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    1. There were only fifty million males in the whole urban universe of the Yakahn, and practically all of them that he had ever met, knew Venna intimately

    2. I'll invite some of the guys I've met there out to point beach sometime

    3. Since I first went north I met many guys that might have turned me into a farmer or a sailor or a financier, and I was infatuated with them partly for the romance of being someone new

    4. think this conversation is wise?” as I had images of being met by friendly armed police units at the station

    5. What a very strange man he was, apparently he insists on wearing hats indoors and would only answer to the name “Famous Author” even though nobody I have met has ever heard of him!

    6. But yeah, we’ve met

    7. "I never met Ava but I knew Tdeshi

    8. The first day he had ever met Kira, she had been wearing a pair of large clown trousers and a combat jacket, hair having been cropped off with scissors in a fit of self-protective misery after being the victim of yet another sexual assault

    9. He kept pining away for a blond girl he spent only one sleep with who was only passing thru Sinbara didn't he? The one he met just before Ava

    10. He hadn't met her yet, but she was practical and could cook and helped a little with the garden and had a nice enough body and wanted to play with his

    1. "Why were you on the Brother's Formidable?" he asked about meeting her on that ship

    2. We simply use a clock and a calendar as a way of meeting up at specific moments of our life

    3. I recently rang the Hospital to arrange a meeting to clarify a number of points – arranging this transpired to be more difficult than I had ever 35

    4. She really hoped he didn't know her intimately, that was going to complicate the designs her loins already had on this meeting

    5. It was only more recently that she’d starting nagging him about getting married and meeting her parents

    6. I watch him as he crosses the room; avoiding meeting my eyes, he plants a kiss on my cheek

    7. He briefly toyed with the idea of convening a council meeting but knew how contentious that could be if aluminum was flashing in the area

    8. The Kassikan seldom sent a representative to the Annual Meeting of the council here in Gengee City

    9. ’ He said, meeting my somewhat belligerent gaze calmly

    10. ’ Emma said emphatically, ‘I’m looking forward to meeting her in the flesh, she sounds like quite a lady

    1. I readjusted myself to this “new time” and the day continued without event until we agreed to meet for an evening meal at 1900

    2. · Ability to meet the demands of life by handling problems as they come

    3. Thank you for the pie and it was lovely to meet you, Curtis

    4. but still He expect us to meet the standard of uprightness

    5. I have this friend who believes that we always meet the same people in every lifetime

    6. The way I see it, every stranger we meet could potentially be the beginning of a relationship

    7. From there we can formulate where the United Order is most likely to meet to try and use the Super Chip

    8. Pleasure to meet you

    9. Wait until you meet the rest of the team,” Ackers said ominously

    10. 2Chr: 15:2: And he went out to meet Asa, and said unto him, Hear ye me, Asa, and all Judah and Benjamin; the

    1. He meets my eyes

    2. Dust in places such as attic, crawl spaces, around outside house where wood meets the ground or other moisture

    3. Persa keeps mentioning names of old schoolmates whom, as she says, she meets on the road by chance and they become best friends at once

    4. Now, there is more that meets the eye here

    5. She meets my gaze and I can read very plainly just how unpleasant she finds the concept

    6. where late night meets the crawl of emerging city streets,

    7. where brick meets cold earth by a fringe of grass

    8. Wiesse meets us at the gate as we return to the villa

    9. "I don't care where she meets him, and I don't really care who she meets

    10. meets the powdery sand to create perfect waves

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    meet in English

    competition tournament contest match meeting suitable appropriate apt fitting proper suited befitting fit converge join unite come together intersect connect cross encounter confront face front come upon close oppose jostle fulfil satisfy gratify comply with settle answer discharge gather assemble collect congregate convene muster agree concur conjoin

    Synonyme für "meet"

    meet sports meeting encounter play take on conform to fill fit fulfil fulfill satisfy adjoin contact touch come across run across run into see suffer assemble foregather forgather gather get together converge receive fitting competition tournament contest match meeting suitable appropriate apt proper suited befitting join unite come together intersect connect cross confront face front come upon close oppose jostle gratify comply with settle answer discharge collect congregate convene muster agree concur conjoin