it would kill.
  3. There was no figuring dogs out.
  4. Rakesh smiled figuring her out.
  5. Stop figuring out what happened.
  6. They’re figuring it all out.
  7. High Counsel, figuring it was a bluff.
  8. He’s always figuring something out.
  9. Figuring that he was only kidding, the.
  10. Figuring out where a trapped emotion is.
  11. Simply a case of figuring the exact period.
  12. Figuring out how to invest through indexes.
  13. Figuring that forwards was less risky, he.
  14. Figuring that the road was impassable, she.
  15. She was obviously busy figuring out the code.
  16. I stopped at the top of a hill figuring the.
  17. I’ve been figuring that out, Emma said.
  18. So, figuring the remote possibility that this.
  19. Figuring? What’s Candy figuring about?
  20. Alex grinned at me, figuring out what I had done.
  21. I always have trouble figuring out which is which.
  22. Finally figuring it out? It took you quite a while.
  23. The trick is figuring out where your interests are.
  24. That's the final factor figuring in our selectivity.
  25. But I am figuring out that the difference between.
  26. It can consider any cut width when figuring radial.
  27. Oh, Lennie! You in here? 1 been figuring some more.
  28. But figuring out who the ax is, of course is not easy.
  29. The B-girls shrugged off the incident, figuring they.
  30. Figuring that the road used to be tarmac, I hired a.
  31. The difficult part is figuring out if you have a pair.
  32. Oh, Lennie! You in here? I been figuring some more.
  33. This is the process of figuring where you went astray.
  34. I bailed out later, figuring that I was likely to die.
  35. But Bella had no problem figuring out the secret codes.
  36. They were all equally having trouble figuring out how.
  37. Not figuring out what they were, stuck in his ‘craw’.
  38. Figuring he had wasted enough time he stepped out of the.
  39. Max didn’t press, figuring Mitch was screwing with him.
  40. Figuring you can invest that at the historical http://www.
  41. Just figuring that out? Wickland asked sarcastically.
  42. Figuring she would be in need of a boost, I made a coffee.
  43. When you disappeared they lost all hope of figuring it out.
  44. He had only purchased three ventilators figuring that the.
  45. They were still figuring things out in Central America in.
  46. Figuring it all out - out by living in the moment and being.
  47. She had only gotten as far as figuring out that the saddle.
  48. Figuring out that I don’t have to have an explanation for.
  49. He flashed his brass in case I needed help figuring that out.
  50. Figuring it could make a similar move as the move from 40 (13.
  51. It took about ten minutes of figuring out whether I should be.
  52. And how he keeps figuring out Jovet’s computer passwords.
  53. Scouts took him in, figuring that the enemy of our enemy….
  54. Taking a Pulse: Figuring Out Where the Futures Market Is Heading.
  55. The engines will only get better and better at figuring that out.
  56. Everybody has a struggle figuring out what their tipping point is.
  57. Figuring that she might start crying again, E touched her shoulder.
  58. What is the challenge of adulthood? Am still figuring all that out.
  59. Figuring out what you should do as an investor isn't that difficult.
  60. Without it, you spend more time figuring out what to do next, that.
  61. Why would he only have photos of me for? I asked, figuring out.
  62. I shook my head and began walking, figuring they would leave me alone.
  63. My name is Darren, I say, figuring that honesty is the best policy.
  64. Laughing, Sam thought, ‘Maybe I should try figuring out your mysteries.
  65. Figuring out what the market will bear in terms of price is not a simple.
  66. I throw on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, figuring the outfit will be.
  67. I think figuring out why would be easier than trying to figure out who.
  68. Sanchez, he said, figuring a bit of formality was probably a good bet.
  69. What he didnt bank on was Kyle figuring it out so early and locking him.
  70. It’s not like I have hours to burn figuring out what we’re going to do.
  71. So next morning I cruised into the station figuring that I was.
  72. Her parents still lived there, and I was figuring on seeing her by accident.
  74. I sat there figuring my defense ignoring the sound of my hastened breathing.
  75. By the time she did the figuring a couple days later, the move was warranted.
  76. I had a hell of a time figuring out what went where and then finding ground.
  77. Nicola was figuring it out about the situation which they were suspicious of.
  78. Figuring that there was no conceivable means by which she could expect me to.
  79. Figuring that whoever had let her out there was now returning to pick her up.
