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    1. Having dismounted the craft she looked around at a sharply defined cratered landscape, half-expecting Darangi solders to jump out from behind one of the craters and accost her

    2. We must hasten to your main settlement before any other potential foes are given the chance to accost us

    3. The girls were fifteen years old and, according to our laws, they have the right to wear next to nothing in the early hours of the morning and accost drunken young men without the risk of anything bad happening to them

    4. As he drew near the squalid hovel of a certain leprous man, the afflicted one, having heard of his fame as a healer, made bold to accost him as he passed his door, saying as he knelt before him: "Lord, if only you would, you could make me clean

    5. The watchmen did not accost him, but swung on down the street, while the crowd opened a lane for them

    6. you can accost her

    7. Animals do not understand why they are put into cages to be safely gawked at by humans who would otherwise be much too afraid to accost them in their own natural environment

    8. " Morrel hesitated for a moment; he feared it would be hypocritical to accost in a friendly manner the man whom he was tacitly opposing, but his oath and the gravity of the circumstances recurred to his memory; he struggled to conceal his emotion and bowed to Franz

    9. If they were resolute to accost her, she laid her finger on the scarlet letter, and passed on

    10. After that the child was told how to accost the servants and the governess

    11. Richard tossed the rest of his coffee back and was just about to go accost the subject when another figure, similarly furtive, appeared on the near side of the street: a black man in ill-fitting coveralls

    12. The obscurity was such that he did not fear to accost the

    13. Jean Valjean, who, an instant previously, in his then state of mind, would not have spoken to or even answered any one, felt irresistibly impelled to accost that child

    14. “Let Miss Eyre be seated,” said he: and there was something in the forced stiff bow, in the impatient yet formal tone, which seemed further to express, “What the deuce is it to me whether Miss Eyre be there or not? At this moment I am not disposed to accost her

    15. I would not accost him yet

    1. “It is not right for a woman to be stood up and accosted by every bum! No, this will not happen again!” he said pompously and I believed him

    2. He stepped forward and bent and turned the man over; it was the same man that had accosted the women at the Inn

    3. Ozzie had been hanging around at the mouth of the alley and, seeing her on her own, had accosted her

    4. Before Billy can turn again to follow him he is accosted by the reporter from the local rag

    5. Soon they were accosted by a couple of middle-

    6. He’d accosted us briefly when we were standing

    7. a light pine forest he was accosted by several bandits

    8. “Yes Sheriff—I was accosted down the alley by four ruffians,” stammered Coal

    9. “A woman accosted me on the street

    10. Recalling that she had made no attempt to defend herself when they accosted her last time, I can‘t say I was surprised by this confession

    11. Sitting alone at a nearby table on the ‘bar’ part of the porch, the drunken man who had accosted him earlier sat with a collection of empties

    12. “I am not tired, Father! I am not tired!” Nisaba protested, her voice becoming more shrill with the repetition as she accosted him with an accusatory glance, but he saw the tears welling up

    13. Once again, I ask the question, “Is this then the ‘end of days,’ the final one, where physical time comes to an end for humankind, where a remnant is seemingly removed, raptured while all others are accosted by a series of catastrophes with extinction as its final note?”

    14. accosted by packs of small monsters that lived within the waste

    15. I was immediately accosted by a blond behemoth in khaki slacks, blue blazer, white shirt, and striped tie

    16. For whatever reason, I was generally not accosted, did my research, and left for home already halfway there by either BART or auto

    17. lolling, wide smiles on their faces as they accosted you, sure that

    18. When I moved back to Groton 7/02, I wanted to strangle the SOB, Hermie, who packed my MBR when I saw him at the Peppertree Apartments, because while Mayflower, not Allied, handled my move back from NM, I saw that bastard, very soon before my right eye “blew out” unloading a United Van across the street from my apartment and almost accosted him

    19. She accosted Alilia immediately

    20. Lost in his own thoughts, Moshe was hardly aware of the commotion that swirled around him until a loud familiar voice accosted him

    21. He sprang back in sudden alarm as a sharp hissing sound from close by accosted his ears

    22. The brothel had different flags displayed than the one where he was accosted; he hoped that a rival’s territory might dampen his pursuers’ enthusiasm for mischief

    23. Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson, wanted for questioning in the Long Island disappearance of his mother two weeks ago, is shown here fleeing from the bus where he accosted several elderly female passengers

    24. While idly absorbing the lively, cosmopolitan ambience of Plaza Del Sol I was accosted by a woman who, covering the eyes of her two young offspring, hurled venomous abuse

    25. They took care to march in silence and were not again accosted by hostile creatures

    26. “Before you fighters returned from the Nether Planes Wood’s End was accosted by goblins and orcs

    27. One evening as they strolled about Corinth out near where the wall of the citadel ran down to the sea, they were accosted by two public women

    28. Early the next morning, as Jesus was going for a walk, this young man accosted him and said: "Master, I would know from you the assurances of eternal life

    29. Seeing Sancha standing paralyzed, staring with wide-eyed terror at the seething pillar, he accosted her with a bellow that cut through the thunder of the water and made her jump out of her daze

