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    1. Beyond the hedge and the ubiquitous, unforgiving, waist-high nettles, chunks of ballast gravel, sharp and stained, emited a slight haze of heat, baking the old timber sleepers laid a hundred years ago, counting off the miles between Blue Anchor and Watchett

    2. 'In the Unassisted Constant Ballast section I've dived to forty-six, I tell you, man - unassisted

    3. The boat they rented would have plenty of ballast

    4. Once clear of shallow water he kicked in the main ballast thrusters and took the Dawn down until she was running a few metres above the sea bed, the steady ping of the sonar sounding the way in his headset

    5. The ballast vehicle will provide the actual transportation of the total information via quantum entanglement on board

    6. They had the V-shaped hull and long keel and used the heavy ballast of the fuchuan but had the masts and rigging of the shachuan

    7. The lower one was for ballast; the second had watertight compartments for cargo and storage; the third had the crew quarters, kitchen and eating area; the fourth held the cannon

    8. If the worst happens, and the ship fills with water because she has foundered or been holed, the ballast stones will automatically be dumped by Translocation, and if necessary much of the cargo as well, until it has been freed of enough weight that the wood of her material is sufficient to keep her afloat

    9. Peak tank: tank in the bow or stern of a ship used for water ballast

    10. With empty cargo holds, the Bradley was stabilized only by 9,000 tons of water ballast as it headed for port in Calcite, Michigan

    11. The ballast water contained invasive organic species

    12. The states filed court briefs that supported the intent of conservation and environmental groups to force the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Coast Guard to enforce ballast discharge regulations in coastal and inland waters (Meersman, “Great Lakes States File Suit,” 2004)

    13. Ballast would be their boxed equipment, including the coin coffers

    14. He expected to be ready to leave for the coast within a week or two, he needed what he referred to as ballast, this was cast in small manageable blocks and laid in the bottom of the boat, this weight, or ballast, kept the boat upright when the seas were trying to capsize it

    15. He said the best ballast was sun-metal, gold, I told him that gold was quite common and only used for decorative and religious purposes, it was too soft for weapons or armour, by solving this minor problem I seemed, out of all proportion to the problem, to have pleased him immensely

    16. About half of the metal strips, called ballast and used to balance the Raven, were now ready, made of sun metal and quite heavy, the carriers were using pouches made to Coatl’s specifications, two pouches were joined together in such a way that you wore one pouch in front and the other one behind, Jodas and I had tried them out and we both agreed that we found them to be quite comfortable, close to forty porters were already wending their way towards Chichen Itza on the Yucatan peninsula, the master shipwright stationed at Jaina on the coast reported that they had now seasoned half the timber that Coatl would need to build the Raven and work could begin as soon as Coatl arrived to supervise the workforce

    17. Before the seating and decking went in, Coatl supervised the loading of the yellow sun metal ballast blocks and then the hot pitch that was poured over it to form a stable floor of metal along the bottom of the vessel, Coatl explained that sun metal was the best way of protecting the Raven, being the favourite metal of the gods

    18. This strange vehicle, tracked at the front, articulated in the center and with a wheeled ballast trailer at the rear, could slice its way through trees and undergrowth at a slow walking pace

    19. Just enough water was left, to float the cylinder into position over its heavy ballast keel, where it would be reconnected

    20. They power the ballast system

    21. 'They are ballast tanks which contain water, and the amount of water is adjusted as the number of passengers varies

    22. 'The atmosphere,' Orynn stated, 'Zorba's atmosphere comprises various gases, and the reactor extracts hydrogen and oxygen from the atmosphere, and combines them into water which is then pumped into the ballast tanks

    23. Poor woman; left without ballast, and ageing so rapidly

    24. “Strange as it may sound, you were my anchor, my ballast in life

    25. Jo hardly knew her own MS again, so crumpled and underscored were its pages and paragraphs, but feeling as a tender patent might on being asked to cut off her baby's legs in order that it might fit into a new cradle, she looked at the marked passages and was surprised to find that all the moral reflections--which she had carefully put in as ballast for much romance--had been stricken out