  80. They can deduct half of their SE tax in figuring their adjusted gross income.
  81. He’d put them in the saddlebag figuring they would be needed to gain access.
  82. The formula for figuring the paint needed for our project is h = height x w =.
  83. Figuring out whether new transactions broadcast across the network are valid.
  84. The Union jerk was happy, figuring that he did his job since no one got fired.
  85. I doubled that for the full year, figuring a full-year profit of more than £9m.
  86. When I found his bed empty I wasn’t as concerned, figuring that he had to be.
  87. Haggabatha said, Are you just now figuring that out? You are Egyptian, you know.
  88. He just sets in the bunkhouse sharpening his pencil and sharpening and figuring.
  89. He edged closer to the Captain figuring that he knew his way through the forests.
  90. In figuring calorie counts, allow 60 calories for each table-spoonful of Lecithin.
  91. But after some thought I left it there, figuring it would provide a good cushion.
  92. The trick was figuring out the direction in which any survivors would be drifting.
  93. He gave me his blessings and thanked me for finally figuring out who my father was.
  94. The trick lies in figuring out which landscaping software is good and which to avoid.
  95. He smiled with self-satisfaction over figuring out what the Veiled would not tell him.
  96. Figuring out how to avoid going there again would occupy his mind between every stop.
  97. How much do I owe? The first problem is figuring out prices in another currency.
  98. Nicole smiled at him gratefully, unsure of how much he understood but figuring it was.
  99. You are a 'thinker' (success comes from figuring out what doesn't work and fixing it).
  100. By the time he was six he was already stealing, figuring that it was easier than asking.
  1. I figured I had a.
  2. I figured it would be.
  3. There, I figured it out.
  4. I figured she was lying.
  5. Figured that was the one.
  6. Not too late, I figured.
  7. I figured as much, Hani.
  8. Hmm, I figured as much.
  9. So, you figured it out.
  10. I figured I could get a.
  11. I kind of figured that.
  12. He figured the heku had.
  13. I figured he only had a.
  14. I figured there were no.
  15. I figured you were out.
  16. I always figured, he was.
  17. Now that you have figured.
  18. He figured that if there.
  19. He figured he could wait.
  20. I think I figured out 71.
  21. I figured that maybe the.
  22. Because I figured as such.
  23. He figured with all of Mrs.
  24. She’d figured it all out.
  25. I figured the hell with it.
  26. I figured it was illegal.
  27. I figured it would come up.
  28. In - I somehow figured that.
  29. I figured it would be the.
  30. We figured it out long ago.
  31. We have never figured out.
  32. We figured that there was.
  33. I figured things were bad.
  34. I figured hed been drugged.
  35. Junya figured if Lani came.
  36. Haven't figured out how yet.
  37. He has it figured out, John.
  38. I figured he was still okay.
  39. I eventually figured it out.
  40. It figured that all of the.
  41. I suppose Sue figured that.
  42. He figured last time, when.
  43. I figured they took her to.
  44. Dar figured his hand was safe.
  45. I’ve figured that much out.
  46. I got it figured out!.
  47. I figured it was safe to eat.
  48. I’ve almost figured it out.
  49. Vera now figured held the key.
  50. He figured it meant she was.
  51. We figured out the 4Horsemen.
  52. Danny figured out the formula.
  53. Figured it was worth a try.
  54. I figured that the other two.
  55. How had he figured that out?
  56. I have finally figured it out.
  57. Big Guy had it all figured out.
  58. I figured that, Pat said.
  59. She figured this would happen.
  60. Yea, I figured that one out.
  61. She figured, here is another.
  62. I figured I would have a wait.
  63. They figured out how to use it.
  64. I figured the mayor and city.
  65. Initially, I figured he was Mr.
  66. I’ve never figured it out.
  67. I figured it out on the spot.
  68. He figured that they had been.
  69. I figured she had gone to the.
  70. I figured I’d grieved enough.
  71. She figured it to be about 6 am.
  72. He figured since we weren’t.
  73. I figured you can use a coffee.
  74. So this is what we figured out.
  75. Thomas figured he had already.
  76. He hasn’t figured it out yet.
  77. Figured you’d be comin’ in.
  78. I figured that he was injured.
  79. We figured we were going to war.
  80. I figured I could live with that.
  81. Sean must have figured that by.
  82. We haven’t figured that out.
  83. I figured she would still look.
  84. I figured he must have had an I.
  85. They figured that millions of U.
  86. I figured, I would always win!.
