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Envision в предложении (на )

He could envision no other.
Envision the program in sections.
Now, try to envision the incredible.
To envision a world in which labor is.
I could envision the men placing the chairs.
Envision yourself standing on a grassy meadow.
Envisioneering is a combination of envision and.

I couldn't envision moving to Canada or Sweden.
But, as you peep behind the curtain and envision.
We envision a life where mortals no longer fear us.
Envision these sins as a festering rot on the human soul.
Now it’s easier to envision what’s ahead of us still.
Just from the profile, he could envision the lovely woman.
Holding it up to the door frame, where I could envision him.
Pacing, I envision a spin-off: Linden in the Valley of the Lost.
I could envision the headlines, turning the case back against us.
Reaching her quarters, Vidya tried to envision her place in his life.
He suddenly realized that he could not envision his life without her.
I squeeze my eyelids shut and try to envision what I would see if I.
We can consciously envision and bring into manifestation what we desire.
Can I not envision? Can I not dream? Set me as a seal upon thine heart.
I envision a committee in every hospital and nursing home in the country.
In some cases, I would simply ask my client to envision what they most.
With what you envision them to be, after all, is to what you would do to.
Select your outcome; envision it as you would enjoy it coming to fruition.
I could not envision Hermie’s showing off my UCLS ring to his friends!.
She may not have been able to envision the summer, but winter was looking up.
Of course, they could not envision the speed with which we do everything now.
But with our creative mind’s I, each of us can envision all sorts of worlds.
But I could easily envision Julio killing Susan and Tom just in case they knew.
He could envision the proud smiles of his brothers as he was elbow deep in blood.
It became clear that I did have the capability to create anything I could envision.
Select your outcome; envision that outcome as you would enjoy it coming to fruition.
But then, that had not been as close as that other THING which he dared not envision.
Besides, we the Hindus need distinctive images to envision our concept of God’s avataars.
Her tale had Joel bent over double with laughter, for he could easily envision this disaster.
And how did I, a wife and mother, envision myself to be responding? Under the threat of dire.
I could never envision me having psychic vision, but I have now, I can now do astonishingly.
A reader needs to envision the surroundings as though he himself were standing in John’s shoes.
Schmoozeglutton could envision the lot of them joining in the feeding frenzy that would surely ensue.
Even in the envisioning.
But then envisioning her.
He was too busy envisioning his remaining years in prison.
We all know what happened next… and are probably envisioning.
People have an inherent difficulty envisioning things they haven’t seen before.
Ailia could see by his facial expression that he was envisioning the moment clearly.
In that spirit, I penned a blog for SMBU playfully envisioning the future stars of trading.
Oh, that’s going to hurt later, she said under her breath, envisioning a purple bruise.
Even at the hypothetical envisioning level, my own temporal life was a fact I could not fully.
The church was on fire when we arrived, Cody said still envisioning the burning farm in Kansas.
He subsequently drove north on I-95 feeling in a restive mood, envisioning her gorgeous, body naked, and next to his.
I had trouble envisioning the physical relationship between the worlds and exactly how straits and openings connected them.
After envisioning all the horrible ways he deserved to be slaughtered, he finally was able to focus on looking for the device.
However, pattern failures are common, and too many traders have tunnel vision, envisioning only the price movements they expect.
He looked up his gaze catching hers; her blue eyes were so pretty he could spend every minute of the day just envisioning the sea.
Outside, on a stool near our well, I sat for a few moments in the light of the moon, envisioning our home with a small child in it.
And there I was, fantasizing about sharks, envisioning huge jaws armed with multiple rows of teeth and capable of cutting a man in half.
Envision this: envisioning us within the pause of our communion – an ocean within a drop of water splashed from a wave upon a teaspoon.
A grave could be referred to by that term without readers or hearers automatically envisioning 'the lake of fire, which is the second death' [Rev.
Inside her deep in thoughts, she felt Mitchell to be the emotional anchor for the family, envisioning him excelling at whatever he did later in life.
For a moment, Mitchell attempted to look into his future, envisioning Cindy as his girlfriend, filling the empty void he had always discreetly desired.
