ball sätze

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Ball sätze (in englisch)

  1. The Ball is very big.
  2. Was a bil iard ball.
  3. Of the bil iard ball.
  4. I threw the ball back.
  5. V and saw a golf ball.

  6. The ball rolled to Ish.
  7. Give me the ball, son.
  8. I hit her another ball.
  9. The Runner is the ball.
  10. The adults had a ball.
  11. To the ball park games.
  12. John hit the white ball.
  13. A hair ball weighing 4.
  14. On the floor lay a ball.
  15. Ish ran to get the ball.

  16. I would throw the ball.
  17. Ryan and the soccer ball.
  18. He did drop the ball.
  19. The white bil iard ball.
  20. Cook to firm ball stage.
  21. But for me it’s a ball.
  22. The obvious ball was to.
  23. A bat and a ball cost $1.
  24. We will have a real ball.
  25. The ball is in your court.

  26. After the ball, he phoned.
  27. He was still on the ball.
  28. She threw the ball anyway.
  29. The ball of quills swelled.
  30. She was going to a ball!.
  31. Then he made a ball, and.
  32. Ball finished 2002 at $51.
  33. I received a through ball.
  34. The ball was in her court.
  35. It clutches a ball point.
  36. If the ball goes out and.
  37. He called for a fast ball.
  38. It was a delightful ball.
  39. She threw Cerberus the ball.
  40. The mRocK ball was beamed.
  41. The ball of Light was blue.
  42. Someone threw a ball at him.
  43. The scorpion opens the ball.
  44. The ball was sailing my way.
  45. And I did not play the ball.
  46. The ball of string’s lost.
  47. There is a ball in that.
  48. Demera handed Roman the ball.
  49. I think this is your ball.
  50. Another tribune of the ball.
  51. I remember every ball of it.
  52. She was curled up in a ball.
  53. Preparation: Sit on the ball.
  54. He whacked another golf ball.
  55. He seems really on the ball.
  56. Enough water to form a ball.
  57. He was carrying a rugby ball.
  58. The ball is now in your court.
  59. And crying and having a ball.
  60. The ball surged high as Ish.
  61. I intended going to the ball.
  62. Hitting the ball in the sand.
  63. And off to the ball they went.
  64. I fucking have my ball cut.
  65. The papers would have a ball.
  66. Ish picked up the ball slowly.
  67. He had a steel ball pierced.
  68. The ball instantly turned red.
  69. That’s us kicking the ball.
  70. Kill the guy with the ball or.
  71. Throwing a ball with one hand.
  72. Batsman-bowler sat on the ball.
  73. You fumbled the ball for the.
  74. Whacks the cover off the ball.
  75. Bouncing a ball with one hand.
  76. We’re the ball game players.
  77. How much does the ball cost?
  78. I just got the ball rolling.
  79. Steve started the ball rolling.
  80. Think of a bat hitting a ball.
  81. Have you ever played ball?
  83. This was a whole new ball game.
  84. He was bald as a billiard ball.
  85. My bowels refused to play ball.
  86. The crowd had seen a ball game.
  87. Ewok curled up in a fuzzy ball.
  88. Next week, and a splendid ball.
  89. Fritz pocketed the winning ball.
  90. Earth as a magnetic soccer ball.
  91. The ball hit Mama's temple hard.
  92. A ball cap covered a bald head.
  93. Everyone laughed and had a ball.
  94. Add side to side ball movement.
  95. Bounce the ball with two hands.
  96. Ish lifted the ball in his hand.
  97. He grunted when the ball left.
  98. The ball broke the webbed part.
  99. When he did play he hit a ball.
  100. The ball screamed into his mitt.
  1. Balling his fist, he charged.
  2. I strained to keep my hands from balling.
  3. I took one look at him and started balling my eyes out.
  4. Balling my hand into a fist, I pounded against the boy’s head.
  5. He won’t, he thought, closing his eyes, balling his hands into fists.
  6. Balling her fists, she glared at Andrina with eyes filled with raging clouds.
  7. I don't have to turn you to ash to kick your ass, she said, balling her.
  8. Cowards! exclaimed the commissioner angrily, balling his hands into fists.
  9. Balling up his fist, he ground it into the small of his back, stretching out the tired muscles.
  10. His face had turned a bright shade of red as he sat at his desk, his fists balling up in fierce anger.
  11. How can this be happening? We’re mated together forever and he’s just going to cut me out right in the beginning? I was balling now, I couldn’t help myself.
