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    1. Jorma had lived with Venna almost two years now, one while she learned to sail, well; on their way up from the Yakhan, and another here on North Island of Sinbara

    2. She dropped her burdens on the way by, then jumped into Herndon's arms with a shout

    3. This way they can grow on this hillside

    4. In a way she did, it was a grimy old industrial city where there was nothing to do but drink and fuck and has-been old music still pneumatically amplified

    5. We’re going to start in the simplest way that I could conceive

    6. the way God created the earth, animals and human

    7. It is beautiful in its own way here, and there is more gentleness if not as much grandeur

    8. The same way you use the C-A-N-T

    9. It never felt like Ava came from YingolNeerie in a way, it just felt like she came from a ghost

    10. that second encounter was so significant in such a way

    11. But use all of them in the positive, optimistic, outgoing, influential way that those words should be used

    12. create your thoughts the way that you need them to be in order to create the life that you want to have? Well, that's done through affirmations

    13. You can use the journal in any way that you want, it’s your tool

    14. Re-word the statement in a positive way and you’ll begin to create a new habit of being optimistic

    15. "So what have you been doing the past two years?" he asked as a way to make conversation

    16. God wants to move in the same way in their homes, their

    17. have to live this way because I real y don’t know how long I have to

    18. the park, it a great way to spend some parent- daughter quality time

    19. You need to be achieving steps along the way

    20. In the end, my story took about 7000 words to relay, thanks for listening and would you shut the door behind you on your way out?

    21. A great way to do this is to have her examine the

    22. to profit, which lead thee by the way that thou should go

    23. Living a life of counting days in The Waiting Room leaves me with way too much time for pondering

    24. We wanted to help in any way we could to stop this from happening to others

    25. No matter how hard you try to change it, unless you come up with a new way to measure time, you have 24 hours in your day, seven days in

    26. I grabbed my hat and coat on the way out

    27. In this way, I could carry on living a life untroubled by religion [anyone’s!] before

    28. "I'm sorry," he said, "All the way around

    29. You will have to go a very, very long way to prove me wrong on

    30. By the way, that Bedford Van that blew over in 1971; can somebody please turn it back over?

    31. We simply use a clock and a calendar as a way of meeting up at specific moments of our life

    32. I walked most of the beer off on the way to the house

    33. Dad’s starting to make me nervous, the way he’s acting

    34. some time on your hands, are you being effective with your time, or are you being lazy? If you are being treated the way you want to be treated, pay attention! How are you being? Your life is going to move in a certain

    35. · There's nothing left to learn the hard way

    36. "It would be better to catch her offshore, she can't disappear into the crowd that way

    37. Along the way, external events have had a habit of mirroring my own

    38. “I don’t think this travels the way we all think

    39. Or at the very least, blood-to-blood isn’t the only way

    40. It can be a great way to relieve tension and could be as easy as renting a funny video and watching it at home

    41. We are just getting started, we’re just warming up, but I can imagine that you are probably seeing your life in a way that you have never seen it

    42. There were no sails in sight but those of a few trawlers slogging their way home

    43. ” He took her firmly by the wrist and gently pulled her out of the way of her giggling companions

    44. Who on earth enjoyed that? Her legs shaking from the unexpected stress, she made her way to her dressing room at the far end of the opulent suite

    45. Another factor here is that, there is no way you can come

    46. Now, here is my realistic and simple way of understanding what you should reduce in your diet

    47. Maybe Tatania would have one of her ‘treats’ in the way of staff for the evening

    48. After the obligatory studio photographs they had to individually sit for on the way in, presumably for record keeping purposes, they were frisked and taken to seats at long heavily loaded tables

    49. You are just innocent bystanders that Ava happened to run into along the way

    50. “The coast is that way

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    agency means way path way of life fashion manner mode style direction elbow room room right smart technique method system procedure policy plan custom practice habit interval distance passage route channel course road track avenue