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    coat of arms

    1. They bound the finished documents in real red leatherette and hand embossed the government's coat of arms on each cover

    2. The manor house was beautifully appointed, inside and out, sporting a novelty coat of arms above the door and a beautiful wisteria that twisted and flowered around the porch and around the front bay windows

    3. I picked up another letter this one felt quite stiff and when I looked inside there were some photo’s I put these to one side for the moment and opened the letter which bore a coat of arms at the top

    4. Crowned with two lions which seem to protect the royal coat of arms, that historic gate, constructed between 1878 and 1880 and inaugurated in 1894, stands erect as a monument to the glory of Pagsanjan when it was the capital of Laguna at a time during which the Philippines was still a Spanish colony

    5. There was a pair of tall doors, carved and embossed with the Imperial coat of arms

    6. “That’s his family coat of arms,” I told the Adj

    7. I draw your attention to the Coat of Arms, located above the door

    8. It’s the Coat of Arms for John Clifford, 9th Lord of Skipton

    9. The coat of arms and motto are the foundations of the familial contract

    10. All wear medallions bearing the coat of arms of Venak, and these medallions are charged with high-quality spells of Flight, Translocation, and Shielding

    11. He promised to go later when he had cleared up his affairs, and from the moment when he gave his daughter his blessing he shut himself up in his study again to write out the announcements with mournful sketches and the family coat of arms, which would be the first human contact that Fernanda and her father would have had in all their lives

    12. Aureliano Segundo was not aware of the singsong until the following day after breakfast when he felt himself being bothered by a buzzing that was by then more fluid and louder than the sound of the rain, and it was Fernanda, who was walking throughout the house complaining that they had raised her to be a queen only to have her end up as a servant in a madhouse, with a lazy, idola-trous, libertine husband who lay on his back waiting for bread to rain down from heaven while she was straining her kidneys trying to keep afloat a home held together with pins where there was so much to do, so much to bear up under and repair from the time God gave his morning sunlight until it was time to go to bed that when she got there her eyes were full of ground glass, and yet no one ever said to her, “Good morning, Fernanda, did you sleep well?” Nor had they asked her, even out of courtesy, why she was so pale or why she awoke with purple rings under her eyes in spite of the fact that she expected it, of course, from a family that had always considered her a nuisance, an old rag, a booby painted on the wall, and who were always going around saying things against her behind her back, call-ing her church mouse, calling her Pharisee, calling her crafty, and even Amaranta, may she rest in peace, had said aloud that she was one of those people who could not tell their rectums from their ashes, God have mercy, such words, and she had tolerated everything with resig-nation because of the Holy Father, but she had not been able to tolerate it any more when that evil José Arcadio Segundo said that the damnation of the family had come when it opened its doors to a stuck-up highlander, just imagine, a bossy highlander, Lord save us, a highlander daughter of evil spit of the same stripe as the highlanders the government sent to kill workers, you tell me, and he was referring to no one but her, the godchild of the Duke of Alba, a lady of such lineage that she made the liver of presidents’ wives quiver, a noble dame of fine blood like her, who had the right to sign eleven peninsular names and who was the only mortal creature in that town full of bastards who did not feel all confused at the sight of sixteen pieces of silverware, so that her adulterous husband could die of laughter afterward and say that so many knives and forks and spoons were not meant for a human being but for a centipede, and the only one who could tell with her eyes closed when the white wine was served and on what side and in which glass and when the red wine and on what side and in which glass, and not like that peasant of an Amaranta, may she rest in peace, who thought that white wine was served in the daytime and red wine at night, and the only one on the whole coast who could take pride in the fact that she took care of her bodily needs only in golden chamberpots, so that Colonel Aureliano Buendía, may he rest in peace, could have the effrontery to ask her with his Masonic Ill humor where she had received that privilege and wheth-er she did not shit shit but shat sweet basil, just imag-ine, with those very words, and so that Renata, her own daughter, who through an oversight had seen her stool in the bedroom, had answered that even if the pot was all gold and with a coat of arms, what was inside was pure shit, physical shit, and worse even than any other kind because it was stuck-up highland shit, just imagine, her own daughter, so that she never had any illusions about the rest of the family, but in any case she had the right to expect a little more consideration from her husband because, for better or for worse, he was her consecrated spouse her helpmate, her legal despoiler, who took upon himself of his own free and sovereign will the grave responsibility of taking her away from her paternal home, where she never wanted for or suffered from anything, where she wove funeral wreaths as a pastime, since her godfather had sent a letter with his signature and the stamp of his ring on the sealing wax simply to say that the hands of his goddaughter were not meant for tasks of this world except to play the clavichord, and, nevertheless, her insane husband had taken her from her home with all manner of admoni-tions and warnings and had brought her to that frying pan of hell where a person could not breathe because of the heat, and before she had completed her Pentecostal fast he had gone off with his wandering trunks and his wastrel’s accordion to loaf in adultery with a wretch of whom it was only enough to see her behind, well, that’s been said, to see her wiggle her mare’s behind in order to guess that she was a, that she was a, just the opposite of her, who was a lady in a palace or a pigsty, at the table or in bed, a lady of breeding, God-fearing, obeying His laws and submissive to His wishes, and with whom he could not perform, naturally, the acrobatics and trampish antics that he did with the other one, who, of course, was ready for anything like the French matrons, and even worse, if one considers well, because they at least had the honesty to put a red light at their door, swinishness like that, just imagine, and that was all that was needed by the only and beloved daughter of Doña Renata Argote and Don Fernando del Carpio, and especially the latter, an upright man, a fine Christian, a Knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher, those who receive direct from God the privilege of remaining intact in their graves with their skin smooth like the cheeks of a bride and their eyes alive and clear like emeralds