  12. And of course, he started doing his thing, beach balling and coptering when suddenly, as if thunder was booming while we were watching Brock throw down with his routine, a bellowing chant had filled our ears.
  1. His fur was balled and dirty.
  2. He balled his hands into fists.
  3. Nick’s hands balled into fists.
  4. Mac balled himself up beside him.
  5. He has his hands balled into fists.
  6. Sophie slept, balled up on the couch.
  7. I balled up with tears asking God ….
  8. I balled my hands up and glared at him.
  9. I realize my hands are balled into fists.
  10. Walker stood, hands on hips, balled fists.
  11. Daphne had balled up on the floor, weeping.
  12. Then she slid off his sock and balled it up.
  13. Father rubbed his face hard with balled fists.
  14. Ingrid balled her hand into a fist and knocked.
  15. Ingrid balled her hand into a fist, and knocked.
  16. Fenton threw a balled up piece of paper at Dewey.
  17. She hissed at them, her hands balled into fists.
  18. His hands are balled into tight, quivering fists.
  19. He balled the paper up and flicked it back to her.
  20. His hands are back at his sides, balled into fists.
  21. Louie balled himself up at the far end of the cell.
  22. Breckenridge balled his fists and clenched his teeth.
  23. He balled his hands into fists, Im not controlling.
  24. He stalked into the room, hands balled to fists, face set.
  25. As she read them she balled up her fists and looked lethal.
  26. Aaron, using his hand balled up into a fist, pummels the snow.
  27. Who are you? he hissed, and his hands balled into fists.
  28. I balled my fists and was tempted to pummel the truth into him.
  29. Emma is balled up on the bed with the baby cradled to her breast.
  30. Hands balled in fists, Rudolph simply stood there, red and fuming.
  31. I balled the jacket up and shoved it under his head for a pillow.
  32. Why her? Janelle faced the Tempest High Leader, fists balled.
  33. His hands are balled into fists because his fingers are so greasy.
  34. Dammit! He balled his fist, slamming it down on the tabletop.
  35. Sheila retrieved the balled up memo off the floor, and read it again.
  36. Tobias bending over her with his arm pulled back, a balled fist ready.
  37. I said leave her alone! Gary moved in front of her, fists balled.
  38. John pulls himself up off the floor, breathing hard, his fists balled.
  39. See the blond walking this way with her hands balled up in fists?
  40. My fingers balled into fists in my lap, and Harry put his hand over mine.
  41. She balled her hands into fists and thought of knocking Rohan on the head.
  42. She wished that the Hawaiian ukulele player would have balled her, instead.
  43. Galimoto's claws were balled into fists, filled with clumps of Tetloan's hair.
  44. Instantly, she converted into a fury, windmilling at him with her balled fists.
  45. Of course I cried Liz! Why would you say that? I balled my eyes out all night.
  46. I paced the floor, my arms crossed against my chest and my hands balled up in a fist.
  47. Scarcely had she come to ground, she then rolled on her back, tightly balled fists.
  48. It was lumpy, as I was sitting on crumpled dresses which had been balled and discarded.
  49. Kyrin balled her hand into a fist and swung for his neck, hoping to collapse his airway.
  50. His hands balled into fists and the knuckles turned as white as the line around his lips.
  51. He slammed his tightly balled fist into the palm of the other hand making a loud smacking.
  52. Devon’s heartbeat is quick; his hands are balled and he’s breathing in quick, sharp bursts.
  53. Mitch angrily looks at Mary with fists still balled while Rosa and Miriam hold tightly onto his arms.
  54. Revenge stripped off his jacket, balled it up with the gun, and dumped the bundle into Winter’s lap.
  55. Ben plucked his sword out of the air with his left hand and thrust the balled point against Doog's chest.
  56. He balled his fist, cocked his arm all the way back and landed a big punch to the right side of her face.
  57. Struggling to find her pace in the sand she balled her fists and yelled to the sky, I can do this!.
  58. She seemed to welcome my embrace and stepped in closer to me and literally balled her heart out against me.
  59. He dropped the towel and swabbed it around with his foot and balled it up at the bottom of the linen closet.
  60. Wild, beautiful, eyes raging and mouth in a snarl, she balled a hand into a fist and reached behind her back.
  61. To hush them up, Jane sent a vine to cover their mouths, and soon they were balled up in a cocoon-type vine.
  62. Scarcely had she come to ground, she then rolled on her back, tightly balled fists blindly flailing the air.
  63. I just can’t believe that you’re really leaving! Micaiah balled as she ran into the Oogie’s arms.
  64. It is for that reason that Mary stands her ground, her hands balled into fists and her eyes set straight ahead.
