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    1. assurance that will give you the peace of mind and knowledge

    2. She had received her cheque from Rivron that morning, for two hundred thousand dollars, and a written assurance of the A-list publicity the gift was going to attract from the buyer

    3. If Ginger had her way, there would be no quality assurance at all

    4. It gives him a cautious look but seems to accept my assurance that all is well, allowing the man to stroke its head

    5. by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in

    6. Harry looked for assurance from Mr

    7. Allcock for their last supper at the Chelsea, he handed the letters to the concierge with sufficient change for postage with the assurance they would be sent promptly with the next day's House mail

    8. “I have met with each of your professors personally, and have received their every assurance that while you still have a few weeks and final examinations to undergo, it will not be to the detriment of this College to allow you the right of processing with the Leavers during this Commemoration's ceremonies

    9. "Really" She had to verbalize her assurance, before he would leave

    10. and teachers, so there is an assurance of victory

    11. her eyes and gave a look of assurance

    12. “I really love your sister; that is the only assurance I can offer

    13. To dream that you are waffling over a topic suggests that you need to think things more clearly and learn to express yourself with more assurance and conviction

    14. With that assurance, people of all races flocked to Plot E, which seemed like nirvana

    15. The young farmer wouldn’t have left Ayrim had it not been for the guards sent by the Baron to vouch for the child’s safety (and everyone in the Whispering Wind vouched for the guards), but that assurance had come, and so he was without his son that morning

    16. Neither the London Assurance, nor the Royal Exchange Assurance companies have any such privilege

    17. He carried himself with the assurance of a much older person

    18. Rex seemed to relax with that assurance

    19. She felt an assurance as she had never felt before

    20. The presence of the ironclad in the Pacific allayed the fears of the people and gave assurance of their

    21. ’ Zolla gave only a brief outline of what would be required of Jimmy, with the assurance that each aspect would be explained in full – when it mattered

    22. Gerrid himself had no assurance of his own health: no one was meant to leave TIAR while the program still functioned

    23. She inhaled the warm scent of the foal against her body, resonated with each beat of his heart, and soaked in the comforting assurance that she had done all she could do

    24. The testimony of Jesus Christ means receiving personal spiritual assurance through revelation by the Holy Ghost that Jesus is the literal Son of God, the creator of the world, and that through his Atonement all people will be resurrected and live forever

    25. Legal covenants governing a civilized society, its rules of law, are based upon a system of morals and values agreed upon by the majority of its citizens seeking some level of assurance while avoiding extremes

    26. “We’ll find out in a minute,” I noted, perhaps with a little more assurance than was actually the case

    27. “It will be over by Christmas,” I informed them with confidence and assurance

    28. Another call to Barretson elicited his assurance that Colonel Harrington would sign travel authorizations and a rail requisition for Italy

    29. Colling gave his assurance that the extra expense did not present a problem

    30. them away, in the assurance that within five hours the

    31. Amonas took him by his arms and spoke to him calmly and steadily with a hint of assurance in his voice:

    32. Finally, we have the assurance that the earth will not be completely destroyed:

    33. He did so politely, trying to appease the machine’s brooding mood, his voice trimmed and clipped to something an ambassador would use to convey assurance and calm:

    34. Her lips gave assurance

    35. He had affected her even then, now he was sure of it, and the assurance pleasured him mightily

    36. “I wish that I could offer some assurance to you that this is not so, but I would lie if I tried

    37. With an assurance from Shri Maharaj of release from

    38. Implicit in the insistence on strict obedience is the assurance of full

    39. Something must have happened in those eight years that would have conveyed to them the assurance that even killing the founder’s heir would not bring them down

    40. Was this what gave Othman and his supporters the false assurance that they could safely uproot the Medinese from their places of power? And were the familial relatives so engaged by 661 that they couldn’t threaten enough force to have countered the usurpation engineered by Muawiyah?

    41. other resources for the DPRK government and with minimal or no assurance that UNDP funds and

    42. A belief in the reality of this unverifiable Presence has been universally insisted upon down through all the ages of Man’s long quest for assurance that he is not alone in his existence

    43. ” Only through “belief” can there be any assurance of the existence of the latter of the duo

    44. This is the lodestone of my new assurance

    45. Belief and faith in one central Axiom of Existence would help to build assurance

    46. yet another assurance of success

    47. onto his rock-hard shoulder with ease, and nodding assurance to Sven

    48. The assurance of self-mockery needs wisdom, or of the image is reduced, less is not

    49. assurance that there is nothing to worry about

    50. 18 And love is the keeping of her laws; and the giving heed to her laws is the assurance of incorruption;

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    assurance authority confidence self-assurance self-confidence sureness pledge avowal asseveration deposition assertion promise guarantee oath insurance word warranty certainty faith conviction firmness trust certitude coolness poise intrepidity courage bravery arrogance audacity insolence effrontery cheek impertinence impudence