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    1. We also try to drive them to attain, what we could not, irrespective of the child's capability or desire

    2. Our call and our purpose is to attain unto that glory

    3. This first resurrection is only attained to by those found worthy to attain to it

    4. What is the character necessary to attain? Humility

    5. Anyone who does not attain to that absolute emptying of self in order to take the absolute filling of the Spirit will not be able to handle the intensity of being within that City

    6. always been the way to go to attain an improved image and renewed self-confidence

    7. The flower was the fruit of his own garden and was blossoming now because of his love for teaching and the many years of hard work that had helped old Ted to attain such levels of skill

    8. to attain such levels of skill

    9. There is always something better to attain or

    10. acquire; but, satisfaction is very hard to attain and maintain

    1. Having attained to physical comfort, relaxation, and having withdrawn ourselves from the body consciousness, we next note our breathing and ascertain whether it is quiet, even and rhythmic

    2. Alfred was encouraged by the way the hearing was going and began wrapping up his speech, "…And God had so made his Universe that when mankind attained full understanding we were resurrected and freed from death itself

    3. When we have attained to such a place that we are truly living in humility of this kind, the evidence will be seen through our children

    4. This first resurrection is only attained to by those found worthy to attain to it

    5. This is something that I believe we have not attained unto yet

    6. Our character and conduct need to be governed from that reality, even though we have not yet attained unto it

    7. We teach those nations and those people that have not attained to such glory to make it into the City how to live

    8. Why is it that we have not been willing to be cleansed more thoroughly? Why did we allow ourselves to be consumed with “blind spots” and things of the past that shaped us? This day won’t only be to judge those that have not attained unto the first resurrection

    9. Even those who have attained shall stand before God

    10. My mother having attained the "state" has been suffering of Multiple Sclerosis for years now

    1. On attaining the age of two, near puberty, the child is considered an adolescent and three marks the beginning of adulthood

    2. If we are not willing to take risks that will possibly result in such moments as that – to learn our shortcomings and repent of them – then what possibility is there for us attaining to that glorious City?

    3. The relationship of supply to demand is a key economic principle – here the demand for parts exceeded supply; hence, the profit from attaining a replacement turbofan would be handsome

    4. Those who understand the principle and incorporate it in their lives immensely increase their chance of attaining the state of happiness we all long for

    5. Ironically, most people today place so much emphasis in attaining material gains and disregard their true spiritual nature

    6. It is true that there have always existed (the) opportunist‘s among us; so-called public servants who routinely violated their sacred oath by placing self-interest above the interests of the people; who viewed their respective offices as so many conduits for attaining power and prestige

    7. They are still losing more ground then they are attaining at times

    8. With the thought of attaining enlightenment

    9. Though bound to suffer in woeful states, they have hope of attaining eternal peace

    10. but also taking the concept to a new dimension that of attaining

    1. Not everyone attains to that resurrection

    2. The hellbender of eastern North America attains a length of two and a half feet

    3. creates the relaxed trance is the state of each individual who attains 74

    4. See how in a little time the fruit of the tree attains to maturity

    5. When a trainee warrior attains his final Su-Katii rank after the gruelling years of training, the Ceremony of the War Lords is held

    6. It attains those dimensions and no further

    7. Bliss cannot come from ignorance, yet blossoms forth as one attains that consciousness which knows it can

    8. he attains which makes the higher progress possible to him

    9. For One who attains this

    10. Hierarchy, and attains the level of the Silent Watcher

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    attain hit reach arrive at gain make chance on chance upon come across come upon discover fall upon happen upon light upon strike accomplish achieve get obtain procure realise realize