  87. I figured Cheet had stolen them.
  88. You’ve figured that out too.
  89. I figured it couldn’t hurt.
  90. I figured you would say that.
  91. I should have figured as much.
  92. I think I finally figured it out.
  93. Well I figured that Catwhiskers.
  94. I haven't figured that out yet.
  95. I figured she'd pass out, or puke.
  96. I’ve almost got it figured out.
  97. I figured he was there for show.
  98. He figured it out, all on his own.
  99. I figured then they were serious.
  100. You figured out the rules?
  1. She figures he's a 3.
  2. Two of the figures halted.
  3. All these figures are of.
  4. The figures for Mr Sutton.
  5. The man that figures out.
  6. Waves 2 and 4 in Figures 7.
  7. There were figures on the.
  8. Types of figures - Income:.
  9. When she put these figures.
  10. Figures stood there at its.
  11. You can see that Figures 28.
  12. He had balanced the figures.
  13. The figures began to dissolve.
  14. Figures of Water Spouts, 173.
  15. The figures do not add up.
  16. The figures were 5, 6, 8 1/2.
  17. I scribble down the figures.
  18. The clothes of the figures in.
  19. No figures could express them.
  20. Key figures to watch are the U.
  21. Which I figures Sue would like.
  22. He figures to himself all the.
  23. Trillian punched up the figures.
  24. Figures of Tortoises, 286, 287.
  25. It's only letters for figures.
  26. If the bar charts in Figures 25.
  27. The figures had been re-worked.
  28. King and numerous other figures.
  29. Notes about Mr Sutton's figures.
  30. They're not just figures, Kate.
  31. I recognized some tarot figures.
  32. Dark figures covered the heavens.
  33. It is safer that way, he figures.
  34. Rounded to 3 significant figures.
  35. These figures may be significant.
  36. The remainders are tragic figures.
  37. This is illustrated in Figures 14.
  38. They checked the figures together.
  39. The results presented in Figures 7.
  40. These figures speak for themselves.
  41. The check was in the six figures!.
  42. Only four figures remained standing.
  43. Two figures were approaching from.
  44. She figures maybe he’s just cold.
  45. Calculate the figures of real cost.
  46. Two figures blazed through the hall.
  47. Figures were never his strong point.
  48. This is shown in Figures 9-3 and 9-4.
  49. Moshe counted twenty dim figures as.
  50. It was then she noticed the figures.
  51. The animal figures are much smaller.
  52. I do remember going over the figures.
  53. Figures appeared through the thin mist.
  54. The black figures fled from the house.
  55. Chance figures theyve gone to ground.
  56. They commented on all the wax figures.
  57. Volume and open interest figures are.
  58. But the figures meant nothing to Gary.
  59. Figures of the Divining Rod, 202, 203.
  60. One of the figures turned up a lantern.
  61. There were a lot of stick figures too.
  62. Next Thursday, the TRP figures were out.
  63. That $500,000 can become seven figures.
  64. Blue light spread over the two figures.
  65. Seven figures can be mid-seven figures.
  66. Figures illustrating the Tides, 81, 82.
  67. We count the amount of figures in the.
  68. This method is illustrated in Figures 9.
  69. They wondered what the figures would be.
  70. The other two figures had also altered.
  71. This is shown in Figures 7-10 and 7-11.
  72. This is shown in Figures 21-3 and 21-4.
  73. A: Though not as dramatic as Figures 11.
  74. The door opened and two figures entered.
  75. Note: Figures are in millions of dollars.
  76. Three shining mackintoshed figures are.
  77. Although momentum in these figures can.
  78. Figures wander, lurk, peer from warrens.
  79. He stared absently at the three figures.
  80. He figures it’s most likely Bebida’s.
  81. I don’t propose to quote exact figures.
  82. This is shown in Figures 14-1a and 14-1b.
  83. The official figures were very different.
  84. She froze as the figures closed in on her.
  85. This is shown in Figures 13-12 and 13-13.
  86. There were all sorts of figures to gawk.
  87. Then they stopped, surrounded by figures.
  88. The other went on adding the figures aloud.
  89. The figures barely moved, barely breathed.
  90. The men are prominent figures where they.
  91. He spied in the distance several figures.
  92. She scribbled three figures on an envelope.
  93. Other shadowy figures soon trail the first.
  94. Suspended on wires, the fictional figures.
  95. She saw figures silhouetted against the sky.
  96. Do anything you like with figures juggling.
  97. I suppose that the figures would make it a.
  98. Learn to think with both words and figures.
  99. Summarizing the data presented in Figures 4.
  100. A line of figures climbed the mountain path.

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