strike sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Strike sätze (in englisch)

  1. She was poised to strike.
  2. Then we launch our strike.
  3. Force them to strike hard.
  4. Bovern was ready to strike.
  5. How does that strike you?

  6. The great strike broke out.
  7. They vote to call a strike.
  8. She gave me a third strike.
  9. The Arab states strike back.
  10. I waited for them to strike.
  11. The 50 strike put has only 0.
  12. He just had his third strike.
  13. First he has to strike you.
  14. This is a pre-emptive strike.
  15. Her arm stopped in mid strike.

  16. I move to strike, Your Honor.
  17. He wanted to strike her, hard.
  18. Helen is admiring the strike.
  19. The strike was entering its.
  20. Your Honor, move to strike.
  21. The OFJ threatened to strike.
  22. Strike the back of his hands.
  23. That seemed to strike a chord.
  24. A thought seemed to strike him.
  25. The strike price of the option.

  26. Strike while the Iron Is Hot?
  27. Higher than your strike price.
  28. But when we strike, we strike.
  29. I screamed it with every strike.
  30. Pity, and Mercy: not to strike.
  31. Strike! Strike! Do not let the.
  32. We can strike anywhere, anytime.
  33. The strike already had momentum.
  34. I thought he meant to strike me.
  35. He lifts his hand to strike her.
  36. A 35 strike put is trading at 2.
  37. Now would be the time to strike.
  38. Suddenly he heard a clock strike.
  39. I felt I should strike him in a.
  40. He did not strike it off, either.
  41. First hour in office, strike one.
  42. They would strike with surgical.
  43. Are they on a food strike?
  44. Chapter 30: Strike of The Shadow.
  45. The clock will soon strike twelve.
  46. Buy back the higher strike price.
  47. I almost always strike my targets.
  48. If I moved, something could strike.
  49. She had her third strike at school.
  50. Why, does that strike you funny?
  51. He lifted his stick to strike again.
  52. To strike them down He was incited.
  53. The goading was a preemptive strike.
  54. Kronos's first strike will be here.
  55. Does that strike you as odd?
  56. Whiff! Missed again!! Strike three.
  57. That would be the moment to strike.
  58. Buffet: To strike with a closed hand.
  59. You could never strike bottom there.
  60. Strike price of the call option: 100.
  61. The whole army of Paris is to strike.
  62. He’d have to strike more carefully.
  63. How I dodged that strike I don't know.
  64. If the hunger strike had occurred a.
  65. Do not move suddenly or strike at it.
  66. Does that strike you as a surprise?
  67. Doesn’t that strike you as odd?
  68. Fire can strike anywhere—at any time.
  69. The palm strike can be very effective.
  70. She doesn't strike one at first sight.
  71. We strike when the opportunity arises.
  72. Leviathan will strike Earth, yes?
  73. Something seemed to strike me at once.
  74. This attack can strike up to 6 targets.
  75. It should serve as a disaster strike.
  76. Strike down the host of the high ones!.
  77. We could buy the 100 strike call at 0.
  78. The delta of the 46 strike put was 20.
  79. And this strike is not a singular one.
  80. So buying the $100 strike calls for $3.
  81. There will always be at least 5 strike.
  82. Pregnancy headaches can strike at any.
  83. It was the best balance he could strike.
  84. Syn reared back to strike a deadly blow.
  85. And then more stock to buy below strike.
  86. Uke moves to 45° and there is no strike.
  87. In this example, $24 is the strike price.
  88. Always on the alert and ready to strike.
  89. I’m glad you didn’t strike his head.
  90. Forrester continued to strike, he began.
  91. Bang! I heard the bullet strike the tree.
  92. I would have told her Amtrak is on strike.
  93. Jenna didn't strike me as the catty type.
  94. If we were to sell the 70 strike put at 0.
  95. There are seven strike prices in Figure 8.
  96. Strike one! Jimmy checked with the coach.
  97. He raised his arm, poised to strike again.
  98. They calculate the right moment to strike.
  99. Sergeant strike that charge from the list.
  100. If I strike with the sword, or discharge.
  1. Red is a striking color.
  3. He looked striking as always.
  4. Yet her features are striking.
  5. Striking color across the sky.
  6. This girl was striking though.
  7. The striking feature of Table 7.
  8. This striking man is Officer M.
  9. Its white color looked striking.
  10. Striking the intellect with awe.
