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    1. The Kassikan's data sphere is secure from tapping at this range

    2. In those terrifying moments when he could see though the ship and his own flesh like it was made of nothing at all, the sphere of roiling hellfire filled the sky

    3. The massive rings of the extractor, the web of struts around the containment sphere and the tower of capsules standing above it

    4. As I turned my head, I was surprised to see that Arion's laser had struck the crystalline sphere above the altar, actually destroying the mystical seal inside

    5. Then she would build her bidirectional interface to the planet's data sphere

    6. The young man who sold you the phone was acting outside of his sphere of authority

    7. "True," Thom said, "but if you multiply by the number of samples it would take to cover the whole sphere around Sol, we can see that none of the impactors need to come from the Kuiper Belt

    8. Simon is standing in the door, this tragedy outside his sphere … I glance up at him and smile at him through my tears, drawing him into our circle

    9. tissues that lie within that sphere will tend to fall

    10. laboring within the sphere of this deep sadness all

    11. sold you the phone was acting outside of his sphere of authority

    12. The Dense Sphere

    13. Every sphere of

    14. The waiting relatives and friends of the lesser, more ordinary emergencies watch, and those conscious patients still able to concentrate on realities outside of their own sphere realise that they may not occupy the centre of the universe

    15. the pupils of his eyes danced on their irises like the chromed sphere that bounces

    16. turned the white sphere over in his hand and smiled

    17. Harold's position required the extensive employment of international connections and contacts, the very sphere of enterprise Lawrence had so recently vacated

    18. Atop the remnants of the Northern Tower, a brilliant sphere of azure blue grew, stretching out to cover the entire city, spreading to the Outlands as well

    19. Your sphere is confined to the nursery, the kitchen, the store rooms coming off the east end of our courtyard, the well where you may bathe and wash your clothing, and the female dormitory should you need to

    20. Compared to Gods, this is the one sphere

    21. Still clearly apparent and circling like a satellite within the invisible sphere was the remains of the black creature, a dark globe

    22. That minister had unfortunately embraced all the prejudices of the mercantile system, in its nature and essence a system of restraint and regulation, and such as could scarce fail to be agreeable to a laborious and plodding man of business, who had been accustomed to regulate the different departments of public offices, and to establish the necessary checks and controlls for confining each to its proper sphere

    23. He had no way to measure the extent of the wave, although even the worse- case simulation models showed it being distorted and held back from spreading unencumbered, not being able to form its own expanding sphere

    24. If you pause to think about his title for a moment, wouldn"t you be overwhelmed? I mean, throughout the known universe of approximately twelve billion light years on a side, which translates roughly into a sphere of twenty-four billion light years, the inescapable conclusion is that the universe is a pretty big place

    25. Planet Earth now a light blue mass which darted across the screen so fast Jimmy wondered if he was able to capture it in his mind as an isolated sphere instead of a streak of blue

    26. yellow-gold, while Chastity was indicated by a tiny blue sphere

    27. He stepped back and a shaft of pure white light elevated from the sphere and made its way to around six feet above the pillar before splitting into three solid bars

    28. The search for Truth must necessarily extend beyond an individual‘s immediate consciousness or sphere of (self) awareness although such is arguably a good starting point

    29. When Grey had finally calmed down, Darkburst explained to everyone how he'd seen the bright sphere of light by using the Sacred Roots, and how, within that sphere, the vision of the meadow had appeared to him, and how he'd seen the Andith River flowing into a large lake, and how beyond the lake, the bright stars had raced across the sky

    30. Reese gave a low groan, and then he was pressed down against her length, kissing her, holding her against him, and it seemed that time whirled and slowed and created a shimmering sphere around them which would last an eternity

    31. Question: Should public servants be permitted to own stock in companies that routinely seek political favors within their immediate sphere of influence?

    32. Finally they formed a sphere, which then flattened itself into a large disc

    33. When the face was complete, the sphere stopped rotating, coming to a gentle rest

    34. The sphere continued to rotate, and Thesa saw the faces of many other badgers

    35. The sphere suddenly dimmed and dropped towards the water, where it disappeared beneath the surface

    36. Most relationships are oftentimes forged by chance encounters or events confined to time and space falling within an individual‘s immediate sphere of influence

    37. Unabashedly a commoner, Bryan was anti elite, anti business, a powerful public speaker, but also bigoted and ignorant, an extreme fundamentalist who distrusted science and knew little but his own political sphere

    38. The wreck bore mute testimony to the fact that this was once a busy and thriving part of the economic sphere of Empire

    39. He wished he knew more stars, but the galaxy in Andromeda wasn’t going to help much…Vega perhaps? If he could only identify one star for certain! He was trying to narrow down what was an infinity of space, and he was in a bit of a panic! Let’s say he could positively identify one star—that meant that the Earth, could be anywhere within a full sphere of space, at anything up to two or three thousand light-years, anyhow

    40. The planet’s population of about two hundred fifty thousand were scattered all across the sphere of the planet

    41. In that small sliver of shade that allowed them to peep sheepishly at the sun, Hilderich could see its ring grow, the bright sphere grow larger