    13. But Colonel Schilling, whose staff at the Payerne air base had looked after him so well, had not let him go without marking his departure with a special lunch in the officer’s mess, when he was presented with a mounted plaque of the air base coat of arms as a memento

    14. It was very smart: soft leather boots, blue stockings, tight tunic and a surcoat with the Gascoigne coat of arms

    15. It is called the unicorn trident—it appears on the Ramaris family crest and coat of arms, and other various emblems…”

    16. “My family has a coat of arms?” Trevain said with a large smile

    17. The driver let us out near Neptune's lead fountain on Stanislas Square and I pointed out the city hall's ornamented facade with the Duke's and town's coat of arms

    18. Yet it is claimed that prior to that the site was occupied by a blacksmith and cutler and the coat of arms of the Worshipful Company of Cutlers does feature an elephant with a castle on its back

    19. By the looks of the savage who approached, however, it was not a prayer likely to be answered for he wore no coat of arms

    20. “A sigil is the house emblem, the coat of arms of the noble house

    21. 'It's a shield for a coat of arms,' Llewellyn told him, dispensing information a little more solemnly than usual

    22. A Lion is found on the national seals or coat of arms of both England and Spain

    23. It looked like some kind of coat of arms

    24. “That’s the coat of arms of Estonia,” Friedman pointed to the lighter, “beautiful isn’t it?”

    25. How could he not after all it was his own family’s coat of arms

    26. One was big and had an elaborate design transcribed around a coat of arms of the Ta’lont family crest

    27. There would be an x-shaped coat of arms on the tower, which would stand at the centre of the castle and the whole construction would be protected by a moat

    28. When this atherosclerotic coat of arms has been handed down in a family, it is vitally

    29. But he exulted in private and longed for the time to come when he could give Jo a piece of plate, with a bear and a ragged staff on it as an appropriate coat of arms

    30. Captain Nemo showed me a tin box, stamped with the coat of arms of France and all corroded by salt water

    31. —He was a rich country gentleman, Stephen said, with a coat of arms and landed estate at Stratford and a house in Ireland yard, a capitalist shareholder, a bill promoter, a tithefarmer

    32. An article of headgear since ascertained to belong to the much respected clerk of the crown and peace Mr George Fottrell and a silk umbrella with gold handle with the engraved initials, crest, coat of arms and house number of the erudite and worshipful chairman of quarter sessions sir Frederick Falkiner, recorder of Dublin, have been discovered by search parties in remote parts of the island respectively, the former on the third basaltic ridge of the giant's causeway, the latter embedded to the extent of one foot three inches in the sandy beach of Holeopen bay near the old head of Kinsale

    33. GOT to; there warn't no case of a state prisoner not scrabbling his inscription to leave behind, and his coat of arms

    34. no coat of arms, because he hain't

    35. We got to have a rock for the coat of arms and mournful inscriptions, and we can kill two birds with that same rock

    36. "The coat of arms was on the envelope, and it was addressed in the Duke's

    37. Probably with a coat of arms embroidered on them or something

    38. That coat of arms above the gate? A lion rampant with a broken back

    39. , to scrape the coat of arms of Henry IV

    40. The noble palace of the Marquis de Casalduero, whose existence and coat of arms had never been documented, was sold to the municipal treasury for a decent price, and then resold for a fortune to the central government when a Dutch researcher began excavations to prove that the real grave of Christopher Columbus was located there: the fifth one so far

    41. Its rank was made equal with that of Cordova and Seville, for did not its officials wear golden chains of office about their necks? And the King granted to the city a resplendent coat of arms—a shield in a field of gold on the left yoke, and on the right, two caravels and a handful of gray arrows

    42. "The coat of arms was on the envelope, and it was addressed in the Duke's peculiar stiff hand

    43. 83: The Austrian coat of arms contains a double-headed eagle with an escutcheon on its breast

    44. Prince Hippolyte, who had been gazing at the vicomte for some time through his lorgnette, suddenly turned completely round toward the little princess, and having asked for a needle began tracing the Condé coat of arms on the table

    45. And this same De Chalmers, knighted for some deed of valor on the field of battle, had chosen his coat of arms, which had remained to the house through the vicissitudes of generations

    46. And this coat of arms consisted of field gules, horse argent, with the motto: “Ubique honor et equus” (“Wherever honor and his horse should lead him”)

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