  11. I shot, striking it in the breast.
  12. As soon as I was within striking.
  13. The family resemblance is striking.
  14. The clock striking eight awoke her.
  15. Twelve striking: stops the clamor;.
  16. We were striking out for a better.
  17. It is about striking a good balance.
  18. A tall rather striking man walked in.
  19. There is nothing very striking in Mr.
  21. She was a striking girl in every way.
  22. The way he used his body was striking.
  23. The remark produced a striking effect.
  24. I awoke as the clock was striking six.
  25. Red rays were striking all around him.
  26. You bear a striking resemblance to him.
  27. This light works by striking the retina.
  28. Lightning bolts are striking to the east.
  29. His reaction to this was striking enough.
  30. This document is a striking and searching.
  31. It was as if striking a heroic blow that.
  32. STEPHEN: Why striking eleven? Proparoxyton.
  33. The effect produced is striking and tragic.
  34. It was striking, original, and beyond cute.
  35. It worked the same way as striking a match.
  36. The long sword is swung, striking the grass.
  37. As soon as they were within striking range.
  38. The gilt clock at Verrey's was striking five.
  39. I stained to hear the bat striking the ball.
  40. The shadow was almost black flesh, striking.
  41. Can there be any more striking instance of.
  42. Even from a distance she was rather striking.
  43. There's Puddleby church-clock striking four.
  44. Did you notice that the hero has a striking.
  45. Then he swings, striking Caleb under the jaw.
  46. What is striking about the results in Table 7.
  47. It had a striking contrast to his golden hair.
  48. In Savate the foot is the major striking point.
  49. Still more striking is that of the civil power.
  50. I decided to fill in the void by striking up a.
  51. Now I remember! Yes, it is a striking likeness.
  52. They have crossed without striking a blow!.
  53. There was something striking in her appearance.
  54. The striking of the rock points to one of the.
  55. He had dark walnut hair and striking blue eyes.
  56. Many striking confirmations of the traditions.
  57. He seemed as striking and incredible as always.
  58. They have crossed without striking a blow!’.
  59. The two of them, paired together, were striking.
  60. Rachel and Gabriel would make a striking couple.
  61. While the bold harpooner is striking the whale!.
  62. Three of the most striking differences of this.
  63. But the Six are striking before they even arrive.
  64. Rearing back from his face like a striking cobra.
  65. Striking is done more intensively — with fists.
  66. They were there but they were not striking at him.
  67. The yard was empty; the clock was striking twelve.
  68. It was striking so close, the horses tried to bolt.
  69. The outfit was striking against his bloodred skin.
  70. Creepy bore a striking resemblance to yours truly.
  71. Murie has given some striking instances with seals.
  72. Toller, striking in pacifically! and looking at Mr.
  73. Several other equally striking cases could be given.
  74. A striking peculiarity of the line is itsflexibility.
  75. The most striking characteristic of Lemurs is their.
  76. The killer was deliberately striking at the core of.
  77. In looking at the list, something striking jumps out.
  78. She rarely smiled, but her smile was always striking.
  79. On the surface of it at least, it offers a striking.
  80. And this striking from ambush, Longeau declared.
  81. I hear more projectiles striking the trees around us.
  82. We wandered around, the sounds of racquets striking.
  83. But the two most striking plays of theperiod are La.
  84. Stealth would allow them to maneuver before striking.
  85. Then he turned on them, striking with his right hand.
  86. Cassius pulled me forward toward the striking animal.
  87. Handsome George and Rosie with her striking features.
  88. Lightning bolts were striking to the ground over the.
  89. The speed striking in Kempo takes many years to master.
  90. The Capataz was heard striking the table with his fist.
  91. Instead of striking back, he went and poured another.
  92. Was he a failure? Is he remembered for striking out?
  93. Work of this kind is said to be "striking," "effectful.
  94. The most striking words from her are her stance on Iran.
  95. Hadaen glanced at the pain riding her striking features.
  96. As soon as the thugs were within striking distance the.
