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    1. ” He’s curled up in a ball still

    2. Sam was not sure he really wanted the ball, but he got up from the sofa and straightened himself out

    3. Would he even know what to do with the ball? Probably not

    4. Johnny pulled out his yo-yo device, Nancy pulled out a rubber ball

    5. Place 1 cup of compost into a panty hose and tie into a ball

    6. He walks over, lines up his stick on the cue ball, expertly sinks a shot

    7. Bush snatches up the cue ball, holds it up for John to see

    8. He slams the cue ball into some other balls, watches as the balls bounce around the table

    9. Solar Tea: Solar Tea is made by placing the ground up dried leaves of the herb into panty hose tied into a ball (becomes a tea bag) then place into a gallon (or larger) glass container of pure water (not city water, distilled or filtered water is best but stream water is OK)

    10. Bark: Allow bark to dry on sun tray, then grind bark to powder, place in panty hose, tie into ball and add to container of water and allow to soak for 24 hrs, strain through filter

    11. Seeds: Grind seeds with coffee grinder, place into panty hose, tie into ball and allow to soak for 24 hrs

    12. She turned, and dropped the ball

    13. (= She went round and dropped the ball

    14. the most fabulous red velvet ball gown, suffused with diamonds and adorning her

    15. He had a screen in his house like he would have had back in Brazil since four hundred years ago now, except that it looked like a crystal ball instead of a screen

    16. That ball was also the lens of the camera and it distorted his image as he leaned close

    17. He called for a fast ball

    18. The ball screamed into his mitt

    19. The ball flew straight and true, right into the back of the batter as he spun away trying to avoid being hit

    20. CRAACK! The ball flew off the bat into shallow left field for a single

    21. The native channel selector under the helmet interface was like being inside a ball with screens all round you and when you looked into one it would be the channel

    22. Closing my eyes, I let loose of the ball in the general direction of the plate, hoping for the best

    23. I stained to hear the bat striking the ball

    24. The ball hit the bat and trickled out in front of the plate

    25. The catcher picked the ball up and easily threw Stewey out at first base

    26. The pitch was too high, so Jimmy took the pitch for a ball

    27. Was I wrong! This next ball came screaming down the middle of the plate

    28. Barney comes running over, the ball in his hands, giggling as the two men chase after him as Molly emerges from the house carrying a tureen of potatoes

    29. Rode around on his bike with the boys where we lived … was quite keen on kicking a ball around whenever he could

    30. My bowels refused to play ball

    31. I cried as I hugged the ball of my right foot, cursing my own stupidity and bloody-minded folly

    32. I decided to start the ball rolling

    33. With a helmet, the user interface was 'always knew that', with a keyboard and crystal ball, you asked questions and it would provide answers, or you typed messages to someone else on the system

    34. Even the new products using technology from Earth were often decorated to look like their ancient artifacts so the terminal was a crystal ball that you panned and zoomed by looking from a different angle and distance

    35. He had even accepted the fact that a phone here has a small crystal ball stuck in the end of a long seed pod with holes in it

    36. 177 copper bb shot with a couple little rusty iron ball bearings in change

    37. The desk and pocket systems differ only in the size of the crystal ball and keys

    38. As the android swam in space toward it, he saw the ship because the video that its android's eyes provided to the Angel who animated it, could also be projected to the crystal ball on his desk down here in the chaparral below Gengee City

    39. He watched thru those eyes, projecting in this crystal ball the natives call an 'Eye' with a capital E

    40. The words 'Darceenian Flame' curved in purple lettering, distorted on a blazing ball like the banding of Kortrax centered in the deep blue mainsail of her foremast

    41. Smith looked down upon one small star and upon one totally insignificant rocky ball at the outer edge of a tiny spiral galaxy of stars, and there He heard the very first bum note

    42. Seconds passed and nothing happened, like the great photographer was trying to pose a still photo of the first bite, the ball of flame

    43. enjoyed the ball juggling

    44. It was just one of the twins, with a ball in his mouth

    45. Every ball was caught whilst another ball was sent up; at the

    46. It's body was just one ball, at least that's all he could see from here

    47. It was just a sloppy ball of flesh, squirming like one big three hundred pound blob of fat, propped up on six curved sticks, each four and a half foot long, pulsating out of the bottom edge

    48. can only exist if the probability of the ball

    49. The fur ball, Oreo, went into a rage and killed the beast after her friends fell

    50. Proceed very slowly at this stage and remember at all times to keep your body rolled up into a ball with your knees well bent

    1. John pulls himself up off the floor, breathing hard, his fists balled

    2. He wandered into my room of an afternoon and without saying a word, he would walk up to me, make me stand and hit me in the stomach with his balled fist

