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Wheel в предложении (на )

A wheel in a wheel.
Mark it on the wheel.
Tom was at the wheel.
There is a big wheel.
I stared at the wheel.
You are a spare wheel.
A real hind wheel! and.

Swung up behind the wheel.
Deities of the body wheel.
In it were two wheel nuts.
She forced the wheel back.
Silver Wheel of the earth.
Fill in the Wheel of Life.
She sped by at the wheel.
Wheel type and roller type.
She used the Wheel of Time.
His hands gripped the wheel.
Soul – is the Small Wheel.
Chang got behind the wheel.
That ain't even four wheel.
Eddie slid behind the wheel.
Life is a wheel that spins.
Once more the wheel revolved.
The great wheel kept spinning.
His strong hands on the wheel.
Junior turned the wheel, and.
At the wheel is an Infinite I.
The wheel is life at its best.
Wheel lawn mowers are cheaper.
Please, Neil, turn the wheel.
Her hands clutched at the wheel.
My grip on the wheel tightened.
I took my hands from the wheel.
Deities of the commitment wheel.
He can’t change a wheel, so.
The Wheel of Time turns for me.
Ride the Ferris wheel with me.
They did it with a broken wheel.
He agrees, and I take the wheel.
The driver got behind the wheel.
Wheeling the suitcase up the street.
Clair to go four wheeling in the Jeep.
Two nurses burst in wheeling in another bed.
Crows call, wheeling, mobbing the buzzards.
Wheeling Steel Corporation, 243–244, 245.
Wheeling on him, she tried to punch him in the throat.
What I said when they were wheeling me into the OR.
Only a few looked curiously at the children, wheeling.
Hackbutt, wheeling adroitly, all I can say is, that I.
For a full minute, Romski listened and then, wheeling his.
On the hilltop they milled around in a huge wheeling group.
Some software also combines this method with number wheeling.
Wheeling his mount Moshe rode the short distance between them.
I'd call that damned imaginative wheeling and dealing!.
Bonny bird; wheeling over our heads in the middle of the moor.
She frowned and tried to avoid him, but he came wheeling up to.
A lady wheeling in her large vinyl trash can looked up in fright.
Clairsville, situated ten miles from the Ohio river, at Wheeling.
Wheeling, the giants saw a disreputable throng crowding the arch.
You cannot just stop the wheels of political wheeling and dealing.
They were wheeling a man strapped to a gurney through a hall way.
The gun went flying, wheeling end over end and landing on the porch.
That is how far these scoundrels wheeling money got into our safety.
Darren was wheeling Andrew back from the patch of wild flowers, and.
Wheeling System - system that organizes a set of numbers to increase the.
Then let me come with you, she said, wheeling around to face Sierra.
My heart leaped with an enormous relief, but I went on wheeling my stones.
Wheeling Dublin around, we doubled back, watching for a fork in the trail.
Wheeling around the corners of the tracks was conducted in perfect harmony.
The swords flashed like white fire in the early sun, wheeling and circling.
He head-faked right and drove left, wheeling at the end to protect the ball.
Just then, he heard the ragged howl of an old man down the street wheeling to.
Penny and I were in the gardens on the 5th floor and I was wheeling her around.
She was in a wheelchair, and her mother and father were wheeling her toward me.
A hospital porter came out of the lift, wheeling an old woman in a wheel chair.
Within lottery playing circles, handling numbers (wheeling) is a much preferred.
At the sound of the sixty-eighth, Moshe broke the circle, wheeling sharply; he.
Conan had sprung back, wheeling to face the door at the same instant, lips asnarl.
Very big, I think, really; but in the glass they looked like bats wheeling round.
He grew up in Wheeling, West Virginia, so he certainly felt at home in Pittsburgh.
He wheeled and shot an.
Making it a wheeled tool.
He wheeled around in the.
He wheeled and stared at her.
He wheeled back in the chair.
She wheeled her chair closer.
When he was wheeled down the.
They wheeled this way and that.
He was being wheeled into a van.
Dark wheeled in a new direction.
Now he wheeled round and parked.
I wheeled around toward the voice.
Heinrich wheeled around to face me.
They wheeled Mother into the church.
He wheeled his bicycle into the barn.
He wheeled around and rushed me again.
He wheeled round towards a bust of M.
He wheeled Camellia back the other way.
Tim wheeled his chair closer to the man.
Carrie wheeled to look up into his eyes.
They stopped, wheeled, stood in a line.
Bev got to a point and wheeled around.
She wheeled the empty chair out the door.
He wheeled, and glared through the door.
Conan wheeled toward the gaping corsairs.
Retrieving his Samsonite, he wheeled it.
I wheeled my mount and raced back to the.
Sue wheeled me in my chair out of the room.
I wheeled around and swung the torch stick.
Dragons screamed and wheeled across the sky.
A television had been wheeled into the room.
He wheeled the two of them next to the lift.
Manson nodded shortly, wheeled his horse and.
They wheeled her out and Chevalier met them.
He wheeled and ducked as a bow-string twanged.
Charlie wheeled himself towards the fire alarm.
They wheeled round, but nothing could be seen.
The swineherd wheeled around to glare at them.
A medic wheeled the lil bomber out to his lover.
He was wheeled over the threshold and he looked.
Use a stool with wheels.
He knew the wheels from.
No wheels among the pieces.
Levers next to the wheels.
It even had all four wheels.
The wheels were painted gold.
I don’t think the wheels.
There was the noise of wheels.
The wheels were set in motion.
The wheels in Lucy’s brain.
You got wheels out front?‖.
The wheels squeaked under her.
It wasn’t often that wheels.
Once more the wheels went round.
The bus had no wheels at all;.
I can hear the wheels cranking.
I can see the wheels grinding.
I shake more than the wheels slip.
The wheels had been set in motion.
The sound of heavy wheels turning.
Well; the sun he wheels among 'em.
Celestial laws set the wheels of.
I could draw letters on the wheels.
More about my wheels and Jack later.
The old man was caught in the wheels.
The silent wheels rolled in the tracks.
The sound of wheels and bells is heard.
November came in like a bitch on wheels.
What about a bike with trainer wheels?
Either way, he won’t need the wheels.
In that case, sell me a pair of wheels.
He noticed the ladder had small wheels.
The car wheels spun in his mind for days.
Till the wheels fall off I’m hoping.
I was excited and my wheels were turning.
The top of the fog reached for our wheels.
Had sent him out from the oblivion wheels.
The next day, the wheels came off the bus.
The wheels of fear are near in your mind.
Drive shaft churning with the wheels, as.

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