get sätze

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Get sätze (in englisch)

I had to get out.
Let us get to it.
Da, I don't get it.
Get out of the car.
I could get you one.
I need to get ready.
You get over it too.

I have to get to him.
I bet I can get in.
Read it when you get.
He did get a theirops.
But I can’t get my.
I just don’t get it.
I had to get to her!.
Come on then, get in.
I had to get over this.
We have to get Hans.
I had to get it off me.
Frankly I don't get it.
I can't get back down.
Get it out in the open.
Told Jenny to get lost.
Get in the car, please.
I'll get off your back.
Get to the gate, uh-oh.
I have to get to Jean.
I'll have to get a coat.
I get that in that club.
Ish ran to get the ball.
We need to get up there.
Don’t get it all wrong.
This will get you killed.
Have to get out of here!.
Dad’s coming to get me.
Get them to the Archenon.
I was in a hurry to get.
I could get used to that.
But don’t get me wrong.
No! You don’t get it.
Just let me get ready.
I was getting a cat.
Getting each on to a.
I think I am getting it.
It was getting on to me.
I was getting to that.
But if she was getting.
What was he getting at?
Getting away with it was.
Still getting used to it.
I was getting used to it.
Of getting Tdeshi to O.
But he was getting better.
This is getting white hot.
The smoke was getting thick.
My vision was getting dark.
I wrote a book on getting.
By then it was getting dark.
The idea of getting up by.
Now he was getting to it!.
They keep us from getting.
If she was getting tossed.
Rory was getting a numb bum.
It's getting to be murder.
Getting the children to bed.
The word was getting around.
It was getting them nowhere.
You are getting red, Monica.
It was getting near to the.
The heat was getting to him.
Im getting that urge again.
It had been getting on for 4.
How about getting a dog?
It was like getting on a bus.
Her breasts are getting saggy.
Getting up to God knows what.
It's getting crazy out here.
You are getting good at this.
She was getting better at it.
I kept getting up, stagger-.
So to avoid getting off the.
I got in the way.
I got to my feet.
We got in the car.
I got rid of it.
I got her off the.
As it got close to.
You got one job now.
Look where it got us.
I got on top of her.
She said, I got it.
He got back on the.
I got that kind of.
He got up from the.
No, I never got to.
It got you 30 points.
We got what was left.
I got up and followed.
Scott got up to leave.
He got off the exit.
I never got that note.
He got off the train.
You ain't got all day.
One of us has got to.
It got me to thinking.
No one got a private.
Davie, got to go, pal.
Adam got on his golf.
Three is what we got.
Maybe when she got old.
He got a second batch.
Got the gift yer see.
He’s got a good job.
I've got Danny with me.
But what's that got to.
I really have got the.
Now that one got to him.
It got worse with dark.
Whatever ya got is cool.
If it got to that ….
This is how he got in-.
If a DJ gets at.
It gets in the way.
She gets a hug, a.
Gets out of the car.
As real as real gets.
I bet he gets deep.
Gets out of this pen.
He gets on my nerves.
What gets me about D.
So it gets you cash.
The rent he gets is.
Pat gets back after 8.
A pack of three gets.
But if the hand gets.
It gets to the point.
She gets the red card.
The Lama gets up and.
It gets in your blood.
Then KCG gets up to 3.
He gets out of his car.
The 80-90% group gets 3.
Vince gets on the horse.
It gets me pissed off.
Mike gets off the bike.
It gets melted in the.
He gets it quite exact.
But it gets even worse.
He gets food and drink.
Lewis gets on the phone.
But wait, it gets worse.
It gets worse over time.
Then when he gets here.
I hope it gets easier.
That gets added to the.
Kate gets the first hug.
No, and it gets worse.
The boy gets the picture.
It gets you in the door.
That gets through to him.
Sometimes she gets to a.

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