    3. The fingers of the bouncer's right hand are reaching for the lapel of Alex's jacket and his left hand, balled into a fist, is drawing back to deliver a blow to the midriff

    4. His hands are balled into tight, quivering fists

    5. Galimoto's claws were balled into fists, filled with clumps of Tetloan's hair

    6. hand balled up into a fist

    7. His hands balled into fists and the knuckles turned as white as the line around his lips

    8. Frank picked up his mobile and tapped out a number, and as he waited for it to be answered, he balled up the list, tossing it at the bin

    9. The command crackled across the room, the strength of it so great that I balled my hand into a fist even though I was not the one being addressed

    10. Instantly, she converted into a fury, windmilling at him with her balled fists

    11. There was a blood soaked kitchen chair set in the middle of the room with adhesive and duct tape balled up off to the sides of it

    12. have belonged to, so Junya balled up the strap and carried it like it was a small

    13. Then she slid off his sock and balled it up

    14. Scarcely had she come to ground, she then rolled on her back, tightly balled fists blindly flailing the air

    15. ” My hands balled

    16. He slammed his tightly balled fist into the palm of the other hand making a loud smacking

    17. Scarcely had she come to ground, she then rolled on her back, tightly balled fists

    18. I balled my fists

    19. Her two friends balled up the electric-blue socks, leaving me wondering who they could possibly be for-Sasquatch or Godzilla

    20. and he edged toward Michael, his fists balled so tightly the knuckles

    21. ” she said placing her balled hands on her hips

    22. Tobias bending over her with his arm pulled back, a balled fist ready

    23. To hush them up, Jane sent a vine to cover their mouths, and soon they were balled up in a cocoon-type vine

    24. Sheila retrieved the balled up memo off the floor, and read it again

    25. “See the blond walking this way with her hands balled up in fists?”

    26. Emma is balled up on the bed with the baby cradled to her breast

    27. With his legs crossed and his right arm resting across his paunch while his left hand balled in a fist covered his mouth, Feltus maintained his position without so much as a blink as the affront was delivered and secretly congratulated himself for having ruffled the feathers of this virtuous man who was evidently concerned about this matter coming into the open

    28. Walker stood, hands on hips, balled fists

    29. Breckenridge balled his fists and clenched his teeth

    30. Can’t you see what that means? Today for the first time in more than two years my feet were cold and now my leg hurts?” She pounded his chest with a balled fist

    31. The balled point of Len’s sword was quickly piercing the air on its way to Ben’s chest, which, if it found its mark would end the match, but Ben easily stepped back and parried the thrust

    32. The balled point of Ben’s sword was rammed into Len’s chest and the kill buzzer sang out for all the audience to hear

    33. Ben plucked his sword out of the air with his left hand and thrust the balled point against Doog's chest

    34. Harold balled up his right hand into a fist and banged it into his left palm breaking the newly formed blisters

    35. Aaron, using his hand balled up into a fist, pummels the snow

    36. Mitch angrily looks at Mary with fists still balled while Rosa and Miriam hold tightly onto his arms

    37. much information over the course of the last few days it’s all balled up

    38. Diane D angrily bursts into the lobby and is about to charge Marcus with her fists balled as her entire family quickly grab her by the torso and stop her! “Diane what the hell is going on?!” Barry shouts as he and the rest of his family tightly hold on to Diane D! “What happened to you?!”

    39. Lots of balled up

    40. Diane D is slowly coming from down the end of the 5th floor hallway with her head to the side looking around with a look of anger on her face and her fists balled with her face slightly sweaty, her eyes still eerily swollen, very puffy and half closed with her eyeballs still mostly hidden behind her very swollen, puffy eyelids still having an eerie blank look in them

    41. His hands are balled into fists because his fingers are so greasy

    42. I realize my hands are balled into fists

    43. She wished that the Hawaiian ukulele player would have balled her, instead

    44. tried to undermine his authority, he would have them balled up

    45. “Of course I cried Liz! Why would you say that? I balled my eyes out all night

    46. was the size of a small grapefruit – or my father’s balled up fist

    47. He stalked into the room, hands balled to fists, face set

    48. It was lumpy, as I was sitting on crumpled dresses which had been balled and discarded

    49. Father rubbed his face hard with balled fists

    50. Inwardly bracing herself for whatever he was about to tell her, Kathy balled her hands so tightly into fists the whites of her knuckles showed, as she waited for the proverbial axe to fall

    1. lady’s breasts hung below her, balling up at the ends from the pull of gravity

    2. ” Balling his hand into a fist, Gary showed Chandio how his attacker had held the keys