He continually pictured himself being the best cop in LA, envisioning a ceremony of fellow officers in his future, honoring him for his bravery and accomplishments.
Caroline introduced her to a twenty-five-room country inn that she liked immediately, envisioning a slowed pace with placid afternoons on the deck, capturing the views in watercolors.
Feltus shivered involuntarily as he stood frozen, staring at the scene and envisioning what those final moments must have been like for the victim lying peacefully asleep in his bed, content with his own foul deeds, as a pillow was forcefully pushed against his face.
I was envisioning marriage,.
She’s not the person I envisioned.
I had envisioned an evening like this.
Day envisioned STS as the total pack-.
Not quite the image Zoe had envisioned.
She had envisioned sitting at the Devil’s.
It was nothing that I had envisioned it to be.
Lil’ B envisioned the police chase in his head.
The future will be the dream we both envisioned.
I guess I had envisioned it differently, though.
This was not how he envisioned his life unfolding.
She became the ideal he could never have envisioned.
Again he bowed, and envisioned the classroom this time.
This was not how I envisioned my college graduation day.
Different cultures have envisioned this in different ways.
Never had she envisioned him as a source of money or power.
The ancestors of these animals could never have envisioned.
She envisioned being lost in the crowd, just another face to.
She envisioned in her mind what would’ve happened the day 314.
She envisioned that ‘someone’ to be Alfredo, the stable boy.
Since leaving the army, life was not how Pete had envisioned his.
Barron had never really envisioned Silver City without its founder.
The four mile run I had envisioned for today was now an afterthought.
So many thoughts ran through the bomber’s mind as he envisioned his.
This wasn’t the way he envisioned his first few days in space to be.
However the new age was not the type that the architects had envisioned.
In my young mind, I had envisioned Eiess to look absolutely terrifying.
Whatever one might choose to call the envisioned Creative Cause of the.
I shuddered as I envisioned the soldiers, who would surely commandeer the.
Saul extended his hand to the man he envisioned as being older, and taller.
Hitler never envisioned a long-term war with Britain, much less an invasion.
The Founders envisioned their new nation to be one of laws, not of powerful men.
Although this was not the way she had envisioned her last moments of life to be.
She had never envisioned being convinced by her father to do something like that.
Her last decade was filled with a quality of life she never could have envisioned.
We are all one with the (incomprehensible) Spirit in whatever manner envisioned!.
And then he realized that the pain was not nearly as intense as he had envisioned.
The Hebrews and the ancient Germanics, for example, envisioned it as a tree—.
Her movements were sensual, exotic; everything that he had ever envisioned and more.
The sex was, as Peter had not only hoped, but had thoroughly envisioned, spectacular.
He envisioned an academy that offered the best of education to those less fortunate.
Ras envisions a future under Avery Perelle.
The present text apparently envisions a scheme in.
Now I am destined to be the woman he envisions in his head.
In his mind Cass envisions his second momma, Lucy, proudly trying on this fine present.
It will help if she envisions a particular color to represent each thing that bothers her.
But the human being Lukacs envisions is thoughtful, not aggressive; contemplative, not arrogant.
A friend of mine recently stated that he envisions a day when America will return to a (de facto) separate but equal society.
My daughter imagines he drives around in her Barbie Bus, while my son envisions him logging on to Wikipedia or reading the newspaper.
Carrie envisions the wrappers, which are printed with soy inks on recycled paper, at weddings, bridal and baby showers and as birthday.
They can tell a trader when the ground is fertile for candlestick reversal or continuation patterns to be successful, but there is no guarantee that price will move in the direction the trader envisions, no matter how astute the analysis.
He reflects on the future back at the eighteenth hole and envisions a more settled and contented life without too many of the distractions, griefs and worries that marriage had brought to him, deciding to play life straight and walk the walk instead of talk the talk.
Ray envisions a world in the next 15 years where we grow plants vertically, and also grow meat without the slaughtering of animals, by using in-vitro cloning of muscle tissue in computerized factories—all at very low costs, with high nutritional qualities and without environmental impact.

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