  65. I was upset that I had bleed on my new floors but then I saw Elly balled over with her face buried in her hands.
  66. Harold balled up his right hand into a fist and banged it into his left palm breaking the newly formed blisters.
  67. Her hands, nearly lost in her sleeves, were balled tight; it was impossible to tell whether she was crying again.
  68. He balled the substance, the torn-away wax and powder and celadon scar in his fist and hurled it from Notre Dame.
  69. Helmut is a small, unpromising child from the south who keeps his hands balled in fists nearly all his waking hours.
  70. Pidge turned up the TV volume to high, balled Sandy’s socks, jammed a woolen gag into each of the Meachams’ mouths.
  71. It’s where he found her now, in the same posture as last summer on that balcony: balled up, forehead pressed to knees.
  72. He used some balled toilet paper to sweep the hairs from the counter into the bowl of the sink, and thence down the drain.
  73. The balled point of Ben’s sword was rammed into Len’s chest and the kill buzzer sang out for all the audience to hear.
  74. His fists automatically balled into tight fists that made his knuckles turn white at the look of the scene in front of him.
  75. Her two friends balled up the electric-blue socks, leaving me wondering who they could possibly be for-Sasquatch or Godzilla.
  76. Finally, without warning, the instructor ripped the page off, balled it, and deposited it in the wire-mesh trashcan to his left.
  77. There was a blood soaked kitchen chair set in the middle of the room with adhesive and duct tape balled up off to the sides of it.
  78. When he walked out to do his first job, the guard balled up his fist at him, then made a demand that, to an American, seemed bizarre.
  79. Frank picked up his mobile and tapped out a number, and as he waited for it to be answered, he balled up the list, tossing it at the bin.
  80. The third scene I remember occurred in perfect silence, except for my lame exclamations, balled fists that broke on the jawbone they struck.
  81. The command crackled across the room, the strength of it so great that I balled my hand into a fist even though I was not the one being addressed.
  82. After a moment, he handed it back to the Colonel without a word, then balled his half-eaten burger up in its wrapper and tossed it into the sack.
  83. He balled his right hand into a fist, drew back his arm and punched with all his weight straight at the center of the window, then screamed in pain.
  84. He wandered into my room of an afternoon and without saying a word, he would walk up to me, make me stand and hit me in the stomach with his balled fist.
  85. Can’t you see what that means? Today for the first time in more than two years my feet were cold and now my leg hurts? She pounded his chest with a balled fist.
  86. The fingers of the bouncer's right hand are reaching for the lapel of Alex's jacket and his left hand, balled into a fist, is drawing back to deliver a blow to the midriff.
  87. Inwardly bracing herself for whatever he was about to tell her, Kathy balled her hands so tightly into fists the whites of her knuckles showed, as she waited for the proverbial axe to fall.
  88. The balled point of Len’s sword was quickly piercing the air on its way to Ben’s chest, which, if it found its mark would end the match, but Ben easily stepped back and parried the thrust.
  89. And she’d helped the jury see my brother with his face scrunched up in anger, fists balled up, threatening and swearing at his cheating girlfriend, who, for all he knew, had been impregnated by our father.
  90. She holds this truth to be evident, to the point where she realizes that should she be afraid, she will only feed into the thing’s sick desires, so she holds her ground with her hands balled at her sides and stares straightforward as if she is looking at the things before her.
  91. Diane D angrily bursts into the lobby and is about to charge Marcus with her fists balled as her entire family quickly grab her by the torso and stop her! “Diane what the hell is going on?!” Barry shouts as he and the rest of his family tightly hold on to Diane D! “What happened to you?!”.
  92. Is that complex enough for you?… Spectators love the complexity of Baseball… what if that complexity can literally seen?… In living color? Seeing twelve different colored balled hurtling toward twelve colored uniforms, with twelve different colored uniforms running the bases? And seeing ….
  93. With his legs crossed and his right arm resting across his paunch while his left hand balled in a fist covered his mouth, Feltus maintained his position without so much as a blink as the affront was delivered and secretly congratulated himself for having ruffled the feathers of this virtuous man who was evidently concerned about this matter coming into the open.