    42. Trapped in the sphere of carnival glass

    43. The dot grew into a pale-green sphere, large enough to house a cathedral

    44. With bloodshot eyes, he stole a glance at the alien’s sphere

    45. ‘Temper, temper,’ mumbled Russell, watching the insect shuttle turn away and head back to the sphere

    46. ‘I can only guess, but it’s a very good guess – we are prisoners in an alien insect sphere, on the very edge of the universe

    47. And of course, they assume Trevor won’t attack as long as his “comrade” is alive here on this sphere

    48. The insect shuttle docked alongside the sphere, and Trevor placed the Cloud directly above the shuttle

    49. He opened the radar screen on his computer and searched for the Zip-Linq, hoping its signal wasn’t cloaked within the sphere

    50. ‘Good, good, good…’ he muttered, watching the Zip-Linq move further inside the sphere

    1. Apple maggot Traps, apple sized red spheres coated with a sticky substance

    2. ‘It could almost make me believe in the music of the spheres, Jo

    3. further behind me I held one of the ceramic spheres nestled firmly against my

    4. “Now don't be cheeky,” said Harry and began tossing the spheres into the air again

    5. Harry called a cease to the passing; they juggled their own spheres and stopped

    6. Those brown spheres were full of

    7. sunlight showed through those little empty spheres, and for a second Carl in his

    8. To twinkle in their spheres till they return

    9. To see an earwig in your dream signifies unpleasant news that will affect both your professional and family spheres

    10. white spheres to look at him

    11. Whenever they had slept together he had stared into those beautiful grey spheres and felt as if they were one person, but over the past few weeks that had all changed

    12. prophecy and leads to loss of money in other spheres of

    13. It seemed a logical inference that perhaps the industrialized nations of the west might see a rise in poverty in their own spheres of influence

    14. From within it a grid of light beams criss-crossed the air in front of Hilderich, forming an image of the night sky, swirling and moving as if it might have seemed from someone standing on the firmament itself, bright spheres of light of various colors and sizes

    15. in the higher spheres of Universe and are endowed with subtle bodies

    16. I pictured it as a time similar to what had happened after the death of Alexander the Great, where able generals carved out their own spheres of influence

    17. Kosmo used this Twelve-Step approach because of its familiarity in other spheres

    18. They held that the heavens were immutable (didn’t change), the celestial bodies were spheres (smooth, not pocked, mountainous, rifted or spotted), and the earth not only didn’t move, it was located at the center of the universe

    19. The Self awaked in spheres of particles,

    20. They embraced their fleshless spheres,

    21. sublime music of the spheres

    22. And the light in which nothing could err; Also the spheres which testify, and Me

    23. of you, and you make wise the spheres so as to minister in their orders

    24. Despite the freezing cold conditions, I could feel spheres of sweat rolling down my neck as I gulped in fear

    25. There are also spheres that resemble little planets on top of the clouds

    26. Most of us fall somewhere between these two spheres of the negative and the positive

    27. Collectivism must form the foundation of the social, legal, economic, and political spheres

    28. And the spheres

    29. The Mobius rings and spheres

    30. And the Mobius rings and spheres

    31. magnetic Mobius rings and spheres

    32. The molecules (Mobius rings and spheres)

    33. Spheres fil ed with pure color

    34. ” Yazadril chuckled, as he led the way to a door just off the kitchen, and down a set of spiral stairs within the wood, lit by glowing spheres set at intervals overhead

    35. 3 But after his death they sinned and transgressed; Though they knew that they had the law reproving them; And the light in which nothing could err; Also the spheres which testify and Me

    36. 9 You instruct created things in the understanding of you and you make wise the spheres so as to minister in their orders

    37. The Force spells selected their targets, drew sufficient power to have the intended effect on each one, pierced their targets’ Shields as hair-thin bolts, then expanded into spheres half the size of the target’s head and struck them each a rollicking blow to the face, knocking them half-unconscious

    38. The round doors on the outside of their spheres were small, not because their adults were small, but to preserve the strength of the sphere, and because only their youths needed to use doors

    39. “We have run into black spheres that look like that

    40. seven stal s; al of which had smal neon spheres placed at the

    41. with innumerable stars and spheres, turned blood red

    42. Leadbeater warns that the Akashic records must not be confused with mere man-made thought-forms, which exist in abundance in the higher energy planes or spheres

    43. Laboratory experiments have suggested that plasma spheres may be generated spontaneously in the

    44. Laboratory experiments have suggested that plasma spheres may be generated

    45. These spheres appear to

    46. comprises not only the causal spheres belonging to each physical planet,

    47. are not extensive enough to have links with the corresponding spheres of

    48. brilliant physicist who had formulated (3 dimensional) vibrating spheres to

    49. according to their phase of research This gives the higher-energy spheres

    50. have created plasma spheres that can grow, replicate and communicate – ful-

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    sphere sector celestial sphere empyrean firmament heavens vault of heaven welkin sphere of influence area arena domain field orbit ball globe orb earth star circle environment province set rank station stratum