    30. countryside before being raped or otherwise accosted? Would Jocasta have fallen into

    31. 1 About noontime, as Philip was purchasing supplies for the new camp which was that day being established near Gethsemane, he was accosted by a delegation of strangers, a group of believing Greeks from Alexandria, Athens, and Rome, whose spokesman said to the apostle: "You have been pointed out to us by those who know you; so we come to you, Sir, with the request to see Jesus, your Master

    32. Mounting the horse, I rode on and was accosted at least three more times before I left the town behind

    33. Orlov was accosted by a delegation of Bolsheviks

    34. When Jesus first addressed them, asking if they had any fish, they did not suspect who he was because it was a common experience for these fishermen on the Sea of Galilee, when they came ashore, to be thus accosted by the fish merchants of Tarichea, who were usually on hand to buy the fresh catches for the drying establishments

    35. fun that later in the week we accosted the waiter and

    36. walk home he had taken a shortcut across Citadel Hill, where he was accosted by

    37. Halifax police station and reported that he had been accosted by five muggers

    38. In the next village the prince was accosted by a well

    39. Within hours of the court’s decision, the Security Police began arresting cadets who verbally accosted other cadets

    40. Shortly after returning to Oxford, Siri was accosted in the street by an unknown and angry young woman who asked if he was proud of himself

    41. It is also written that toward the end of the visit, Abraham and Lot were accosted by men

    42. leave the premises in fear of being accosted, snatched, and then

    43. It was three weeks later that Mr Warwick heard of the enquiry by the police, he’d gone into town to place an advert for two boilermakers, calling into the pub for a quick beer he was accosted by a young constable with a photograph of Tony Rossi, the policeman asked him if he’d seen the young man, apparently Tony was a keen fisherman and was on holiday somewhere on the west coast, his family hadn’t heard from him for a couple of weeks and were concerned he may have had an accident, the policeman told John and the rest of the drinkers, that enquiries were being made from Geraldton to Port Hedland, as he was known to be travelling up the coast from Perth where he lived, another customer butted in with his opinion, if he’d been fishing around Carnarvon it was probable that a shark had taken him, he stated as fact that there were so many sharks around them waters you could walk on their backs to Dome Island, which seemed reasonable to John and the rest of the drinkers, they all told the constable that he hadn’t made it as far as Port Hedland or they would have seen him or someone would have mentioned seeing him, strangers not being very thick on the ground around here, satisfied that he’d done all he could the police man shouted for a beer and challenged one of the locals to a game of pool

    44. � She was heading out of the east side entrance of the building when two giants, a man and a woman, accosted her cautiously

    45. When we walk outside, we’re accosted by building-

    46. Khan, who was still fuming at the rebuke he had received from Li, was accosted by Horace Zembelo as he walked out of the conference room

    47. Their sensibilities were too tender for them to be comfortable as the weather accosted them at its whim with stray bits of air or water or heat

    48. First, he had been accosted unexpectedly by a reporter

    49. accosted by Russel the love muscle

    50. " You were accosted by Mr

    1. My comrades and I might not have turned the accosting tiger-women without his help

    2. very handsome man who was accosting a young, attractive woman

    3. He hadn’t even realized that there was a reporter in the vicinity, and here she was accosting him

    4. Accosting her at a street corner, he took her hand and thrust his letter

    5. women accosting me for drugs outside the toilets?’ They were probably bored local kids who

    6. Children accosting the mailman, on his rounds, for

    7. On accosting his friend to ascertain why he should remain poor despite appeasing their deity as demanded, the rich man told his friend that he was not destined to be rich, and that he should sacrifice his second son so the deity could review his case

    8. Therese texted Todd while she led the group inside the dance hall, a wave of cigarette smoke accosting her like a stifling blanket

    9. The crimes listed were armed robbery, theft of farm animals, horse theft, breaking and entering, accosting a young lady and escape from the Concord, New Hampshire jail

    10. Finally, the accosting of our patience, self-control, and perseverance eliminates our ability to endure, and dumps the rubbish of impulsive and uncontrollable responses that result in tragic endings

    11. Stephen, that is when the accosting figure came to close quarters, though he was not in an over sober state himself recognised Corley's breath redolent of rotten cornjuice

    12. “Let her see nothing strange—no passion nor eagerness—in thy way of accosting her,” whispered Hester

    13. Boulatruelle had allowed the person to pass, and had not dreamed of accosting him, because he said to himself that the other man was three times as strong as he was, and armed with a pickaxe, and that he would probably knock him over the head on recognizing him, and on perceiving that he was recognized

    14. vivaciously accosting him; but then it came of itself: it was not elicited by meretricious arts and calculated manoeuvres; and one had but to accept it—to answer what he asked without pretension, to address him when needful without grimace—and it increased and grew kinder and more genial, and warmed one like a fostering sunbeam

    1. Moreover, he shows his interest in me, he makes a kind compliment about my appearance, he accosts me without getting pushy, ridiculous or vulgar

    2. The man whose voice accosts us is a common ruffian

    3. stimuli the world accosts us with

    4. The intrepid reporter accosts a woman in the checkout queue and asks her what she thinks of “Punk Rock

    5. Someone accosts them

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