  94. Diane D is slowly coming from down the end of the 5th floor hallway with her head to the side looking around with a look of anger on her face and her fists balled with her face slightly sweaty, her eyes still eerily swollen, very puffy and half closed with her eyeballs still mostly hidden behind her very swollen, puffy eyelids still having an eerie blank look in them.
  1. I aim at his balls.
  2. I wish I had her balls.
  3. He does have some balls.
  4. Shape into 1 inch balls.
  5. Two balls left the yard.
  6. Or kick him in the balls.
  7. But my cousin hates balls.
  8. My balls were sore for a.
  9. He likes red rubber balls.
  10. You had to admire his balls.
  11. Some balls the kids got.
  12. The ones we have suck balls.
  13. Styrofoam balls on the ground.
  14. Mud balls formed in my beard.
  15. The market has crystal balls.
  16. Three balls later, Paras set.
  17. We hit a few balls to warm up.
  18. Steve will grow a pair of balls.
  19. Golf balls held in one hand.
  20. Two balls fall in on the break.
  21. The man, he thought, had balls.
  22. It only hurts if your balls.
  23. All those smooth billiard balls.
  24. He can't play beyond four balls.
  25. His balls will be sore for days.
  26. Shape mixture into small balls.
  27. Roll the balls in powdered sugar.
  28. She lost eight balls, I remember.
  29. Next: a blind goat with no balls.
  30. That's the thing about foul balls.
  31. The eyes were balls of dark fire.
  32. His nose throbbed and his balls.
  33. I went around collecting the balls.
  34. Cover the bunny with cotton balls.
  35. But heaven knows, I love my balls.
  36. I didn't think you had the balls.
  37. Place balls on waxed paper to cool.
  38. Try vibrators, dildoes, love balls.
  39. Just some rice balls, he said.
  40. He scored 100 not out off 66 balls.
  41. Possibly it is very merry at balls.
  42. Place balls in the freezer to chill.
  43. She went up on the balls of her feet.
  44. This car is the balls! he said.
  45. Grass burrs are those little balls.
  46. Swivelling on the balls of the feet.
  47. Yeah, they’ve got us by the balls.
  48. Roll balls in the remaining coconut.
  49. The orders totaled 5,000 steel balls.
  50. The most bizarre involved beach balls.
  51. How fate had kicked him in the balls.
  52. I know what you think about balls.
  53. Roll this into sticky balls and cook.
  54. It meant fielding ground balls with.
  55. Way 33: The market has crystal balls.
  56. He juggled the balls, each weighing 4.
  57. His blood forms half-inch round balls.
  58. There sure are a lot of balls here.
  59. She screamed and kneed me in the balls.
  60. I never saw those yellow balls before.
  61. You spoke of the balls at Northampton.
  62. Roll into balls about 5/8 inch diameter.
  63. Warlike insects hoarding balls of shit.
  64. The balls continued to assault the ship.
  65. One, two, three -I saw three balls of.
  67. You will think that there are two balls.
  68. At balls he danced principally with her.
  69. I think my balls fell off at that point.
  70. Great balls of fire! said Scarlett.
  71. She would have chained your balls off.
  72. Snore Balls and Other Simple Solutions.
  73. Gently stir until balls are well coated.
  74. This is where all the long balls are hit.
  75. Caramarin stood on the balls of his feet.
  76. That’s why I brought a hamper of balls.
  77. I brought the cute little fur balls home.
  78. She balls her hands up against her chest.
  79. In the slam of squash balls against walls.
  80. Roll balls in confectioners sugar while.
  81. So I said, screw it, let's hit some balls.
  82. I finally grew some balls and pulled the.
  83. Very gently, he puts the balls in my mouth.
  84. You haven’t got the balls, he said.
  85. You would have heard of balls and parties.
  86. Balls in his under shorts – I like that.
  87. Life is constantly throwing us curve balls.
  88. Golf balls are the celebrities of the game.
  89. I rocked tensely onto the balls of my feet.
  90. Rex grabbed his balls and said with a sigh.
  91. The world has seen enough of your balls.
  92. They were invited to his parties and balls.
  93. The illusion balls up its fist and hits him.
  94. It’s cold as balls in here! she said.
  95. I got steel-toed boots and they got balls.
  96. Herist had his balls in a twist, as he said.
  97. Amaranthe pushed up to the balls of her feet.
  98. Play the game with two balls instead of one.
  99. Soccer balls, donated, marked with his name.
  100. The guys grabbed poles and basketball balls.

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