  97. The military advantage of striking the proposed target.
  98. Within my memory, more striking changes have taken place.
  99. Yes, he said, striking a pose, I believe we do.
  100. When Alice thought about it later, the irony was striking.
  1. It struck him as odd.
  2. And then it struck me.
  3. Now an idea struck him.
  4. That struck me as odd.
  5. And then it struck him.
  6. He struck with his cane.
  7. When the mood struck me.
  8. Mary had struck a chord.
  9. It struck her as funny.
  10. The cobra struck at him.
  11. He stopped as if struck.
  12. This struck her as odd.
  13. What struck me was his.
  14. So a bargain was struck.
  15. He struck a yielded foe.
  16. And the Lord struck the.
  17. Then one day they struck.
  18. The town clock struck ten.
  19. A thought struck her then.
  20. Brent was struck in the.
  21. I was awe struck at the.
  22. He rose and struck a gong.
  23. Then a thought struck her.
  24. They struck a brass note.
  25. Then a thought struck him.
  26. Kinnard was struck by this.
  27. Then he was struck by an.
  28. Already, I was sun struck.
  29. A remorse struck into him.
  30. She struck it to the floor.
  31. I struck out with the bar.
  32. Still her words struck me.
  33. Well, he was struck by an.
  34. And they were struck numb.
  35. Bruce was struck in the.
  36. He struck out three times.
  37. The town clock struck four.
  38. And suddenly it struck her.
  39. The town clock struck seven.
  40. Oh! Another idea struck her.
  41. He was struck dumb at the.
  42. He was struck to the floor.
  43. Her head had struck a post.
  44. He was hurt badly, struck.
  45. The church clock struck two.
  46. The question struck her odd.
  47. It struck out and tripped.
  48. All of a sudden it struck!.
  49. All of a sudden, it struck.
  50. Alvin was struck from behind.
  51. He struck her out of his way.
  52. Finally, it struck him —.
  53. The ice struck superb poses.
  54. This struck him as singular.
  55. Wetness had struck his face.
  56. It struck me that I should.
  57. In 1991 the Old Guard struck.
  58. A funny notion struck Martha.
  59. The church clock struck ten.
  60. My head should be struck off.
  61. He’d struck out on purpose.
  62. She had been struck at once.
  63. Enjolras alone was not struck.
  64. It struck me as a dark place.
  65. At last the half-hour struck.
  66. A new thought had struck him.
  67. Caris was struck by a thought.
  68. Twinges of guilt struck hard.
  69. Something struck Darek as odd.
  70. The bell struck a second time.
  71. A deep chord had been struck.
  72. The overseer struck his head.
  73. He was the WORST I ever struck.
  74. All at once, the clock struck.
  75. But something funny struck me.
  76. David was struck by the image.
  77. I knew he had struck pay dirt.
  78. It struck Gordon in a sad way.
  79. I struck true, and the light.
  80. One thing struck me right away.
  81. The sun struck his eyes a blow.
  82. Well we had struck a chord now.
  83. The wayfarer struck into this.
  84. The knight was struck in the.
  85. Lisa sneezed and struck again.
  86. It was then that it struck me.
  87. Some were struck by the Blast.
  88. A thought struck her and she.
  89. Then a realization struck him.
  90. I was struck again – it stung.
  91. A bargain was therefore struck.
  92. Panic struck the board members.
  93. He was dumb struck for a second.
  94. It struck the side of his head.
  95. Another thought struck Hal then.
  96. Awe struck the very Soul of Me.
  97. It was her hope that was struck.
  98. The clock has just struck nine.
  99. It struck Assef in the forehead.
  100. But that’s how she struck me.
  1. It strikes me as how.
  2. As for the strikes and.
  3. Look at all the strikes.
  4. He strikes a second blow.
  5. Then it strikes me: Anna.
  6. The Impact Of The Strikes.
  7. The strikes of those from.
  8. It strikes me that by this.
  9. The hammer strikes the buyer.
  10. Strikes me through and through.
  11. His attitude strikes me as.
  12. Therefore all strikes above 35.
  13. Her strikes are quick and solid.
  14. With strikes and protests, the.
  15. The strikes of the whip stopped.
  16. This line always strikes an.
  17. The arrow strikes the young deer.
  18. Kate had received strikes before.
  19. He strikes with his left hand also.
  20. Serena strikes again, Maria thought.
  21. Initially strikes were at minimum 1.
  23. Especially the Emerald City Strikes.
  24. Its grey gleam strikes her blue eyes.
