ominous sätze

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Ominous sätze (in englisch)

  1. An ominous year to start.
  2. It was both ominous and.
  3. His gaze was naked, ominous.
  4. Nothing could be more ominous.
  5. There was an ominous silence.

  6. But the signs were ominous as.
  7. The ensuing silence was ominous.
  8. Rather ominous things, it seems.
  9. The silence about me is ominous.
  10. CRUCIFIXION! What an ominous word.
  11. It was an ominous, solemn feeling.
  12. Dark, ominous clouds hung overhead.
  13. Nothing ominous here, thought Nathan.
  14. And the ominous, ominous dancing ahead.
  15. Mordor; a vast shape winged and ominous.

  16. I glanced up at the ominous cloudy sky.
  17. The pound action is to me a bit ominous.
  18. My heart sank at that ominous stillness.
  19. The silence on the other end was ominous.
  20. But there was something much more ominous.
  21. Why does that sound ominous? Zarko wondered.
  22. And who is the ominous They? she asked.
  23. The Mountain standing ominous and alone had.
  24. Shouts from the inn were sounding more ominous.
  25. Somewhere a gong sounded a deep, ominous note.

  26. It was ominous; my ruin stared me in the face.
  27. This sounded ominous, so Charlotte said nothing.
  28. My entire being sensed ominous air of calamity.
  29. There was a more ominous tone coloring the day.
  30. Suddenly the lights turned an ominous shade of.
  31. The discovery of the lifebuoy is rather ominous.
  32. Something horribly ominous happened to my parents.
  33. There was an ominous darkness and quiet in the air.
  34. To Samantha, though, the raid was far more ominous.
  35. This was getting to be more ominous by the minute.
  36. His face hit the packed dirt floor with an ominous.
  37. At camps across Japan, things looked just as ominous.
  38. He was watching the ominous eyes of the Captain of.
  39. Some ominous looking guys in trench coats were seen.
  40. The strange ominous shadows moved and danced about him.
  41. The logo on the sticker was a stylized but ominous eye.
  42. There was another thud, followed by an ominous silence.
  43. I quickly double-checked the ominous forms on the roofs.
  44. Deep down I held the feeling that something ominous was.
  45. As one of the guys moved the ominous view became patent.
  46. Devon considers the ominous scene before him for a moment.
  47. The path leading into the forest seemed dark and ominous.
  48. They seemed to sound more ominous with every step I took.
  49. Isis He said in such ominous way that I got nervous.
  50. A large, winged insect buzzed inside, its droning ominous.
  51. It seemed ominous, as if Wolfe had simply given up on him.
  52. Then, it just as quickly, withdrew into an ominous silence.
  53. His communications preserve an ominous silence on the topic.
  54. As I was approaching the fraternity house I felt an ominous.
  55. Fancy unto fancy, thinking what this ominous bird of yore—.
  56. Suddenly, the silence was broken by the ominous, long, heavy.
  57. With that ominous prediction Nicole stood and left the office.
  58. Windzer waited, taking in all the ominous sights and sounds of.
  59. South Dakota? Matt asked with an ominous tone in his voice.
  60. He ended in a voice ominous with the portent of any such failure.
  61. There was an ominous ripple in The Force, the same ripple that.
  62. He felt sure he would have noticed: a sneeze was an ominous sign.
  63. For a moment his heart stopped, thinking it was something ominous.
  64. Sim, thinking of this, felt the distant, ominous vibration of war.
  65. The ominous silence attracted both their attentions within seconds.
  66. A large long hearse of a car, black and ominous pulled to the curb.
  67. Sharon gazed at the red-jeweled eyes of the ominous stone griffons.
  68. Lezura smiled at Joey, a smile that Joey sensed brought ominous news.
  69. I could do without the ominous cloud of my own doom flying overhead.
  70. Moose looked up at the damp, heavy sky above, with its ominous, grey.
  71. He wasn’t sure what he’d seen, but sensed it wasomething ominous.
  72. Dounreay Nuclear Power Station looked suitably ominous and uninviting.
  73. That sounded a little ominous but I was in no position to refuse and.
  74. It seemed to Peter that there was an ominous foreboding in those words.
  75. From the colored crowd an ominous group was advancing toward the plane.
  76. An ominous figure stood over the broken fragments of the shattered bottle.
  77. By accidental, I saw an ominous outlook here as I was passing through.
  78. There had been ominous famines in Africa due to regional factors, such as.
  79. The boy is still not all there and has that glazed, ominous look in his eyes.
  80. It was the sound of drums beating in the distance… a slow, ominous beating.
  81. The ominous expression on their host’s face told him that he was not happy.
  82. The firm’s brown-bag lunch that Monday was spent digesting some ominous news.
  83. When the echoes of his shouting faded, there remained only an ominous silence.
  84. Reuben perked up at hearing the ominous repetition of those initials, FBI, FBI.
  85. The rustle of the leaves sounded noisy, blatant even, in the ominous stillness.
  86. I feel there is something ominous in his calm, and shall not forget this night.
  87. The audience felt that a startling revelation was to follow this ominous prelude.
  88. And this time, instead of facing the ominous void, they were surrounded by stars.
  89. The ominous castle tower stood tall, its point reaching into the eye of the storm.
  90. I could still see the ominous billboard in the distance: COP SHOT $10,000 REWARD.
  91. Huashan, I have already noticed that there is an ominous look on the side of the.
  92. With his pointed fangs and ominous growl, Stefan seemed by far the more dangerous.
  93. I looked out the cabin window and saw dark, ominous clouds looming in the distance.
  94. Although Kirk was shaken by the ominous order, he slowly began to raise the revolver.
  95. He reached the ominous canyon where ten outlaws had massacred their twenty pursuers.
  96. B: The Punch and Judy puppets, they seem a little ominous for an anniversary present.
  97. Afar over the thunder of the fight rose a deep bellowing roar, indescribably ominous.
  98. The trench was filled with liquid: a murky liquid with an ominous greeny tinge to it.
  99. The Inquisitor’s reputation preceded him and it was an ominous reputation, at that.
  100. I saw him smile to himself—grin rather—and lapse into ominous musing whenever Mrs.

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