    3. And of course, he started doing his thing, beach balling and coptering when suddenly, as if thunder was booming while we were watching Brock throw down with his routine, a bellowing chant had filled our ears

    4. I strained to keep my hands from balling

    5. was eye balling a Playboy centerfold and his bowels went into

    6. did she would just start balling her eyes out again

    7. His face had turned a bright shade of red as he sat at his desk, his fists balling up in fierce anger

    8. his teeth, clamping his jaws shut, and balling his fists, he could only

    9. I took one look at him and started balling my eyes out

    10. Balling up his fist, he ground it into the small of his back, stretching out the tired muscles

    11. Balling my hand into a fist, I pounded against the boy’s head

    12. “Cowards!” exclaimed the commissioner angrily, balling his hands into fists

    13. How can this be happening? We’re mated together forever and he’s just going to cut me out right in the beginning?” I was balling now, I couldn’t help myself

    14. balling like a baby and stomping on the floor like a child who lost his

    15. He won’t, he thought, closing his eyes, balling his hands into fists

    16. “I don't have to turn you to ash to kick your ass,” she said, balling her

    17. hand wound through his black hair, balling into a fist

    18. Balling his fist, he charged

    19. Balling her fists, she glared at Andrina with eyes filled with raging clouds

    1. It was still hard to imagine that this had all been purchased with eleven retaining balls from hospital cart latch-pins

    2. Return the next day and find the tunnels out of which the cotton balls have been tossed

    3. Throw the cotton balls back into the tunnels and cover the entrance with a large rock

    4. He glanced upon the girls smiling and fluttering about the room on the balls of their feet

    5. He watches while Bush racks the balls, takes up a stick and chalks the end of it

    6. Two balls fall in on the break

    7. like these here pool balls

    8. He slams the cue ball into some other balls, watches as the balls bounce around the table

    9. Enoch stands by the table staring at the balls as they slowly roll to a stop

    10. Bush stops one of the balls with his hand, picks it up, looks at it closely

    11. You be fucking honest with me Travis coz you gotta believe in this stuff or you know you gonna end up with your balls in a bag

    12. equation, but he liked her balls

    13. The count on the batter was now two balls and one strike

    14. The cockney monkey next to me realized his balls up

    15. of the state lay in foetal balls on freezing flagstones

    16. corridor like cannon balls, casting their grotesquely elongated shadows across the

    17. I’ll stab his fucking balls off with a steak knife the next time he falls asleep with his fat legs open

    18. You’ve got balls

    19. The sharp retort of metalled boot heels struck out at the early morning stillness, announcing the arrival of Danton and his scowling, out of breath companion to every inmate as they bore down on the door at the end of the corridor like cannon balls, casting their grotesquely elongated shadows across the floor and up the walls

    20. learnt everything they had shown them from juggling the balls to

    21. They juggled 3 balls, then 4 balls and then 5 balls

    22. Catwhiskers put the balls

    23. It was a shame they had lost the bikes but they had the balls

    24. balls out of the pockets in his britches

    25. balls in the air

    26. Throughout this time, they also practised the juggling balls, but

    27. Catwhiskers tossed the balls to Cosmicblasto then climbed onto

    28. Cosmicblasto started to juggle the balls as, the bike

    29. He started on juggling 2 balls,

    30. then 3 balls and was now using all 4 balls, high into the air

    31. same pitch the 2 other balls had reached a peak and were on the

    32. coughing up fur balls and a half digested mouse,

    33. when she put the gun to my balls,

    34. “He made up the humans and all the pretty animals, but there was something in the ruins of that planet and those crystal balls on poles, those signals were real

    35. Instead of thick green leaves hanging from its branches, the ancient oak was covered in the large, round twig balls that made up a great city of rooks

    36. The boy looked at tennis balls and bounced a few of them

    37. 'How much for the balls?' The boy moved to local balls

    38. up the balls he had bounced and placed them in the basket

    39. We sold some candy and two more balls in the next two hours

    40. Three balls, three sixes - Ish looked molested

    41. He can't play beyond four balls

    42. Nikos kept the rugged and desolate coast of northern Stephanos at a safe distance and whenever a wave broke over the bow and showered me with salty balls of foam Alexis would collapse in fits of laughter at my cringing and groaning

    43. 'Chemistry book, red and white balls on the cover,' he screamed

    44. Once Ali faced five balls in a restrained manner, he could sharpen

    45. Three balls later, Paras set

    46. 'Four balls, no more

    47. So I said, screw it, let's hit some balls

    48. One, two, three -I saw three balls of

    49. Ali pranced around as he stumbled on two cricket balls kept on the floor

    50. they have had there balls cut off

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