    26. My second hull, the outer cover, includes a keel fifty centimeters high by twenty–five wide, which by itself weighs 62 metric tons; this hull, the engine, the ballast, the various accessories and accommodations, plus the bulkheads and interior braces, have a combined weight of 961

    27. Now then, if I provide some ballast tanks equal in capacity to that

    28. Besides, I use my supplementary ballast tanks only to reach an average depth of 1,500 to 2,000 meters, and that with a view to conserving my machinery

    29. Just then a fairly loud hissing told me that the ballast tanks were

    30. Here, whenever he needed, Captain Nemo came to withdraw these millions to ballast his Nautilus

    31. Near 11:30 the ballast tanks emptied, and the submersible rose to the surface of the ocean

    32. It was apparently considered out of the question to dive by filling the ballast tanks

    33. main ballast tanks were filled with the water that hadn't yet

    34. By then it was rising to the surface, but cautiously, while slowly emptying its ballast tanks

    35. Meanwhile the ballast tanks filled with water and the Nautilussank slowly

    36. "Certainly," he replied, "since the ballast tanks aren't yet empty,

    37. Hissing sounds soon told me that water was being admitted into the ballast tanks

    38. Next the ballast tanks filled with water, the boat sank, and was fitted into its socket

    39. I could hear the ballast tanks filling little by little, and the Nautilus sank gently beneath the surface of the waves

    40. The hatch closed, and I heard water hissing in the ballast tanks

    41. A well–known hissing told me that water was entering the ship's ballast tanks

    42. Rain was drizzling down on the cold streets and, when they reached the Ballast Office, Farrington suggested the Scotch House

    43. As it passed Ballast Office the clock showed half-past nine

    44. Amid cheers that rent the welkin, responded to by answering cheers from a big muster of henchmen on the distant Cambrian and Caledonian hills, the mastodontic pleasureship slowly moved away saluted by a final floral tribute from the representatives of the fair sex who were present in large numbers while, as it proceeded down the river, escorted by a flotilla of barges, the flags of the Ballast office and Custom House were dipped in salute as were also those of the electrical power station at the Pigeonhouse and the Poolbeg Light

    45. I think it’s the ballast

    46. Currently the specimen portfolio has nothing but explosive candidates and there needs to be some solid ballast

    47. Many great Ships were loading up Provisions and Ballast for Sea-Voyages, and Hogsheads of Wine were being roll’d along the Docks by stout-shoulder’d Fellows who shouted more Curses to each other in a trice, than one might hear e’en upon the Thames

    48. “We could stand to lose a little ballast,” Everett said with a shrug and a grin

    49. The balloon, freed of the small sour ballast, uprose

    50. I saw the seconds-plate skim by three times and felt the ballast gather in my chest, my throat, and at last my ears

    1. Nevertheless, that was not a friendly smile, like those that furrowed in the face of the one who expresses it invite with joy to the intimacy of a secret, but of that other, which by its irony load is ballasted by the steams of the suspicion

    2. beam, but which was so well ballasted that its heel and list were minimal in a squally sea

    3. A barge, ballasted with water and weighing 20,133 tonnes (44 million lb), was lifted by the Taisun crane at Yantai Raffles shipyard in Yantai, China, on 18 April 2008

    4. Where unrecorded names and navies rust, and untold hopes and anchors rot; where in her murderous hold this frigate earth is ballasted with bones of millions of the drowned; there, in that awful water-land, there was thy most familiar home

    5. She is ballasted with utilities; not altogether with unusable pig-lead and kentledge

    1. He spent a great deal of money for steel rails, ballasting track, transfer yards, terminal facilities, new equipment, and new shops, and put the road in better condition than any other railway similarly situated

    1. Ballasts with fan units included are widely available

    2. My ties and ballasts leave me, my elbows rest in sea-gaps,

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