  25. I’ve read quite a bit about strikes.
  26. If that strikes a chord please read on.
  27. Here, the strikes are almost continuous.
  28. He strikes me harder than the last time.
  29. Jabran then strikes board with his hand.
  30. It was also a killing series of strikes.
  31. The church clock, however, strikes twelve.
  32. But ten strikes and his sledge he mounts.
  33. Then, there are not strikes or protesting.
  34. That strikes me as a stupid thing to say.
  35. You touch me whenever the need strikes you.
  36. It strikes perfectly! Or so everyone thinks.
  37. Bloom with his sceptre strikes down poppies.
  38. Any other mount that strikes his fancy, he.
  39. I was able to deviate and avoid his strikes.
  40. Neither pulled blows or strikes, the force.
  41. And that’s precisely when the enemy strikes.
  42. Free sites have two huge strikes against them.
  43. Nor did they know that love strikes the lucky.
  44. At-the-money strikes have the most time premium.
  45. This ray strikes, touches, and penetrates them.
  46. If a disaster strikes, data is still available.
  47. It is always some new fellow who strikes a girl.
  48. Wherever this slope strikes will decide what you.
  49. Something about this whole thing strikes me weird.
  50. And strikes under $5 were not common at the time.
  51. They ignored her strikes and I did not look back.
  52. He had power behind his strikes but no precision.
  53. Soon he strikes up a conversation with my mother.
  54. Lightning strikes the water about a half-mile away.
  55. When it strikes midnight, you will be with ME in.
  56. In 1914 there were 4,000 strikes in England alone.
  57. It was only a matter of minutes before it strikes.
  58. What strikes me most is that I had to look up the.
  59. A thought strikes me … does he have to go home?
  60. Chuck Day smoked Lucky Strikes and cracked jokes.
  61. XYZ stock has strikes every five points down to $50.
  62. There were no strikes or kicks that would inflict.
  63. Plus, he strikes me as a guy who likes his privacy.
  64. This affliction usual y strikes vil ains with very.
  65. It strikes him as odd, but he doesn’t question it.
  66. This attack strikes a 100 ft wide 100 ft long square.
  67. Strikes and protest ral ies - their solution to the.
  68. Randy has a second try… again it strikes above it.
  69. But as the clock strikes noon, the couple steals away.
  70. But when an ordeal strikes him, he makes a turnaround.
  71. The country is poor and this strikes the visitor hard.
  72. It strikes at the root of every thing dear to freemen.
  73. He began tattooing Sola’s face with frequent strikes.
  74. When poverty strikes the body holds the key to economy.
  75. Does Having Too Many Strikes Result in Too Many Choices?
  76. It strikes them, their ears ringing with the effects of.
  77. Strikes on the option come into play in this area as well.
  78. Roman got two strikes on batter number five of that inning.
  79. If it strikes you or your house, a relative will die soon.
  80. Strikes fear into the heart of nobody – and that’s good.
  81. Once again the spike strikes him squarely in the testicles.
  82. Well, I don't know, but it strikes me that it was your son.
  83. Any of these connected enough to pull off the strikes?
  84. But neither this raid, nor two more strikes scored any hits.
  85. She landed hard strikes on the hissing and clanking behemoth.
  86. Gushing water strikes the wall beneath me and sprays upward.
  87. Anything goes…Any idea that strikes your fancy should be.
  88. He strikes the shiny stone with the large rock over and over.
  89. And do you know it strikes me that I'm the only one left you.
  90. They’re professional trouble-makers, paid to cause strikes.
  91. This, I believe, is optimal for growth and strikes a perfect.
  92. Whatever the survey, whatever the sea and the sail he strikes.
  93. After all, we usually reserve our joy when the clock strikes.
  94. The man who strikes first admits that his ideas have given out.
  95. In the time that I was there, no strikes by teachers occurred.
  96. The hour strikes for great and memorable revolutionary events.
  97. Wright strikes me as a man that knows how to cover his tracks.
  98. What strikes us strongly is the pungent vitriolic tone of the.
  99. Only when the gravity of reality strikes does the bubble burst.
  100. The slow return from the fire, the pause when the bell strikes.

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